Monday, December 24th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last beauty related thing you became obsessed with? A style or technique you keep going to? A product you keep using? Something you keep ogling?

Temptalia's AnswerSuper finely-milled highlighters… I am obsessed with the glowy, luminous sheen they yield.

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64 thoughts on “What was the last beauty related thing you became obsessed with?

  1. Stacey

    MAC Candy Yum Yum…now I am looking into more pinky lipsticks to fit my coloring rathering than buying true blue reds all the time.

  2. Meiya

    Foundation. I used to be a no-foundation girl – now I’m fascinated with them.

  3. xamyx

    Lately, I’ve been buying alot of nail polish, and actually painting my nails every 2-3 days. I mainly had champagnes, nudes, & reds, but I’ve been picking up blues, greens, & purples, along with several layering duchromes.

    I’m also on the prowl for HG contour product for my very neutral, pale skin. I have several products I use, mostly eyeshadows, but I really want an actual face product, in powder form, with a pan that will accomodate any of my contouring brushes.

    • xamyx

      I’ve also been using my Physician’s Formula large, flat Kabuki brush every day. I bought it last Spring to apply mineral foundation, but I didn’t really like the result, so it got packed in a bag I kept my brushes in. When I moved over the Summer, I went through all my brushes, and I decided to give it a try when I overapplied blush one day. I found this brush to be *perfect* for buffing my foundation, and it’s my HG brush for blending out my foundation.

  4. Jasmine

    This sounds pretty basic, but lip liner. I recently started using it, and it makes my lipstick last so much longer.

  5. Red lips — Yes, I am STILL obsessed!

  6. Rosaline

    I am obessed with cleansing oils and DIY facial masks at the moment.

  7. Mariella

    Probably the Bare Minerals Ready eye shadows (and that is entirely Christine’s fault). I’m waiting for the opportunity to manifest my obsession with Tom Ford eye shadows (they’re not available where I live but I plan to get one or 2 when I do happen to be near a store that carries them)

    • Mariella

      DUH – not Tom Ford – BURBERRY!!! See, that’s how dizzy I am at the prospect of something essentially “out of reach” – I can’t even recall what it is that I want!

  8. ms

    i used coconut grove nars yesterday for the first time, my first nars eyeshadow.

    brown eyeshadows is my new obsession, (not that there’s wasn’t ever), i think it’s matte eyeshadows that i m obsessed w/ from now on.

    and my forever obsession of bright, bright, bright lipsticks (but not the 1s that are 2 cool for my nc42 color, eg nicki minaj pink lipstick).

  9. Nikki

    I’ve always been a liquid foundation wearer, but I’ve recently fallen in love with powder foundation (specifically Sephora Microsmooth Powder Foundation). The powder gives me all the coverage I need, looks natural worn wet or dry, and is quick and easy to apply. If it holds up year round, I may totally convert to only powder foundation!

    • Stacey

      Try Dolce and Gabanna powdered foundation. My skin feels smooth to touch…it holds on all day to the skin…it looks natural. The cream version not so much, but I have been impressed with the powdered. Coverage is good…not heavy but does cover it.

  10. blueraccoon

    I think it’s a combination of cream blushes and expensive highlighters. I’ve gotten interested in both lately and keep trying new ones. My highlighter collection keeps growing, which is only bad in that I’m still not great with application. But I’m working on it.

  11. jasmine valistreri

    Light orange eyeshadows. I was looking for a light vibrant orange and bought at least five different orange shadows before I found the perfect one (Chanel’s Tigerlily).

    • Ellie

      I’d be really interested to know how you wear orange eyeshadow? I have mac rule but I really can’t find a way to make it work :/

      • Monica!

        You can use it in your crease, it will warm up a dark smokey eye, I think it would work with different colours, for example navy blue or green

  12. Alexandra

    These days, I’m obsessed with skincare products : serums, moisturizing creams, etc. But also with powder and blush. I don’t know if powder is really necessary : that’s the BIG question for me :).

  13. Adeline

    Liquid eyeliner =) my favourite are the Japanese ones. Super fine and amazingly easy to use.

  14. Yasmin Ali

    First of all Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating, i don’t celebrate Christmas, but i hope everyone has fun.

    The last beauty related thing has to be nude-ish, neutral lipsticks. I hardly ever do go beauty shopping anymore, but if i am anywhere near lipsticks i will keep swatching for a perfect nued-ish/neutral lipstick, even though i have so many!

