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Profile photo of Pearl

Matte lipsticks – great pigmentation already and would love to see them also be hydrating or at least non-drying
Nail polish – would love for regular nail polish to be much more durable and not chip so easily or show wear after only a few days

I’d like to see more color correcting undereye concealers at the drugstore level. The Pixi one is really nice and the NYX one is a good natural one for every day, but that’s the end of the options. They both crease if you aren’t careful about placement. There’s not much room for experimenting with formulations or textures. There’s only two!

I’d also like to see more tubing mascaras on the market. They’re a good solution to a very common problem (smudging) so I’m very surprised that there aren’t a lot out there.

Exact ditto. Spot on about correctors. Tubing: Blinc has gone downhill. L’ oreal is waste of time. Catrice isn’t half bad, looks like TFTR on me, kind of volumeless, but it doesn’t run in the concealer. Then the wiper ring got stuck in the wand end, and the usual huge blob comes out. Arrrrgh. Not expensive to replace, though. Haven’t gone HE on tubing. And I’m old school, like colors. So Blinc still gets my dollars.

Studies show that most western consumers don’t like tubing mascaras as it feels like their lashes come off so I would recommend you check out Asian beauty brands (sorry don’t have specific names) as in Asia tubing mascaras are much more common. Hope this helps!

Profile photo of Nancy T

You must’ve read my mind, Christine, because that is one of my major pet peeves!
It’s really quite ridiculous that human beings come in hundreds of hues, but most cosmetics companies carry an average of between 12-20 shades. No, I don’t expect literally hundreds, but better than these existing numbers! Some brands, such as MAC do offer more shades, BUT only in ONE of their main formulas??? If I have a fairly difficult time finding a perfect shade that’s also in the formula that my skin needs, and I’m in the darker medium, not quite tan zone with olive-neutral undertones. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how those who are way deeper or paler than myself find anything at all! To all beauty brands, one word: DIVERSITY.

I think both ends of the spectrum are covered (although not in every brand/formula) in terms of light to dark, but the neutral/olive range is definitely looked over! At least there are some great products to lighten/deepen foundation shades easily accessible, and in-between shades can be mixed, as long as one falls into the warm or cool range. It seems most brands consider “neautral” as “peach”, unless you’re fairer, and then they assume you must be “pink”…

Borghese had a nice neutral/olive range, and I really miss seeing the brand in stores…

Actually, Borghese must have been bought out (again,) bec. It is in store @ local mall. I don’t recall whether it was Macy’s or Nordie’s. Go online. ‘Course, no guarantee that they have the same shade ranges. The SA said the brand was owned by the store. Big doubt it. Considering the brand’s Italian heritage, they OUGHT to have solid olive shades. Loved Borghese in the 90s. Just depotted their palettes into some Zs. I think they were owned by Revlon in the 90s, right about the time KA was nuding up the world for Ultimate II, Revlon’s other/then HE dept store brand. Borghese was the color, and U II was the Nakeds of the time.

Amen to you and Christine. I think with all the bio chemists and tech we have you think we would have the colors of foundation down pact. But nooooooo. Its beige,yellow undertones or pink . And whats up with the 28 different beige colors,warm,cool,honey,dark etc? I give up.

Profile photo of Nancy T

Those, too! Although this past year we DID get a few great ones, like the ones in UD Spectrum, Deep Purple in ABH Self-Made palette, and the deep bluish-purple holiday pressed pigment by MAC. But yeah, most suck!

Profile photo of Rachel R.

I agree with wanting to see a wider variety of shades (and undertones) in foundations. Also concealers, etc.

I’d really love to see improvement made in purple eyeshadows. They seem to give all but a few companies problems. The darker or brighter the shade, the patchier the product seems. Enough companies pull them off that I know it can be done. The same goes for dark and vampy purple lipsticks.

Have you tried boi-ing by Benefit? It has worked really nicely for me, no creasing or weird cakeyness, and it’s full coverage.

exactly. i’ve wasted so much money on concealers that end up looking like a dried creek bed. not one is emollient enough to conceal but not practically crack, and most seem too yellow for my fair/neutral to cool skin tone. i’m probably better off not even using anything under my eyes, but still i keep trying.

