Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite eyeshadow color to use? Why? What are your favorites in that color family?

Temptalia's AnswerAntique golds–they’re so easy to wear and very flattering on me (in my opinion!). I love MAC Rye, Patina, Illamasqua Ore…

Thanks to Emma for today’s question!

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115 thoughts on “What’s your favorite eyeshadow color to use?

  1. Renee

    Lately it’s been Urban Decay’s Midnight 15…from the UD Anniversary Palette. Hint of sparkle yet still appropriate for work!

  2. I mostly go for neutral looks day to day, but when I’m working with color, I love using purples or greens :)

  3. Amy

    Purple 😛 Beautiful Iris, Ransom, and Digit!

  4. Courtney

    If I had blue eyes, I’d love to wear gold. But it always just looks brassy against my eyes and skin tone.
    So I tend to stick to nudie matte browns. You know–Buck, etc. I do love shimmers and pearls and the rest, but I usually go for the lips instead of the eyes!

  5. Fitrah

    I adore red eyeshadow and anything red based, so I love oranges and corals as well. Reds and oranges right the way around the eye looks gorgeous to me. After reds, I like blues. Mostly true, bright medium blues.

  6. claire

    Nars Nepal. Warm, rosy, pretty, but rather natural. It looks good with many different shades I think :-)

  7. Macaddict

    I’m a sucker for smoky eyes so I tend to go towards blacks, greys, charcoals, silvers, golds. If I wear color, I usually find a way to incorporate black into it (as a base, in the crease, as a liner, etc.

  8. Kathy

    Champagne-like colors are definitely my favorite to wear! Shadows like Stila Kitten, UD Sin, and UD Midnight Cowboy (the shadow pencil version) are colors I always go nuts for. They’re glamorous and pretty without ever being overdone.

    When I feel a bit more daring with color once in a while, I gravitate towards greens and golds.

  9. Reese

    Golds are my favorite to wear! I have hazel eyes, so its the most flattering color for them. My favorite gold eyeshadow is Urban Decay’s Baked :)

  10. Ana G.

    I love oranges, corals and purples; they seem to enhance more my blue eyes. I also love golds but I find that color a bit difficult to apply….

  11. Lauren

    I definitely love neutrals, and taupes are my favorite. They encompass such a wide range of types of colors, so it’s never boring.

  12. Ashley

    The #1 favorite varies, but Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Grifter and Cherry, MAC Creamy Bisque, Groundcover, Dazzlelight, and Blanc Type, and Stila Gold Glow and Bronze Glow trios are some of my top shadows.

  13. emily

    MAC Omega – a cool toned brown. Use it for definition and shading and everything <3 Love browns/bronzes!

  14. Valley

    Right now it’s green. I think the dark colors – black, brown, green – look best on me.

  15. i love wearing mac amber lights with a neutral everyday look, amped up weekend look, or smokey-eyed paired with black for a night out look. golds are so easy to wear alone, as a highlight, or all over — they’re extremely versatile and wearable in every season. it stands alone as the best gold mac shadow imo, but i frequently pair it with all that glitters and ricepaper.

  16. Giovanna Gaglianese


  17. daphne


    giorgio armani #6 ;D

  18. Carrie Ann

    I really like to wear a champagne shade all over the lid. It’s very simple and I think it really brightens the eyes. I also love browns and purples. Teals are lovely as well.

  19. Urban Decay yeyo
    just a matte white color but so useful LOL
    Other than that I wear blue most of the time

  20. Deneuve

    earthy colors to go with the corporate look. UD’s Naked palette works well for me, as well as the MAC Athma quad from the Mickey Contractor collection. once in a while, i use a pop of teal and blue. i’m waiting for my Nordstrom package, and i’m looking forward to working with MAC’s Goldmine, Mythical and Satin Taupe. :)

  21. Prachi

    I love family of browns. Use it for natural look as well as smokey evening look.Something like L’Oreal Quad Brown Eyes- 317 Freida Pinto!

  22. Katya

    Beiges, browns and taupes.
    Favorite – MAC Remotely Grey and Soba.

  23. Jasmin

    I like to use everything from dark bronze to gold, but not to reddish.
    If I want a hint of color, I add a tropical green or turquoise on the middle of the lid. (Brown Eyes)

  24. Astrid

    Taupe – or Armygreen-Grey-Brown-Mixed Colour. Thats the best for my skin, my haircolour and eyecolour. It looks understatement and fabulous!

