Friday, January 25th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Where do you apply your makeup?

  • Bedroom (59%, 3,073 Votes)
  • Bathroom (36%, 1,882 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (3%, 178 Votes)
  • Work/school (1%, 69 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,202

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77 thoughts on “Where do you apply your makeup?

  1. Ellen

    I apply my foundation in the bedroom, where lighting doesn’t really matter, and then I do color – mostly eyes – in the bathroom with good lights. I’m always running back and forth to get products, but at least it doesn’t look crazytown that way :)

  2. Yellowlantern

    I’m concerned about spreading bacteria (giving myself unnecessary acne) and getting foundation finger prints on my things so I do my makeup someplace I can easily wash my hands before and after applying anything to my face like foundation or concealer.

  3. I converted our second bedroom into a “makeup studio” where I store all my makeup. The room has great lighting (windows on both sides), so I set up a table, and mirror and so my makeup where the windows are so I have natural light.

  4. Monica!

    On week days, in my car!..shame on me I know =(
    when I am not working, in my bedroom, because I keep all my makeup there an the light is ok

  5. GUSnail

    I chose bedroom, but it’s really a combination. Right now my bedroom is too dark in the mornings, so I put it on in the bathroom. Once the sun is out earlier again, I will do it in the bedroom, with frequent trips to the bathroom to wash my hands :)

  6. AH

    I always apply my makeup in my bathroom mirror so I can wash my hands after.

  7. Dominique

    Always in the bedroom, never in the bathroom because the air is too wet. I am very finicky with all my products so they last longer than average.

  8. Marsina

    I sit at a vanity in my bedroom next to two huge south facing windows (before the vanity I just used a desk). I have all my makeup and supplies organized and within arms reach. I also have lamps for when the sun isn’t out.

  9. Sandra

    my vanity is set up in my closet.

  10. Jessica K

    I have a vanity set up in our spare bedroom. It’s also where I keep my shoes and the second half of my clothes :)

  11. Elizabeth

    Since I live in a dorm I suppose that counts as a bedroom, but that’s really the only place I can apply my makeup. The lighting isn’t great but when you’re in college there aren’t a whole lot of options.

  12. Amy

    I apply makeup while i’m on the subway in NYC. I only apply makeup in my bedroom during the weekends. the other 5 days of the week I apply it in public with everyone else watching me. :)

  13. Joni

    I have a dressing area between my main room/kitchen area (I live in a studio apartment) and my bathroom. I keep my makeup on top of my dresser and sit on the floor in front of my full length mirror (which fell off the wall lol) to apply it.

  14. DJ

    I like to put on makeup in my room where I can open the blinds and use natural light.

  15. Nicole

    I normally apply my makeup in the bathroom, because my collection is located there. Since my last move in September 2012 I apply my makeup in my bed-/livingroom because of the morning sun.

  16. Lee

    Wow, so many people put on their make-up in the bedroom; I always kinda figured the bathroom was more common.

    I use the bathroom ’cause I like having the sink right there to wash the brushes I wash daily (foundation, eye line, cream eye shadow brush).

  17. Hilly

    My makeup studio :)

  18. crystallinity

    More and More I find i do not have the time/ desire to apply makeup before work, so on weekdays when I want to wear makeup sometimes i give myself a little makeup “coffee break.” It is something fun and colorful which helps me de-stress.

  19. Pia

    I have a dressing room which also has a long counter with two sinks, a mirror over each and a magnifying mirror swivels off the wall. Brushes/pencils/anything-in-a-tube in muji drawers on the counter; makeup in shallow drawers between the sinks. Access to hand washing without the humidity of the bathroom.

  20. Terri

    usually in the car while my husband drives.

  21. Becky

    I put mine on in the bathroom cuz my bedroom is way too tiny! I dream of having a big luxurious vanity in the bedroom at some point though :)

  22. Michelle

    My vanity is in my boyfriend’s “man cave”. It was our agreement he gets majority of the spare room if I get majority of the walk in closet :) So I do my makeup in a corner at my own desk in his room.

  23. Jen

    I’ve never had room to put it on in my bedroom, but if I ever have a big enough bedroom I may have to try it. For now, and all my life, I’ve applied in the bathroom.

  24. artemis

    all 3 :)) sometimes in other places too

  25. n.

    I have a room that I converted to a big closet with a vanity. I need better lighting though.

  26. Renee

    Wow…I kinda feel spoiled. When hubby and I first moved in together we had a three bedroom apartment. We had the master used one for an office and he insisted on using the smallest to workout and store his bowflex. He was going to school at the time and claimed the dinning table for his school work and didn’t use the bowflex or workout room once in two years even though I kept organizing it so he could. Bowflex=extra hanger space to dry towels. Anyways on top of my makeup thing I also paint and craft and I couldn’t because he wouldn’t want me messing up his permanent desk/dinning room table or going in the living room and he slept in much later then me so I couldn’t in the bedroom and the bathroom was just out of the question.

