Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Choose or Lose

Which would you give up?

  • Eyeliner (69%, 2,589 Votes)
  • Mascara (31%, 1,188 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,777

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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105 thoughts on “Which would you give up — Eyeliner or Mascara?

  1. Jen

    I’m surprised so many people would give up eyeliner over mascara… I have to have my liner! Even if I don’t put on a whole look, I almost always always have some liner on.

    • Alicia

      Ik! I feel the same way! LIke i can curl my lashes, and use liner. I would die with out my eyeliner!

    • JamieJamez

      Same here I almost never wear mascara just coz I can’t stand that my curl never stays no matter what I do but if I don’t have my eyeliner on no matter how basic or complex the look I think I would die. It really finishes off the look altogether. IMO

    • Florence

      completely agree!!!!!

    • Brittany

      WOW! I am also shocked that many people would give up eyeliner! I don’t think they know the wonders eyeliners make on a face. I’d easily give up mascara because like Alicia said you can curl them…. personally I’d just wear false eyelashes and of course curl them. I wear eyeliner everyday and I would go crazy without it… Nevertheless.. interesting poll!

    • Li Ming

      I said eyeliner because you always use mascara as eyeliner…just mash (sounds less elegant than it actually is) wand into your lashline when applying mascara to your lashes.

    • Faith

      I have blond eyelashes. There’s no way I could feel complete with just eyeliner!

  2. Vickie

    eyeline cause you can always you eyeshadow instead

  3. Eyeliner for sure. I don’t even wear bottom lid liner and if i get a good enough doesn’t matter if i line my top lid or not. :]

  4. Nai

    I would certainly give up on eyeliner – I could still use an eyeshadow for lining. Besides, if I had to choose a look for me where one was only eyeliner and the other only mascara, I’d pick the mascara one without even thinking. It brightens and opens up the eye, I can’t live without it.

  5. Roxanne

    I think eyeliner without mascara looks like crap, to be really honest. Sorry.

  6. I’d definitely give up the eyeliner because without mascara, it’d look funny!

  7. i’m going with mascara.

    i have fairly short eyelashes so wearing mascara (even an amazing one) doesn’t give my eyes enough definition as i would like. also, i wear glasses and don’t have a high bridge on my nose; which means they sit fairly close to my eyes and my lashes (when wearing mascara) just end up smooshing against the lenses. not a good look!

  8. Tifa

    Would have to give up Mascara. Honesty, I have short stubby eyelashes. Eyeliner is what really makes the difference for me. The only thing mascara really helps with at the end is to coat them in black when I use a light colored eyeshadow.

    Plus, there’s always false eyelashes. 😉

  9. Courtney

    Had to go with liner. I can make a complete look without it, but I don’t really look finished with out mascara.

  10. Hend

    I will never give up my mascara LOL
    I always love my lashes to be: OVER DONE and sometimes CLUMPY

  11. Jennifer

    This might be weird but I’d give up mascara! When I apply eyeliner to my lid, it makes it look like I have more lashes. Mascara helps lengthens but since I don’t have thick lashes, they look spidery when its not paired with eyeliner. Also I have big eyes and eyeliner helps my eyes look prettier (as well as less buggy) :)

  12. fiaspice

    I rarely use eyeliner anyways.

  13. Sydney

    I could most definitely go without liner because most high quality shadows can work as a liner when applied with a small damp brush. Plus I have Too Faced’s liquif-eye which can transform and shadow into a liner!
    Mascara is a huge staple in my makeup routine that I never skip, even when I am in a hurry. Even used alone, without any other eye makeup, it can open tired eyes and make you look more alert and awake. It’s a must.

  14. Ginnia

    That’s a tough question! But if forced to choose, eyeliner. My lashes look blah without it. I need both but again if I had to choose…

  15. Eyeliner. I think mascara does way more for your eyes than eyeliner does. I know I look weird with just eyeliner. Putting on the mascara completes the look. Plus, there are many substitutes when it comes to liner (like eye shadow instead), but there’s no substitute for a good mascara.

  16. Niki

    I could take or leave eyeliner most of the time, but I have got to have my mascara.

  17. TheSerpentsApple

    If you do it correctly, you can create the illusion of eyeliner with mascara. So, if I had to choose, I’d ditch the liner.

  18. Ariana

    I shudder at the thought of not being able to use my favorite bright eyeliners, but I couldn’t give up my mascara. To me an eye look doesn’t look complete without mascara. So I guess it’s not really a contest between the two.

