Friday, January 14th, 2011

Choose or Lose

When it comes to price/quantity, would you rather...

  • Have both sizes available! DUH! (44%, 961 Votes)
  • Pay $20 but get the full size (so 2/3rds more) (35%, 760 Votes)
  • Pay $10 but only get 1/3 of the full-size (20%, 447 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,181

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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31 thoughts on “When it comes to price/quantity, would you rather…

  1. Lena

    I would rather pay more and get more, because I really try to only buy things I love, so if I like it enough to buy it, then I want a whole bunch!!

  2. Ani_BEE

    If it a product i wouldn’t use daily I would like to get the smaller size myself and pay less on it so long as the price ratio is fair.

    Amazing Concealer full verses trial price ration isn’t fair trade off as a bad example of this.

    Fyrinnae Mini verses full size it a fair trade off.

  3. monika-luiza

    totally depends on the product,for example bronzers last me for about 3 years so I would really apprecite smaller sizes. when i comes to lipgloss I would prefer bigger sizes and would gladly pay more

  4. To me it would depend on if it was a product that I was going to get a lot of use out of. It there is a product that I know I will only use one or two times; I wouldn’t really worry about the quantity but look at the price.
    If its a product that I LOVE and I know I will use then I would want quantity.

  5. Dawn

    If money wasn’t so tight, I’d go for the larger, value for money item in most cases, with the exception being where a product will go ‘off’ before it will be used up.

    With money being an issue, though, it would be nice to have both sizes so that I could buy the bigger, value size of things I know I will use a lot, and the smaller size for things I know I won’t use as much.

  6. anonymous

    depends if I’m in a routine I like or not– in a good routine, save the money, experimenting much prefer lower price because the other 2/3 is going to expire/turn before using– minor on a couple of items, bad on large quantities.

  7. kaylynrenee

    It’s impossible for me to finish a product before I’m onto trying the next thing, so I appreciate smaller sized options (Especially free samples!!). I don’t feel like I’m getting a bargain if it’s going to end up neglected in the back of a drawer. I will gladly pay a little more per ounce/gram to avoid waste or the pressure/job of finding a new home for the product.

  8. Ann

    I like to have the smaller option available to try out, and if I end up really liking something I would buy the full sized.

  9. lazeny

    I don’t really look at it that way for my personal use of cosmetics, as long as I love the product and the quality is very good, doesn’t really matter to me how much is it per ounce.

  10. Hannah

    If I love it, I’ll buy a big one. But I would rather get a small size if I’m trying it for the first time.

  11. Nic

    I voted “Other” just because, while I lean heavily toward the larger size in general, whether that’s a good deal depends a lot on the shelf life of the product and how much I’ll use it.

  12. Grace

    It depends: if it’s something that I haven’t tried before, I would consider buying the trial version of it (also depends on public reviews of the product). I like value, but if the product is ‘ineffective’, then the leftover product, as good of a value it is, would be gone to waste.

    I would buy anything tried, test and true in the largest volume (ie. Philosophy’s Microdelivery Wash), coz you know you will use all of it, and you’re getting the best value!

    I also keep in mind the packaging of a product (smaller is generally more “expensive”). Less frequency of buying a larger product means less overall packaging, which means better for the environment 😉

  13. Instant Karma

    It depends on whether I’m going to use the whole product or not. Ultimately, if you’re only going to use a bit of something, it doesn’t matter if the price per ounce is great. For example, I’d much rather buy a tiny bottle of nail polish than a full size one because I’ve never gone through more than a tiny fraction of a bottle before it becomes unusable (clumps up, changes color, etc.). On the other hand, I go through Philosophy 3-in-1 body washes like it’s my job, so there is no way I’d buy a smaller size for less money. Put simply, it’s only worth it to buy the bigger size if you will use more of the product than is available in the small size (sorry, math and economics nerd here, lol).

  14. It’s hard for me to finish products so I usually prefer minis. But, if it’s something limited edition I want it big so I never run out.

  15. Katie

    I prefer smaller because I have so much stuff, I just feel like I never get through anything way.