  15. Por

    I love glowy skin too! Anything to make my dry skin look healthier is wonderful in my book. Have you tried Stila’s Set & Perfect Baked Trio in illuminate? I imagine it’s similar to Guerlain’s meteorites, but maybe not as light diffusing.

    As for something that I’ve been obsessing about, I bought 3 of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge lip colors. It’s one of those long wear liquid lipsticks that you apply, allow to dry, then apply a balm or gloss over it. This formula has been the best feeling and most long wearing formula that I’ve tried. For comparison, Covergirl makes one of these long wearing liquid formulas with a balm that’s supposed to moisturize, but it just feels like dry lips with oil on them and it gets so flaky! MUFE does not get flaky on me even when the gloss wears off. The only thing about the MUFE Rouge is that I want more colors in their range!

  16. Elle Jaye

    I agree with you Christine, besides new lipstick, those are the only things I’ve been buying. I have already reserved the repromoted MSFs at my local MAC counter to pick up tomorrow! Any suggestions for NC50 skin? I’m interested in drugstore to high end! Thanks

    • lydia

      You should check out Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector! It’s a liquid illuminator that’s super finely-milled and not sparkly at all, just dewy. I’m NC30 and I use Opal as a highlight or Topaz when I want to look more tan. For your deep skintone I’d say Bronze, their darkest shade, would be a good choice. Topaz, which is around the same shade as NARS’ Illuminator in Laguna, could work for you too.

  17. Carla N.

    Foundation has been my “thing” lately. I’d been happily using a mineral powder foundation for years,and it still matches my skin perfectly,but it just doesn’t seem to look as smooth as it used to. So I’m experimenting with liquid and cream foundations, and have all these little sample jars, scattered around.

  18. Chiara

    Plummy-berry lipsticks! I tried one on the other day, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I have a very pale complexion and dark brown hair and it looks very elegant and sexy in a grown-up way. It really made me curious to try out purple lipsticks aswell, I have my eye on MAC Violetta.

  19. EB

    i’m a blush and highlighter whore.

  20. Liz

    When I decided to do my own wedding makeup, I needed to perfect my winged eye liner technique. I was doing a vintage pinup look. This was before the time that I wore makeup on a daily basis. I would practice my winged technique almost every day for 4 months before the wedding. I would do it after work, but before I washed my face. It sounds obsessive, but I wanted it perfect.

    Fast forward to now, I’ve been trying to learn how to paint my nails. I’ve been buying polish and tools.

  21. chris

    Eyeshadow has become my obsession. I think turning 45 this summer opened my eyes to blush and recently eye shadow. I found my skin needed a glow, more color.

  22. Safyre

    YSL Lipsticks, because they’re uber moisturizing and yet tend to be lasting on me and they’re great for the season because my lips have been chapped. :/
    Also Makeup Forever Lab Shine glosses… omg where were they all my life? Nonsticky, pretty colors, yummy? Moisturizing also… zomg… like… instant love.

  23. charlotte

    Milk of Magnesia. It literally changed my life.. I know that sounds extreme, but anyone who has suffered with seriously oily skin can vouch for how frustrating it can be. For years I barely wore any makeup at all because it would simply melt right off within a couple of hours. It would even ruin my hairstyle because it would soak into my hair wherever it touched my face. I’ve used it for a couple of years now on my face, but I recently discovered it is a fantastic eye primer as well.. my shadow does not budge or fade all day, something no primer on the market could accomplish. Who would have thought a bottle of antacid that costs a couple of dollars could be such a miracle worker.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Another life changer.. My entire life I suffered with extreme combination skin, super oily and dry and flaky, with frequent recurrent acne an a serious blackhead problem. On top of that I had melasma that started with my first pregnancy, and got steadily worse. We are talking over 20 years of hating my skin. I tried every skin system there is, from drugstore to high end, and nothing helped,and many made it worse. A couple of years ago I noticed that some of the people I saw with the most beautiful skin kept mentioning evoo.. so I tossed everything and just started over from scratch, using evoo as cleanser and moisturizer, and exfoliating with a warm wet cloth. Not only did my skin finally balance, but the blackheads disappeared, my acne virtually disappeared, and my melasma improved as well. Even fine lines and wrinkles improved. I only wish I had known sooner, how much heartache would I have saved, not to mention money.

