Friday, March 4th, 2011

Choose or Lose

What's your take on blush?

  • It's one more way for me to change up my look! (51%, 1,227 Votes)
  • I have my go-to and wear it all the time! (41%, 990 Votes)
  • Pass - it never looks right on me! (8%, 186 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,418

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35 thoughts on “What’s your take on blush?

  1. June

    I have naturally very red skin and blush makes it so much work. I usually just use a bronzer as blush.

  2. Sheena F

    i love blush! it gives a different “dimension,” if you will, to my look of the day. and i pretty much look like a ghost or look very tired if i am bare-faced. if i have literally 2 mins to do my face then i would fill my brows and slap on some tinted moisturizer and blush because at least it won’t look too obvious that i rushed out of the house.

    • Linda

      Amen to that. When I only have time for the bare essentials, it’s concealer, cheek tint (same as blush right?), and a lip tint.

      Blush just gives the face that natural glow or that extra something so the cute coffee guy will give you an extra look :)

  3. CeeBee

    I have so many it’s ridiculous!
    I love to layer cheek products and experiment with blending colours, like a diffuse wash of pale pink with a pop of raspberry on the apples or a brown based cream blush topped with a dusting or peach – the combinations are endless (which makes me happy :)

  4. I love blush! It just makes me look more put-together and my makeup looks more finished. I have two that I switch between, one is really bright and the other is softer and more neutral.

  5. Amanda Enn

    I don’t really like blush on me because the pink undertones just don’t suit my skin, so I go for more tanned ones. I wear blush more as a subtle contour, but a little higher onto my cheek bones.

  6. Alexis

    Not a huge fan of blush because of my red complexion, I find it makes me look to pink. Usually I’m sans blush but I always wear bronzer.

    • Mariana

      I feel the same way, that’s why I usually look for highlighters or “brightening” blushes, so it doesn’t add much color, but a glow. that way my rosy cheeks look more on purpose ;-). & I always use bronzer to contour.

  7. DB

    Its a must… very important to finish off your look!

  8. Cristina

    I absolutely adore blush! It’s my favorite part of doing my makeup! My favorites are Benefit Coralista, the ELF version of Nars’s orgasm (haven’t tried the original), and using Plumfoolery on the outer part ofmy cheek as sort of a blush-y contour and Dainty on the apples.

    I also love highlighting my cheekbones, and I consider it a part of my blush routine. My favorite is Benefit Moon Beam (while High Beam is more popular, I find Moon Beam to be more suiting for my warm complexion).

    I literally JUST got a little trio of minis from Benefit (can you tell it’s one of my favorite brands? lol). I has mini Posietint, Benetint, and High Beam. I’m pretty excited to test them all out 😀

    • Alli

      oooooohhhhhhhh…I just got the Benefit trio too! Saw it while waiting in line at Sephora and grabbed it! I was so excited to try the Posietint and high beam (I’ve had the benetint for a while now, but loved the cute little bottle and figured it would be fine to have another of it to use as a travel size), as I’ve really been wanting to try them but didn’t want to buy full sizes… But, I haven’t tried Moon Beam at all, and now you have me curious!!! What do you like better about it then the High Beam?
      I also like the ELF Orgasm dupe…and I have the NARS Orgasm as well and just love it (i actually find the NARS and ELF ones to be different which is nice) Do you have the blush/bronzer dup from ELF?
      Haven’t tried Dainty, but it’s on my list!
      Glad someone else snagged the benefit trio too!!! so cute, right? and $15! So excited to try the Posietint!!! So pretty!

      • Cristina

        Everytime I swatched High Beam in store I thought it looked too silvery-pink for my skin (NC20), so I got Moon Beam, which is described as an apricot-toned luminizer, and looks more golden pink. I haven’t tried High Beam yet, but now that I look at it more carefully, I see that it doesn’t look as silvery as I remembered it so I think I’ll probably be able to pull it off :) It seems to me that the frost in High Beam is more pronounced than in Moon Beam.

        I actually do own the “laguna/orgasm” from ELF. I like it, but I find that I have to use a pretty light hand when using the bronzer because it can come off muddy on my skin.

        This little set is a great value! It is cheaper per ounce than any of the three products on their own! Even if you already have them it’s great because they are good for travel and they aren’t in a glass bottle, which makes me a teeny bit scared when I use my Moon Beam.

  9. My cheeks are only pink around my nose, so with a little green concealer powder, I’m good to go. I usually wear a toned down blush like MAC Fun & Games or Blushbaby with colorful eyes or bright lips, but I like brighter colors like MAC Fashion Frenzy or Dainty with a neutral eye.