    Finally one day I broke him down and he agreed to give me the spare as my girl cave for all my makeup and crafts. I have a desk for makeup and a desk for crafting and painting. It took forever to convince him, blood sweat and tears. But the day we finished it up he looked at me and said “wow, we really should of done this a long time ago!” Now we have our own little house with the se arrangement but he gets a basement so it all worked out. We both have a cave now.

  27. VickyM

    I apply mine in my living room, just before leaving for school 😀 .

  28. imogen

    I always put my make up on while on the bus to college because I have to wake up at 6.30 to get to the bus for 7.15.
    I’ve finally perfected the art of eyeliner in 30 seconds when the bus stops to pick someone up.

  29. Geneva Dell

    My car or my desk at work

  30. Especially when I’m doing drag. I’ve had to put on my face in back rooms, public bathrooms, pantries, and even stairwells!

  31. Carolyn

    I actually put my make up on in the hallway!!! Lol….I received a vanitygirl mirror for Christmas. Our hallway on the same floor as the bedrooms is very wide. We had our computer there for years but now we have iPhones and iPads so I got rid of the computer and now store my makeup there….our ensuite is very small so now my hubby has the bathroom pretty much to himself and I am not fighting for the sink area while doing my makeup!!!

  32. linda

    on my face. ha ha ha i couldn’t help myself. sorry. i apply my make up at my kitchen table. that’s probably weird.

  33. Phoebe

    My bathroom is small so I don’t have room to store my makeup there. Hence, the bedroom. Otherwise I would prefer the bathroom.

  34. Noga

    I was always against keeping makeup in the bathroom, and in my current apartment the mirror there sucks anyway, so I apply it in my little home office. It also has a window, so I get awesome natural light in case I wake up late enough :)

  35. I’m a starving artist and the best light is in my art studio, so I have a set-up in there with my make-up stuff and a daylight lamp :)

  36. Kaley

    I actually do my face makeup in the bathroom and my eye makeup in bedroom. I need two hands to do my foundation so I use the bathroom mirror for that. However I prefer natural lighting and I don’t get much in my bathroom so then I shift to my bedroom to finish where I only have a hand held compact mirror which is a downside but it’s worth it for the natural light I have in there.

  37. Elizabeth

    I do half in the bathroom in the morn and the rest in the car at stoplights. Bad I know!!

  38. Miss J

    I do my makeup one of two places; I’m either in the bedroom or living room. If it’s light out at the time I’m doing my makeup then I do it in the living room while sitting on the floor and using the big picture window for light. Most of the time I just put it on in my bedroom because that’s where it’s all stored, but I like the living room light better. One day I’ll have a huge closet to use as my dressing room/makeup room.

  39. Alexxxflt

    I colonized the living room, we barely use it anyway and I put on the big table of the things I need, it’s always there, I can see everything I need, it has the best light of the place and the best chair (can’t do eyeliner without being seated)

  40. Diane Rosenblum

    Years ago when I was single I applied my makeup at my desk in my room. I am nearsighted and the mirror had to be in my face. Now, years later – I’m still nearsighted and use my kitchen table. Most of my makeup is kept in 2 drawers in the kitchen. If I could, I would throw out my pots and everything else and store shoes and makeup in the kitchen drawers and cabinets.

    • Erica

      Ditto! I recently bought a great makeup mirror and found my kitchen table and lighting to be the best location to do my makeup before work. I’m nearsighted and need to have my face magnified and close to the mirror (lol). I keep my makeup on my bedroom dresser but lay out my “planned’ makeup and brushes in the kitchen each night before I go to bed. I’m a single gal so no complaints or disruptions in the morning. I’m receiving lots of compliments on my makeup so the kitchen is my new “makeup studio”.

  41. I try to do as much as I can at home… but I’m usually running late for work, so I have to finish at my desk. I try to run in so no one sees me with half completed makeup!

  42. Christina

    It’s going to sound weird but I actually walk back and forth between my bedroom vanity and bathroom mirror, stopping to also check in a hallway mirror along the way. I like looking at my makeup in lots of different lighting to make sure I will look good in any situation.

  43. Laura

    I apply my makeup in my living room :-) I have the best light there.

    • Kimmie T

      Me too!! I thought I was a weirdo for doing that!! It has a big spacioux area and way better lighting

  44. J-Boogie

    This is so interesting! I guess I always thought most women put their makeup on in the bathroom, like me! I guess I can’t imagine not having a sink in front of me.

    • Jennifer

      Me too. The thought never dawned on me to try putting on elsewere, unless you count the car while I’m on my way to work. I’m going to have to try this in the morning.

