Saturday, May 29th, 2010

The Look Book

If you were using MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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42 thoughts on “What would you pair with MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow?

  1. Cynthia

    i have a dupe in Shattered from UD and have paired it w/ Birds and Berries: so assuming they’re alike, i’d put Shimmermoss on inner half, B&B on outer half, blend Shimmermoss into B&B, put Bough Grey into the crease and blend, use Femme-Fi as a highlight…pure beauty! :)

  2. I was actually thinking of doing a look with this color for my blog today. I was gonna do something, not exactly sure yet with Shimmermoss all over the lid. And probably a brown color to deepen the crease and a nice shimmery highlight. I was definitely gonna use Hipness blush and Marine Life on the cheeks and either a light pink or a peachy color on the lips. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna do a look now! :)

  3. I actually wore it the other day. I used Aquavert on the lid, Shimmermoss in the crease and Deep Truth in the outer corner and it was so summery and amazing! I got so many compliments on it at work! Everyone wanted me to keep closing my eyes so they could see it.

  4. stephanie

    i would pair it with MAC carbon cause i LOVE to do like a aqua smokey eye its very pretty with creme d’ nude on the lips and over that the mac superglass suger overload

  5. Morgan

    I have this on right now! With Sweet&Punchy in the inner corner and this all over the rest of the lid, blended to the crease. I love it!

  6. i love shimmermoss 😀 <3

    i'd put it all over the lid as a base. Freshwater on the outer third, with Prussian in the crease :)

    Well Dressed for cheeks and Angel for lips :) x

  7. I’ve been asking myself this very question ever since Thursday.

  8. Tianna

    i would pair it with vanilla pigment by mac:)

  9. Maddie

    I would sweep nylon allover the lid, and using the new Float on By Eye Kohl from To the Beach, I would use that on my lower lash line for a pop, I would then set it with Shimmermoss. Then just some mascara
    For cheeks, I would probably use Tenderling blush, for just a really natural cheek
    For lips, I would want to just use flurry of fun lipglass to bring out the teal in the eyes :)

  10. tg

    This is an off-topic question, but does anyone know what to do with MAC lipglasses you’ve tried once but don’t like (and can no longer take back)? They don’t swap easily on MUA since they’ve been used once and if I take them to MAC to recycle, the MAs there always look at me like I’m crazy to bring a full product back to them.

    Is there a way to empty the gloss into a container of some kind so I could at least take back empty tubes? 😛

  11. aradhana

    i just purchased this with my to the beach stuff, but it’s the only shade i haven’t used in a look yet. i might try it with sweet n punchy and float on by perhaps.

  12. Yesterday for work I matched it with Humid on the outer corner with a purple liner on the bottom waterline.

  13. Actually, please disregard my previous comment.

    I just did Shimmermoss on the lid, blended out my crease with Copperplate, smoked out the outer V with Club and just a touch Nehru in the outer V for intensity. Then tons of mascara on the lashes with an old NYX pencil in Emerald City for a liner, smudged. For a highlight, I used an MSF in Sunny By Nature on the temples and a bit in the sideburns area (bronzey) and a Cream Color Base in Improper Copper on the apples of my cheeks. On the lips, my old favorite lippie in Sweet & Single (Barbie Collection) with a Dazzleglass in Ms Fizz on top.

  14. Catherine7

    This was one of my first mac eyeshadows. The mua put shimmermoss on my lid with electric eel in the crease and brule on the brow bone. I also like to liney lower lashes with it with neutral or bronze for the rest of the eyes.

  15. liz

    i wore this eyeshadow the other day and i paired it with humid and vex.

  16. the color is beautiful but I can’t say I’ve ever worn anything like it!

  17. Laura

    Electric eel in crease! That’s all and it’s simple and fun

  18. chibu74

    with amber lights

  19. Susan

    Patina e/s on the lid. Soft brown on the crease to blend out. Handwritten on the outer V. Line the lower lash line with Shimmermoss. Shroom to highlight.

    Cheeky bronze MSF on the checks

    oh-oh! Lipgloss

  20. Anna

    i would use it as a liner on the upper lashline or as a wash of color on the lid!

  21. wbwrightMakeupArtist

    I would do a smoky eye with black, usually I use UD Perversion, MAC Smolder liner a dash of shimmermoss under eye with smolder smudged. Harmony to contour cheeks, and The Balm Classified lipstick to keep my lips soft and natural looking.

  22. Shah'ada

    Today I paired Shimmermoss with Vanilla, Teal and Golden Lemon pigments, Sweet and Punchy, and Femme Fi . . . loved the look!