    Best Regards from Germany,
    Astrid 😉

  25. Katherine

    I go for matte browns, I think too much colors on Asian eyes doesn’t work out cos it will overpower over small/puffy eyes

  26. Michelle

    I mostly stick to browns/neutrals.

  27. I love Urban Decay’s Sin and Buck!!!

  28. Greens and Neutrals. I find I reach for those more then any other colors.

  29. Destiny

    Gold! I have brown eyes and a warm skin tone, so gold looks gorgeous but not too overstated on me. It’s my favorite. :)

  30. K

    Rich, deep purples. Mostly because purple is my favourite colour, but it also complements my dark brown eyes and I love creating a smoky eye look using purples. It’s different but can still be striking.

    My go-to eyeshadow colour is bronze-y browns… ie. MAC Twinks, Glamour Check!, Mulch, etc. This colour provides a neutral look without looking too flat against my eye colour.

  31. Sarah M

    I’ve always loved purple eye shdadow but nowadays I’m really into greens. It’s the kind of colour I hardly wear but can’t seem to stop buying. Lol. But as of late I’ve started giving the greens in my makeup collection a little more love, and I have to say I’m really enjoying using them. :)

  32. Golds and bronzes. It’s wearable and easy.

  33. tootsie

    I like corals/oranges. In a way they are quite neutral but they make my blue eyes look really blue.

  34. Meghan

    I’ve been obsessed lately with greens. My favorite combo is a classic: sumptuous olive, humid, and plumage. I’m still trying to work out how to wear Jealousy Wakes…it feels so blue, and with my blue eyes I worry it would be too much.

  35. Iliana

    I’d definitely go for the medium-dark warm golds (though I’m still hunting for the perfect dupe to NARS Etrusque, which I sadly missed when it came out) browns and coppers. My favorites are Stila Golightly, Stila Sparkle, MAC Amber Lights and Goldmine.

    I’m generally a neutral-loving person but there’s something about a dark bronze-y/gold eye that screams beach sexy to me. :)

  36. For work, I like to mix bright colors and neutrals. It can look work-appropriate, but still stunning. A lightish-to-mediumish blue popped into the corner with a neutral brown elsewhere on the lid is very pretty.

    For away from work, I like pretty much any color. I like yellow faded across the lid into acid green faded into a navy blue. It sounds like a nightmare but, if you blend, it looks beutiful.

  37. AlexisV.

    My fav of all time is Satin Taupe, but to be honest, I don’t wear if often just because I have so many shadows that I love wearing. I like to do different looks and color schemes every day, so I get full use of my makeup collection.

  38. Love greens, blues, teals but the colours I go for during day wear are:
    MAC’s Tweet ME, Urban Decay’s HalfBaked, X (close dupe to Tweet Me I used in the past), LIT shadow pencil, Inglot 407, Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil in Melonade, and finally OCC GLISTEN.
    All of these are in the gold, peach and orange range. It works with my fair skin and auburn hair with my blue/gold eyes.

  39. inge

    Lately it has been MAC Naked pigment….so gorgeous…I think I may start collecting pigments

  40. emi s.

    Bronze – UD’s smog is my go-to shade.

  41. Audri

    I always go for neutrals but when it comes to color I am a sucker for purples, greens, golds & bronze based shadows oh & teal! I LOVE teal or green blues with a mix of brown in the crease its compliments my brown eyes nicely! I just haven’t found the perfect teal yet!

  42. I love taupes and plummy browns!
    Especially Satin Taupe, Sable and UD Sidecar!

    I also love bronzy colours, but my signature look is usually a taupy smokey eye!


  43. Michelle

    My all time favorite is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Eye Shadow in Rose Gold. I have green eyes and this eye shadow with a thin line of black eyeliner really makes my eyes POP – I get compliments on how green my eyes are every time I wear it.

  44. I love greens and golds! I want to try that new OCC one you posted the other day.

  45. chris

    IMAN Vanilla
    MAC Mulled Cider, Moleskin (new), Foile, Swiss Chocolate and Embark

  46. Joanne

    I love naked lunch!

  47. Purple!
    Muy favourite is absolutely Parfait Amour from MAC, but I do love tons of purples… my last crush is the 24/7 glide on pencil in Delinquent by Urban Decay.

  48. Michele

    For fall/winter, I love golds and browns. For spring/summer, I go for oranges and corals. Love your work!