    • Mariah

      Yeah! I am kinda shocked too! I thought everyone did it in the bathroom…
      I can’t do it without a sink and a big mirror. The lighting isn’t the best, so sometimes I go to my desk in my room for really delicate liquid lining…
      but how do people live without a SINK?

  45. Yanna

    I have a hair and makeup studio in my home for when I do bridal trials…that’s where the magic happens haha!!!

  46. Meiya

    I use the bathroom – I need to be near a sink.

  47. Veronica

    All of the above. It really depends on what my schedule is that day. If I decide to hit the gym before work, then obviously I have to do it when I get to work. If I’m at home, I usually do it in my room or bathroom or alternating between the two because the lighting is terrible in my apartment.

  48. blueraccoon

    I really thought more people used the bathroom. I use the second bathroom; our apartment has an ensuite with the sink in one area, and then the toilet and shower behind a door, but the lighting is bad so I don’t use that. The second bathroom has less counter space but the lighting is marginally better (it’s not fantastic either bathroom) so I use that. I’m looking forward to having more space and better light in a new place, though!

  49. Bananas4bourbon

    At the kitchen table! That’s where the light is best! All the southern girls know this…:)

  50. ZG


  51. Ana

    I use the dining room table– this room has the best lighting in the morning because our dining room table faces East. I store my makeup in my walk-in closet that is upstairs, but I fill a Caboodle with makeup (on rotation) that I take down with me to the dining room.

    I wish I had a specific area where I could store my makeup and have a little vanity instead of my current system.

  52. On Monday-Thursday, the bathroom, because I get up at 4:15 for work and can’t wake my sister up. =P I just plan what I’m going to wear the night before, put it all in a big makeup bag, and transfer it to the bathroom. Friday-Sunday, my bedroom, so that way I can take as long as I want, and I can sit, listen to music, etc.

  53. Melissa

    Depends on if I had a shower that or not. If I’ve showered then I put my make-up on in the bathroom just then I can bring everything in the bathroom and get ready. But if I didn’t shower then I do my make-up in my bedroom. I like doing my make-up better in my bedroom because I have all my make-up organized and I can sit and do my make-up. I also have a studio light in my bedroom so I have the same lighting in my bedroom as the lighting a work.

  54. Katrina

    I’m very fortunate that we have a spare room my fiancé has given over to me. It’s the makeup room and it’s amazing! He gets a man cave, I have a makeup room that I love!

  55. Megan

    I always sit in my living room chair with a hand mirror… I can get good details this way.

  56. Tahiti

    I have a craft room/lair where I put my make up on. My bathroom is tiny and the lighting terrible. With my craft room, I can use natural light in addition to my make up mirror.

  57. eve

    hallway next to the entrance door i have a full lenght mirror and daylight although when i put the make up on its still dark outside.

  58. chris

    Car, while it is heating up or in the driveway.

  59. Rachael

    I generally apply mine in the living room because it’s the only room in my apartment that gets even daylight. Both my bedroom and bathroom have very small windows. My coffee table has drawers where I keep my “capsule” products, and, unless I have guests coming over, I just leave me cheap Ikea stand mirror out on the table. If I’m going out at night, I’ll apply makeup in my bathroom because I have light fixtures around the bathroom mirror that produce even lighting once the sun goes down.

  60. Melissa

    I have a vanity/desk in an extra room in my house. My son calls it “The Gorgeous Room”

  61. Amy

    Used to be bedroom only, but grandma is visiting so I do it in the living room, on our dining table. I don’t wear makeup much…so the woke living room thing is when I feel like doing something dramatic and editorial. Other then that I just swipe on some brightening lipstick in the car or something xD Possibly some concealer, but most likely not.

  62. Shaunngh

    I have my own makeup set up in a spare room of our house. I can it my girl cave. It’s an beauty station come office come dressing room. Besides my makeup and nail polish collection it has my books, computer and a television. I spend a lot of time in it!

  63. liz

    I have a “vanity” (old desk) set up as a makeup station in one of our guest bedrooms. My husband installed a vanity light bar and hung a mirror too. It works great, but I wonder what the guests will think.

  64. Rae

    Uh-oh! Don’t keep your makeup in the bathroom!

  65. Kayron

    Have a setup in my closet

  66. Krystal Best-Pickup

    I have a makeup station in my library/craft room. It has a nice little table (think I need a bigger one) with a 10 drawer shelf system that I keep all my makeup in. the table holds all my brushes, everyday essentials and a ConAir light up mirror. Along with two three light table lamps. These lamps give my lots of light and no shadows on my face. I would have a larger mirror but the station is set up right in front of a window and I’m near sighted so I need a mirror close up to me or I can’t see anything.
    This set up works best for me. When my husband and I were looking at houses I had to have a room that would work for putting on my makeup but also store all my crafts and books. A multi-use room is great. But if I had my own makeup room I would be so very happy. It would have perfect lighting and everything would be so pretty.

  67. I’ve got a special room for all my makeup :)