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As much as I love Illamasqua I don’t love their packaging! The skin base foundations are really hard to squeeze out and I always chip my nail polish trying to get into their concealer, eyebrow & eyeliner cakes.

I don’t like that you can’t really store MAC lipsticks upside down so that the color shows. And the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are kind of hard to open. I have to use some kind of tool to open them. I’m sure there are much worse out there, but these are the things I immediately thought of.

You might want to look into storing your MAC lipsticks in a 60-cube ice tray. I saw this on a blog and the half-sphere molds held the lipsticks perfectly.

Oh how well I recall that total f-up. I’m inclined to agree with your choice, Christine. I remember thinking: they do know this is concealer and not foundation, right? Then I got all pissy about it and felt like I was being rudely ripped off by the company and developed a rather serious hate on for a product that was actually pretty darned good. I’ve moved on to better pastures since then.. the horror the horror!!!

Physicians Formula Powder compacts. I decided to try both the Healthy Wear Powder “Foundation” SPF 50 and the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Airbrushing Pressed Powder SPF 30. I can’t believe they come in these ridiculously bulbous compacts when the product is so thin and the applicator in both products are horrible. First, I’ll say the product itself isn’t bad. But the Healthy Wear comes with a sponge that does not pick up any product and is impossible to use. (And the product is too dry/chalky with coverage that is way too sheer to be called a foundation, but I digress.) The Mineral Wear powder comes with a so-called “Buffing Kabuki Brush” that is just a flat little brush. And I’ll just say again that the compact itself is not compact — it’s totally bulky for such a thin amount of product that you get. Plus the metallic blue and bright orange/pink compacts are tacky-looking. I’m going to take out each powder pan and put them into old silver Prescriptives powder compacts that I still have for some completely unknown reason.

I have a silver Philosophy compact with a powder I don’t like (shimmery pink, not a good go for me!) You just totally gave me a great Idea what to do with it! I don’t love the Physicians Formula compact either. I hope it works.:)

I think the Philosophy compact would be a perfect replacement.

I depotted my PF Pressed Powder immediately, and it’s now housed in a sleek Mineral Fusion compact I got as a freebie. Woo hoo! I’m all about sleek packaging.

I agree on that Healthy Wear Powder. It’s way too bulky and I find that the packaging does not feel very sturdy either which is annoying since PF is one of the more expensive DS brands.

I honestly hate ANY white packaging when it comes to makeup–I just know it’s going to get dirty/ruined if I’m not extra careful. I’m also not a big fan of cardboard (such as Benefit’s packaging). I also hate dust and fingerprint magnets, which I notice UD has done a couple of times now. Yuck.

I think my lint roller has been used more frequently to clean some of my UD palettes than it has been on my clothing.

Well, I have some no-brand glitter from TKB Trading in this silly stack–UGH, why?! Glitter gets everywhere. Even more everywhere than usual. Makes it really hard to want to use it!
Also, any nail polish whose brush is too damn short and doesn’t touch the bottom of the bottle. Why do that? With Seche’s products for example: On top of the thickening, I couldn’t finish a bottle if I wanted to. What am I supposed to do, pour it onto my nails? WTF.

UGH, I am currently using Stay Don’t Stray for eyelid primer and it is unbelievable how much product I waste even though I try for a tiny, tiny pump! I liked it in the sample size container much better!

That’s such a good idea! I’m currently trying a tiny sample of Stay Don’t Stray, first day on my oily lids, fingers crossed!!

stila lipgloss in a pen with a brush-lip enamel luxe gloss – it continues to drip even after you stop turning it-to get gloss onto brush, all caps are full of gloss-gross!!!

Ah, yes .. I dislike the twist top applicators as well. Revlon color stay has a great concealer in this type of packaging .. darn thing dispenses too much then leaks.

I guess the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion would be one of the worst I’ve ever seen(irregular shape makes it difficult to get all of the product, not the most sanitary and eventually the purple metallic paint starts to flake off and gets stuck to your face!). I’ve also got a Pixi eye, cheek, lip palette that is a cardboard cube that is just very unwieldy.

I actually prefer the older UD primer potion packaging. I love the wand and how easy it is to apply. I actually don’t like the squeeze tubes at all. The new UD primer potion gets jammed in there. The TFSI version gets watery and separated. But the UD genie bottle is great and it lasts forever.

I agree with on the original UDPP, I have one left and got that horrible purple metallic paint on my face, next to impossible to remove. So glad they changed it.

i dont like the stay dont stray also but hey, i dont like the product AT ALL – one of the most expensive eye primers and does little to me. now i can recognize that the rimmel stay matte powder has a really bad lid that just doesnt stays on.

oh i dont like also any foundation without a pump, wich for me would me revlon colorstay and mac fix plus fluid – although i loove the mac packaging especially the rubbery top! just a shame having to purchase a pump by side.

I work at sephora, and whenever someone buys the stay don’t stray I give them one or two sample containers to take home and keep the excess in. I hope benefit changes the packaging eventually,

MAC Pro Longwear concealer, with each pump you get way too much product and you end up wasting so much product πŸ™

Smashbox older eyeshadow trio packageing, you had to screw the lid on and off, it was such a bother it was the reson i got a Z palette!

I feel like Urban Decay puts form ahead of function with their packaging sometimes. For example – the old UDPP bottle was SO annoying and wasteful. Also their lipsticks with the stupid little dagger thing – they look kind of cool but make storage a pain and they snap off too easily making the lipsticks impossible to open. Then there was that Book of Shadows with the gimmicky speaker and smartphone thing – argh!

Creamy lipgloss in cardboard packaging. The pan was housed in the cardboard and after all it was such a nice thing to look at: cute patterns and under a lid the lipgloss in the middle. However, application was a drag. The gloss had the texture of a balm and you had to stuck your finger in it to get some out. Which meant that if you weren’t careful, you could easily smear the dreadful fuchsia coloured thing all over that nice little box.
Worst thing of all, I almost used up the whole, because it was a really nice hydrating gloss, great colour, semi-sheer with lovely shimmer…. just a great product. Still, you can guess how the packaging looked at the end. Argh!

UD Book of Shadows…especially IV version…so bulky, cumbersome, not travel friendly….I got so frustrated that I depotted IV version into the Z palette. Makeup is for applying makeup…..not necessary to have the gadgets and also not necessary like the NYC version or the Alice in Wonderland to have those pop- ups.

I am so disappointed with the packaging of the latest Sleek Palettes. I got a really hard time opening those. So does a co-worker πŸ™

I hate packing that gives you completely useless applicators. I love Chanel products, but are these tiny applicators necessary? Does anyone use them? Mine just fall on the floor when I open them and the cat chases them around the bathroom.

I agree… if you can afford Chanel and similar, you can afford your own good quality makeup brushes! My cat, however, prefers q tips!

Lol if you are talking about the brush applicators that come with the blush I use them πŸ˜€ lol I love Chanel aswell.

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