Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

When was the last time you shopped your stash? (Which means that instead of buying something new, you’ve gone through what you’ve owned but perhaps forgotten about to rediscover products!) What did you end up rediscovering?

Temptalia's AnswerActually, this morning I was looking for a lip scrub, but I don’t think I have any in the house, so I ended up using MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator as an emergency lip scrub, because the granules are really small. I wouldn’t use it except in dire circumstances, but it did the job this morning!

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22 thoughts on “When was the last time you shopped your stash?

  1. Not rediscover per se, but I found a fantastic new use for my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Mood): it works amazingly on my complexion as a neutral blush if use it with a stiffer blush brush.

  2. Ann

    This is a really good question!
    About two days ago I looked through my palettes and realized I had a Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette. I went crazy over these when I first got into makeup and hadn’t used it in such a long time. I am wearing these green eyeshadows today with a light pink lip and it looks so beautiful! I get into these neutral binges and only used typical neutral colors but I have to break out of it. The Coastal Scents palettes are a good way for me to look a bunch of colors and play around with them. Once I realize a use a color often I take the palette with me to a beauty store and buy a higher end version of the color.

  3. LU

    I do this all the time since I wear makeup less often then I used to so I try not to stick to the same boring/quick look. I definitely went through a phase where I bought many products across brands, so I have a good variety of makeup already.

  4. Pemily

    Love this q!!
    Now that I have so much Mu I find myself starting to!

  5. Cath

    last night! Just re-discovered my Bobbi Brown denim and rose palette. Love love love the navy blue shimmer wash and pink sparkle eyeshadows

  6. It happened recently and it was a case of two ‘wrongs’ make a right… I used a fairly old Dior medium brown lipstick (shade: mid-nineties) with a dark brown Laura Mercier lip glacé on top. Oddly enough the result looked very much like Burberry’s Rosewood lip cover which I’ve been wanting to purchase for months.

  7. Lizzi

    The other night. I was going through my MAC lipsticks looking for a summery red. I was inspired by buying Just A Bite, but its more of a fall color to me. I found that I had MAC Hibiscus. Yay! I have so much of everything, but Ulta’s and Sephora’s are just too tempting to walk by. Lol! But on another note, MAC lipsticks were easily replaced by the new UD’s as my favorite lipstick formula. I’m already up to ten of the shades. It’s an addiction…

  8. I usually try to shop my collection every few weeks. I like to rotate some of the products I keep in my makeup bag (mainly blushes & lip products).

  9. Rachel

    I do it all the time! Looking through my makeup box and nail polish box brings me joy!

  10. I actually try to shop my stash once every month to get products back into my rotation and out of my usual rut. I recently rediscovered my MNY 301 blush, a beautiful light orange peach with gold shimmer that used to be my favorite for a long time and then it disappeared in a drawer. Had altogether forgotten how lovely it is.

  11. A week and a half ago! We went on a road trip to Oregon (From Seattle) to visit a family friend, and I was looking for just a couple palettes for easy looks. I rediscovered my UD Feminine Palette (The new one) and my UD LSD eyeliner! I’m loving Hijack on the inner 2/3 my lid, gunmetal in the crease and outer 1/3, with LSD eyeliner on the bottom lashline.

  12. VickyM

    I rediscovered Mac Crosswires and Guerlain Champs Elysees a little while ago, I actually had forgotten about those two!

  13. Lisa C

    Just a couple days ago! I came across my Givenchy blush that I bought awhile back and I forgot how beautiful it really is! It’s so nice to rediscover some gems!

  14. Nicole

    Yesterday, when I packed my makeup bag for a City Trip by car. I rediscovered a MAC Quad from fall 2011 (forgot the name) and Barcelona Red lipstick. last nur not least the Armani Blush no 5.

  15. Nikki

    It was about a month ago. I ran out of my favorite everyday gloss, and I’ve been too busy lately to make a stop at the MAC counter to get another tube. In a pinch one morning, I rummaged through my drawers of drugstore lipglosses and found a reasonable dupe (although it doesn’t last as long on the lips). It’s been a sufficient replacement, and I’ll probably continue to use it until I find the time to make a mall run.

  16. marianne

    Went to my stash for a bronzer and took out Edward Bess’s one. Perfect!

  17. doroffee

    Today. I have just ordered some organizational pieces, so every item of mine is easier to reach now, almost (I have something to sort out, though). Today, I used a forgotten, but lovely noname dark blue eyeshadow (the most gorgeous dark blue shade ever, not yet indigo, but really rich and warm).

  18. Tyler

    I shopped my perfume stash this past Thursday and pulled out the discontinued Guerlain Attrape Cœur or “Heart Catcher”. Attrape Cœur was originally released as a limited edition around 1999 titled Guet Apens. Made by the (now Cartier in-house) parfumeur Mathilde Laurent, it’s very complex and trying to describe its notes are pointless. It must be smelled.

    In regards to makeup, the Le Métier de Beaute Peau Vierge (shade 1) has made it’s way into my everyday routine. It’s just gives a little spf, coverage, and you’re out the door! The finish is the best aspect about it though… slightly luminous but never greasy.

  19. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I changed make up carts about a month ago and found all sorts of products I’d forgotten about. Some of the colors I didn’t care for or had multiples of went to my daughter; plenty, sadly was thrown away but so much “new” to play with. Took about 5 hours to complete the job!

  20. Jan

    I thought I was being good about rotating items (it’s really just blushes and lip glosses that I actually have enough of to call a “stash”). However, I realized in my last move (2 months ago) that I had a hidden stash I had forgotten about. That’s when I discovered that a CoverGirl lipstick I was ambivalent about two years ago is actually a great neutral, and that I had a back-up for a very old Prescriptives lipstick (my favorite lipstick of all time and I had forgotten I had it). It’s still in pretty good shape. Also discovered that I had an unopened 2-yr bottle of Lancôme moisturizer too.