Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s one beauty splurge you regret making? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerNARS’ Debbie Harry palette… really wish I hadn’t bothered. It was just bad all around, and I should have known better (based on how I felt with the rest of the collection).

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88 thoughts on “What’s one beauty splurge you regret making?

  1. Carrie

    NARS Zulu (2010). Never could get it to apply well, even when my technique got better. Expensive for such a dissapointment.

  2. Jade

    Urban Decay naked 1 palette. I know right? But I haven’t even touched it and I got it when it came out. I just already had all if those colors in some way already… And whenever I go on trips I never bring that much makeup anyways. :( oh well

    • Ellen

      I have to agree with this! While I like some of the colors in the palette fine, I regret spending so much money on something with so much gold (which doesn’t look as great on me).

  3. Taylor

    my guerlain meteorites :( I love them so much and they’re so pretty but I always end up using other things (like an oil-absorbing setting powder) instead!

  4. xamyx

    I can’t think of one particular item, but I wish I had invested more effort into brands apart from MAC & Too Faced. It’s not that they’re bad products, but I just don’t use them as often as other brands. I just bought several new brushes, so after answering this question, I’ll be more motivated to pull them out again.

  5. Sophie

    Emma hardie cleansing face balm – my skin has done nothing but break out, and it’s so dry sensitive and broken on my nose pores! Gutted because I hadn’t read a bad review

  6. Maddie

    Tarte for Trueblood eyeshadow palette. It was a spur of the moment buy, and one I definitely regret! The colors weren’t pigmented, they were chalky, and hardly stuck to my skin (even with a primer!). My eye looks always ended up looking muddy :/ definitely not worth the $50!

    • I do not like Tarte eyemakup at all!

      • I’ve only just made my first Tarte powder shadow purchase (I do have their jumbo shadow pencils) and I absolutely love the shadows (this is the Aqualillies palette). Smooth, silky, pigmentation and long wear. Mind you, these are LE shadows so maybe they’ve done something special with the formula.

  7. Chanel Blush in Rose Petale.

    1. It is SO heavily scented that it gives me a headache.
    2. In the store the lighting made it look lighter than it actually was.
    3. It’s quite similar to blushes I already have (NARS Deep Throat, MAC Dainty), on the skin.

    It doesn’t seem worth $43 to me. I love my burberry blush in Peony much more and it is a similar price.

  8. I 100% regret buying Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

    I know this is a HG product for many, but on me it’s impossible to get off, makes my lashes look brittle, and physically hurts my eyes when I apply it and especially while wearing it.

    • Gina

      I agree! I hated that mascara. I like mascaras with those spiky plastic wands, but They’re Real is TOO spiky… I could feel it poking my lashline while I applied it. And it did nothing to my lashes.

  9. They YSL glitter lip gloss in gold. It dried out and chapped my lips like I was singing in a windy desert. Lawd haf mercy…… and at $25 a pop (at that time) it was a pricey error.

  10. Almost all of my Eve Pearl stuff: Eye shadow palettes, concealer and foundations. They got such raves that I just jumped in… her and I differ on one major thing (and its not the first time I’ve disagreed with a makeup artist on this): Not everyone is warm-toned.

    • “Eve Pearl eyeshadow and lip palettes are so cute and tiny!” That’s what I think whenever I see a makeup artist talking about Eve Pearl products. However, if I got them, I’d probably dig out the eyeshadows and repress colours I prefer. …and I’m also not much of a lipstick person. So… in the end, I give her products (and her prices!) a pass.

      Glad to see a different stance on EP. Thanks for sharing, Dusty.

  11. Esmeralda L

    Chanel Powder LES BEIGES
    It just didn’t live up to my expectations. It is not as light as I wanted it to be and it does not give my face a nice glow.

    I do love the scent of it though.

    • stacey

      Oh, I cannot wait for it to come out in the U.S. this year in Aug….oh so want to see it. I think it is the beige container is so different than the black one.

  12. Laura

    Guerlain Cruel Gardinia. I paid over the odds for it coz I got it after it had sold out. It’s too glittery for me. I think I’ve probably used it 2 or 3 times since I got it. I look like a disco ball when I wear it.

  13. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. 40 euros, 2.5 ml…enough said.

    • gianna

      if you’re talking about the pen, I agree! the “highlighting” effect was so subtle im better off using other products that are WAY cheaper. this also broke me out.

