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I tried threading for the first time too last week, OUCH! Upper lip felt like razor blades slicing me. I had tears in my eyes and my toes were curling from the pain.

Then to top it all off the threading broke me out :(. I have been told it’s better for your skin than waxing but I am not so sure.

No matter the method i usually feel that my skin gets irritated when the hair is pulled enough to make it hurt, but not entirely pulled out (Like when you pull out a hair with a tweezer, but it breaks at the skin surface so you can’t pull it out). Maybe that’s the problem with threading if your hair isn’t very coarse?

When I first started tweezing my brows, I couldn’t stand it. (Now I’m pretty used to it, though). But the worst was when I used the AcneFree skincare system. I stupidly got the ‘Severe’ one (not knowing I had sensitive skin that was breaking out from makeup)…holy cow, it dried out my skin so painfully badly, it made me look like I had wrinkles (I’m 21) and it hurt to move my face. I tried to do the face mask and it hurt so bad it actually made me tear up. The crazy part is I used that stuff for almost two months. What was I thinking??

Ah the very first time I tweezed..pretty sure I broke the world record for most curse words ever uttered in the span of 2 minutes then.. (and I don’t normally swear..lol)

The epillator may SAY it’s meant for the bikini area, but if you use it there you will be very, very sorry.

I was going to say, “Have you ever heard of an Epilady?” Oh, wow, what were we thinking? I had one friend who managed to learn to use it, but she had to get loaded first. I just thought that nothing could be worth it, so I went back to shaving.

It’s a toss up between at-home bikini waxing and laser hair removal in the bikini area! Needless to point out, both experiences share a common theme.

The first time I had my nails done. That night I couldn’t sleep because my fingertips felt like they were on fire. I blame it on the rough electric file. I vowed to never get them done again since they left my natural nails in terrible shape, not to mention in great pain.

Don’t give it up forever! I tried getting one where they used a soft wax and it was so much better! It barely hurt! And no gross paper/cloth strips. Best waxing experience ever.

Oh, you and me both, Christine. I don’t think there has ever been an experience involving the words “at-home” and “wax” that has ended well for anyone.

OMG BEST POST EVER! I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s pain but that description was SO fantastic! 🙂 Well written! Four stars! LOL! I’ll see you that and raise you a:

SEVERAL years ago I was prepping for a romantic evening so naturally, along with my moisturizing facial mask, I was also doing some manscaping. We’re not talking clippers either, this was the early 2000’s! Take no prisoners! Razors were involved!

Don’t ask me how but at SOME point during my Cirque du Soleil caliber contortionist routine I lost my balance, slipped in the tub and nicked myself in a very. Uncomfortable. Place. Not only did that mean all hopes of late-night Cinemax excitement were banished but the worst of it was that just sitting down for dinner became a trial in pain endurance.

I rock a much more 70’s vibe now-a-days 🙂

I’m sorry Dusty, I laughed so hard at this… 😉 Cirque du Soleil, heh. You poor thing, that must have been excruciating!

I’ve never been brave enough to “landscape” my bikini area in any way, shape or form – I just invest in low cut bottoms and call it a day.

Epilating my underarms for the first time, I cried because it hurt SO much.

Mine isnt so bad – getting my brows threaded for the first time at a salon! OW! But nothing scary like at home bikini waxing…which I did want to try but I guess maybe I should reconsider that! Haha

Bikini/Brazilian grooming in general is a painful experience. Waxing isn’t pleasant and shaving is just a f’n pain!!!!

Aside from that…tweezing random upper lip hairs and pinching lids with lash curlers. The latter doesn’t happen often, though.

For me, and this is probably really gross and embarrassing, the most painful would definitely be plucking my nose hairs haha!

I just hate it when I see guys (and girls) smile and there’s all this hair popping out of his/her nostrils. Honestly… it’s pretty gross. xD And I never want that to happen to me, so I make sure I’m very groomed for that part of my face. But boy does it hurt and I have the most powerful bouts of sneezing! Maybe I should think about trimming nose hairs instead… Lol!!

Worst pain ever has to be underarm laser hair removal! It’s actually the most painful spot on your body to get it done, worse than the bikini area. You know when you touch something and get shocked? Multiply that pain by 30 and add heat. It’s hell xD

OMG Christine! I know and feel your pain!!! Never again will I do at home waxing! I used a hand-held mirror, a full length mirror and was in positions that I had no idea I could do. I *LOL* about it now but I was in tears at the time.

Hair and waxing/laser seem to be a common issue with this question.

I too would have to agree. I have tried waxing and it was a major FAIL, so I have stuck with a razor. The issue I have, is my hair is very dark and before the laser hair removal it was thick. I have to shave everyday. I tried laser hair removal last year. OMG talk about pain (some parts are more sensetive than others … my underarms, toes and feet KILLED me!!) and the smell of buring hair was enough to gag me. I had 3 treatments. I need another 3 – 4 treatments but I just cannot bring myself to go again. I did buy a TRIA and will try it in a few weeks when I have a free weekend.

That was the first girl parts vaxing for me too! I remember crying out for my mother,begging like “pleeeeaaaseeee take it off!!!”.Well,now vaxing is a nice free time activity for me.I don’t know if it is my brain or body that got used to the pain,or it is so because I learned exactly how to do it but it certainly feels a lot easier that I do it at home in every several weeks:)

LOL! You are hilarious, Christine.

For my own answer: I tried getting laser hair removal and did NOT enjoy it one bit… To play down the pain factor, the lady said the sensation was comparable to snapping a rubber band on your skin (it actually was extremely similar, plus the smell of burning hair). Once I was lying on the table, I realized (too late) that I didn’t like snapping rubber bands one bit.

When I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time! They came out beautifully in the end but the pain of feeling each brow hair follicle being ripped of its pore is just not worth it. I cant even stand plucking or waxing but would choose one of two of those options then treading again!

“Let’s just say it ended up with me in front of a mirror looking at parts unknown, crying at the futility of it all.”

I’m sorry, Christine, but I just had to laugh at this!!

Cleanser from Origins that caused dermatitis. Very painful. Took months of work before that cleared up!

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