  49. Yazmin

    In the past when i first got into mac, i loved all the bright colours, now i cant get enough of neutrals, i loved my cargo neutral eyes palette, but i gave it to ny best friend after she told me how gorgeous my eyes looked, so now ive got to look through my collection for the dupes

  50. Alexis

    Yup, I love my neutrals. I preferably wear Urban Decay or MAC. I feel like it’s difficult for me to wear colorful colors since my eyes are already green/blue.

  51. MaNaR

    like the natural shade NaKed Pallete and satin taupe by mac

  52. I love using mac’s gleam all over my lid, woodwinked in the crease and satin taupe on the outer crease :)

  53. Deb

    Hmm, I love wearing greens, especially bright greens and olive/khaki greens.

  54. Sexy Sadie

    Matte neutral browns and khaki greens for daytime looks and teal and purple for evenings.

  55. MAC Woodwinked for me!

  56. Lumi

    I’ve been wearing UD’s Mushroom cream eyeshadow lately.

    I loved it the first time I wore it (which was only a few days ago haha).

    It’s a bit shimmery, but it’s okay for my workplace. I love the sheer gray + shimmer of it. And I can build it up for a stronger look.

    For work makeup, I like neutrals in pale gold, taupe colors~

    Otherwise, I like to be more colorful. Blues/teals/greens that I don’t get to rock often.

  57. Purples because they make my green eyes pop :-)

  58. Valerie Brower

    I think either brown or purple. Browns- NARS Bali, Coconut Grove, Mekong, MAC Brun, Espresso, Coquette. Purples- Urban Decay Half Truth, Flash, Psychedelic Sister, Omen, MUFE #92, theBalm Kissy,Kissy.

  59. Courtney

    I don’t think I have just one. I use browns/taupes/neutrals a lot, but I have so much fun with colors like black, purple, green, turquoise, and even RED!

  60. Valerie Brower

    Ooh and also for browns- NARS Brousse. I also like champagne colors too.

  61. Tulie

    I love cool bronzy/taupey colors most with gray/purple undertones.
    Can’t get enough of MAC Sable and UD Stray Dog. A lot of MAC Patina with a hint of Bronze and Romp looks also fab. NARS’ Kalahari duo arrived today, can’t wait to try. For the lower lashline MAC Amber Lights is a must.

    As for color colors: love purples (MUFE 92, MAC Fig.1) and dark blues & teals (MAC Contrast, Prussian, Plumage).

    …just to mention a few :)

  62. Hend

    Neutrals and very dark purples

  63. i love MAC shadows in prance and dalliance.. frosty and smooth!

  64. Hinahon

    when i go for everyday looks i like gold and oranges, when i go to goth looks, it’s just plain matte black :)

  65. Ashley

    Lately, I’ve been hooked on UD Baked, Revlon Vintage Lace, and MUFE Aqua Cream 13. I normally use neutrals or a classic smokey eye, but when I use color, I lean towards golds, teals, greens, and purples.

  66. allison

    I’ve been really favoring MAC swiss chocolate recently. It’s a very red toned brown and when put all over the lid with a champagne color in the inner corner and a deep brown/black on the outer corner it makes an amazingly sexy smokey eye. Love it!

    I also love midnight 15 from the urban decay 15th anniversary palette. It’s the perfect taupey champagne!

  67. Najada_naj

    Always coral! Also neutrals, but coral, orangey shades are the most flattering on me (brown eyes).

  68. Lola

    dark green and purple, I think it goes well with my brown eyes

  69. Melissa

    Browns are what I wear most often and own the most of, but purples are my favorite “fun” color to work with – I like the way purples look with my hazel eyes.

  70. Sharron

    I love to wear colors in the peach-pink-copper-gold family, because they go well with my coloring (NC20 with brown-black hair & eyes). I can mix them with browns for a neutral look, purples or corals for something more dramatic, and by themselves for softer looks. Some of my favorite shadows in this range are: MAC All That Glitters, Too Faced Socialite, Fyrinnae Rapunzel Wore Extensions, Urban Decay X, Chopper, Free Love & Toasted.

  71. Wendy

    I love browns, golds, bronzes and taupes. More neutral colors. Some of my favorites are: the UD Naked palette, MAC Amber Lights, MAC Satin Taupe and Too Faced Natural Palette.

  72. kristan

    My first Mac eyeshadow is my hands down favorite. . . . Ricepaper.