  16. Cleo

    I voted for “have both sizes.” But after thinking about that, it’s probably not cost effective for cosmetic companies to do that and it will likely never be an option, unless MAC leads the way and has both sizes available to their PRO members (which would be brilliant). I think the average consumer (not makeup artists, etc.) rarely finishes a product like eyeshadow or blush. Think about how many times you’ve hit pan on a powder product?!? It’s a little more likely that a person will finish a gloss or lipstick, but that’s if it’s your GO TO product. For makeup collectors like myself, this “let’s increase size so we can increase price” trend is very frustrating and feels sneaky. Makeup is already expensive, and the markup on most products is insane. Let’s not pretend like what they’re using to increase the size is really worth the price increase.

    And finally…makeup has a shelf life — I don’t want to use makeup for years and years just so I can feel better about finishing a product I paid more for to have more of!

    If MAC keeps it up, collectors like myself won’t be buying full collections anymore!

  17. Kathylulu

    Why do I think a lot of people are mistaken *quantity* for *quality*? It doesn’t make sense that most people want both sizes of the same thing…

  18. Steph

    Like everyone else has said, it depends on the product and how much of it I use, though I’d say there are more things I’d want in larger sizes. Lipsticks, glosses, foundation, powder, etc… I’m not keen on the supersized (and higher priced) eyeshadows MAC is doing lately, but on the other hand, if they’re LE at least they’ll last you longer since you can’t rebuy them (at least not easily and reliably). Both sizes would be nice but it’s not very practical for most companies- it takes up extra display and storage space, and they might have to cut back on colours or products they sell so they can support the double sizes.

  19. Angeli

    It depends…. If I really like the product (shampoos, lotions,staple moisturizers etc), then I’ll get the large size and would welcome the opportunity to “save”. But if I want to just try a product, I get the smaller size.. or if it’s something I’m sure I’ll get tired of before I actually use it up, I’ll get the smaller size (perfumes especially!)

  20. Emily

    I buy whatever mac brings out simple…. Big small whatever. I may complain about $$$$ but I make it happen haha

  21. You need both!! $10 samples to determine if the product will work for you, won’t make you break out, does what it promises, etc. And then the GRANDE size for things you fall madly in love with and can’t live without. I can name at least 5 facial care products I would never have tried w/o the $10 tester size, and they happen to be my faves right now!! :)

  22. I’d rather pay more and get more because with the smaller/travel sizes, you get 1/3 or 1/4 the product for something like half the price! Rip off! I’d rather get the full size and put it in my own travel size container/tube.

    But if anything, I rather get the HUGE value sizes and pay more than regular price because it tends to be cheaper and I don’t run out as quickly.

  23. I’d first buy the smaller size, and then if I like it, buy the larger one.

  24. I hardly ever use an entire eye shadow or nail polish. However, for foundation and mascara, it’s the complete opposite. I almost always finish all of those, so… cheap/small eye shadow and nail polish, but more expensive but bigger foundation and mascara.

  25. Rosie

    Both sizes should be available. If you live in a more rural area or not quite urbanized you may not have access to stores where you can get samples and know whether a product will work or not. Thus, a smaller product would be helpful in seeing if you even like the product. Let’s be honest, how many people actually mail return items? Also, if you’re strapped for cash and it’s like a holy grail and you need some and can’t quite fork over the price of the full size, and let’s face it, it’s usually not $10 and $20 it’s usually steeper prices on products.

  26. Nicole

    It depends in my case. If I love a product like my Kiehl’s skincare, I prefere buying a bigger size. But I love smaller sizes to try a product before I buy the full size and I also love smaller packages to travell with.

  27. germa

    i dont mind the price as long the quality of the product is good. i rather pay more and get less product when the product is high quality than get a lot for less and the product is crap! in the past years if learnt that quality is ,ore important than quantity.

  28. Kim L

    Rather pay the $10- I rarely use more than 1/4 of any product! This way I could save money (more likely buy 3 times as much!)

  29. My collection is already quite large so bigger sizes don’t make much sense. I will most likely never finish my eye shadows or blushes. And there’s always new stuff coming out. I’d prefer smaller sizes for a fair price – if I get a 1/3 quantity of the full size version, I’d like to pay only 1/3 to 2/5 of the full prizes.

  30. Alison

    I think in many cases I don’t feel like I’ll ever get through a whole product. I often wish that with nail polish and mascara and maybe even lipstick or lip gloss that there was a mini version with just a few uses or just a small version with a fraction of the full size… I hardly ever stick with a single shade of nail polish anyway.