Friday, September 13th, 2013

Choose or Lose

What's your favorite type of palette?

  • Eyes (82%, 2,229 Votes)
  • Combination (9%, 256 Votes)
  • Cheek/Face (7%, 179 Votes)
  • Lips (2%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,707

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12 thoughts on “What’s your favorite type of palette?

  1. I prefer eye palettes, but I do also like cheek palettes. But I hate when a palette starts mixing textures (powder & cream) because I find those tend to get very messy.

  2. Lauren

    I like combination palettes like the Tarte Eye and Cheek palette or the Tarte Aquallilies palette. I even like a little Too Faced palette I have that has a blush and two shadows. They are so convenient for travel. I can’t stand when cream products are in the mix though. I have the Balm Jovi palette and even with the flap, powder still gets into the cream products.

  3. Eyes, definitely! I keep on buying new eyeshadow palettes, though I really don’t need them.

  4. patsyann

    eyeshadow palettes…I have a weakness for them.

  5. Only eye palettes! I also hate mixed textures! Also what bugs me the most is that all the other palettes (face and mixed) have the pans so small that I always mess everything up. Therefore, only eye palettes for me… I’m too heavy handed & clumsy :))

  6. xamyx

    I really only wear a limited shade range when it comes to cheek & lip colors, even when I travel, 1-2 of each type is more than sufficient for me. Eyeshadow, on tyhe other hand, is where I need a ton of variety, in color, finish, texture, etc., so bigger palettes are ideal. I also like the idea of pulling out one palette at home when I’m in a rush, and having everything in one place, but with lips & cheeks, I just have to decide if I want color or nude. Everything I have is very similar, it doesn’t take much thought.

  7. Bee

    Eye palettes! I dislike combination ones – any palette with lip stuff in it is a no go for me.

  8. Eli

    I love combination palettes like UD’s Face Cases – they have everything you need minus the messy part of pan lipsticks. It’s just more convenient to stick inside a full-size lip product… Also, compartment style palettes can have cream products in them, as long as they are in a separate compartment, away from powder products :)

  9. Eye palette for me too! Like others here I like to mix my eyeshadows I don’t need to do the same with blush. When I travel I also bring only one blush and about two lip products.

  10. KF

    Lips! I don’t wear enough eye or face stuff to need a palette (I have three eyeshadows, one liner, and one face powder total).

  11. ProperIntro

    Eyeshadow palettes (my weakness) and lip palettes (like the lip library from bite beauty =] ) I’m not a big fan of combo palettes because I will usually like one part of it.

  12. Astrogherkin

    I chose cheek/face because I love blushes and highlighters and I will take them in any form I can get. I prefer singles rather than palettes honestly because I can take them around with me more easily. I like the MUA eyeshadow palettes though – Heaven and Earth and Undressed are my favourites. Sleek eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous too but I can’t seem to get them to work on me, for some reason, probably because all I can handle are neutrals. I recently put on a blue colour and it looked *horrible*; I had to wash it off immediately.