Friday, November 15th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite type of lipstick packaging? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerI really love Burberry and Giorgio Armani’s lipstick packaging — luxe, not too heavy but not too light, magnetic enclosure.

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46 thoughts on “What’s your favorite type of lipstick packaging?

  1. Tom Ford, Givenchy, and and YSL! :) Gorgeous, hefty, and shiny (derp!).

  2. I love the lipstick packaging of Burberry Lip Cover, Chanel Rouge Allure, and Guerlain Rouge G. :)

  3. Hannah

    YSL and Marc Jacobs.

  4. Elizabeth F

    Peripera My Color Lips packaging is gorgeous and super girly!! The actual product is lovely too, and it smells like roses. I found it online and fell in love. Even though I had to order it from South Korea, it still cost about the same as a Clinique lipstick.

  5. Summer

    YSL has to be my fav!

  6. Kellie

    YSL! Gaudy to the point where I simply must feel extravagant. tee hee. I agree that Burberry looks pretty cool!

  7. Valentine

    Guerlain rouge automatique

  8. Shuts securely, isn’t too heavy, easy to open and close (hand injuries…), swivels easily but doesn’t swivel up when the cap is on, and durable enough to withstand being in my purse or pocket without breaking or melting the product. I’m not really choosy about designs in general.

  9. Tom Ford✨ but I love le MAC like Heatherette

  10. Jenn

    As heavy Guerlain packaging is, I love their Rogue G packaging.

  11. Veronica

    I really enjoy Chanel’s sleek, minimalistic look. It doesn’t hurt that clicking it in and out of the packaging is very fun. 😛

  12. Laura_Lou

    Guerlain! I adore the heavy metal casing with the little mirror. Feels so luxurious!

  13. Lisa

    Chanel Allure: black and elegant. Also Le Metier de Beaute, gives a futuristic feel.

  14. zainab

    Estee Lauder’s gold ‘Signature’ packaging for retro luxury, Guerlain’s KissKiss packaging too (though I don’t own any atm). MAC’s because it doesn’t look too worn out even after hanging out in my handbag for a while. I also love Inglot’s packaging, strong, sleek and durable.

    But they all have one drawback- you still have to check the name of the lipstick, you can’t just guess by the tube colour or something.

  15. Corliss


  16. Jaimee

    Burberry is my favorite. Armani is beautiful too – I find that Tom Ford’s packaging scratches.

  17. YSL , I had one for years and recently I am again collecting them like MAD ….
    YSL for me hands down , followed by anything magnetic .
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  18. I like lipstick packaging that clearly shows the lipstick color like Milani and YSL.

  19. Cindy

    Love the bullet packaging like mac and lime crime has, wish they were all shaped that way.

  20. Lauren

    Tie between Burberry and Chanel. I like the magnetic clasp and check pattern on the Burberry packaging, but it’s a little too big and boxy for me. Chanel’s is sleek, classic black, with the double C logo on top – super classy, even though no magnets are involved.

  21. Azreen

    Definitely Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet, because of the click top, and how it comes out. Very cool. Also, recently, the Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colors. My least favorite would have to be the NARS pure matte and velvet matte packaging… least luxe of the lot.

    • Veronica

      I actually like the NARS matte lipstick packaging – very travel-friendly, minimalist, and chic. It’s the regular lipstick line I don’t like. The lettering just looks so crowded and blocky. o_O

  22. redshift87

    I like Burberry and Hourglass’ lipstick packaging. Also Too Faced La Creme… just something about that simple, slim golden tube : -)

  23. I love Chanel Rouge Coco Shine’s packaging! Love that royal-looking black and gold, classy and with taste.

  24. xamyx

    I don’t care about heft, luxury, pretty, etc.; I’ll take something like Maybelline Color Sensational over any of those “luxury” brands any day! I don’t have time to go through every tube of lipstick, pick it up, turn it over, and squint to read what the label says. CS has a clear & concise system, where the lid clearly represents the color family it belongs to. As much as I try to keep my lipstick bins in order, and have a pretty good idea what order things are in, there are times things will get mixed up.

    I also like brands that at least somehow color-code the bottom label, so I can at least store them upside-down. However, brands like Rimmel don’t have flat tops, so that becomes difficult.

    FWIW, I’ve never had a lipstick open while in my bag, so secure/magnetic closures are completely irrelevant to me.

  25. Sonya

    I love Givenchy Le Rouge packaging.
    The Chanel Rouge Allure is very classy looking as well.

  26. Aelita

    paul and joe:)

  27. Anu

    Chanel rouge allure

  28. CHANEL Rouge Allure. {^.~} I think Guerlain G is pretty but I don’t have any…yet!

  29. Alia

    I am odd man out on this one! I don’t care much for heavy lipstick packaging and do not like Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in the least… I do like Chanel and Estee Lauder the gold packaging. I realky prefer stains or gloss over lipstick as it seems to be drying if it is long lasting or creamy b7t doesn’t last and smears easily…Any suggestions are welcome!

  30. Chanel Rouge Allure. No contest. Even if I didn’t like the formula I would still buy it for the case.

  31. AngieButterfly

    I actually really like the Lancome Rouge In Love packaging out of the ones I own. They are so cute, chic, snap shut and are sturdy. Too bad the formula isn’t my favorite. I’m sure if I owned Burberry, YSL and Chanel, they’d be on here as well because I always think they look nice. One of these days I will take the plunge.

  32. I love all kinds of designs from sleek, classy to cute and creative ^_^ as long as its not breakable or hard to use.

  33. Dua

    I Love YSL, Chanel Rouge Allure, and Guerlain Rouge G packaging.

  34. The cheapest kind that actually works. Pretty packaging doesn’t do much good if it jacks up the price so much that you can’t buy the product. It’s not like anyone sees your lipstick tube.
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  35. Nicole

    Interesting that no one mentioned Shu Uemura lipsticks. I like the clear plastic cover, so I can see, what color I grap. This I don’t like with the Armani lipsticks. I often have to open the lit to see the color (I mix up the numbers).

    The small mirror on top of the YSL Rouge Volupte is super cute, but the package is too heavy and it looks shabby because of the scratches from carrying around in my handbag.

  36. Baby A.

    Guerlain Rouge Automatique. You can easily open with just one hand.

  37. Ricki

    It’s not high-end, but Revlon. I like that you can see the actual lipstick inside the tube. Would love to see MAC offer clear lipstick covers.

  38. I think my absolute favorite are the lipsticks from the MAC Hey Sailor, because I love stripes.

  39. Astrogherkin

    Basically anything that clicks shut well enough and doesn’t damage the actual lipstick, has the colour and the name on the bottom, and preferably in a basic colour, not a gaudy, shiny one. Catrice, my favourite brand of lipsticks, has nice basic packaging in black or silver. Sleek is another of my favourite brands but I hate their packaging, because it’s kind of oval shaped, so you inadvertantly turn it when you close it, and the lid always smushes the top of the lipstick. I always try to be careful but end up ruining most of my lipsticks. :/ The 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks are very cute because they have a tiny slide-out mirror.

  40. Emme

    I really love Tarina Tarantino’s packaging, heavy, sturdy, sleek with a little sparkle.

  41. KK

    For their luxe feel and the basic convenience of being able to tell the colour without having to squint at the label – YSL Rouge Volupte/Volupte shine & Estee Lauder Pure Colour Range.

    For the oompppphh factor – Guerlain Rouge G and Givenchy Le Rouge

  42. I love YSL packaging but I also like MAC lipsticks! They are just so recognizable and look sleek!