Friday, April 19th, 2013

Choose or Lose

What's your favorite season for new makeup collections?

  • Fall (27%, 923 Votes)
  • Summer (26%, 895 Votes)
  • Spring (23%, 785 Votes)
  • Holiday (19%, 659 Votes)
  • Winter (6%, 210 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,472

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25 thoughts on “What’s your favorite season for new makeup collections?

  1. KEG

    I voted for holiday since I love sparkle, glitter, and rich colors-all traditional holiday looks/colors

  2. Sasha

    Definitely fall. I’m not into pastels so I’m not tempted to buy much in spring. I like some brighter nail polish in summer but not super bright makeup. Most of my makeup purchases are fall collections and holiday specials.

  3. Jessica

    I love the holiday collections because you can get some really great deals on sets/palettes, and I also LOVE the glitter!

  4. xamyx

    I voted “Holiday”, but that’s primarily due to the incredible deals that are typical of the season. However, as far as actual seasons, it really is a tie berween Fall & Winter; Spring & Summer are just too bright & colorful for my tastes, so I rarely buy from those, although the occasional product will grab my attention.

  5. Spring because the shades happens to run lighter and they work with my complextion. I can see what Fall is popular those as for i like fall trends but i find it’s the same thing over and over again so I just don’t as excited as I use to 8 years ago for them. lol

  6. I voted spring but that’s probably because right now I can’t wait for the weason and the warmer weather to kick :-) Ask me the same question in December and I’ll vote winter, lol :-)

  7. artemis

    Bold, fresh colors(spring) 😀 I love all seasons, really…but it seems that ppl think summer stuff should be sheer and shimmery…i don’t always agree.
    fall has nice colors too…and winter too hehehehe
    holiday shimmery red l/s is super nice

  8. I voted for Holiday because I love Christmas, but I actually love Fall, Summer, & Holiday.

  9. Alison

    Fall, Winter and Holiday!

    Spring is usually pastels, and I don’t do pastels – Winter and Fall tend to do rich, deep and classic colours, and those are most definitely my thing.

  10. KaseyCannuck

    There should be a “love all seasons equally” option!!

    I like my overall look to be smokey-neutral, and I’ll add a pop of color in with my eyeliner, so I like more of the colors in the fall collections.

    I also agree with holidays being great for value sets, but I end up constantly reminding myself that I’m NOT SHOPPING FOR MYSELF!! I still do a little, though 😉

  11. Xero

    I like spring because the colors are lighter, brighter, and there are lots of exciting new products! Summer is a close second because then it’s brights and corals everywhere!

  12. Difficult but I’ll go with holiday because I love the sparkles during Christmas and New Years! And the deep reds <3

  13. Liz

    Auugh, tough one! I ended up voting for Winter as I’m super duper pale and winter collections frequently offer products that enhance milky porcelain skin.

  14. Mariella

    For me, it’s a toss-up between fall, which is my favourite season, and Holiday, since companies come out with such great collections that offer amazing value.

  15. My favorite season is whichever one is coming up next. But I’m voting for holiday because I love a good giftset.

  16. AO

    I definitely prefer fall collections for makeup. They have the richest most beautiful colors in my opinion. I don’t usually buy new makeup for Spring or Summer unless its an occasional bronzer. I usually use those warmer months for catching up on fall/winter stuff i may have missed from past collections if still available . :-)

  17. Treefinger

    Ah, voted Fall and it seems a lot of people agree with me! I am definitely more of a fall/winter person in general and I always look forward to the darker and rich colour palettes, as well as the edgy/luxurious trends that seem to come out then on the clothing side of things :) Although at the end of winter it can be just as refreshing to get to wear some brights/sheers and lighter, “fun” clothing and makeup!

  18. Emma Lynn

    i love fall but closely follwed by spring

  19. Jane

    I chose Summer because BRIGHT COLORS! But the fall and holiday collections always look better with my coloring. XD

  20. Silka

    Summer!! I live in a country with a summer climate all year round, so let us have all the glorious colors please

  21. Mimi

    Spring is best. Lots of fresh appealing colors. Nothing makes a woman more attractive than flushed cheeks and moist fruity colored lips. Very healthy and youthful. Of course, one must apply the color thoughtfully and tastefully but it’s the most natural of looks and most men don’t like a woman to be caked with obvious makeup.

  22. I love pastels so I clicked on spring first, but then I saw all the votes for autumn and I was like “…wait! but I like fall collections too!” lol

    I think Spring/Fall collections just tend to be the best in general because they follow fashion weeks… I don’t know if that even makes any sense because the fashion week is always for the two-three seasons after the current season.

  23. Safyre

    Summer for sure. I love all the bright colors and teals that are released in summer collections – what can I say, I’m an absolutely sucker for teal. I also adore anything nautical/aquatic/mermaid-themed and any summer-y thing that features one of those elements is right up my alley.

  24. Spring because those collections are always the most fun and cutest. I enjoy the light colours usually as well.

    • I also prefer cooler tones, not into bronzing products at all (so not much into Summer collections). As for fall and winter, too many warm/dark tones for me.