Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Choose or Lose

Where do you apply eyeliner usually?

  • Upper lash line only (40%, 1,994 Votes)
  • Upper lash line + water lines (22%, 1,109 Votes)
  • Upper lash line + lower lash line (18%, 890 Votes)
  • Everywhere there's a line to line! (9%, 460 Votes)
  • Lower water line only (4%, 190 Votes)
  • Lower lash line + water lines (3%, 162 Votes)
  • Lower lash line only (2%, 91 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 84 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,981

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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49 thoughts on “Where do you apply eyeliner usually?

  1. Ashley

    I usually do the upper and lower lash line and then use a shadow – normally Urban Decay’s Creep from the first Naked palette – as a diffused liner on the upper lash line and outer half of the lower lash line.

  2. Upper lash line and lower lash + water line. I like the drama of lining upper water line, but it is not guaranteed it’ll stay all day so I don’t do it all the time!

  3. GUSnail

    Most of the time I just line my upper lashline, unless I’m going for a dramatic/ smokey eye.

  4. Adena

    I have a condition where I actually have no eyelashes (or any other hair on my body), so I CAN’T just put liner on the lash line but not the water line or vice versa. It’s really difficult. I love liner, and I’ve been wearing it forever, so I’m fine with being smothered in liner every day. And I never really did do subtle anyway.

    • Kelly B

      Hi Adena. I just placed an order for a product so I cannot vouch for it personally yet…it is from makeup artist Mally Roncal who is on QVC and has her own website. She has a product called Lash Illusion Lash Filler which is basically a very, very thin black eyeliner meant to be used to fill gaps between your eyelashes or tight line so that you don’t have to wear mascara on days you want a break or really get nice volume with mascara. Reading QVC buyer comments before I purchased, there was one lady with a friend who lost all her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to cancer and the lashes gone really depressed her. The friend said she purchased this product and after they figured out how to use it since she has no lashes…it gave a huge boost of confidence to her friend with cancer. I have cancer but luckily did not loose my facial hair so cannot say personally but just thought I would pass this info on to you in case you are curious. Hope I didn’t offend…just wanted to pass along something I read in case it is helpful. Best wishes!!! Kelly

  5. Jada

    Line ALL the lines!

  6. Devin

    I’m surprised by the answers from what I see around me. I only do upper lash line because of my hereditary dark circles. Unless I have a good concealer working.

  7. MAChostage

    Upper lash lines, water lines and lower lash lines.

  8. Joanna

    lower lashes and usually white or flesh tone in the waterline. lining the upper lash line negates the effect of the eyeshadow because i have pretty hooded eyelids. i want an eyelid lift and im only 22 :(

  9. Chelsea

    I used to get customers at the cosmetics counter I worked at who did lower lashline only, and to me it just makes your eyes look droopy and older.

    I’m generally an upper lash line only lady, I look ridiculous with anything on my lower lash line, particularly the waterline.

  10. Paola

    Upper and lower outer side of the eye

  11. Jillian

    I apply eyeliner to my upper lash line and apply a bit of eyeshadow on part of the lower lash line.

  12. Stephanie

    I always always always (well, at least 90% of the time) line the upper lash line and tightline. If I don’t line the waterline, I use a champagne eyeliner.

  13. L

    Upper lash line and lower water line. The upper water line is too irritating to my eyes to do on a regular basis.

  14. I just recently discovered how to line my waterlines and make it look good, so that’s my main lining these days. But I still line some on the upper lash outer corner to de-emphasize the roundness of my eyes.

  15. Adrienne

    whoa I’ve ONLY ever been doing lowerlash line and lower waterline. These past few weeks I’ve been playing with upperlash line (I’m terrible at it so far). I did okay enough today to wear it out, but I feel like I need something on my lower so I did a light brown on the waterline.

  16. I only apply it to my top lashline because my asian monolidded eye shape looks best with only top liner. When I line my waterline or lower lash line my eyes appear smaller and more closed off. I do sometimes smudge a bit of brown eyeliner in the outer 1/2 of my lower lash line though

  17. Alexandra Aimee

    Upper last line plus outer corner of lower eye!

  18. Kelly B

    Flexible based on time and the look I want to achieve. I like really thin lines and to have fun with pops of color on the upper lid when I do a very neutral eye. Although my go to is one of the 6 shades of brown I have from taupe to very dark brown…seems to work better at not giving me tiny eye syndrome as I get older and makes my green eyes stand out. Black is great but just never looks that good on me unless it is right in the lashes with a different shade above it…even if it is charcoal.

  19. Natalie

    I usually only tight-line!

  20. Yazmin

    I Tightline. and then line add to the upper lash line

  21. Kathryn

    I line the upper lash line with cream, and the lower with black shadow!

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    I usually do a thin upper lash line as a sort of eyeshadow primer so I don’t get a gap there if my shadow starts to fade or crease. Lower lashline always. Waterline most of the time (UD Zero exclusively!) unless my eyes are feeling a bit dry that day.

