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I remember standing in line for a Barbie Loves MAC doll–I got up crazy early to do so! I’m not sure if that really counts, since it’s a doll, but it was part of the beauty launch!  Next would be Giorgio Armani #14, which was limited edition here, but not so in France, and a lovely reader helped do a custom purchase for that. I think I paid over double! Yeah, it was worth it 🙂

— Christine

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the only limited ed thing i’ve wanted that i wasn’t sure i’d be able to get easily was @#$%! from sugarpill. I was pretty heartbroken when it was only going to be available at IMATS LA,so when i found out that it would be available on beautylish i was psyched! but all i had to do was put my name on the list and wait a couple weeks.

i have a very limited this-is-for-whatever-i-want budget and one night i decided to order a pizza(i’m allergic to something in the sauce so i only get pizza like once a year). RIGHT after i ordered (it wasn’t even delivered yet!) i got my invite to the boutique. so i had to borrow money to buy the eyeshadow. i guess that’s pretty ridiculous.

Aside from paying a ridiculous amount for MAC Delineate on ebay, I haven’t really gone out of my way for anything. I wasn’t even looking for this particular item; I just searched for red eyeliner, and it popped up. If it weren’t red, I don’t think I would have bought it, but since it’s so rare to find a quality red eye product, I went for it, regardless of brand.

The most trouble I’ve ever gone to wasn’t really that much trouble… it was more like obsessively counting the days until the launch and then going the morning of the day that MAC re-released the 226 brush last summer. My nearest MAC isn’t particularly busy, so it wasn’t even that big a deal.

I also had to go to a lot of trouble to get two of the nail polishes from China Glaze’s holiday launch last year. OPI and Essie are everywhere, but it was so hard to find stores that carried China Glaze. I kept calling around and just wandering into salons looking to see what they carried. I finally found a place that had the brand, but they hadn’t received the holiday stuff yet. They told me to come back in a week, but they still hadn’t got it (and at this point, it was like 2 weeks until Christmas) and I pretty much gave up hope of finding it. Finally, the day after Christmas, I walked into a random hair salon on a whim, and there they were.

I spent about $15 to get OPI lincoln park after dark matte on ebay. Generally probably spending more money than I should because I have anxiety about losing out on something: bought up a fair amount of summer nail polish shades when the fall ones hit store and made a big purchase from RBL so I wouldn’t miss the BiB or GOMM collection.

It’s also fun to stumble into these things. I had been looking at a teal fossil bag, I came into the fossil store to look around at that and a few others. The sales guy said it was the very last one because they were transitioning to the fall collection. I was very happy with my purchase.


The only limited edition item I have that I can think of is my True Blood palette from Tarte. I wanted it SO BAD and I had to track it down on ebay. I got it in the end and I love it <3

I foolishly went to numerous Walgreens stores in the Los Angeles area looking for the LE Milani Color Play Felt Tip Pen in Blue Definition, called a few more store and then gave up and ordered it direct. I also became aware of the LE Maybelline Porcelians Lipsticks after they’d been out for a while. I was tempted to buy one on eBay for three times te SRP, I was lucky to find it by chance
These experiences really soured me on Limited Editions. Especially from drug store lines, it’s a marketing gimmick to ensure we make impulse buys.

Woke up at 5am to drive to one of the Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty events so I could get my hands on the NARS Joie de Vivre Blush palette early! I went straight to the NARS set up outside the store (they had an opening reception for an hour before they opened) and the associate got me a palette from inside and rang it up for me immediately 🙂

I totally forgot about that one 🙂 I stayed up until midnight the night it went on sale to buy it online so I didn’t have to get up at 7am to go to the store and hope they had it in stock.

