Sunday, January 15th, 2012

This or That

Which would you rather have: Urban Decay Naked 1 or Naked 2?

  • Naked 1! (65%, 2,828 Votes)
  • Naked 2! (35%, 1,514 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,342

Thanks to Amanda for today’s poll!

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33 thoughts on “Which would you rather have: Urban Decay Naked 1 or Naked 2?

  1. Yuen-Ting

    Naked 1 because I got it whilst it was £27 (cheap!) when it first got released and both palettes are pretty similar anyway.

  2. Aria

    Naked 1 because it’s more warm-tone based, and I’m more warm-toned haha. I really like the brush in Naked 2, the packaging, and the fact that it has a black in it, but I’d still go for Naked 1.

    • Brenda

      I second that notion. I prefer Naked 1 because warmer colors suit my skin tone much better.The only things I prefer from Naked 2 is the matte deep black and the highlight colors. I also like that it has a good proportion of matte and shimmer shades. I don’t care for the brush in Naked 2 because I see it more as a concealer brush than an eyeshadow brush.

    • Both palettes acctually have the same amount of warm and cool tones in them. The only real difference it that Naked 2 have more light and midtone shades.

  3. Cécile

    I love my 1, I think most of the colours are prettier, though I would’ve liked the double-ended brush and Blackout, which is gorgeous. It’s hard to find a good matte true black, and I don’t have any high quality brushes apart from the one I got with Naked 1, so the double-ended one would have been even better.
    Still, overall I think Naked 1’s colour scheme is more suitable for me :)

  4. TheCosmoCoco

    First of all I have both palettes. I don’t think having both is necessary as some of the colors are equal. But I feel that the Naked 2 has also 2 colors ( Verve + Pistol ) that are not that much golden/brownish than the rest of the palette. I like that a lot bc sometimes you just need some more neutral colors. Also the choice of the matte colors in the Naked 2 Palette is better bc you have a light and a darker matte shade and a total black matte shade. In the Naked Palette you only have 2 matte shades and those are both already pretty dark.
    So with the Naked 2 Palette you get a broader range of colors for your look!
    But if you already have the Naked Palette and you are currently short on money I don’t think its a total must have!
    xoxo TheCosmoCoco

  5. Sophie Sandqvist

    havent got any of them but from pictures ive seen i would like to have the naked 1, simply because i can find more warm colors in it than in the naked 2. and i prefer warmer shadows.

  6. 2. It seems much cooler, so it’d suit me better.

  7. Naked 1 has an eyeshadow primer, MUCH better than a mini lipgloss. Also, I’ve heard it suits cool toned skin, so would be better for me :)

  8. Naked II since I already own Naked I…..and no longer buy makeup without swatching it first….so gotta wait till it comes out….but I think I will get it.

  9. Kajsa/Monticka

    Naked 2, only because I already have number 1 :DDD
    Yeah..I need both..

  10. I’m going to say Naked 1 because that’s the only one I own so far. I’ve had it for over a year, and I rarely do makeup without it! It is an extremely versatile palette. Also, I am rather warm-toned, so warm-toned eyeshadows for me are no-brainers. I know that I can probably make Naked 2 work for me if I try, but it won’t be as easy breezy as Naked 1.

  11. julie

    I have them both and the naked2 has more taupe colors and naked 1 has more bronze colors. For my skin tone, which is fair with rose undertones, the naked 2 colors look better. If your skin tone is darker or you have more yellow undertones then naked 1 would probably be better for you.

  12. Daniela

    I never bought Naked 1 because I already have some of the colors in it. Now that I know how Naked 2 looks like I’m definitely going to pick it up, I love the colors in there! I think they’ll suit me better than the ones in Naked 1 :)

  13. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Naked 1 has nicer colors to me, although I use Naked 2 a lot more lately since I prefer the packaging.

  14. Emily

    Sharing the sentiments about having a double-ended brush and having Blackout in Naked 2 but, being warm-toned, I’d still choose Naked 1.

  15. Caroline

    I have both but i prefer one, if i had to choose, i would choose 1 in a heartbeat

  16. Alice

    Naked 1 on Naked 2 metal package. I don’t like the idea of cardboard.

  17. tanya

    Naked 2 looks cheap! Tin can looks gross, naked 1 is more fancy and prettier, naked 2 is for suckers that follow hype in my opinion…

  18. Quinctia

    Even though I own Naked 1, and between that and the neutrals in the anniversary palette I feel neutral-ed out, if I didn’t already have so much Urban Decay, I’d probably choose Naked 2 instead.

  19. Mariella

    Okay, I’m splitting hairs here with the language of the question but since I already have Naked 1, of course I would rather have Naked 2! Don’t get me wrong, I love the original Naked palette but I am anticipating just as much pleasure from the new palette. I also like the fact that it’s somewhat cooler overall and there are a few shades in it that I really am eager to have. It doesn’t come to Canadian Sephoras (at least not the one near me) til February, though, so I have to be patient!

  20. shelly

    If I didn’t already own both palettes, I’d go with Naked 2, because it has more colours I’d use.

  21. Laura

    I liked the colors of the 1st one better (it’s also the only one i’ve seen live). But I like the packaging of the 2nd, and I don’t like to wear lipgloss. So I’m in doubt, but I think I’ll go with the 1st one.

  22. Makaegan

    I said Naked1, just because that’s the one I have and I’m not shelling out another $50 for the Naked2. But in ideal world I’d be able to combine (or mix&match) and make my own Naked 3. I’d take Virgin, Naked, Buck, Darkhorse Hustle and Toasted from Naked1 and Busted, Verve, Pistol, Snakebite and Tease from Naked2..then I’d pop in Maui Wowie just for kicks because I love it. That’s what I’d rather have :)

  23. t_zwiggy

    Naked 2.

    I only have Naked 1, but I never use it. Way too warm and yellow toned for me.

    • Barbara

      I had Naked 1 but the colors didn’t work for me. Christine’s review said that Naked 2 is cooler so if I get some extra cash I might buy it as a birthday present for myself!

  24. Mango the mango

    Naked 2! Even though I told myself I didn’t need it, I’m still glad I got it anyway.

    Naked 2’s cooler colors work better on me. I like that they included a few warm ones too.
    I like the brush. I find the flat side picks up a good amount of pigment when I lay it down and wiggle it side to side in the pan.
    I love the tin packaging! Loooove it.
    I actually prefer the lipgloss over the primmer because UDPP creases on me! I know, I’m 1 of the like 5 people in the world that it creases on, haha.
    I tightline every day, and the matte black shadow is perfect for this.

  25. Veronica

    Just because it has more cooler toned colors in it, I probably would have gone for the Naked 2 had it been available when I bought mine. However, I certainly don’t regret buying the original Naked palette and get plenty of use out of it regardless. :)

  26. naked 2- the blues in naked 1 were the dealbreaker for me.

  27. Sarah

    This is a hard question! I have both palettes, I have owned Naked 1 ever since it came out – as soon as it was avaliable in Canada. I got Naked 2 about two weeks ago and have been loving it (at the moment I prefer Naked 2 – due to its novelty). I love both palettes but if I could only own one I would chose Naked 1, as the colors are more vibrant and intense than Naked 2. I think I will using Naked 2 more often in the fall/winter and will reach for Naked 1 during the spring/summer time.

  28. MichCoccaBene

    I have them both but if I HAD to decide on one, it would be the Naked 2 palette! I love the additional matte colors and can do a complete look without having to reach for additional products!