      • yes, I’m talking about the pen…it didn’t do anything for me, it was too light as a concealer and way too subtle as a highlighter…I used it once or twice and after that I just cried over the money I spent on it…

  14. marta

    NARS The Happening palette… we didn’t have NARS in Italy at the time, so I bought it online without seeing it in person first…what a big mistake! I should have learnt by now that I should never buy something that is not reviewed here!!! :-)

    • Milenah

      What’s wrong with the Happening Palette? I want to get Nars loves New York, but I don’t care for the nail polish… was thinking the Happening Palette may be a good substitute. I’ve never tried either in person though!

      • marta

        for me the eyeshadows were not pigmented enough and prone to fallout! :( maybe other readers had a better luck but at its price point i was expecting much more!!! :( the face powders are a little bit better but the eyeshadows were disappointing! the only good thing is that it is very compact and travel friendly, but being so sheer it’s not very versatile!

  15. Ivana

    MAC Mineralize eyeshadows. No, I´m just not a fan of them and yet I had to buy two. I hope I have learned my lesson 😀

  16. I don’t really regret it because it’s a beautiful product and it is SO pretty to look at but it was costly and I rarely (like “never”) use it….Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia highlighter. I wouldn’t swap it or sell it but it was an expensive indulgence. The other thing would be part of the purchase I made this past week from the Shopping Channel. I got a showstopper of IT Cosmetics and the eye shadow trio is so “nude” as to be pretty much invisible. But the showstopper was such a good value and the other products so excellent and I’ll use these shadows as highlighters and for light looks but they’re nothing I really needed. Oh yeah – and Nars Cordura duo. Love the dark shade but the light one’s an effort to make wearable for me.

  17. Liz

    Ole Henrikson lemon strip flash peel. I have pore issues, and people spoke highly of it, so I blew about $50 on it. Lord almighty! It actually burned my face. I had huge swollen red spots the next day. I had to put aloe vera on the burns and wait almost a week for them to heal. Couldn’t wear makeup or be out in the sun. I’m sure the other products in the line are awesome, but yeesh, I really wish I hadn’t spent that $50.

    • VickyM

      From personal experience, even when it seems costly it´s better to go to a dermatologist when there is a very delicate skin problem or sensitivity. Chemical burns can leave lasting scars and require even more money for esthetic treatment, so when it comes to aggressive products I really would just use something recommended by a doctor.

    • There was a trio kit that had the almond scrub, lemon peel, and some mask that was $30 for the set and I love it. I think you need to just leave it on for less time and use a very cooling and soothing mask after. It does make my face red and splotchy but this goes away after a few hours and my face looks and feels so good after that I forgive this

  18. Liz

    Chanel Raffinement quad. I’ve had for about 6 months. I’ve used it about 3 times. It’s just not worth the price and the colors aren’t that special.

  19. Soffie

    Guerlain meteorites! They smell horrible so much so i just don’t want to wear it and had to buy it online and got the wrong shade-too light

  20. Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder in Radiant Light. I love the pinky beige tan shade, however the shimmer chunks are too large for me, I can actually see them very clearly on my face. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who likes shimmery face products. I love my MAC MSFs and my Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks. This one I really don’t like at all. I don’t consider it a very shimmery product (it really isn’t at all), the problem I have is that the shimmer particles aren’t fine enough. I do like my Ethereal Light, though, and might get a couple more of the more matte ones eventually.

    Guerlain Meteorites Voyage in Mythic. I wanted to love this so badly, I was sure that I would with all the raves and good reviews. Wow, what a disappointment! I was hoping it would give my oily skin a bit of luminosity without making me look oily. Well, it’s hard to describe the way it looks on my skin. It’s sort of matte (which is fine, really), but in certain lights it looks very obvious and fake, the small (yet sparse) shimmer particles catches light and it doesn’t go well with the matte finish of the powder. This also made my foundation sort of separate and slide off in certain places, which has NEVER happened to me before in the about 15 years I’ve used it. I guess it’s just feels extra frustrating because of the insane $170 price tag.

    Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows in 24, 25 and 28. Yes I got three at the same time, how stupid was that? I had never heard anything bad about them, the shades looked like they would work great on my skin tone, so why not order them all? The main problem I have with these is that they are hard to work with (has to me something wrong with my technique since no one else seems to have any problems). I always get fallout. Really bad fallout. Not just during application, but also during the day. They don’t blend well at all, I end up with a sort of patchy look, also although the shades look really nice swatched on my arm, they don’t look good on my eyes, they look extremely muddy and weird. I’m used to splurging on high-end eyeshadows, but these were just too expensive to just keep locked up in a drawer.

  21. Laurel

    A Cle de Peau eyebrow pencil and lipstick. The lipstick is not a good color for me and I don’t like eyebrow pencils anymore (I prefer powder). I shudder to think how much I spent on those. At least I got a killer brush set for free when I spent that absurd amount. Bright side!

  22. Estee Lauder’s Time Zone line.

    My mother and I both use EL products (and have for around 20 years), and she and I will recommend new product lines to each other. She tried the Time Zone line for a month, loved it, and highly recommended it. Since she and I have always been able to use the same products (same skin type/tone), I spent over $200 CDN on three Time Zone products (Day, Night and Lotion), thinking they’d work for me as well as they’d worked for her.

    Three days after starting use, I broke out like crazy. My skin is usually very dry, and I rarely, if ever, get pimples. Three days in, it looked almost like I had acne. I gave it a break, went back to my old moisturizer (EL’s Hydrationist), and everything cleared up. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t something else (stress or whatever), so I tried the Time Zone cream on one side of my face only, and sure enough, three days in, I broke out on one side, and the other side was fine.

    Since there are no returns/refunds on any beauty products where I live, I was out $200. I mailed everything to my mom, knowing she’d be able to use it all, but it still hurt to lose that much money. My fault for not getting and trying a sample first, live and learn.

    • VickyM

      I feel your pain, we can´t return any beauty products for any reason either, in my country returns are just non existent. So it hurts to buy something that ends up being bad…

  23. hmm.. I’m sure I have many, but my most recent purchase I sort of regret was the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation because the lightest shade is a bit dark for me. Although this wasn’t a splurge, but I did have to order it from ASOS.

  24. Maíra

    I thank you for that splurge, though. I really needed to see a review of that palette by a blogger I trust, like you 😉

  25. furandlace

    Urban Decay Naked palette (the original). I really hate the texture of those eyeshadows…there’s just something so MESSY about them. They all look muddy when worn together and it’s just shimmer overload. I should have returned it.

    Illamasqua Skin Base foundation – this is one vile foundation. I have never hated a product as much as this lol. Yes, I know hate is a strong word and I feel strongly about this product. It refuses to blend out, goes on like a mask, needs to be buffed into the skin to the point where you actually lose a layer of skin doing it (but hey you may not need to exfoliate that evening!) and even then, it still sits slightly on top of the skin. It is VILE. No attempt to sheer it out with different moisturizers has helped as it does not play well with other products.

  26. francesca

    Mac 129 brush (sheds like crazy) and Mac 187 (I hardly ever use it).

  27. Elle

    Too Faced Shadow Bons Bons palette

  28. Kate

    Poudre Signee de Chanel (no value for money).

  29. Shilpa

    I agree with Jade – UD naked 1 palette. I used Naked 2 for sometime, but just couldn’t get excited about Naked 1. I only used 3 shades regularly, and then I felt it wasn’t worth the $$. Perhaps I’m just not big on the nudes….

  30. Alice

    Chanel’s Le Volume mascara was awful, very wet and clumped my already sparse lashes together. It also made my lashes lose curl. I’ve also had several Nars disappointments, which is unfortunate as I’ve alsways had great experiences with the brand. The Light Reflecting Pressed Powder did absolutely nothing for the look or appearance of my skin, in fact it seemed like it made it even more oily than usual. Dressed to Kill lipstick was also a dud, too sparkly and dry. Thankfully Nordstrom has a great return policy and I exchanged these babies for products that worked out really well.

  31. Jenn

    Definitely MAC Sorceress Eye Palette from their 2009 Holiday Collection. I was now getting into makeup at the time and bought this one in excitement. Now that I am more knowledgeable, I realise it was a total waste. Lack of pigmentation, stiff, gritty…not to mention cool-toned shades which never work with my golden undertones. Just looks like chalk on my eyelids. I’ve been wanting to throw it out for sometime now but when I think of how much $$ I paid for it (esp as I was a student back then), I hold back.

