Friday, March 8th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Which do you apply first: eye or face makeup?

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Thanks to Jemimah for today’s question!

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40 thoughts on “Which do you apply first: eye or face makeup?

  1. lunamaris

    I like to start with my eye makeup first because
    – then the moisturizer/sunscreen has time to absorb before I apply foundation
    – I have really bad dark circles that I like to conceal afterwards, so that I can (if there is) clean any fallout from darker/glitter eye makeup
    – sometimes I apply my foundation later in the day and that way it looks always fresh before I leave the house as I have quite oily skin
    – don’t touch/ruin my foundation while doing my eye makeup

  2. MJ

    Depends on the look I’m doing. If its an eye focused look, I’ll usually do them first. For my everyday neutral look I focus on skin and do that first.

  3. It depends on what I’m doing! If I’m doing an eye look with bold colors or with a lot of shimmer that tends to cause fall out then I’ll do my face makeup last. If I’m using very few or no shadows at all then I’ll do my eye makeup first :)

  4. Elyse

    Face makeup, definitely! I have really pink, kind of veiny eyelids (due to very fair skin), so even with eye makeup on, it still shows through without some foundation and concealer on there.

  5. GUSnail

    It depends. For a daily look, I’m likely to do face first. If I’m doing something fancy, dark or eyeliner heavy, then I’ll do my eyes first.

  6. I used to do it the other way around because I hated it when my face make-up got messed up by fall out, but about a year and a half ago I turned my routine around. Now I always apply my face make-up first and then my eye make-up.

  7. Elyse

    On a normal daily basis I put on foundation then the eyes however if I am going out at night and decide to wear darker or glitter eye makeup I will do my eyes first so its easier to clean up the shadow underneath.

  8. Ellen

    So I always hear about why I should do eye makeup first, and I do that when I’m using shadow with lots of fallout. But when I get out of the shower, I start by putting on serum, moisturizer, etc., and it’s easier just to do primer and foundation then. One compromise I leave is to put on eye cream after foundation, letting me sweep away extra product.

  9. xamyx

    It really depends if you consider brows eye or face makeup. I typically do brows, then foundation products, eyes, blush and/or contour & highlight, and finish with lips.

    The reason I start with brows is that it’s much easier to clean up smudges, or start over, if necessary. I don’t have issues with fallout, so it doesn’t make sense to do my eyes first, and I don’t have to worry about smudging my eye makeup.

  10. I apply concealer and foundation first, then eye make up and lastly: mattifying powder.

  11. Megan

    Since I don’t wear foundation (because it breaks me out like crazy no matter the brand)I always do concealer and blush first and then do my eyes. If I have fall out I just dampen a q-tip with remover and clean it up that way.

  12. Mariella

    It depends on whether I’m using a loose eye shadow/pigment or one that is either very dark or that I know is prone to fallout. If that’s the case, I do my eyes first so I can clean up any shadow that falls onto my face. Otherwise, I tend to do my face first.

  13. Xero

    I do eyes first because of the way my morning routine is–I take a shower, moisturize my face, wait a little, do my eye makeup and blush/highlighter, brush my teeth, and then conceal blemishes around my chin and apply lipstick. I don’t wear foundation. I guess it’s kind of weird to have an order like that, but it’s because after taking a shower I immediately go into my room and I do everything I can there before having to go outside, which involves some of my makeup.

  14. Jasmin

    Depends on the look and what eyeshadow Im using! If I use a lot and/or dark shadows, Ill do the eyes first to prevent messing up the face and making my undereyes look worse than they already are!!

  15. Veronica

    It depends on what I’m doing. I generally prefer doing my face before my eyes, but if I’m going to wear a complex or heavy eye that may require some editing, then I do my face last so that I can clean up first.

  16. Hollie

    I always do my eyes first. I hate the fall out of eyeshadow. I do put mascara on last

  17. VickyM

    I don´t know if lipstick counts as face makeup ( I considered face make up to be foundation and blush) but that is the first thing I apply after lip liner, and the only thing that I never go out without applying on my face. Other things like concelear, mascara and blush I can do later or in the case of mascara and blush even without, but I allways have my lipstick on 😛 .

  18. Carla

    My boyfriend just happened to be reading this page over my shoulder and said, “I don’t wear either, but I’d go with eye makeup.” I asked him why and he said, “It just makes sense, in case you make a mistake.” He gets a gold star in makeup class.

