Friday, October 28th, 2011

Choose or Lose

When you apply mascara, do you switch hands to do the other eye?

  • No! (76%, 3,159 Votes)
  • Yes! (23%, 966 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,146

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Mango for today’s poll idea! :)

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31 thoughts on “When you apply mascara, do you switch hands to do the other eye?

  1. Turboweevel

    I don’t but i do flip the wand around so that it’s always pointing towards the center of my face.

  2. I don’t think I’d be coordinated to use my non-dominant hand!
    I’ve always just flipped wrist around (as opposed to going over nose).

  3. Daniela

    I always switch hands otherwise I make a huge mess ;D I didn’t realize most people apply mascara with the same hand

    • Kelly C.

      Same here, I always poked myself in the face trying to use the same hand, so taught myself to use my non-dominant hand to do it. I think I like the application better with that hand, too!

    • Gina

      I know! When I voted and saw the results, I was so surprised! I can’t imagine applying mascara on both eyes with one hand.

  4. Tina Marie

    I do! It’s one of the greatest things about being ambidextrous. :)

  5. Callo

    Yes, I switch hands. Definitely influenced by my mother, I used to love watching her put on her makeup, so I think I do pretty much everything the same way as she does. :)

  6. EAS

    I used to but it always felt awkward, especially for doing really fine liquid liner. Now I cross my arm over my body — right hand at my left shoulder — and hold the brush pointing in. Looks strange but works great; I can see what I’m doing without my hand getting in the way and steady my arm against my chest.

  7. Only with certain mascaras, like Great Lash LOL.

  8. I switch hands all the time when I’m doing my makeup. I pretty much do the left side of my face with my left hand and the right side with my right hand. Lips, I’ll do with my left hand (I’m left handed)

  9. Maureen

    Yes, sometimes… one of my eyes is a lot weaker than the other, so I can’t actually put mascara on normally. I do my right eye with my right hand, but then if I want to do my left eye, I either switch hands or have to twist my right arm around crazy-style. If my right hand is in front of my right eye while I’m mascara-ing my left eye, I can’t see anything at all.

  10. Yes, but mostly because I usually apply eye make up using a handheld mirror, so it’s a lot easier to switch over.

  11. K.B.

    While my right hand is completely dominant, the only thing I can’t do with it is apply mascara to my left eye.

  12. Ashley

    I meant to vote no, but voted other haha. I do switch the angle, but not the hands.

  13. Laurel

    I chose other because it depends on the mascara. Ones where the bristles are all the same length I usually don’t, but if it is tapered then I do to get the little ones toward the inner corner.

  14. mindy

    I am left handed but often use my right hand to apply mascara and liner to my right eye, left hand to do the same for the left eye. Otherwise I too will make a bit of a mess, with gel and liquid eyeliner.

  15. Linda

    My tired eyes read this as” When you apply mascara, do you switch brands to do the other eye?” Hmmm, I thought that was a little strange…

  16. Jo

    I have to switch! I get mascara on my nose otherwise and can’t separate my lashes properly if I only use one hand…

  17. Olga

    I switch hands, but only for mascara! I have this weird semi-ambidexterity where I apply primer, shadow, eyeliner, blush, etc. with one hand, but only my mascara with both. It’s kinda strange that I have enough control in my non-dominant hand to apply mascara, but not eyeliner!

  18. trillium

    I don’t switch hands OR flip the wand; at least for most of it. I do flip the wand briefly to get the outermost lashes, but I do most of my mascara with the wand pointing to the left. Even just trying to flip the wand the other way I stab myself in the eye. Maybe I’m just not that coordinated. 😉

    I do the same with liner. Always from my left to my right, on both eyes.

  19. M.

    Nope – I’m not ambidextrous enough to do it properly with my left hand, although I can somehow manage to pluck my left eyebrow with my left hand…

  20. Yolanda

    I do! I have no problem using left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye, I’m left-handed :)

  21. Veronica

    I hit no, then realized I was a lying liar. Well, a quarter of a liar. I use my dominant (right) hand to do 3/4 of my eyelashes. However, in order to angle it properly to get the lashes closet to my inner eye on the left side, I have to flip to my left hand.

  22. Katrina King

    I do have to switch hands when applying mascara. If I try to do mascara on my left eye with my right hand, I poke my eye or my nose, or both. I also switch hands when applying eyeshadow. But eyeliner and eyebrow plucking must be with my dominant hand to have any success.

  23. grace

    yes but cuz im left i always feel that the left application is better but i dont think any1 else notices except least i hope not

  24. I always use the same hand. I used to switch, but then it didn’t give the same look to my eyelashes, so they didn’t match.
    I used to do my right eye with my right hand, left eye with left hand, but I found that doing that, my left eyelashes clumped more than the right which gave me an uneven look because then on one eye my lashes would look pretty good, and on the other they were less long and more thick.
    Now, I use my right hand for both, I get an even look and it’s what works best. If they are looking a little sparse, I will go and use my left hand on both, just a quick flick, i find it deposits a bit more product, then i go over again as i would normally and brush them out so they look natural.
    I strongly reccomend anyone who does switch hand to practice doing it with one hand! It gives a better effect, in my opinion.

    Also, I think it’s worth noting what kind of lashes I have: I have medium-long fairly thick lashes, they tend to take well to most mascaras. This techinique works well for my lashes, but I can’t speak for everyone as we don’t all have the same lashes!

    Great topic, by the way Christine :)

  25. I do, it feels like it’d be so hard not to switch hands, and it feels like I would smudge mascara on my nose!

  26. Lexee

    I do all of my makeup (except blush/setting powder) then I do my first round of mascara, do my blush and setting powder and then do my lashes again. I switch hands.