Friday, August 26th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Where do you draw inspiration from to create the look you wear for the day? Share yours!

Temptalia's AnswerI tend to look at what new products I need to test and try to create something using as many product as I can–to the point where it makes sense. I want to be efficient in testing more products rather than less, ha!

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19 thoughts on “Where do you draw inspiration from to create the look you wear for the day?

  1. divinem (Melissa)

    My closet. 8-}

  2. Courtney

    I base my look on my mood. When I’m in a bad mood I tend to wear more makeup. If I’m upset I’ll wear a less natural lip.. NARS Schiap or something to make me feel better.

    When I’m having a good day, which is more often than not, I do a monochromatic pink look that I can’t stay away from: Sin on the lid with Plushlash, So Sweet So Easy on my cheeks, and something pinky and sheer on my lips. Love it!

  3. Jules

    I take inspiration from what kinda look I am going for – rock chick, bombshell, Mummy chic, then choose shades based on what I am wearing and what I am doing for the day.

  4. Yazmin

    when i used to wear bright colours at work, i used to ask my boyfriend to give me three random colours and i would then try and make a look. now i prefer a natural look, or a soft smokey eye, so its generally dark colours now. if i wanna add a bit of colour to a look, i always look at what im wearing and then try and achieve something from there, so on a recent day trip i wore a leopard print maxi, i did a look with mac’s goldmine and nars nightbreed and red lips.

  5. Martina

    i usually just go and mix my favorite products to create the more simple looks, but if i want something more original and elaborate i replicate one of my favorite YT tutorials

  6. Sexy Sadie

    My imagination.
    The challenge this summer have been to create a total look with so few products as possible.

  7. Meghan

    First I judge the amount of time I can dedicate to my makeup–how my hair is falling, do I have no clean laundry or do I need to stitch together an outfit from nothing, etc.–then I decide how detailed I want to go with my eye. If I have time, I can go all out, if I’m busy it’s most likely a sheer wash of Indianwood Paint Pot & some mascara, a little lipglass and done.

  8. Emily O.

    I’ve completely hit a wall despite picking up @ 10 products from the MAC
    Me Over collex. So uninspired despite a room full of make-up- hopefully you ladies have some innovative suggestions

  9. Mariella

    for new inspiration, I mostly look to youtube videos and some online beauty blogs but most of the time, I just look at what I have and decide what appeals to me or what I want to try for the heck of it.

  10. Janet

    I get my ideas from beauty blogs like yours. I’m always looking for new ideas and creative ways to wear different colors.

  11. Tigress

    Sometimes I base it off the color of my shirt, usually I just look at my collection and grab something that stands out.

  12. Alyssa

    I usually get my inspiration from looking at over the top fashion editorials. Then I say, “I like this color, how can I make it work for myself?” Then if I find a look, I’ll sometimes try to create a similar look using the same technique, but with the polar opposite colors. Another great way is youtube videos, blogs (like temptalia!), friends, or (This is my favorite) I’ll go to my usual MAC guy and be like “I need inspiration and theres a new collection out! Can you give me a look?” He’s a genius with makeup and I always leave being more inspired then ever.

  13. Meg

    Lately I’m getting inspired by a book called “Eye Candy” from Linda Mason

  14. Maureen

    I usually try to keep colors going on. Sometimes I think back to older MAC photos or do like a WW_D? thing. Like, What Would Gwen Do? (Gwen Stefani). I love that Harajuku stuff she does (although we all know that Gwen would just slap on red lipstick like a boss). Or Katy Perry. Not a huge fan of Katy Perry, but she likes colors. If I want to look sultrier, I think Gaga, of course. I wish I could think of a way to pull of those severe black eyebrows she does sometimes, I love that.

  15. sarah

    I just peek into my traincase to see what colour jumps out at me or what combo I haven’t tried, I have been known to struggle to sleep as colour combos fill my head

  16. Safyre

    Usually I match my makeup to the color of the clothes I’m wearing or I’ll take a look into a palette and try combining the colors. But sometimes, when I’m listening to a song, some colors or a look will come to me – and these are usually the ones I get the most compliments on. :3

  17. Natalie

    I generally like less is more. I do the same basic face and eye (simple, contoured face with baby pink blush, and a simple eye with just tons of mascara [I have super long thick lashes] and maybe some Teddy smudged on the lash line] for work, and will switch up my lip color based on my outfit that day & how I’m feeling.