Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

The Look Book

If you were using MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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30 thoughts on “What would you pair with MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow?

  1. Kaitlin

    I wear sassy grass in the crease with going bananas on the lid. When i got home with the colors I realized i had bought John Deere colors. haha, but when i put them on it wasn’t bad.

    • Cool. I thought about using those two colors together, or pairing it with a lighter shade of green.

    • AnGeLwInGz

      Nice! I bought Sassy Grass when DTW was released and haven’t used it once. The yellow and green probably looks really pretty when they blend. I’m gonna try that and see if I get any John Deere comments!

      • Rachael

        I have a pale mint green that i put on half the lid, then Sassy Green very lightly on the other half, with Treat me Nice Eyeliner. Surprisingly good combo.

  2. Patty

    I used Sassy Grass on the outer corner and crease, then blended it above the crease because the color is so pigmented. I also used it to line the top and bottom lash line with a 208. Not wanting to steal the spotlight from this awesome green, I took the lightest color from UD Naked palette on the inner corners. For lips, I used the Ban This! lipglass from the same collection. The purple and green worked so well together, it a dramatic but definitely not sullen look with all the rich color, loved it!

  3. Wendy

    looks great in outer V blended slightly into the crease with silver on the lid.

  4. Roslyn

    I first used Grass from Urban Decay as a base for the color and then I paired it with Lucky Jade, Eyepopping, and Big T. I’ll try and find some non-watermarked images to share.

  5. i dont have sassy grass :( but i love the colour so much i would wear it with jewel blue es and just lip balm :)

  6. Gina

    Also looks great with old gold pigment layered on top in the inner corner, blending sassy grass into crease and adding signed sealed in outer corner and slightly into crease to create more of a warm depth.

  7. Pamela

    I envision a spring/summer look with Chrome Yellow on lid, Lime in the crease w Sassy Grass in outer corner, Vanilla pigment on brow bone. Stereo Rose on the cheeks and Crosswires lipstick.

  8. vikaki

    noothing!!!LOL i wouldn’t wear it at all…

  9. sharon

    i wear sassy grass on the lid with texture on the crease and a skin tone shadow as highlight, i also add i little bit ot lime green (i dont remember the exact name, a lighter green from the same collection) between texture and the brow bone follow with the skin tone shadow.

    a friend told me to add carbon, plumage or embark at the outer corner.. i havent try it yet, but sounds pretty cool.

  10. I actually just got it yesterday and wore this today: I started with applying Bitter all over the lid, then added Sassy Grass lightly on the outer third of the lid and more heavily along the lash line and the crease. Then I added a light wash of Going Bananas to the rest of the lid and highlighted the brow bone and inner corner with some ancient softly shimmering off-white shadow by Rimmel.
    As I was in a hurry I wore the first blush I came across, Revlon New Complexion Nude Blush, and some lip balm, but I think something like Coralista and pinkish gloss would have looked better.

  11. blacktrack as a base blended w/ the #217 brush (rich and creamy); add sassy grass on top w/ #239 brush, blend w #217. Add gorgeous gold or Old gold on center of lid of inner corner of eye. Graphblack technakohl liner tightlined, and in bottom water line. Add the new superslick Gold Stroke liner under bottom lashes, make a slight cat-eye. NYX mascara.

    on the cheeks use: pearl cream colour base with honour (or anything gold, doesn’t have to be mac).

    lips: MAC’s creme sherry liner (iridescent peach), Viva Glam V lipstick, instant gold lusterglass or nice buzz.

    fix+ yo’self and done.

  12. Sarah

    I wear Sassy Grass in the crease and along the outer part of my lower lash line with Lime on the lid. Lucky Green dusted lightly over Lime and Sassy Grass for some shimmer. Pincurl on inner corner and as a highlight. Blacktrack for some winged liner.
    On cheeks: Perfect Topping and Dainty.
    Lips: Dare To Dare lipglass

  13. Buzz Garling

    I bought this colour for a look I’d been dreaming up for a while, get this:

    One one eye:
    Sassy Grass on the lid
    Juxt in the inner corner
    Plumage and Carbon in the crease

    One other eye:
    Makeup Forever #92 on lid
    Beautiful Iris in inner corner
    Indian Ink and Carbon in the crease

    LOVE IT. I’ve been wanting to find a really amazing solid matte green so I could successfully do this assymetrical look, and Sassy Grass was just perfect.

  14. Azaza

    Yellow on the inner part of the lid and Sassy grass on the outer corners and in the crease. A pale blue instead of yellow would work great as well

  15. dana

    I love sassy grass..so when I wear it which is a lot..I usually just let
    it shine…I just use sassy grass over the entire lid. it looks awesome. once in a while I’ll
    put a shimmery green like graffiti on the inner
    corner or a little blended in the crease. I either pair it with a nude lip or a lighter coral/peachy shade.

  16. Realistically I would probably try to use this on my lips for those playing-around-at-home looks that i know we all do from time to time.

  17. Iya

    i wanna try it with purple, maybe Sattelight dreams, or starts and rockets

  18. Rebecca

    I orginially didnt intend on getting Sassy, but when I went to MAC and the girl put it next to Lime, I got both! And let me tell you, Lime on the inner half, with Sassy on the Outer part of the lid and the crease is AMAZING. Every time I where that look people are always commenting on it! :) If I can get a friend to let me borrow a camera Ill post a pic :)

  19. Irina

    I wear sassy grass in the crease with lime on the lid.

  20. Ameera

    I did a very bright look on Dare to Wear collection, Products used:
    Mac Painterly Paintpot, Mac Pro Color stick in Primary Yellow on the lid up to the crease, Mac Going Bananas eyeshadow over the Primary Yellow, Mac Sassy Grass in the crease, Mac Dazzlelight under the brown bone, Mac Lime between the Sassy Grass and Dazzlelight, Mac Landscape Green Chromographic pencil, Mac Ripe Peach blush, NYX 852 Pumkin Lipliner, Mac So Bad glass.

    Here is the link for Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdbDCATWQpw

  21. xvlcmbttmboix

    Benefit eyecon
    MAC Sassy Grass (inner 3/4) & (inner lower lid)
    MAC Humid (outer v)
    MAC Greensmoke (crease)
    Mixture of Humid & Greensmoke for remaining lower lid liner
    MAC Smolder (Waterline)
    Mixture of MAC Carbon & MAC Espresso on brow
    MAC Shroom (Highlight)

  22. Kat

    I would doa neutral eye on top, maybe with a bit of gold shimmer, and put this on the bottom like eyeliner. I’d then keep the rest of my face pretty nude, with peachy blush, bronzer and some nude gloss.


    I would use going bananas or a yellow color or gold color in the first half of the lid and use sassy green to outer v and crease.

  24. Maria

    Why have to pair it with something yellowish???
    I pair it with RICEPAPER and/or SHROOM!