Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your beauty product weakness? Are you a fiend for eyeshadows? Can’t get enough blush? Skincare junkie?

Temptalia's AnswerI’m a fiend for anything with a soft, buttery texture – whether eyeshadow or blush – but I gravitate towards these formulas and fall in love quickly. I really love a good highlighter these days!

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78 thoughts on “What’s your beauty product weakness?

  1. Terri

    Lipstick, lipgloss, lipstain, liptreatments (love the Hourglass one!),lipliners. You get the picture. It’s not pretty but……wait a second, it is!!! Love my lippies.

  2. stacey

    Japanese products that is not obtainable in the USA….brushes, Suqqu, Addiction, Lunasol, Jill Stuart (yeh, just in NYC), …Chanel Le Beige powder… matte lipsticks from MAC and the holiday ones from Tom Ford…just anything unique, special and NOT made in China.

  3. Meiya

    Lipstick & blush

  4. BB Creams. It’s like I want to try them all. Drugstore brands, Asian brands, US brands, I don’t care! I want to try them all!

  5. xamyx

    When I was younger, it was lip products, but even that went in “waves” (reds for a while, then nudes, etc.). In my 20s, it was eyeshadow. Now, it seems I can’t have enough contour/highlighting products; in fact, I plan to pick up a few tomorrow…

    • xamyx

      Oh, I was reminded of my addiction to red eye products after reading Christine’s subsequent post… I have several red shadows, liquid & pencil liners, but my eyes are always open to new ones.

  6. Jennifer

    Pink lipsticks. Like a moth to a flame….

  7. mightyclassy07

    Eyeshadows… And I almost have my collection complete! I’m obsessed with having the best and most travel-friendly AKA INGLOT and Makeup Geek. I’ve also been getting really into cream blushes as well. :)

  8. Lissan Rodriques

    My beauty product weakness is most definitely lipstick.

  9. Ana

    Blushes! I can’t have enough of them :)

  10. PA

    I’m all about lip products: lip glosses, lipsticks, lip balms… I can live without buying new eye makeup for years but I can’t not buy new lip stuff every few months or so!

    • Meredith

      Me too. I’m a disaster especially when it comes to things that are LE, seasonal, etc. My lipgloss collection is ridiculous.

  11. Definitely luxe skincare. And brushes. And lipsticks. Highlighters… Used to be eyeshadows, but I already have way too many of them.

  12. Cat G

    Hard to choose, but I think high quality powder highlighters!

  13. Anything to do with treating/concealing my dark circles.

  14. I’m definitely a blush and lipstick fiend, they’re products I usually end up buying a lot of when visiting a counters and stores. :)

  15. brenda

    I’m a skincare junkie! I belive there’s nothing more important than having a good healthy skin, also with a good skin it becomes easier to deal with any sort of make up.. But Have to say that I go crazy about any type of make up for the eyes! eyeshadows are my thing!

  16. Jax

    I’ve always been a sucker for skin care but at the moment I’m obsessed with Pencils, any type of pencils, lip, eyeliner, eyeshadow. I’m all about quick and easy makeup at the moment and the often have really good formulas and are easy to apply on the go.

  17. Without a doubt, red lipstick. Antique gold eyeshadow used to top my list along with it, but nowadays it’s slightly lower. You know my pain, Christine! ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Mar

    Fragrance! Favorite thing to look for, thing I would never give up, always on top of my buy list, I put it on first. I find the perfume I wear to be most descriptive of how I feel that day. The makeup follows from that.

  19. Alison

    Perfect formulas in classic shades!

  20. KaseyCannuck

    Eyeshadows!!! I don’t even want to count them!!!

  21. Ivana

    Richly pigmented lipsticks with great staying power (preferably in any reddish shade!), mascaras that create giant lashes, ashy bronzers and contour products suitable for pale skin

  22. Kristina

    Eyeshadow palettes and nail polish are my worst addictions .. LOL!

  23. No question at all – eye shadows. And I see that the Bare Minerals Power Neutrals palette is going to be available at Sephora (it’s already showing online). I can hardly wait to go and get it! I love eye shadows and can’t seem to get enough and I REALLY love neutral eye shadows!

  24. Liz

    blush. I love blushes and have tons of them.

