Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your lip care routine like? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI use a sugar-based lip scrub every 2-3 days, and then Jack Black Lip Balm at night!

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39 thoughts on “What’s your lip care routine like?

  1. I use Fresh Sugar lip polish every other day, and Jack Black lip balm at night! ;-)

  2. Avatar of Amy xamyx

    Lip balm 24/7, even if I’m just hanging out at home.

  3. I use a mild sugar scrub every day if I remember, then a more intense scrub on days I wear lipstick. I always have lip balm on. I usually use jack black’s but sometimes I’ll use Fresh and Rosebud Perfume Co.
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  4. Chris Tea

    Making out with my husband:)

  5. Avatar of Clio Clio

    LUSH popcorn lip scrub either morning or night, whichever I remember. Then frequent lip balm and vaseline throughout the day. I have trillions of lip chaps scattered around my bedroom, handbags, and desk at work, so there’s always one handy! EOS, burt’s bees, jack black, bath and body works, Fresh, Chapstick… too many!

  6. Lexi

    Bite’s Agave lip treatment is the only thing that has saved my always chapped and peeling lips!

  7. I always have lip balm on my lips and reapply often, usually every couple hours or so (favorites include Epically Epic lip balms and Nivea Lip Butter). I use a heavier lip balm at night, (usually Lanolips 101 Ointment or Lanolips Golden Ointment). If I’m going out, I’d wear an SPF lip balm before I apply the rest of my make-up (currently using one from Natio). As for exfoliation, I run my (wet) toothbrush lightly before brushing my teeth every morning and night.

  8. My lip routine consists of applying Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, then constantly re-applying it during the day. Occasionally I’ll use a lip balm.

    I DON’T scrub my lips and I’ve heard a dermatologist say that scrubbing your lips is actually counterproductive, and the best way to combat dry lips is to moisturize them.
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    • I don’t use a lip scrub to combat dryness – it’s about making the surface smooth – I treat them much like my face :)

      • Avatar of Amy xamyx

        For someone who’s job it is to test lip products, I can see where a scrub would be necessary, but for the average person, I think it can be damaging. For those who have consistently chapped/peeling lips, there may be something else going on, like an allergy to an ingredient, or lack of proper hydration. I used to arbitrarily use a lip scrub years ago, but found it unnecessary, and even found my lips to become even more sensitive and prone to chapping. I now find always wearing a balm, even under lipstick, is quite sufficient, along with staying well hydrated. I’m also apprehensive about trying new lip formulas, especially those that are heavily scented, for fear of an adverse reaction (which has kept me from trying NARS lippies!).

        • If you have chapped, peeling, or bleeding lips – I wouldn’t recommend using a scrub!

          • Avatar of Amy xamyx

            I wouldn’t, either, but I think a lot of people who do have peeling lips tend to use them to remove the flaky skin, which makes the problem worse!

            I just find, in general, we tend to over-exfoliate all over, which isn’t necessarily a good thing…

  9. Vaseline. Works like nothing else. I sometimes use my St Ives scrub (the same I use for my face) to scrub at my lips, and with my toothbrush.

  10. Lip balm when I remember to use it (there are entire days when I don’t, and some days I apply maybe every six hours), and lazy-exfoliating my lips by rubbing them with stuff like my toothpaste-free, wet toothbrush or a towel/napkin. Maybe like once a month or so I get my proper scrub (which is really just olive oil and sugar) out of the fridge and use that…just when I make my boyfriend do it, really. I’m too lazy for any actual routines!
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  11. Lush lip scrub on weekend and Koress lip butter at night. Keep a lip balm in my purse and another one at my desk (even at home), so 24/7 lip balm.

  12. I use By Terry Baume at night when I remember and mostly Burts Bees balms during the day as needed. Occasionally I will use my Clairsonic on my lips.
    Erin Recently Posted: Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache?

  13. I just use plenty of Vaseline throughout the day.

  14. I always have some sort of lip balm on the go! The brand varies, as does the colour/flavour if there is one.

    I keep meaning to make myself a lip scrub (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for sale in this country)!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Rogue Tricks: How to Stay Beautiful (and Comfortable) When You Have a Cold

  15. grlnxdor

    Aquaphor at night and sometimes as a base for lipsticks that are slightly drying.