  32. I’m surprised to say this but I can’t think of any at the moment! Hm… I guess I’ve been lucky in that the high end products I’ve purchased recently have been quite good. I also don’t purchase high end too often, so there’s usually lots of research involved beforehand.

  33. VickyM

    I regret buying Mac Betty Oh, oh, oh it was the last of the colors they had and obviously there was a good reason for that, the other color they ha was boyfriend stealer and honestly I shouldn´t have bought it, it´s a very deep ugly brown on me and even though I try to mix it, I´m not good at mixing and like my lip colors to be effortless. Also Guerlain Automatique Romance is way to frosty, thankfully these are the only misses in my collection.

  34. I regret all (except one) of my Tarte makeup purchases. Their Lights Camera Lashes mascara is my newest splurge and I absolutely adore it, but anything else I have gotten from them sits unused or I have given them away.

    I know people love their makeup and I know they have reformulated a lot of their products but I will only buy mascara from them from now on.

    I have two Holiday Lipsurgence sets and all of them turn my lips a bright fuchsia, I gave away eyeshadows that were just lousy quality, pencil liners that fade, I have two cream liners that sit unused, I am finishing up their Clean Slate primer then I am getting something new (probably TooFaced Primed and Poreless), a bronzer that sits untouched.

    Maybe all that Amazonian Clay has done good things for the makeup, but I am just not willing to give Tarte another try after so many duds.

    I also have some NARS makeup that just sits, bought because I gave into the hype and wasnt too impressed with the performance.

    • I realized there is more Tarte I hate….lol.
      Their eyeshadow rollerball/cream thing was awful, all of their lipglosses are ONE color (basically a light pink shimmer) I gave away a highlighter, I gave away Lipsurgences, I just am not a fan!

    • April

      I don’t like their eyeshadows either. I have had bad experiences with the vast majority of their products from their eyeshadows being muddy/bad pigmentation/fallout etc, their foundation of all types (even the new BB cream and the amazonian clay ones) pilling up or breaking me, to their lip pencil chubbies being dry and awful (only one color has ever worked out in the long-term and it is still iffy). That all being said, two products from them are HG for me–Lights, Camera, Lashes and the clay finishing powder. Nothing beats LCL for me and it is one of the few mascaras that performs well and doesn’t make my eyes hurt or swell, and the finishing powder is my go-to summer powder to kill shine.

    • Liz

      I feel the same way about Tarte. I find the blushes very chalky and hard to blend. The lasting power is nothing special. I have better products from the drugstore.

  35. Julie

    Guerlain Cleansing Milk. It’s so heavily scented and really damaged my skin :(

  36. Hase

    Mac Studio Fix Liquid foundation in nc40, it was my 1st mac purchase and it was wrong for my skin type (I have combination-dry skin) and for my skin color (i’m nc25-30) I have to blame the sales assistant tho, because she was suppossed to help me.

    Also: Mac’s Lightscapade. it just makes me look ashy, in the end I swapped it for a cream color base (pearl) which is so much better for my skin color.

  37. Marie

    This is more than one, but everything MAC I’ve bought, especially the 188 brush. It’s not that I’m a MAC hater, unlike some people here, but I’ve learned so many brands that are both better and cheaper (or expensive and WAY better).

    • MakeupTray

      LOL! Please list them could use the ideas.

      I am very pale so I recently purchased MAC’s Temperature Rising’s, Nude On Board. I know it got great reviews here but I am not feeling it. lol. Maybe I am just too pale but it doesn’t work as well as the REVLON’S Photoready Bronzer. Which is much better for stark , white, anemic looking skin. lol.
      I wouldn’t repurchase those 24/7 UD Eyeliners either.
      If I can be totally honest. I recently started using high end makeup. MAC, UD etc… After years of drug store makeup I thought I would treat myself. I am finding a lot of the high end makeup over rated. MAC especially.

  38. Lauren

    Hourglass Immaculate foundation. Not enough coverage, chalky and overly powdery finish. I realize that some of the issues was a bad color match. Even so, the finish was awful and it lasted maybe 5 hours. Thankfully, I returned it.

  39. Nadia

    My one Chanel nail polish, Le Vernis in Rose Satin. It’s dupeable and my weird nail chemistry apparently hates Chanel – instant chipping.