  19. Keener


    How could one ever choose, it’s like asking which lip are you going to paint for the rest of your life, top lip or bottom lip. Liner and mascara goes hand in hand in my little world. BUT if I had to, as in my life depended on it … I would give up mascara because removing it has become the bane of my existence and since I have long lashes I really only use mascara to help keep my lashes in place after I curl them.

  20. Leea

    I wear eyeliner and mascara everyday, but my lashes are so blond you can barely see them without mascara!

  21. Faye

    I’d definitely give up eyeliner, especially as I don’t wear it much anyway. I have very big eyes, so I never liner on the bottom or I look almost hyperthyrotic. Sometimes I’ll use a little on the top as a contrast. On the other hand, I am very fair and have super-light lashes, so not having mascara would be very sad for me!

  22. I NEVER leave the house without mascara as I have stupid short and thin eyelashes, so I’d rather give up eyeliner instead. But I do love my colourful Urban Decay eyeliners, so would be sad to see those go too. :(

  23. I don’t even wear eyeliner on a daily basis so for me it would be easy to give it up!

  24. Beth

    Eyeliner because I could cheat and use a dark wetted eyeshadow. 😉 Also, my thin, fine eyelashes completely disappear into my liner if I don’t have mascara on.

    • Brittney

      I was totally thinking the same thing… “eyeliner because i can make my own eyeliner :P”

  25. Joan

    Eyeliner, because it’s more trouble to put on than mascara, and because my lashes are really rather short.

  26. Natalia

    ahhh omg this is an evil question! The two things i will NEVER go without.

  27. Kathy

    Eyeliner is a must for me! Mascara doesn’t help me too much because I have short stubborn lashes

  28. vnssa906

    i think i can forgo eyeliner… i have been for the last feew weeks. my eyeliner tend to melt during the hotter muggy days. i can’t live w/o my mascara. it makes my eyes POP! :)

  29. Give up mascara, definitely. Most of my makeup is REALLY dramatic, and my face looks puffy and scary without the contour of eyeliner. The makeup itself is so dramatic though, that my lashes rarely show up anyways, though they aren’t particularly sparse or short!

  30. Christine shen

    My lashes are so short even if I have mascara on it doesn’t make that much of a difference. So I can skip mascara.

  31. Hachiko

    Is it cheating if I choose to give up eyeliner, but use an eyeliner brush to pick up mascara and use it? ;p

  32. nikki c.

    mascara is a must for
    it polishes a whole look and makes everyging look better
    i always wear mascara but eyeliner is only a sometimes
    I couldn’t imagine living without mascara

  33. bxboricua

    I would NEVER give up my eyeliner :) My lashes are kinda long & dark anyway so I don’t really need mascara…

  34. Joy

    Eyeliner, without a doubt! My face is empty without mascara!

  35. Dani :)

    eyeliner because i hardly ever use it! i like to stick to natural looking eyeshadow with a tiny bit of mascara on my lashes.

  36. mlou

    With the proper application of my fav d/s mascara, it looks like I’ve lightly tightlined my upper lashline. So I give up e/l for this poll.

    I really need the tint of mascara – my hair is light, and my lashes are dark at the base – but appear ombre & light blonde at the tips. Brown-black mascara does the trick!

  37. Torrie

    Eyeliner, no question. I stopped wearing liner on a daily basis and I love the natural, wide eyed look this gives me. As long as I have my Maybelline Full and Soft….I’m good to go

  38. I always have to have eyeliner on or else I don’t look awake! I’d give up mascara only if we were allowed to wear false lashes instead 😉 There are so many styles of false lashes that you really can pull of a natural look too!

  39. nicci

    Definitely give up eyeliner! I just started using it a year ago and I’m 27…I don’t wear it everyday anyway unlike when I first started using it.

  40. Leah

    Mascara. I already have long and thick lashes. And I need to line the bottom of my eyes for me to feel complete.

  41. LNU

    I chose Mascara, but after reading the responses I realized I could give up eyeliner and use eyeshadow as a liner instead and keep my mascara, so its a win-win!

  42. saralorine

    I have a thing about blonde eyelashes – and I have blonde eyelashes – so I just won’t leave the house without mascara. For me, no makeup means just mascara!