  19. Depends on the look, tbh.

  20. Amber J

    I always do my eyes first in case of fallout. I do eye cream, moisturizer, primer, mascara, eye primer, eye brows, eyeshadow and eyeliner, concealer, foundation. Sometimes I do my concealer over my foundation. I haven’t quite mastered that.

  21. Angeline

    It depends, if I’m doing my everyday-go to look then I’ll apply my face makeup first, if I’m going with something different/bold as eye makeup then I’ll do that first ’cause I have dark circles already, dark circles + fallouts is not pretty lol

  22. Rory

    I start by applying my foundation, then I let it set while I do my brows and eyes. I have really pale, sensitive skin that turns red very easily, so even after foundation it still looks a bit pink. By leaving it alone to calm down for a few minutes, the redness for being poked goes down and I can tell exactly which areas need conceiling. Then I apply powder, blush and finally lips.

  23. face makeup, always
    Bottom line, if I get interrupted, or take longer than expected, and need to run out without doing everything, it’s my face makeup that I need to make sure is finished.
    I can go to work without eye makeup if necessary, but I will not be seen without foundation and concealer.

  24. Laurel

    I said other because I do my eyelids and upper lashes before my face and then the very last thing I do is lower lash line and bottom lash mascara. It’s just what works for me because I like doing my eyes first but I need to do my lower lashes after face makeup because I have very dark and red undereyes that I need to go all the way up to the lashline with my concealer

  25. Yasmin

    I apply moisturizer and foundation, concealer and powder to my face and then i do my eyes, and then go back to apply highlight, contour and blush and then finish with lips.

  26. Raquel

    it depends on the look im going for! if im using a heavy eyeshadow, i do my eye makeup not just because of the fallout but also because of corrections – i have to start doing this for eyeliner too since sometimes i wipe off the tick to re-draw it and the concealer goes away.. if its a simple makeup look, i do my face first :)

  27. Azaza

    I do eye make up first so I can easily remove any fall out

  28. Jen

    I prefer to do it face first, because my eyelids need some foundation to even out the pigmentation. But then I get fallout and it’s not that easy to just dust off. So I compromise – foundation first, then eye makeup, then undereye concealer, which helps cover any fallout, and then powder and blush and so on.

  29. Geneva

    I apply foundation first then eye makeup for daily wear, concealer under my eyes after I’ve applied my eye makeup. If I’m doing a really dark or glam eye look, like most other people I apply foundation last.

  30. fabiola

    Eye makeup, because if there is any fall out. When I use urban decay eyeshadows like sidecar, there is always that glitter, or if I use any dark color it will ruin my face makeup. I am just use to do it from up to down.

  31. Vic

    It depends, usually I apply foundation, then concealer, do my eyes, clean up and powder.
    If my skin feels exceptionaly oily I blot and powder before and after I do my eye make up.
    But if my skin is dry (jepp, got dry AND oily skin, what a win!) I moisturize more and to give it time to sink in I do my eyes first.
    And sometimes it just depends on my mood, sometimes I need fun colours first! 😉

  32. Michelle

    Depends on the eyeshadows I am using. If it’s one that tends to be powdery or if I use pigments, then I apply eye first then face.

  33. Laura

    Generally speaking I start with my face makeup and move onto my eyes afterwards. But if I’m doing a dark smokey eye, or using a colour that is prone to a lot of fallout on application I’ll do my eyes first, clean up under my eyes n then go on with my foundation.

  34. syrup

    I had to answer ‘other’ because I put on concealer, then eye makeup.

  35. Beccy

    If I’m doing a strong makeup look I do my eyes first so I can clean up any fallout before doing my base. Day to day I don’t wear a heap of makeup so I generally do my face first – just tinted moisturiser or BB cream. On clients I also like to do their eyes first as I don’t like the old technique of putting powder under the eyes (to sweep away fallout) – especially on more mature aged clients!

  36. Alina Oliveira

    I just start with eyes if i’m going to use really dark eyeshadow or glitter. Otherwise i start with my face makeup.

  37. Nikki

    I apply my eye make up first so that I can clean up any mistakes without having to worry about removing or retouching my foundation.

  38. Maggie

    I think logically, it makes sense to do your eye makeup first in case of fall-out or mistakes, etc. However, bc I’m usually rushed for time or running late–I use face makeup first to achieve the beginnings of a clear and well-rested face. If I have time, I move onto the rest of the face or I just take the rest with me.

  39. Olga

    I alternate! I start with moisturizer, then do eye primer. While that dries down, I apply foundation and concealer. Then I do all the eye stuff (shadow, liner, mascara, brows) and finish up with powder, highlighter/blusher/bronzer, and lipstick/gloss.