  40. lol my most recent acquisition, Guerlain Les Bois de Rose. No matter how I try wearing it, the colors just don’t work for me, I always look like I’m getting over a black eye. But I’ll keep trying to make it work somehow. Any suggestions? :)

    • Ellen

      I like toning down too-coppery or bronzy shades with a sheer wash of lighter color (like beige or off-white), so maybe something like that would work for too-pink or bruisy colors?

  41. Mishaeru

    Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and Tarte True Blood Palette. I don’t generally have problems with UD or Tarte (though the trueblood palette is kinda chalky?) But….I hardly EVER use these palettes, I just use UD Vice or one of my other palettes from Too-faced. So it was a real waste of money…

    Bobbi Brown sparkle eyeshadow in lilac, is my other regret…for 28 dollars I expect this to be pressed and packaged better. Everytime I travel with it, it KEEPS BREAKING. I travel a lot. So I’ve had to repress this sucker like 4 times already and the packaging is ruined due to the alcohol spills. Although I love this color…I really regret spending so much money on it.

  42. The NARS Night Series palette from a few years ago. Terrible pigmentation and lots of fallout. And it was $60. :(

    • Alison Levy

      Totally agree– got that one too. Awful. And then I got a second shadow Nars palette and I never use that ever. Whereas I had a lipstick palette I used for years. Go figure.

  43. Monica

    MUFE HD Foundation, I know a lot of people love it but it didn’t work for me. It was a bit too heavy for my taste. Luckily I found out about MUFE’s Face & Body foundation and I love it!

    • Nikki

      I totally agree. I bought MUFE HD first during the winter and loved it, but once summer rolled around it would melt off my face and appeared shinier due to my combo/oily skin. I also have pretty clear skin, so I really don’t need the coverage of HD. After HD failed me during the summer, I decided to try F&B, and I LOVE IT! It is so natural-looking, last hours on end, and gives me the perfect amount of coverage. At one point I was using HD during the fall and winter and F&B during the spring and summer, but I just prefer everything about F&B and it works for my skin year-round so I don’t use HD at all anymore. It collects dust in my makeup bin. =/ MUFE F&B is my holy grail liquid foundation!

  44. Farah

    My Armani Eyes to Kill shadows. While the product is lovely, I feel like the L’Oreal counterparts are just as nice without the hefty price tag. In fact I wear the drugstore alternatives more.

  45. Estee Lauder’s Beautiful perfume. It smells a bit like sunscreen, which is fine in the summer, but I wear perfume more in the winter and it’s such a bad scent for the winter. Also, MAC Ruffian Naked lipstick, which is one of those foundation nude shades (I don’t hate the look but it’s such a pain to put on and touch up so I have consistent lip color, not to mention actually wearing it calls for boatloads of eye makeup).

  46. Erin

    Smashbox Creme Eyeliner. It was unabashed junk. I’ve gotten better performance out of a $1.99 drugstore eyeliner.

  47. Angela

    I have a few products that *I* consider high end splurges that I regret:

    OCC lip tars. They’re way too high maintenance and become a pain in the butt to wear.

    Tarte tinted moisturizer.. really sticky, color turned orange after a bit. Gross stuff.

    MAC paint pots. They crease and fade on my lids the moment I step outside.

  48. Rimmel lipstick in “Crush”.
    It’s more of an impulse buy than a splurge. The sickly sweet scent of the tester bothered me but I thought it wouldn’t matter since I intended to use Crush as a cream blush. Nope. The lipstick smelled just as gross on my cheeks than it did under my nose.

  49. Melissa

    Buying the LORAC pro palette and the naked 2 palettes at the same time. It’s not that either of them are bad it’s just that I tend to go more for the LORAC palette because of the formulation rather. I have used both and I have taken both on different occasions to travel with. As well, I also lean towards the LORAC palette more because there is a good variety colours and finishes.

  50. Megan

    I let the girl working the Macy’s Inglot counter convince me that buying foundation one shade lighter than the one that matched me perfectly would be ok (they were out of my perfect match). I figured I could use it in the winter…nope! Too light.