  10. Dorna

    I try to switch it up, but I usually end up reaching for the browned pink ‘blushbaby’ tones. Blush is NOT one color fits all, and I think it’s so tacky when people try to convince themselves otherwise! I do like to layer the browned pink tones on top of other layers at nighttime for an extra pop though.

  11. Lizzi

    About 6 months ago I only own one blush, UD powder one in Score, and had it for 3 years. I started playing around with it during the fall and now I use it every day. In fact, I can see the pan now! Since then I’ve been buying and playing with sooo many MAC ones. I bought all the beauty powders and blushes, and the Dr. Facilier cooling powders too, from the Venomous Villains collection. The Cruella colors are by far the best color for my skin. I’ve been experimenting with creme formulas, Tinkle Me Pink and Virgin Isle. Blush has become an essential for me!! Only time I don’t wear it is when I know I’m only going out to hit the gym.

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    I only started wearing blush like 2 years ago. Now I feel like I need it all the time! It makes my face look more contoured.

  13. Courtney

    I used to never bother with blush until a few months ago. Now I love it! It really completes a look.

  14. I skip blush, usually, but I do love the look of it!

  15. Quinctia

    I spend so much time trying to downplay the reness in that area of my face, I’m not going to turn around and add it back on. :/

  16. Mariella

    First of all, I hate the term “change up” so there’s no way I’d have chosen that answer (LOL). Most of my blushes are pretty much in the same colour family (rose/pink/plum), though I have maybe 2 more peach toned blushes. So while I don’t really use them to change my look all that much, I do like having the variety of finishes from sheer to matte to sheen and different intensities of colour.

  17. candice

    just like how mascara finishes off ur eye look, blush finishes my overall look for me. i am yellow toned and nc25-30, my go-tos are nyx pinky (looks like a bright matte warm pink on me) and stila sun bronzer shade01 (looks orangey peach swatched, and gives my face a beautiful glow that i really wanted from nars orgasm). i hate nars orgasm it looks so tacky on me haha.

  18. jane

    i am very very pale. even more so because im ill all of the time. i must have blush. i love when i have even more time and can highlight the cheek bones. i think it really finishes the look.
    i like rocking how fair i am, but i dont want to look dead, so its a must for me.

  19. Julia

    I follow the gyaru style, so I always use a very cool toned baby pink blush on the apples only with a heavy hand. I do have other shades, but those are only used when I’m not wearing circle lens

  20. Becca

    I have lately formed an obsession with blush- I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Haruka

    I use a different color blush for the seasons. I have olive skin naturally, but I’m quite tan because of swimming so during the winter I tend to use a more plum colored blush, while in spring and summer I often use a more of a shimmery pink blush.

  22. Adelita

    I’m such a blush whore! I honestly don’t know how to finish my blush collection… And yet, I can’t stop to buy the new one… *sigh*
    My favorite color are coral & dusty/burned-rose kinda like, and due to its lower maintenance, I prefer cheek stain over other blush form (on the contrary, my powder blush collection are bigger than my liquid/gel/cream cheek stain because powder blush has more lifetime span).

  23. Lindsay

    I’ve only recently started experimenting with blush. In the past when I would use it, it was with the little minibrushes included in packages. Now that I’ve discovered great brushes and have a much lighter hand, I enjoy wearing it on occasion

  24. It’s not an essential but it sure does contribute to a put-together look. I def appreciate it. But I don’t hoard them. I have a few I really like on me and let the rest go.
    And I found that shimmery blush looks better on me than mattes. I think mattes make me look flat so I always have to top them off with a highlighter.

  25. im a totally blush whore, all i ever buy is blush, i must have 40 blushers, and i buy mainly peach, marine life, utterly game, instant chic, hipness, peachy keen, ripe peach, mighty aphrodite, bite of an apple, stereo rose, all by mac, these are what ive purchased in the last 4 months or so and the sad part is on me they all look exactly the same apart from the last 2 mentioned so i should have just bought 1 of them. Im not buying anymore for a long long time now ha ha, it truly is getting out of control.

  26. Vita

    I have very pigmented cheeks so I usually skip blush or use bronzer as blush

  27. Karin

    i LOVE blush. i think its so underrated- blush really gives life to the face and can be very naturally pretty. just a touch of blush will make your whole face look better without anyone knowing your wearing blush. when i have little time to get ready, i just put on mascara and a tint of blush. it work like magic!

  28. Ava

    I have what I affectionately call “chubby cheeks,” and without blush there’s very little differentiation between my cheekbones and my jawline. I also find that if I skip blush, people start asking if I’m sick (pale skin is great, but a little color in my cheeks goes a long way in preventing the vampire chic look!).
    I love to mix up my blushes depending on the color palette of my outfit and the rest of my makeup. I’m really loving Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in Natural Beauty right now.