  25. Ellen

    Definitely lipstick, etc.. I had to ban myself from buying lip products for a while after I realized that my lipstick holder was overflowing, and after showing my husband new colors and he said “you already have something like that,” and I would reply “but it’s more matte/pink/red/sparkly/etc.” but then realized if he couldn’t tell (even though I could) maybe I was all set for a while…

  26. I’d love to say I’m a fiend for a fuschia lipstick or obsessed with purple shadows, but I’m not. While I do have a fair amount of each in my collection, I have no problems passing them up either. My big weakness is…neutral shadows; especially taupe, champagne, and soft grey. If they are pigmented and not powdery, I usually “have” to buy them.

  27. Celine

    Any pink lipgloss or lipstick!

  28. Anu

    Lipsticks,lip glosses

  29. I’m definitely a skincare junkie. Reading reviews of makeup doesn’t make me want to buy the products, but skincare… It’s gotten to the point where I’m installing a ban on skincare purchases until I’ve used up all the cleansers, serums, moisturizers, etc. that I already have lying around.

  30. Gimme blush! Any color and any finish and I’ll take it. I just LOVE blush! I find highlighters very hard to resist as well. Even though I have very oily skin, I love the way they give the skin that nice, luminous glow.

  31. Lipstick and blush! I do have a thing for cheek products in general, but especially blusher.

  32. Tina B.

    I’m a sucker for mascaras! At any given moment I’ll have 3 opened tubes of mascaras and at least 5 tubes waiting to be used…I LOVE MASCARA!!!

  33. Tatiana

    my answer is lipsticks. no amount is enough, haha. can’t resist the temptation to buy and try out new ones!

  34. Lip glosses and tinted lip balms, especially in the summer! I’m loving the NYC Applicious balms.

  35. I have… a few.
    1. Shimmery, champagne colored eye shadows.
    2. Cream shadows with an unusual texture (ie – Tom Ford, Chanel.)
    3. Highlighters. (This one is a huge problem.)
    4. Duochromes.

  36. Lee

    Hot pink lipsticks! Especially blue based ones. But there have been so many lately, I think I might finally be satisfied.

  37. Tam

    I am a true skincare junkie! Although under control now, my acne issues turned me into a label-reading, active -ingredient- seeking skincare fiend. When there is a new revelation about a new ingredient that promises flawless, youthful skin, I get busy on reading up on it. Then, I find out if it could be helpful for my oily, acneic skin. If it is, I’m buying it. What I’ve found with acneic skin is that you have to be diligent in taking care of your skin with a regular skincare regimen that has an active ingredient to kill existing acne while preventing future breakouts. At the same time, you have to keep it fairly simple. I’ve found what works for me (finally), but I always keep something new to occasionally put in the mix to keep my skin from growing tolerant to my current regimen.

  38. Eyeshadows and nailpolish. Especially nailpolish. Oh, and nailpolish :-)

    • Me too! I’ve bought so many nail polishes in the past few months, it’s not even funny. =P I seriously have enough to open up a small nail salon.

  39. TrippyPixie

    Lip products! I pretty much hoard them, and have to keep myself from buying more.

  40. Nora

    Red lipsticks! I have entirely too many, but I love how versatile they are depending on the way they’re applied.

  41. Jen

    Cream blushes and cream highlighters! I am really in love with Ilamasqua Gleam highlighters in “Aurora” and “Supernatural.”

    Also, I’m obsessed over taupe eyeshadows and neutral pink lipsticks.

  42. Haemy

    Bright,pigmented, and buttery eyeshadows! *cough* sugarpill *cough* Although I own a lot of eyeshadows now so I try not to get eyeshadows unless they are unique colors.

  43. VickyM

    Iยดm a lipstick fiend since I have about 40 lipsticks already and often only one or two items of other makeup. I really love lipsticks, particularly high end.

  44. For a while it was pressed eyeshadows, then lipglosses, then eyeliners, and now I’m onto loose eyeshadows. =P It comes and goes in phases.