  43. Eyeliner is easily replaced by Eye Shadow. I wouldn’t want to give up Mascara !

  44. AnGeLwInGz

    I love me some eyeliner but I could never give up mascara because my lashes are lighter than the rest of my hair (don’t know why) and if I don’t wear mascara it looks like I don’t have lashes.

  45. Lizz M.

    Although i’m rarely ever caught without my winged black liner, I’d give it up over mascara just because you could always substitute with shadow or something. Mascara is a one of a kind product, and defined lashes make an eye look more finished than liner can sometimes. It just makes the face appear fresher and awake!

  46. Ashley

    I’ll give up mascara! All I have to do is curl my lashes and put on false ones or use a lash growth stimulator.

  47. kate

    oh man! Eyeliner is my #1 item I MUST. ALWAYS. HAVE. Mascara is nice, and really finishes a look, but wearing mascara without liner really does nothin’ for my face. Shadows are nice for lining but I always like a winged liner, and that’s way harder with a shadow. Eyeliner forever, baby!

  48. Laura

    Definitely eyeliner! My eyes don’t look finished without mascara, especially as I’m a redhead so my lashes are very pale. I just look odd without it, whereas I can easily line with eyeshadow or just skip liner altogether.

  49. Definitely mascara. I don’t have long lashes so for me, mascara doesn’t make too much of a difference for my eyes.

  50. mandy

    my eyelashes are super light and blondish so mascara is a MUST for me to even leave the house

  51. Evelyn

    im suprised at the eyeliner majority
    the point of eyeliner is to make ur lashes look thicker anyways so its almost as if it does the job of a mascara too!
    if i could only put one thing of makeup on it HAS to be eyeliner

  52. monika-luiza

    no way I would give up mascara. I like eyeliner, but I’m naked without mascara

  53. Karen

    Mascara. I’m 56 and only started wearing mascara in the last few years when I quite wearing contacts.Mascara irritated my contacts My eyelashes are black, so no problem. I never go out without eyeliner or lipstick however!

  54. Connie

    My lashes are so short and thin that if I ever wanted a dramatic look, I’d just use false lashes. For me, eyeliner is much more of a necessity than mascara.

  55. aleksandra

    eyeliner, for two reasons, first is my straight lashes which you cannot see when you look at my eyes unless they are curled. This makes me look extremely tired and old, it literally ages me about 5 years, so I NEED mascara to look human.
    Second reason is, just use e/s instead of eyeliner :)

  56. M

    Even if I don’t do full on makeup (like if I have to get some kinda minor surgery, tonsillectomy etc) I have to wear mascara! I feel naked without it. Eyes get opened up so wonderfully with mascara!
    I don’t wear liner everyday, but mascara I do.

  57. yeah i can give up eyeliner.. heck, i don’t even use it most of the time.. but i use mascara daily

  58. Jess

    Eyeliner. I don’t wear it, to be honest. Just never got into it. I do love mascara though.

  59. Dini

    I find that eyeliner brightens and defines my eyes much more than mascara, so I’d rather give up mascara! Mascara is usually my very very last step, so 1/2 the time I run out the door without putting it on.

  60. Liner for me, I have quite long and dark lashes so I’m okay, liner can make my lashes look thicker than they are which is what I use my mascara for mainly anyway

  61. I’d say, mascara~! Eyeliner gives me that awake look. I can always curl my lashes. ^^ Just my two cent.

  62. I wear eyeliner maybe once a week, but mascara is a daily thing. I can’t get by without it!

  63. Jess

    I can stand to give up mascara. I have naturally long and thick lashes already so it wouldn’t be missed too much.

  64. Angie

    Wow this is a tough one! For me, it depends on the weather I guess. If it’s like very humid, I would give up eyeliner because it tends to smudge easier. I would stick with waterproof mascara.

  65. Labelle

    Mascara because I didn’t start wearing it until recently, but I’ve ALWAYS worn eyeliner.

  66. Rana

    My eyes would look really weird if I wore eyeliner without mascara, since my eyelashes are blonde. I guess I would have to give up the eyeliner.

  67. Carrie

    I would only give up mascara because I’m lucky enough to have eyelashes that are pretty long and thick. I wouldn’t want to give up eyeliner because it gives you more options and there are so many pretty colors to choose from.

