Barney’s. I ordered two palettes online ($55 each!) but only received one in the mail and received a shipping notification for that palette. I thought they had split the shipment, but after a week with no word, I called to ask when they expected to ship it. They said it was with the first – well, there was no receipt or invoice in the box to begin with, and there was just one. They proceeded to make me feel like a criminal/thief and told me that if I had a problem to dispute the charge with my credit card company (which was just my bank). A couple of years ago, I ordered three pairs of shoes from Nordstrom, which had supposedly been delivered but weren’t on my doorstep when I looked (I imagine it was stolen). I called Nordstrom, and without having to ask, the customer service representative offered to overnight replacements and they would take care of everything else. Nordstrom replaced a $300+ order in two minutes. It took me at least two months to deal with Barney’s.

-- Christine

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