Luckily the event I went to had breakfast and came with goodie bags, so it definitely was worth the time 🙂 My best friend and I were silly because we went without wearing makeup, and once Nordie’s actually opened we bolted to the Smashbox counter to put our faces on LOL

1,Gone out of my way to go to a launch party to make sure I got every product I wanted before it could sell out. 2, Stalk stores to see if I can find one somewhere, anywhere that has an item left (maybe hidden in backstock?)that is sold out online and virtually everywhere, then proceed to have them hold it and drive a ridiculous distance to purchase coveted item, while dragging my boyfriend along and making him buy us dinner since “hey we’re out”, lol!

Until I started reading the stories on this blog, did I realize how much trouble people have getting this “must have limited edition” esp. MAC. I’m not a MAC fan. The only thing that I may had to wait about a week longer was Alice in Wonderland UD Book of Shadows, but they had tons of it at Sephora when I got there…hidden in the drawer.

Well, I wanted to collect the entire Mickey Contractor collection but unfortunately a lot of the items in my order could not be processed because they were sold out. So one of my wonderful blogger friends in India offered to buy it for me and mail it to me. Well, technically, she went through all the trouble and I am very thankful to her for it 🙂

When I first got into MAC I paid $26 dollars on Ebay for a lipglass from Fafi. I think it was Sugar Trance. I would never ever pay that much again!

The most I’ve ever done or am likely to do is to phone stores to find out if they have a sought after product and ask them to put one aside for me if they have it. Sorry, but as much as I love makeup, it is “only makeup” and I resent having to jump through hoops to purchase anything. My time and energy are worth a lot to me – far more than the “exclusivity” that some companies like to make part of their marketing. I won’t line up for concert tickets either…stuff like that – just will not be manipulated in that way.

I’m very much the same way, Mariella. If I go to the store or a website for a L/E product and it’s there, fantastic. I’ve contemplated making a phone call to ask for an item to be kept aside for me, but I’ve never actually done it. That’s truly about it. I really don’t like the L/E or exclusivity game — for any product. If I find something later on eBay for a reasonable (non-hijacked) price, yay but, if not, then I’ll live without it. About the only thing I would wait in line for or go through a lot of hassle for is a reservation for a really special restaurant. Oh, and the Harry Potter movies back in the day. Everything else…. *shrug*

Ha, I second you on Armani #14! I paid $47 for that sucker (Australian retail price T_T ), AND obtained a backup of it for the same price.

Still, totally worth it. 😛

Called MAC in every major city until I found one that carried Ripe Peach and ordered their last two by phone on the spot.

Honestly the most trouble I’ve ever gone to for any makeup product was nothing more than a 30 minute drive to a different mall–and I’ve only had to do that once. I guess I’m lucky to live in a relatively small city where I have open access to all of these products. There are 5 Sephoras, 5 Macys, 2 Nordstroms, a Saks (and a CCO!) all within a half hour of my house. Thankfully they never seem to sell out of *anything*.

I decided I wanted the Too Dolly palette – mainly just for Romping – about 6 months after the Hello Kitty collection was out of stores. I scoured eBay and really thought about paying like 50 bucks for what was basically just one eyeshadow. I also had to force myself NOT to buy every dupe I read about, because I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied. I finally ended up spontaneously driving to the closest cosmetics outlet, which is like 45 minutes away, and just hoped they’d have the palette. They did!! …And now I’ve worn Romping maybe like 5 times. oops. 🙂

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever done something drastic for a limited-edition beauty product. Although I did fast-walk all the way from my car to Inno where they sold they limited-edition Collect-OR YSL Touche Eclat pen this summer. And every woman I saw heading in the same direction as me instantly became competition in my eyes, lol 🙂

I took the day off work to buy from MAC’s To The Beach collection! I wanted to be first in line at the store (and I was).

I never have had much trouble getting an LE product I was wanting. I try to make friends with the SA’s and forwarn them what I want. It normally works out well for myself and the SA. I would say the one time that really sticks out about having trouble getting an item was the Naked 1 palette. I didn’t realize the whole cult following of it and I think I tried 3 times to get it online via UD’s website. I fianlly gave up and about a month or 2 later I went into my local Sephora and my SA surprised me by bring me 2 palettes.

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