  73. Elysia

    UD Flash! gosh, I love that color!

  74. Arlene

    My favorite colors are cool toned or neutral browns for soft smoky eyes. In MAC my favorite mixes lately are Vex and Satin Taupe or Vex and Concrete. I also tried Vex with Club and Carbonized–they looks amazing. I have to say that Vex was an ignored shadow in my collection and as of 3 or 4 days ago it has become my favorite light color.

    The other look I am drawn to is copper eyes– I use MUFE Aqua cream in 14 or Laura Mercier cream shadow tube in Burnished Copper– set it softly with a pigment (something like MAC Tan) and amazing!

    My go to eyeliner for these looks is Teddy Kohl from MAC. Sometimes I mix it up by adding a green or navy blue.

  75. Kelly

    Green! Everything and anything green! It just works for my skin tone, hair/eye color (brown). Some of my favorites are MAC’s sumptuous olive, greensmoke,(has it really been discontinued?), lucky green, plumage, and jealousy wakes, but seriously though…I love every shade of green =]

  76. beachgal

    Plums to enhance my green eyes – and shades of neutrals with a accent shade often times in shadow or liner/shadow

  77. Britt

    My go-to color is MAC Woodwinked. I also love Satin Taupe and Brun.

  78. Liz

    urban decay naked! looks so good on pale skin.

  79. Andrea

    I love Stila Oasis. My go to color.

  80. anna_a

    Everything metallic! But I usually settle for a sober brown…

  81. Carolito

    Neutrals. Mostly champagnes, golds and bronzes.

  82. Purples with gold duochrome are my absolute favorite, followed closely by teals with gold undertone or shift. =)

  83. Veronica

    Coppers and brown/beige metallics are my favorites. I like that they stand out while still feeling somewhat organic. Whenever I’m short on time, I’ll just grab one of my favorites and just slash a little subtle color across the lids. I’m also a big fan of the purples and pinks, since they go well with my brown eyes, but they can require a little more effort to work with, depending on the shade.

  84. Shannon

    I love browns… favorites are bronze and romp

  85. Krista

    I’m absolutely loving Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Walking on Eggshells as an everyday shadow. I think it gives me the most natural and barely there makeup

  86. bxboricua

    golden toned shadows (like MAC Woodwinked, Patina, Ricepaper, Amber Lights, UD Half Baked) or taupes (MAC Satin Taupe, UD Mushroom) plus my favorite MAC eye shadow- Naked Lunch

  87. Cara

    Electric blues (even though I have blue eyes…faux pas!), smokey purples with pink glitter (MAC Young Punk you are my truest love!), and intense navy. I also have been known to love lime greens with a red lip when I am dressing psychobilly-style.

  88. Leigh

    I’m huge on neutrals, but I prefer the more out there neutrals rather than the “no makeup makeup” neutrals. I love to throw in a blue or purple with a neutral look. I like my metallic-y and smokey looks for night time, and when I’m feeling colorful I tend to work with different hues and ranges of blues or purples. Honestly, the color I like using least would have to be green.

  89. Maya

    Love browns…followed closely by purples!

  90. Vita

    Well right now Ive been loving my new Tarte True Blood palette and there is a color called Vamp (I think?) that is a dark ruby red that is awesome to line my lash line with. Other than that Ive been using alot of matte taupes in my day to day looks. Nars Bali comes to mind

  91. Meg

    Neutrals! UD Naked Palette is the best!

  92. Liang

    I love browns s I tend to use a lot of MACs and UD brown color eye shadows.

  93. Blue

    Taupes, golds, and champagnes!

  94. aloix

    Pink is my ‘neutral’. It works well with my coloring (fair, with dark brown eyes).

    Green is probably my 2nd favorite/most worn.

  95. fks

    MAC retrospeck & Chanel Delta Ombre d’eau. They are my default eye shadow colours, and, with a black eyeliner, always look classic.

  96. Maha

    I’ve just recently started using my Bobbi Brown pot rouge on my lids as well as on cheeks and lips. I have it in Blushed Rose and I couldn’t find eyeshadow that matches the color (ok that was a lie, mostly I’m just too lazy). Very natural (no one can tell I’m putting anything on my lids) but makes my eyes look deeper. On casual evening out I just lay on more colors on both lids and cheeks. So. I’m not even sure if it’s a trick worth tipping, but there you go.