  51. Lauren

    Burberry Lip Glow lip gloss. I’ve got one shade that I bought because I was impressed by the reviews, especially here at Temptalia. I’m not a fan, though. The shade I got (Blush) is not much different from my natural lip color, so I have to basically over-apply it to see anything. It’s also not as shiny as I think a gloss should be. To top it off, it has a very perfumey-plastic scent and taste to me, and to be frank, it’s a flavor that I associate with lower-end brands like Cover Girl and L’Oreal. That’s really the worst part of it. It’s very displeasing, since I think a high-end product should have either a pleasant scent/taste or none at all. If I’m spending $27 on a product, it should taste better than a $6 product. That is what is keeping me from trying other shades that I’ve seen on here and really like.

    Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion. Gorgeous color, impressive reviews, ultimately disappointing for me. It was absolutely beautiful, but had such short wear that I took it back to Nordstrom the next day. Lip products don’t usually have good wear times with me, anyway, due to the amount of lip-licking and rubbing I do, but this was unusually short.

    Bobbi Brown lip gloss. I tried this product based on reviews here at Temptalia, and was disappointed. I don’t even remember what shade it was, but it wasn’t just sheer, it was non-existent. Plus, it only lasted about 10 minutes on my lips. I was SO ticked off that I spent $24 on that crap. I returned it to Nordstrom the next day and exchanged it for a Laura Mercier lip gloss. I’m glad I did, because I fell in love with the Laura Mercier brand!

  52. Jan

    One mont.h – yes, the entire month – I was obsessed with blush. I have always used contour or blush as a way to perk up the face – the way others use highlighters. Anyway, this month I wanted to find three “perfect” blushes: One coral, one pink-peach, and one plum-rose. Let’s just say I found the first but not the other two. It took nearly a month and 17 purchases to realize that blushes for my specific skin shade/type come out about once every 5 years and I just have to buy dupes when they do. In the process, I discovered MAC’s In-Extra Dimension skin finishes and blushes. That was my introduction to highlighters and blushes. Love that the blushes are matte. Three are fine on my skin but none are quite the perfect shade. Love the formula though.

  53. – MAC foundation (powder) in NC25 – wrong shade, wrong undertone.
    – Chanel Allure Flamboyante – not what I wanted, not what I needed.
    – Benefit “They Are Real” – it’s flaky, doesn’t do anything for me, and it doesn’t last at all. In fact, I really dislike Benefit as a whole.
    – Yves Saint Laurent nail polish in Bronze Aztec. The color is just gorgeous, but it starts chipping one second after applying.
    – Butter London nail polishes – I really dislike their texture.

  54. Pickygal29

    Clarisonic body and the extension piece. It’s so big and unwieldy and the battery burns after 1.5 uses. I haven’t touched it in months!!! I have a scrubby washcloth I picked up at Walmart for less than $2 that I use for my back and chest that works WAYYY better!

  55. L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream. I love the texture of it, but the overpowering scent puts me off. Unfortunately I can’t return it.

  56. ninja glamour

    Too Faced In Love palette – powdery, poor pigmentation, just cheap overall. Very disappointing.

    Illamasqua Skin Base – way too yellow even though it is supposed to be pink-based, sits horribly on skin, emphasizes dry patches and pores. I just hate it.

    MAC Soft n Gentle MSF – too chunky to use on the face

    MAC volcanic ash scrub – Feels like gravel, looks like black paint on your face.

    Bioderma – I know people rave about this, but lordy it burns my eyes.

    Talika Lipocils Lash conditioning gel – did nothing, dried out.

  57. I wouldn’t say that this was a splurge…but I would have to say I def wasted my money on Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Pallet. I absolutely hated the texture, coverage and found it very hard to apply and blend even with a good primer underneath! Disappointing as I normally love Revlon.

  58. stacey

    La Mer eye balm….rather have Sisley. Love Creme de la Mer, just not the eye creme.

  59. Grace M

    Too Faced Sweetheart Blush – adorable packaging and the colours look really nice in the pan (well, cardboard) but nothing shows up except shimmer, no matter how much I scrub my brush across the powder (and I’m fair-skinned)! Most expensive blush I’ve ever bought and by far the worst :(

  60. Sara

    NARS sheer glow foundation. In the winter it makes my dry patches very noticeable. And in the summer it just slides off my face. I can only wear it on perfect skin days when I have no flaky spots and a little redness. But what’s the point of wearing foundation those days?

  61. The Naked Palettes from Urban Decay. I rarely use them.