In the spirit of MLBB, a foundation range that is “My skin but better” i.e. shade range, texture, no cake-iness. I know glowing foundation is in right now (which I love) but for those who who want a matte look this could be part of the range too. And it would address and cross all skin types.

Profile photo of Julia

I agree with your statement about foundation, and would also like to add that I wish we could figure out the whole oxidation thing and find/change the ingredients to prevent that from happening – I find it to be a recurring problem 🙁

Profile photo of Nicole

Anti-aging serums! I thing the ones produced everywhere from drugstore to high end make ridiculous claims. I would like to see a serum that actually helps with fine lines,dark spots, loss of firmness, etc. that is under $150. I didn’t say one that would be a cure all. Just do something.
Another..I wish they would make false lashes that somehow had the glue already on them or a little pot you could just dip into the glue. The whole waiting on the glue is annoying me for some reason.

Have you tried the following ones:
My Holly grail Serum is Biotherm Serum-in-Oil Night
For the day I use lancome genefique concentrate and lancome vissionaire concentrate after the genefique
I do not know in you have Biotherm in the USA but if you have try this one, got very fast results
Concerning the question I agree with the foundations, I am very very pale with pink undertone, nearly every foundation is too yellow for me Even in the lightest shade, I always have to mix it
i also would love the beauty industry to produce a product that does not only say to mattify but really mattifies, tried a lot but nothing mattifies my skin

I swear that you took the words out of my mouth. I would love for companies to learn that women with deeper complexions don’t all have a red undertone.

Profile photo of Nancy T

It’s crazy, but true that deeper foundation shades tend to run reddish, and then at the opposite end, the pale foundation shades tend to run pink! There ARE other undertones in the actual skin of both, like more yellowish or neutral, even olive!

Profile photo of ouineque

Lipstick. Either they wear off very quickly or they are more pigmented and stay on longer, but then they tend to dry out my lips. Wouldn’t it be great to have a truly moisterizing lipstick that is also super long wearing? 🙂

As an AA woman, I have tried soooooooooo many foundations. I do think the color range has improved but lines have overlooked Asian, Latin and Native American skin tones. IMAN was one of the first lines to address this gap. Having said that…I would like to see the range in powder foundations and pressed powders expanded. We are so much more than light, medium, tan and dark.

I was thinking about this and well ok we all complain about that but what do you think it’s like for people who are “albino”! I would love to hear from someone who is what it’s like! Ranging from foundation to I don’t know self tanners[if they chose to use them]! From “albinos” who [I don’t know how to say this properly…..] look physically like a white[I don’t know how to spell cauasian……so bear with me on this]person all the way to physically like a black person. I am also wondering about what it’s like to color their hair [if they chose to do so] . Hope the above made sense and doesn’t get taken the wrong way!

That has to be so tough, being albino and AA. I knew a school age child in the 80s who was. The kids weren’t cruel, and he was well accepted. But it must be a skin version of being transgendered. Very difficult, and probably he, as an adult, does not opt for makeup. Good luck. Just embrace yourself as you are. Whoever you are.

Profile photo of Nancy T

Chris, I can certainly vouch for the industry overlooking those of us who are neither Black or White! I’m Italian and Irish on my mother’s side, and on my father’s side, Hispanic of mainly Native American race. So yeah, I have a not so easy to match skintone going on! MAC has a few shades that work for me, so does Tarte, but still not 100%.

Thank you! As a native american I cannot find any great options, especially from a cruelty free brand. If they are the right undertone they are way to dark. Other wise they are yellow on me. Please, makeup companies, I exist!

Profile photo of Raeanne

Brushes in general. I would like to see better quality brushes that are soft and don’t shed, with more variety of shapes and sizes in natural and synthetic hairs, in both the affordable and high-end range.

I totally agree. I always wonder why foundation ranges just aren’t very expansive. I know it can’t be hard to make lighter colors, darker colors, etc. I guess they think they won’t sell.

Profile photo of jade

foundation please!!!!!!!! more shade options, and more that provide full coverage that also don’t have a ton of ingredients that are bad for your skin.

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