Monday, October 24th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What was your first lipstick? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI’m pretty sure it was MAC Sweetie. If it wasn’t that, it was MAC Capricious.

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94 thoughts on “What was your first lipstick?

  1. Ani_BEE

    Revlon Cristal Pink, loved that shade but was Discontinued 2 years later.

  2. I forgot the colour / the collection name from M&S

  3. JaneR

    MAC Film Noir, I don’t even think they make it anymore. It was a darkened reddish brown that was AWFUL on my brown skin…but back then I thought I should just match everything to my skin tone….yuck!

  4. Some Estee Lauder GWP. My aunt always bought tons of Estee Lauder. She loved the GWP.

  5. Shayna

    MAC Gel. My mom had it and I loved it and got it myself. Next was Russian Red.

  6. terry

    MAC Pink Cabana I think… I still have it!=D

  7. Barbara Rowe

    MAC’s Viva Glam IV, still love it.

  8. Courtney

    Saint Germain! Which I actually hate now, funnily enough. But I thought I had it going on when I wore it at the time!

  9. Goodness, I couldn’t remember if I tried to for the next year. Some drugstore crap from when I was a kid, surely.

  10. Heather

    Mine was a wet and wild “mood lipstick”!!! It was yellow and went on in various shades of neon pink depending on your “mood”! I hid it from my mom and I LOVED it and felt so sophisticated but I will never forget my best friends sister laughing at me when i wore it at her house after a sleepover!

  11. I don’t remember…I think it was a nude lipstick from Clairns my parents got me when I was 14…then there was a long gap with lipsticks.

  12. Violet

    Something from Hello Kitty bought at H&M, probably. I remember having a pink one that both smelled and tasted like artificial strawberries.

  13. vinna

    MAC Viva Glam V … it was my only lipstick for a while lol

  14. Rainy

    Jane Megabites in Megaberry. I bought it in Milwaukee before some family party and fell in love. Apparently the brand is still around but they discontinued the Megabite lipsticks probably 3 years ago or so, I went through 6 tubes before my last one ran out earlier this year.

  15. djo_s2008

    it must have been from covergirl my aunt gave me when i was in Highschool. I dont know what to color was. I didn’t even know that lipsticks have names (or numbers)then. LOL.

  16. Chanel Rouge Allure shade Désirable. A gift by my mother for one of my Christmas.

  17. Yazmin

    I cant remember, it was a drugstore brand for sure, but the only lipstick i can remember buying were two, Mac Faux & Mac Hot Gossip. Both i still own to this day and are the only one close to finishing up!

  18. vicky

    It was The Body Shop No02. Every girl in junior high had this one! It was a mat brownie nude.

  19. Mine was one from Avon, but can’t rememeber the color…

  20. I believe it was MAC Madly Creative from Colour Craft Collection in 2009. that was when I first started to really get into makeup. If not, it was probably something from Maybelline Moisture Extreme line.

  21. Devi

    CoverGirl Lip Pefection in Sultry and Smolder (bought them at the same time). I bought them a couple of months ago based on your recommendations. :)

  22. Nina

    Revlon Streetwear. Can’t remember the name of the colour though but it was ballet pink and washed me out!

  23. Mary

    Bourjous Comme Par Magie. I don’t remember the name of the color but it was a pinkish nude.

  24. Patricia Couto

    My first lipstick was mac pink nouveau. My second was MAC sweetie!!

  25. Marieke

    I went to Yves Rocher, because it was the only place I knew for make up advice, and I asked for a My Lips But Better color. They gave me a longlastig lipstick that still is one of my favourites!

  26. londonhermit

    My first lipstick was MAC Photo.

  27. I believe it was MAC Bombshell :)

  28. Yardley, in the 60s, very pale beige, almost white.

  29. Mariella

    I’m fairly sure it was something by Cutex (that’s how long ago it was) called “Peppermint Pink” and it was flavoured with peppermint (and felt very cooling on the lips).

  30. Kelly

    Bobbi Brown Orange! I love it, looks almost like a natural “red” on my lips

  31. Yumi

    MAC Blankety

  32. Revlon’s Toast of New York. I think every girl in my 7th grade class had it.

  33. Kiara

    MAC Show Orchid!

  34. Revlon Blackberry, it was a staple for years.

  35. artemis

    i guess a gold one from avon :)) lol

  36. Sally

    Mine was Amber by Elizabeth Arden. Its named after model Amber Valleta.

  37. Veronica

    Revlon’s “Really Red” The retro look was the first thing that I ever inspired me to get into makeup. :)

  38. chris

    Probably Fashion Fair – Magenta Mist or Chocolate Raspberry.

  39. Lee

    Oh, Sweetie is still one of my favorites.

    I really don’t remember but it was probably a Wet N’Wild in either black or lavender (I used to layer them for a dark purple look). I didn’t really start wearing lipstick until my punk/goth days. Sigh, I miss the 80s.

  40. Sarah

    MAC Plink!
    Such a cute color 😀

  41. Ayzee

    | forgot the exact name of the shade, but it was a Revlon lipstick. The shade was purple, and in a frost finish. Didn’t look good on me. I bought it because it looked so good on the model on the magazine. LOL.

  42. My first trip to MAC made me buy 4 lipsticks! Mac sweetie was one of those four, along with Hug Me, Viva glam IV and Ultra Darling

  43. I can’t remember what mine was LOL

  44. Chynna

    I have no idea what my very first lipstick was, but I know my first high end lipsticks were Cosmo and Twig, by MAC.

