Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite part about summer makeup? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI love all the bright hues–I love the corals, hot pinks, fuchsias, magentas, oranges, teals, and blues.

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46 thoughts on “What’s your favorite part about summer makeup?

  1. Stephanie C

    Shimmer and bronzer!!!

  2. Pamela

    I love the brighter, happier colors that come with summer collections. When I think sunshine, I think of yellow, orange and coral. I love my tropical, lush greens and turquoises. I also think of bronze and gold on tan skin.

  3. Miss J

    I love all the gorgeous colors as well as going for that bronzy, glowing skin look! Peach, coral, turquoise, etc are just so pretty.

  4. Lizzi

    Firstly, I love that because I take after the Italian-American part of my family I tan easily and very quickly. I go from being a NC20 to a NW25-30. And then when I have that tanned skin I love to be wearing golds on my eyes and orange and corals on my lips. It’s so pretty to wear colors that make you POP in the summer.

  5. Cynthia

    That I don’t have to wear a whole lot of it!! A nice tan makes me a look a whole lot better, so I can get away with less makeup. :)

    • Kathryn

      That’s my fave part too. I spray tan, so the tan covers up most of the imperfections on my face. Since I mostly use foundation to color correct, even on a prettied up night on the town I only need a touch of tinted moisturizer or powder.

  6. reeny

    definitely the wide range of colors! bright colors! unlimited color options for summertime!

  7. Cat Nguyen

    The more natural look

  8. Xia

    Being able to wear just mascara, some brow powder and some bronzer!

  9. Jay

    Honestly, I love being allowed to wear opaque neon nail polish. Too pale for bronzer, but I am all over the neon pinks and blues and yellows.

  10. Noelle

    Shimmery colors on my cheeks :)

  11. JEN

    I looove tinted moisturizer, bright lip colors, and bronzer! Also, I’m such a MAC Fix + freak. I have it in my bag all summer!

  12. Veronica

    If I overlook the fact that summer is one of my least favorite seasons, then I like the lighter, softer looks of summer. The bright colors are fun, but I think all that bright light is good for natural beauty to shine through.

  13. Sadie

    Bronzer and colorful waterproof makeup!

  14. the colours are much more my taste than winter colours are.

  15. artemis

    i agree with you :))

  16. Audrey

    AMEN. I love the bright colours!

    I also love wearing less makeup in general during the summer. I can usually forgo foundation in the summer (I wear it in the winter because the cold makes my face flush).

  17. I totally agree with Christine! I can’t get enough of bright corals, fuchsias, teals, and blues!

  18. Jennifer

    The warmer tones – corals, peaches, bronzes, and chocolate browns.

  19. Monique

    I live in South Florida, I tend to wear bright color year round.

  20. Amanda

    Being able to wear vibrant shadows! So much fun. Also coral lipsticks/glosses look better in the summer on me with a tan. So that is exciting!

  21. amy

    I love the fact that “summer colors” aren’t my thing, so I end up saving money. I tend to gravitate toward fall and winter collections. It’s the same with clothing, as well, so I don’t do much shopping in the spring and summer. I live in Los Angeles, and it’s too hot to go shopping,anyway, in the summer, so it’s just as well.

  22. Karen

    I love the bronze and blue and tans and corals! I feel like I look so much more healthy and radiant in the summer!

  23. Kana

    I like the corals and pinks too! But my favorite part is that I can wear happier colors that I wouldn’t wear during any other season. Really! Summer makeup for me has a light and carefree style- just like summer is for everyone!

  24. Laurel

    Believe it or not, it’s the oil in my face that I look forward to most for summer because then I don’t have to put as much product on my face to get the same dewey look. Not that my skin is oily, more like less dry is probably the right way to put it. I love a simple face, something like brule on the lids with some eyeliner and mascara and a bright fuchsia lipgloss or tinted lip balm

  25. Stephanie t-p

    My healthy skin! All nice a balanced, a perfect canvas for my summer makeup

  26. wendyh

    beautiful tan skin , bronzer!

  27. beachgal

    I love being able to see my toe polish all the time as I wear sandals all summer into early fall. This summer I will be wearing brighter lips Tarte Fever- a warm shimmer pinky red in the Lipsurgance line, & Tarte Flashy – a shimmery fuchsia. Both are STAINS and super long lasting!! Lighter eye shadows too with fun colored liners.

  28. Judith

    I have a chance to wear some of the more pale peaches and corals that I am unable to wear in the medium to darker shades in Fall and Winter.

  29. I have to agree with you here, Christine!
    I love the colors! Summer is just like rainbow season to me. And it’s such a wonderful time of year… Ah, love it so much! It makes me happy! But then, so does every season.. haha (:

  30. Em

    The no makeup, makeup look and bright colors! I love bright blues and corals.

  31. Krista

    Being able to rock the bright lips like a boss! Hahaha, seriously,any excuse to wear hot pink, orange, or coral lips without looking like a clown is enough reason for me to look forward to summer.

  32. Christina

    My favorite part=my face NOT looking like an oil slick. Impossible to do since I moved to Italy. And it’s not even hot yet =/ Let’s just say I won’t be looking forward to summer make up.

  33. Mar

    Using lightweight products, bronzer, wearing gold and bronze on my eyes! :)

  34. lazeny

    Spring and summer collections are always my favorite. I’m medium fair and I’m told I don’t look good tanned (every body looks good tanned!), but I just can’t resist collecting bronzers. My collection will last up to 20 years if used everyday lol

  35. Ana

    Also the bright colors :)

  36. Vanessa V

    Bronzers, bright lip, cheek and nail colors in coral,hot pink and fuschia

  37. Cristal Lea Rogers

    Color pretty colors

  38. Francine Stone

    Bright coral/orange lips and cheeks that don’t wash me out like they do in the winter :)

  39. Grace Mendoza

    Bright colors an golden bronzers

  40. Viviane Nascimento


  41. Quratulaan Shakil

    Orange colour

  42. Sarra Enn

    definitely all the bright colors, they are so much fun! :)

  43. Kathleen Hall Harris

    Bronzy shades, teal eyeshadow, “sandy” colored pedicure!

  44. Santacruz Celeste

    Bronzer. Other than that, I hate spring and summer, being that I am super oily! All my makeup slides off and it’s already started and it’s not even that hot outside, yet!

  45. Dao Hawaii

    Pastel colour!