  23. edith

    I usually tightline and outline very minimally along the outer top lash line.

  24. Rachel

    On my upper lash line, and the outer 1/3 of my lower lash line. I have almond shaped eyes, and this really opens them up!

  25. I apply a liquid or gel black eyeliner to my top lashline (sometimes I wing it out, sometimes not) and then I use a gel liner on my tightline, a skin toned nude on my waterline, and I use shadow on a liner brush along my lower lashline.
    Makes my eyes really stand out.
    A HUGE pet peeve of mine is when people wear black liner just on their waterline, particularly with light shadow. I think it suits some people, especially if they have a darker smokey eye, but on most people, it really is not a good look!

  26. Pami

    Always the outer third of top & bottom lash-line.
    Sometimes I line the whole upper lash line, tightline, usually black, with Chanel Clair on the waterline.

  27. Kylie

    I line my upper lash line, and tight line. Besides mascara I pretty
    Much leave the lower lash line alone.

  28. Veronica

    It actually depends on what kind of liner I’m wearing, but I predominantly stick to the upper lash line. I don’t know if anybody else here has the same problem, but I have fairly deep-sunk eyes that make it difficult for anything applied to the lower lash line or waterline to stay in place for long periods of time without migrating and smearing. Since this can exacerbate the appearance of my dark circles, it winds up being a very high maintenance look that I often don’t have the patience to keep up with.

  29. I usually line the upper lash line and the outside corner of the bottom lash line. I have a birthmark on my lower lash line that makes it seem like it’s already lined, so any more would be overkill.

  30. Shayna

    On most days I just put eyeliner in my tightline and waterline. Sometimes I put it on my upper lash line too.

  31. Miss J

    The only lining I do on a regular basis is tightlining the upper lashline since it makes my lashes look fuller. I tend to line the upper lashline only when wearing little makeup on the eyes. I have quite small lids, so sometimes liner just takes away from the look when I use multiple shadows on the lid or more color. Lately, I have been neglecting the lower waterline because I only like to use a cream or pale yellow pencil, but don’t have one at the moment. Occasionally line the lower lashline with shadow.

  32. For evryday i usually just tightline 😛
    For evening i tend to wear a relly bing winged liner on my upper lid + tightlining.

    Nothing on the bottom, including mascara!

  33. Laura

    Totally depends on the look. I always line the upper lash line but the others are optional depending on the style of makeup.

  34. Faye

    My go-to look for YEARS used to just be black liquid lined on my upper and lower lash line, plus black pencil on my lower waterline and then whatever eyeshadow I fancied, but the past six months I’ve really started to get into experimenting with lining EVERYWHERE!

    The past couple of days since watching this video on how to do nude/neutral eyes with shading I finally got the confidence to try lining my upper lash line with pencil, and my lower lash line with powder and it really brings the look together, so that’s what I’m doing a lot of at the minute. I also like to line the inner lash line on my upper lid with a pencil, and my lower waterline with pencil, leaving my outer upper lashline for a striking pop of a really bright, beautiful liquid liner in a bright shiny blue or green or something. I love experimenting with makeup soo much! I got the Naked 2 palette yesterday and am playing around a lot with shading and using several different colours on my lids at once.

  35. Angel

    Ever since my best friend scratched her eye and went to the hospital because of lining her lower water line, I’ve never like bottom eyeliner.

  36. Marten Vilijn

    I only do my upper waterline

  37. Madison

    it depends on the look i’m going for. sometimes i’ll wear top and waterline and i’ll tight line it. sometimes i’ll just do the top in sorta a cat eye line. sometimes i’ll do a natalie wood eyeliner which is extended and is on the top and bottom lash line with a light nude liner in the water line. sometimes i won’t do a winged effect at all and just use a brown eyeshadow in a soft line.

  38. Abigail

    I usually line my top lashline and the outer corner of my bottom lash line. I find this defines and opens up my eyes without overkilling it.

  39. Judith

    I do a very thin line at my upper lash line and about 2/3 from the outer corner in on my bottom lash line, then blend the end of the into and virtually unnoticeable end.

  40. Judith

    How do you keep the waterline from wearing off quickly?

    • Faye

      Use a good quality liner, seriously that’s all you can do. Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils are incredible quality and stay on pretty much all day for me, their pencil in Zero (total black) is my HG liner.

  41. Arielle Link

    Just my tightline to make my upper lashes appear thicker!

  42. Dinitchka

    I’m not much for eyeliner and rarely wear it, unless it’s for a special occassion or maybe and that’s a big maybe for a night out. If I do wear it, I line my upper lashes and maybe upper tightline. Anything low smudges, transfers and migrates. It will look like a big mess :(

  43. Joanna

    only on the outer corner of my eyes to elongate them. i find this look really natural and it’s suitable for everyday look.

  44. Ana medina

    Depending on my makeup and how much sun but I always do upper lash line and the inside

  45. upper lash line and tightline!