Sunday, January 29th, 2012

This or That

Which would you rather: lipstick that bleeds or eyeliner that smudges?

  • I'll handle eyeliner that smudges! (66%, 2,111 Votes)
  • I'll handle lipstick that bleeds! (34%, 1,081 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,192

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20 thoughts on “Which would you rather handle: lipstick that bleeds or eyeliner that smudges?

  1. Ea

    I prefer my eyeliner a little smudgy anyway – and lipstick that smudges is the WORST.

  2. I’ve never found an eye liner that didn’t smudge on me, so if I were able to get my hands on one, I could make due with the bleeding lipstick. Unless my lips are particularly dried out, I only tend to get a little mild feathering, even with the creamiest formulas.

  3. KC

    Eyeliner, any day! Lipstick that bleeds is the worst. You can walk around looking silly if don’t catch yourself in a reflection.

  4. Smudgy eyeliner can atleast look a little sexy. Bleeding lipstick just looks silly.

  5. Shay

    Just use a similarly coloured shadow to set the liner. But lip liner doesn’t always stop a bad lipstick from bleeding. You wind up looking like a circus performer, at best. Eww.

  6. Lipstick that bleeds is just awful, but I can deal with smudged eyeliner okay.

  7. Shannon

    You can set an eyeliner with a shadow; most of the time I do it, anyway to extend the wear. But, lipstick is just wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start.

  8. I would go with eyeliner that smudges, because that can still look quite flattering.

  9. Madison

    eyeliner is so easy to fix if it smudges. plus a look is smudged eyeliner. lipstick stains and is incredibly annoying to fix plus it doesn’t look cute in any style. i’ve never seen a look in a magazine where their lipstick bleeds. i have however seen people with messed up eyeliner.

  10. That’s a toughie! I think I’d rather have eyeliner that smudges (because they almost always do on my funkily creasing eye). I hate hate hatee when my lipstick bleeds/spreads all over my face when I’m wearing a bright lipstick >:(

  11. Kathy S.

    We’ve had eyeliner that smudged for years before they bothered to improve the formulas, but I’d rather chase that all day than have a mouth that looks like a 3 year old did my lips. Eew!

  12. Smudged eyeliner can look sexy a lot of the time. Bleeding lipstick not so much.

  13. Carly

    I picked the lipstick that bleeds because I never ever wear lipstick, just chapstick or gloss.

  14. Maureen

    I always smudge my eyeliner, or apply it feather-ly. I hate the way crisp-perfect liner looks.

  15. denise

    A lip liner will help prevent lipstick from smudging. But eyeliner that smudges on it’s own is a recipe for raccoon eyes!!Lol

  16. Dinitchka

    Smudged eyeliner, please. It happens anyway. My skin is oily and it never fails for my eyeliner (which I don’t wear often) to migrate. And at least smudged eyeliner can look okay.

    Bleeding lipstick looks awful … I know from it happening to me (before I learned to apply lipstick).

  17. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    While smudgy liner looks cute on a lot of ladies, I’m not one of them. My small eyes make it so that if my eyeliner is not contained, I look like I’m dying. I’ll take bleeding lipstick because I drink water so often that the lipstick would be gone before it had time to bleed.

  18. artemis

    i wish for once that my eyeliner wouldn’t smudge…
    i don’t care that much about lipstick, i just take it all off if it pisses me off but w/ the waterline eyeliner it’s always a struggle..rub what smudged and then re apply

  19. Linda

    I’ll take lipstick that bleeds as that is alot easier to prevent/clean up, plus 75% of the time i wear natural coloured lipsticks so it wouldnt be that noticable even if it did bleed.