  45. I have more than one…(it’s all an addiction, of sorts):

    1. Mascara
    2. Eyeliner, particularly anything that promises a good cat-eye
    3. Red lipstick
    4. Anything for dark circles

  46. Xero

    Lipsticks. ._. I have way too many but I can’t stop buying…

    That, and taupe-y pewter eyeshadows. It’s such an odd color type that’s between gold and silver, gray and warm and taupe all at the same time that I can’t help but buy one whenever I see it…even though I normally gravitate towards champagne eyeshadows for daily use.

  47. Amanda

    Lipstick, for sure. I have a problem… ๐Ÿ˜›

  48. Nikita

    Nail polish is my weakness, no contest. Like someone commented earlier, I could open a salon.

  49. Geneva

    Nail polish and eyeliner. I have over 150 bottles of polish and I’m constantly purchasing eyeliner.

  50. Kate

    Lipstick, specifically reds.

  51. Veronica

    Lip products are my bourgeoisie indulgence. I’m also a sucker for highlighters and blushes, though I own significantly fewer because I’m pickier with those products.

  52. Everything. I fall in love with makeup products and skin care wayyyy to easily! It’s so hard for me to shop in a beauty shop and pick up one thing. I always leave with enough makeup for a whole new look :-)

  53. Jen

    A few months ago, I’d have said eyeshadows (and it’s still true). But lately I’m having trouble resisting highlighting powders – shimmery ones, more matte ones, oh, any kind. I’ve just discovered how amazingly they can diffuse flaws without looking like Oh Hai Makeup! Love ’em! Wanna collect all the ones from Hourglass, but I’m checking out other lines too, and even drugstore stuff.

  54. Jan

    Beauty as in skincare: Any soothing moisture-enhancing product – my skin craves moisture
    Beauty as in makeup: Blush and eyeliner
    I use blush on the cheeks sparingly as I have well defined cheeks and good cheek color, but I love the added dimension blush provides to my actual face shape and complexion.
    Eyeliner is my desert island go-to. I use it as frequently as most others use mascara.

  55. Hollie H

    Lip gloss!!! I must own them all. I am also real keen on skincare. I can’t stop trying new ones!

  56. 1) Skincare products, especially concealers, 2) eyeshadows with a twist (duochromes, unusual finishes) and 3) well made makeup brushes.

  57. BB Creams and Blushes.

  58. Kelly

    Lipstick and Blushes =(

  59. Nikki

    My favorite type of beauty product to buy is lipgloss. I could part with all my other make up as long as I wouldn’t have to give up my lipglosses! I’m also a sucker for anything coral. Coral brightens my face without being too over the top.

  60. mkdallas

    I’m a sucker for peachy nude lipsticks (will throw cash freely at both drugstore and high-end brands) and BB creams, usually the more spendy ones. I literally have about 40 peachy nude lipsticks and continue to buy every new one I see, in hopes that I will find one that will out-perform whatever is my current HG love. My lipstick drawer looks like something out of “Hoarders”.

  61. Lately it’s moisturizing lipstick. I’m not a big lipstick person but when I discovered lip butters, face shop’sblack label, and

  62. Moisturizing lipstick. Not a big lipstick person but when I discovered revlon lip butters, maybelline extreme moisturizing lipsticks, and face shops black label, I was hooked.

  63. Andrea

    Nail polish, especially pinks, holos and a-England. It’s the only make-up I wear which I can gaze at all day unobtrusively!

  64. Christina

    EYESHADOW (in caps for emphasis!). Seriously, like I need a 12 step program. Following closely by eyeliner. My only restriction is that I will not buy anything made in China.

  65. I’m a total makeup junkie, but I do have a weakness for neutral eyeshadows and pink/mauve/berry lipsticks and glosses. I make up any excuse to myself to justify I need one more…..

  66. Adriana

    I can’t resist to Urban Decay Palettes. Even if there are the same colors, I can’t control myself…

  67. I am a total Lipstick junkie. I probably own over 80….seriously. I also like lipglosses but I am more of a lipstick girl.
    I also love eyeshadows and have tons of palettes, trios, quads, etc.
    Can’t get enough of those two! haha

  68. Clara

    Blushes and Foundation/ BB Cream.

    I have acne so, while using skincare to fight it, I try to cover it up.

  69. Lip gloss!!!! and body lotions!

  70. AlexisV.

    Red lipstick!

  71. Eyeshadows and nail polishes… I definitely have more of these than a person should have, unless they’re a beauty blogger :).