  23. chris

    Shimmermoss on lid, Plumage in crease and Ricepaper to highlight:)

  24. eriko

    i like to wear shimmermoss with Humid for a more intense look or Beautiful Iris for a softer one. It’s always paired with an apricot blush :)

  25. Azaza

    Its apply this all over the lid then apply a dark blue on the outer corner and the crease, then lightly sweep some light bright green just on the top corner of it before highlighting the brow bone. I’ll then apply some coral blush and a midtone pink lipstick

  26. Yesterday i created a peacock look using this (see on my blog) Plus: deep truth, stars and rockets, carbon, grand entrace, shroom,carbon and MUFE #92. Soft lips (MAC Patisserie), soft matte pinky blush (MAC Angel).

  27. Thimbler

    Inner Corner – Vex
    Lid – Shimmermoss
    Crease – Too Faced’s Label Whore (Like Mac’s Club on crack, a must have!)
    Highlight – Vex
    Heavy liner and lots of mascara

    Cheeks – Mac Warm Soul Mineralize Blush

    Lips – Mac Brave lipstick with a dab of Jellybabe lipgelée on the center of the lower lip…

    It is one of my fave looks!! Being Shimmermoss and Label Whore two of my fave eyeshadows!!

  28. stephanie

    I did a look with all that glitters and mulch. Then I added some shimmermoss on the lid and under the eye for a burst of color. Paired it with some instant chic blush.

  29. Lena

    Probably with Sweet & Punchy on the lid, Shimmermoss in the crease, and Humid in the outer corner. Brule as a highlight on browbone and inner corner, with Float On By Eye Kohl on my lower lashline.
    Yeah, I’ve been inspired by To The Beach lately.

  30. Naun

    i wore shimmermoss today on the lower lash line, with club on the lid /into the crease, and shroom as a highlight. my beloved lash blast in black, some indian eye kohl on the waterline, NARS orgasm on the cheeks and a rose+gold lipstick. it was cute/quick :)

  31. rashmi

    thanks a ton sweetie for asking this question…
    m gonna bookmark this as u know i was asking u this only 2 days back…

    first m gonna try it with carbon
    n then i will see with electric eel
    still have to see this particular color
    thanks a lot once again christine

  32. Anna

    I’d wear it on the lower lash line with lovely lily pigment on the lid and memorabilia in the crease. I love to wear teals with pinks and purples!

  33. christina

    ok, i do this look on EVERYONE and it always looks amazing: Naked Lunch on lid and inner corner, Stars n’ rockets in the crease, Shimmermoss on lower lashline (because purple brings out teal) and Vanilla for a highlight. i would do a pink cheek- (so sweet, so easy cremeblend blush on apples) and speed dial or purple rite lipstick.

  34. Julie

    knight divine in the crease

  35. aradhana

    i ended up wearing shimmermoss yesterday on the upper lid, lined with float on by, humid in crease and just a smidgen of shadowy lady at the outer third. the rest of my face was very low key, just a light dusting of mineral foundation and a nude lip pencil from vincent longo.

  36. Shannon

    I wore this look yesterday. I used shroom on the the inner corner, then goldmine on the middle, with shimmermoss on the outer corner. I lightly lined the top with black eyeliner, and I used float on by eye kohl on my waterline. I also lined my lower lash line with goldmine and then shimmermoss on the outer lower lash line.

  37. Chelsi

    I did this look for fun the other night! :)

    UDPP to prime the lids
    Painterly Paint Pot as a base
    Sweet & Punchy on the inner half of the lid
    Shimmermoss on the outer half
    Vibrant Grape in the crease
    #92 in the deeper crease
    Top Hat in the outer V
    Beautiful Iris in the inner crease
    Gorgeous Gold in the inner corner
    Blue Calm on the inner lower lashline
    Deep Truth on the outer lower lashline
    Brule on the browbone
    And last but not least Blacktrack on the lashline and waterline

  38. Italia

    I’ve been pairing shimmermoss with colors like tempting or even indianwood paint pot on it’s own when I’m really in a hurry. I just do a single color on the lid, and use shimmermoss to line the lower lashline. It’s been my go to summer look. and for variation I’ll also use aquadisiac, deep truth and the float on by eye kohl.

  39. Alecia

    My fav shimmermoss look is sweet & punchy es on inner half lid, shimmermoss on outter half lid blend together. Mix cool heat es and gulf stream es on brush and blend into crease. between hilite area and crease area lightly blend aqua over top edge of crease color. In the outter v add humid es. For a brow and inner corner hilite use reflects transparent teal lightly. Blush use melba, hilite cheekbones with shell cream color base. For lips use resort life, or moonstone lip gelee’. It’s a lot of different steps but so worth it, it turns out to be a beautiful look!!