  45. Kim

    Mac Red and Blankety

  46. Leeba

    MAC Angel and Creme’d’Nude

  47. civa

    I can’t remember, but I think it could be a peachy color from ZA…?
    It’s really hard to think back but I’m sure it’s a peachy color fromone of the asia drug store brands.

  48. Karen

    Revlon Silver City Pink. haha! So frosty!

  49. Brenda

    oh my. I remember being about 8 yrs old and having this horrible dry red matte lipstick that I snuck to school. I have no idea what brand. My mom took it away from me when she found out I took it out of the house!

    The first brand I remember owning would probably be Revlon in Toast of New York and Coffee Bean and Bonne Bell lipliner in Chutney. It was ’92 – brown lips and 90210!!

  50. Kristine

    Probably something from Lancome but I don’t remember the name. My first from MAC was probably Hue.

  51. ellen

    nar fire down below

  52. Saffy

    It was Cover Girl Silver Plum. Sadly I think it’s discontinued now.

  53. Kyla

    My first lipstick was and still is my all time favorite: Revlon Colorburst “Soft Rose” Used lipstick for the first time 1 year ago.

  54. Yelena

    MAC myth. it looks horrible on me lmao i only got it because everyone was raving about it!

  55. Angie

    Wet n Wild mega last lipstick in 901B. super pale pink :)

  56. SarahH

    Still have it!! L’oreal Colour Riche in Rose Potpourri. It works surprisingly well for my inexperienced eyes. I think Mom must have helped me a lot, or I would have gone with something crazy and bright pink!

  57. Courtney

    mac hue :-) still love it and on my 4th tube!

  58. Ashley Sarah

    It was a MAC lipstick however I do not remember the name, nor have it anymore. It went missing.

  59. jenny

    Mine was Revlon’s Toast of NY- and I still love that color. Plus, I love it as a New Yorker :)

  60. Stephanie

    Some Wet ‘N Wild lipstick, not sure of the shade lol! Think it was something red!

  61. Lol some icy blue lipstick from the $1 BonBon collection

  62. Sarah

    MAC Viva Glam IV. Still one of my faves.

  63. Tabitha

    Mine actually was MAC Capricious!

  64. dolly mayer

    Ny first lipstick;

  65. Amy Huang

    Maybelline nude shell!

  66. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday from Mac! It wasn’t a great color for me if I applied it alone because I looked too crazy (lol). I used Mac Chestnut lipliner with a clear gloss to darken it or I used Viva Glam VI to layer on top. I later found out that she uses Pink Nouveau which is a much better but still crazy color on me. I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of hunting down the lipstick last December if I had known lol.

  67. Maybelline Moisture Extreme, I’m so sad they discontinued the line

  68. Reesa

    I believe it was Cranberry by Mary Kay.

  69. Lekiliana Hanalei

    Avon-Cherry Jubilee

  70. something from Clinique probably my mom used to buy things from Clinique a lot and give me her GWP :)

  71. Lindsay

    I can’t remember the official first lipstick, but I know I went through several tubes of Clinique’s A Different Grape in middle school. I also used a potted gloss of Tenderheart by Clinique a lot. I don’t think they make that one anymore, but A Different Grape is still around and I still like it! Haven’t worn it in ages, but this post may have just inspired me. :)

  72. Karen

    Cherry Jubilee by Avon

  73. sandra

    When I was a teen, my first lipstick was Grape freeze from Avon, and my first lip gloss I wasn’t even a teen yet. Maybelline kissing slicks, in bubble gum. how I miss it.

  74. Sandy

    My first lipstick was Christian Dior Mohair. I remember going back many times to swatch it before taking the plunge on the 15$ tube and that back in ’85, loved it.

  75. Genevieve Chuachiaco

    MAC Plumful

    It is still my go-to lipstick!

  76. Jennifer Moreno

    My first MAC lipstick was Sweetie but my first lipstick ever was Estee Lauder Vinyl Voltage and I absolutely loved it, sadly it’s discontinued :(

  77. Liz

    I don’t really recall my first lipstick purchase for sure – I mostly used lipglosses when I started – but I think it was Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Please. My first lipgloss was also from Maybelline: it was a red Juicylicious gloss. My first MAC lipstick was Viva Glam GAGA 1.

  78. Maybelline Water Shine in Lilac Lick

  79. MAC Honeylove that I purchased at a MAC counter in the Sydney airport when I was on vacation. I still remember the lipstick display, the first whiff I ever got of a MAC lipstick, and buying it!

  80. Amy Atomic

    Jane Rosy Outlook. I don’t think they make Jane cosmetics anymore, but it was a favorite brand of mine in middle school because the colors were fun and it was easily accessible at the drug store. Rosy Outlook was a brownish red and it’s still my favorite lipstick. I wish I could find a suitable dupe; I’ve been on the hunt for years to no avail. D:

  81. Desiree

    LOL!! Revlon’s Cherries in the snow!!!

  82. Diamond

    My first /real/ lipstick was Hot Gossip by MAC. I’ve had other lipsticks but this is the first one that didn’t come in some 20 dollar collection of a million lipsticks. I love Hot Gossip. I bought Brave and I love that as well.

  83. NCB

    L’oreal Nature’s Blush – it was a dark “natural” color, but hey it was the 90’s. It still looks good now in the fall…. I think haha

  84. grace

    i dont remeber.. probably revlon pink pout? or mac blankety(a fav)

  85. Lunohodik

    Estee Lauder one in innocence-lavenderish pinky muted color:)

  86. Diana

    I know it was L’Oreal and it was brown with lots of glittery gold specks but cannot remember the name or line.