Monday, March 29th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your least favorite step in your makeup routine? Curling lashes? Setting your makeup? Mascara?

Temptalia's Answer.

I think my least favorite is curling lashes… I always forget!

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74 thoughts on “What’s your least favorite step in your makeup routine?

  1. Waiting for my foundation to dry!

  2. Foundation definitely!

  3. Mai

    eyebrows is by far the hardest for me.

  4. LuvJ

    This may sound silly but, covering up blemishes when I have them, poses the greatest challenge for me. There’s hope for dark circles, but sometimes it feels like I’m tackling Mt. St. Helen’s when I’m trying to cover up those pesky “mounds”!

  5. lazeny

    Applying mascara. I have very short lashes and it’s so hard to apply mascara on it. I dislike curling my lashes too, so I pretty much leave it as it is and compensate w/ an eyeliner.

    • tremorviolet

      I have the same problem, my eyelashes are so short, it’s tough not to get mascara on my lids.

  6. Mey

    Cleaning my face & taking all that stuff off.

    • Julie

      Agreeed! That’s the worst for me, I’m so lazy! It’s fun to put on but, after a long day ugh, I just wanna sleep!

  7. Natalie

    Absolutely nothing! Guess that’s why I am a makeup artist lol.

  8. Dianna

    Mascara! I almost always make a mess.

  9. esteta

    Mascara without my contacts in! I just recently went back to wearing glasses more regularly, and my vision has gotten terrible. Without my contacts, I have jabbed myself in the eye & face too many times now with the mascara wand, and it’s getting a bit frustrating! Actually, I have to get so close to the mirror now, everything is hard to do because I can’t fit a brush in between my face & the mirror!

    • Brenda

      lol…sorry to laugh but I have the very same problem with having to get so close to the mirror the handles of my brushes hit the mirror and get in the way!!

      • esteta

        Don’t apologize! The whole thing cracks me up too…I bet it looks even funnier to my husband if he dares to watch! So glad to know I’m not the only one!!!

  10. Jae

    Removing false lashes and makeup in general. It’s a pain in the neck.

  11. Sarah

    doing my brows. takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr >:-\

  12. nikki

    i don’t wear foundation but i cud see where that’d be annoying. so i’ll say taking it all off. i’m good though, i never skip it now that i know how bad that is!

  13. Az

    Only foundation *yawn*, I love everything else. And sometimes when I come home late, I am so tired & just wish the makeup would be removed automatically.

  14. Cole

    Remembering and applying sunscreen. Its a necessary hassle to my routine lol

  15. Traci

    eyebrows. I can do them very well actually, but for some reason I just hate that step

  16. Adriana

    Foundation, which is why I don’t usually use it.

    Mascara, I sometimes skip it.

    Makeup removal is my favourite and least favourite part. Favourite because I love the feeling afterwards, but least favourite because it’s so tedious.

    Why do I like makeup again?

  17. margot

    eyeliner, firstly it doesn’t suit me and secondly I am pretty clumsy with it … so most of the time, I just abandon it all in all and concentrate on my eyelashes 😛

  18. Putting on mascara! Takes me about 10 minutes to perfect it 😐

  19. Waiting for my moisturizer to sink in and then again for my sun protection to sink in.

  20. Christine shen

    puting my eyebrows on.. I can never make them perfect.

  21. LRW

    eyebrows, definitely..

  22. beautyofcosmetics

    cleaning my face!

  23. alisha

    filling in my brows :(

  24. Sally

    Ditto to that Christine! My eyelashes are straight as a board, so I constantly have to curl them. It has become the bane of my beauty routine!

  25. Laura

    Some days, it’s everything! But for the most part, undereye concealer. I guess I still don’t have the right combination of products for that flawless undereye look, so it’s not my favorite.

    • Tiffany

      I agree with that too. Any product I put under my eyes always sinks into my lines and looks horrible.

  26. Hilana

    The times I have to dab concealer on a spot or something. I hate blemishes in my face. I use concealer as a rule in the outer corners of my eyes and a wee bit under my eyes, but I love applying make-up. Even when I am in a hurry.

  27. Eyebrow plucking and filling. So booooring, It’s like the least interesting out of the whole routine.

  28. I am ok with putting on, it’s the taking off, I hate. No matter how much I try, I never get all the eyeliner off. Even with a make-up remover first and then washing. grrr

  29. Charlene

    Foundation! UGH! I hate wearing it but I cant live without it. I have too much red in my skin. SIGH!

  30. trying to conceal under eye circles…i don;t wear foundations often, but concealing my undereyes, takes tym…Its all weird…just need some magic, light potion for undereyes..
    which reminds me, can u please throw light on Bobbi brown correctors and eve pearl concelers…sometym in future???

  31. Applying my mascara. I’m so clumsy, it always gets all over my lid!

  32. LustreBonBon

    Removal of eye makeup is the worst overall part. The worst part to getting it on is the mascara…b/c I dread having to take it off.

  33. Shah'ada

    Waiting for my moisturizer to sink in so I can put on my primer!!! Takes forever :/

  34. Ashlee

    My least favorite is contouring.

  35. Kathy

    Foundation and concealer, most definitely. I always can’t wait to finish it so that I can play with my pretty eyeshadow and blush colors!

  36. Eileen

    Getting all my make-up off at the end of the day. Thank heavens for Shu Uemura cleansing oil–although it looks like I’ll have to order mine on-line from now on :-(

  37. Diana

    Brows its so boring and I feel like I look strange that’s why I usually just skip it.

  38. Ashley K

    Lining my waterline, ugh! It’s uncomfortable, makes me flinch, and I always smudge it under my eye. ): *sigh*

  39. Cindy :P

    Definitely foundation. I use Clinique’s Even Better and set it with an MSF natural, two products supposed to look natural, but that somewhere in the application leave my face looking cakey u.u

  40. Taking my makeup off, cleaning up fall out under the eye and plucking my eyebrows, OUCH

  41. Emm

    Eyebrows easily..

  42. Apply mascara… so boooring.

  43. Kelly

    I’d say I neglect my eyelashes. I admire the falsies look, I am just way too impatient to apply them. Same with eyelash curling. I usually just compensate with mascara.

  44. Probably my eyebrows, they never look great. :(

  45. Tiffany

    foundation. I never feel like it looks right.

  46. addie

    mascara..mostly because it is a pain in the butt to remove.

  47. Casey

    Curling lashes and drawing eyebrows on! It would cut the time of my makeup routine in half if I could eliminate these two. lol

  48. BrownBrickhouse

    My least favorite step is concelar.

  49. Brenda

    applying mascara, just because I am REALLY picky about how my eyelashes look.

  50. Jenni

    Curling my lashes and mascara for sure.. They make such a big difference, but I just have no patience for it! lol

  51. Diana

    under eye concealer…because i’ve tried tons n tons of products and nothing covers them up

  52. Vivi

    Touching up- it’s frustrating and annoying when you look in the mirror and think “….Ewww.” :/

  53. Filling in my blonde brows to go with my auburn hair! So tedious and sometimes takes forever if I’m having a bad brow day lol!

  54. Danni

    The least favorite part of my makeup routine is taking it all off!

  55. Kathryn

    I know it only has to be done once a week, but I really dislike cleaning my brushes because it takes so long for them to dry. UGGHHH

  56. JEN

    Foundation is the worst step. I always leave it for last.

  57. Miss Sq

    Putting eyeshadow because sometimes it doesnt come out as well as i mean it to

  58. foundation…ugh
    and taking it off…i hate taking my makeup off.

  59. Ayla

    I hate putting on foundation primer because I always forget :(