  68. Tammy

    Eyeliner- why?
    Because mascara can be used for it’s own purpose, but with a thin brush, can also be used as liner.
    But eyeliner cannot be used as mascara
    So if I pick mascara, I can get the best of one world and a makeshift of the other! 😀

  69. aradhana

    bah, i’d rather not give up either….

    in a pinch though, i suppose one could just make the mascara a little smudgy along the lashline…

  70. I can’t decide!! A friend of mine (who is amazing at makeup) can do my eyeliner so well that I don’t even notice that I’m not wearing mascara but sadly I don’t have that ability!

  71. Laia

    I would give up eyeliner. Mascara is what really makes my eyes pop up, and sometimes my eyeliner smudges due to the heat here, so I wear only mascara.

  72. I’d give up mascara – it’s actually the one beauty product I keep forgetting to wear. My lashes are pretty long, and I doubt that anyone will notice if I never wear mascara after today. Eyeliner, on the other hand, is a must for either a bare face or made-up eyes. I need it to make my eyes look wider than they really are, especially in photos.

  73. Jakara

    At first I thought this was a hard choice. Than I realize that I can just use my eyeshadow as my eyeliner. Which I don’t do that often. I have to have L’Oreal Vouluminous mascara. This is my absolute favorite mascara.

  74. lauralikesmakeup

    I guess mascara. Dang, that’s a hard question! I look pretty sleepy without liner (at least on the top lashline), but mascara is a must, too. Neither!! 😀

  75. Cheyenne

    I cannot live without Mascara. It was the first make up product I every used. :) Eyeliner, when that comes along I just don’t always love the way it looks on me. I think I look angry when I wear it sometimes. So I apply my liner a very thin. I can even do without liner. Mascara though!! NEVER!! :) I never forget to put it on.

  76. Christina

    A no-brainer for me because I’ve already given up on Mascara! I do like mascara, but I feel that I haven’t found the perfect mascara yet and I hate removing it. It does take a bit of extra effort to remove, even without the best makeup remover. Plus, I actually like my lashes without mascara! I usually just curl my lashes and apply eye liner. If I’m super lazy, I will only curl my lashes and I won’t apply any more makeup.

    However, I do still really like maybelline’s full n soft because that’s almost perfect. The waterproof is kind of drying. I wish I had maybelline’s formula + Lancome Virtuose’s curved wand. That would be PERFECT!

  77. Leenie

    I would give up mascara, with a liner you could line the upper part of your eyes to appear that you have mascara on, and also you could use falsie, I would give up all my makeup before my eye liner that’s the truth

  78. Vijaya

    I never even use mascara, so it’s no contest.

  79. Liz

    I have thick lashes, but they’re blonde and quite invisible without mascara. Liner is lovely, but it looks silly with invisible lashes!

  80. Alison


    They’re the only makeup items I consider essential.

  81. Vale

    I rarely wear mascara since I’ve got extremely sensible eyes and just putting mascara on (WHATEVER mascara it is) makes my eyes feel dry and I soon need to remove the make up. So I just use mascara only on very special occasion, extremely few and for a very short time. No surprise I can simply live without it 😉

  82. Mar

    Actually… I’d rather nog give both of them up but if I had to:

    I have long but straight-as-a-stick lashes; even I curl them there’s not much to show LOL. I’m kind of married to my mascara 😉

  83. I need my mascara. It opens up my eyes. Some days I go w/o eyeliner and I just cannot go without mascara. What a scary question Christine. LOL

  84. I would definitely pick mascara, reason being I look fine/often wear mascara alone – but eyeliner alone? My lashes stand out like a sore thumb!

    Although, the liner I used to use all the time (before I discovered the awesome Milani Liquif-eye eyeliner) is ELF cream liner, and with a mini fan brush you can use it on your lashes 😀

  85. Pang

    Mascara, hands down! I rarely wear mascara, mainly because I usually don’t have time to put it on in the morning before heading to work. Secondly, my lashes are so short and fine that it will not make much of a difference. So whenever I want my eyes to pop, I rather use false eyelashes than mascara. On the other hand, eyeliner is a must for me.

  86. Lourdy

    For sure, I will give up on the mascara. Eyeliner defines the shape of your eyes.


    I would give up eyeliner..I cant live without mascara sometimes I can go all natural and mascara makes me look done

  88. Aneesha

    I would definitely give up eye-liner! My eyes are big and already defined so I don’t wear it any ways, and I have long eyelashes so I want them to stand out as much as possible. I wear a light shadow with a darker crease colour and really long eyelashes:) love it! I’ll give up mascara the day after the apocalypse.