  16. Avatar of Wwendy Wwendalynne

    Morning and Night: Sisley Eye and Lip Contour cream followed by Korres Lip Butter

  17. I use Philosophy Kiss Me to exfoliate, Bite Agave lip mask as an overnight treatment and Jack Black as a regular balm.
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  18. I use Olay Regenerist cream cleanser or St. Ives Apricot scrub to exfoliate my lips and follow that up with Chap stick.

  19. Avatar of Lily Kelley Lily

    Paula’s Choice lip scrub once a week as needed and Paula’s Choice lip treatment balm at night.

  20. kurohana

    i just exofilate my lips with whatever face scrub i have while in the shower, i also use Dior creme de rose morning and night as well as the body shop lip balm. during the day i carry the body shop vitamin e lip balm and dermstore lip quench

  21. sue

    I could never get over how expensive those sugar-based lip polishes are. On days where I need to exfoliate my lips, I simply use a sugar cube! I just apply a bit of balm, let it sink in, then rub my lips with the sugar cube and it works really well.

    Love your blog by the way!

  22. Avatar of Michelle Mischi

    Lansinoh nipple balm! Sounds funny and definetly not the cutest packaging but it works better than any lip balm!:-)

  23. I scrub my lips like twice a week with a strawberry lip scrub. And use lip balm every day and night! :)

  24. Avatar of Lisa Lisa

    I use Lush Bubblegum lip scrub at least once a week, more if my lips are really dry. My lips are perpetually dry so lip balm is a must. I use Jack Black lip balm pretty much all day everyday and at night.

  25. Avatar of T Violet Lee

    Mostly just lip balm any time I’m not wearing lipstick. And I always use a high SPF if I’m outdoors. I like old school chapstick, I think it stays on better and keeps more moisture in than the vaseline based ones.

  26. Melissa

    I don’t have a lip care routine. I use lip balm when I need it and use Prep n Prime lip prior to lipstick application.

  27. Avatar of Patricia patsyann

    I have had chronically dry, peeling lips. For most of my adult life I have not been able to wear any sort of lipstick or balm. Even chap stick products irritated my lips. Vaseline, applied throughout the day, brought some relief but it was near impossible to wear lipstick on top of that stuff. Then, one day, I read a tip in Allure magazine about using Lansinol HPA lanolin as a lip balm. I found some at Target in the baby supply section, tore open the packaging in the parking lot and applied. Instant relief, soft, moist lips….and I have never looked back. I wear this everyday and every night. To wear lipstick with this product, I first coat my lips and after a few minutes, blot most of it off and then apply my lipstick. I can finally wear lipstick, even without the undercoat of lanolin. Unfortunately, this opened the door to buying lipsticks. My husband just counted my lipsticks…75!!! Well, I have to make up for decades of lost lipstick wearing time! This product is a miracle worker for the most distressed lips. However, some people are allergic to lanolin. It is rare, but it happens. So, if you decide to try out this stuff, please smear a bit on your inner arm or wrist and wait and see before putting it directly on your lips. Other than daily use of this product, the only other thing I do is to occasionally rub my lips with a soft dry wash cloth to remove any old skin. Mostly, I don’t even have to do that. I realize this is a way too long post but I just have to put this out there for those of you who suffer from severely dry or chapped and cracking lips. No sunscreen in this, as it is meant to be a nipple cream for nursing moms!

  28. joyce

    A heavy layer of Jack Black lip balm at night, and Nuxe Reve de Miel during the day if I need it.

  29. I use a lip scrub a few times a week, either from LUSH or Julep (depends on my mood). And I always use a lip balm at night.

  30. AudreyNZ

    Toothbrush on lips, followed by lip balm daily.

  31. I put vaseline petroleum jelly on lips every night before bed. Works great I never have chapped lips!

  32. Danni

    I actually just recently changed this up after reading a new method suggested by a makeup artist on a beauty blog, I found through pinterest. I take a disposable spoolie and dip the wand into the lipbalm and pick up a decent amount onto the bristles, then apply it directly to my lips. I use the spoolie to lightly scrub back and forth, up and down and in small circular motions. Focusing on the flaky areas until the loose skin gently breaks off. Then wrap a tissue around your finger and remove any flaky residue. Then I follow it up with lipbalm. Works great!

  33. Avatar of Hima Hima

    I use LUSH’s honey trap lip balm every day and night. It’s the only balm I’ve found that actually moisturizes my lips.