    Eye shadow base… makes all the difference in the world. Drugstore or high end, a quick base makes eyeshadow look ten times better and takes a lot of the hassle out of application. They are terribly addictive as well, lol, I’ve collected dozens of them. My most recent “ooh look, a new one, got to have it” product.

  24. Mar

    My obsessions are the ‘perfect’ red lipstick and cateye eyeliner… Always have been, always will be 😉

  25. JEN

    -Highlighting! I just love how it brings out the planes in the face and gives you an overall glow.

    -Liquid liner! I have been LOVING Lorac’s Pro Line liquid liner so much that I line my eyes most days now. I used to hate doing this but with that product, it makes my life so much easier.

    -Matte Eyeshadows! I just love how natural and beautifully they blend. I’ve been loving MAC’s Quarry and Soft Brown e/s to blend my crease.

  26. Good synthetic blending brushes (eye) for some reason syntho sets never make a MAC 217 style brush. Finally found one from Royal & Langnickle
    Brushes are always my obsession though.

  27. Nesita

    It would have to be berry lipsticks for me. I’ve been wearing that color pretty much everytime I’ve worn make up for the last few weeks.

  28. Dinitchka

    Defo nail polish! I do my nails up to 3xs a week. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am wearing Revlon Cherries In The Snow (1 coat opaque) and on top 2 coats of OPI/Sephora It’s Real 18k. Very holiday-ish. I’m super excited for my New Years nails.

  29. Danielle

    For the longest time it was eye cream and coral or orange lipsticks. Lately it’s been cheek products and foundations!

  30. I am so obsess with Gold metallic eyeliner

  31. Cat G

    I’m obsessed with finding a good face primer that won’t cause my to break out, but it’s proving to be a long search. I think the other beauty related thing I’m obsessed with are different barrier techniques I’ve heard about to deal with fallout (I hardly ever have fallout, except for UD eyeshadows).

    • becca

      if you have money to spend try the hourglass veil mineral primer. It has helped to lessen my acne and works wonderfully for me!

      • Cat G

        Funnily enough, I just tried it out for the first time the other day as I had a sample! I’ll have to try it out more to see how my skin responds to it though :)

  32. I’ve been obsessed with OPI nail polishes and highlighters recently…I have got quite a good collection but I’m always on the look for the next HG that probably doesn’t exist!!!

  33. Dominique

    Definitely Laura Mercier Arabesque eyeshadow palette, I will have to order it online, I just love the pastel colours and I haven’t tried the brand yet ( not available here ).

  34. Those little wearable plastic & rubber nail polish removers. I heard about them here after complaining about how stubborn glitter polishes were. Christine linked a youtube vid & I bought some instantly on ebay. They are tiny miracles! 😀 Saved me from polishes that tend to stain my fingers, too! So they’re not just magic for glitter.

  35. becca

    light pink blushes and lipsticks.

  36. Mimi

    The entire skincare line called “Tatcha”. Get gorgeous, Geisha-like skin with this line. It is truly different than all the others. Try the sample set, you will fall in love with how your skin feels after just one application of Tatcha’s products. Made me give up my beloved Creme de la Mer!

  37. Clara

    Foundation. I’m on the search of my HG. Since September I probably tried more than 10. They don’t give samples, where I live, then it would have been more. But thankfully, there is a good return policy.
    Otherwise I was obsessed with Bobbi Brown. But it is diminishing since I wasn’t satisfied with her “long wearing” Foundation.

  38. VickyM

    Lipsticks, mostly high end. I have been obsessed with them since forever lol, actually the only beauty product I have in double digits, everything else is between 1 to 5 products of it, could be non existent also, like foundation or eyeliner (though I plan to buy eyeliner someday lol) .

  39. Monica!

    Highlighters and false eye lashes.
    Skincare wise, face oils, ie Rose hip oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, you name it!

  40. Lark

    Chanel and Guerlain. I broke down and spent the money on a few things and was astonished at the quality! Also UD; Since I heard they were sold I’ve bought some eye shadows in the sale bin at Old formula in now colors. Also amazing stuff!

    I’m coveting (as Chanels marketing says) the Xmas eye quad. Colors I will wear to the pan. And I’m going out this morning, the 26 th, for a Naked 2 palette. I fear new owners messing with stuff.

  41. t_zwiggy

    After being really tired of them for some time, I’m really getting into holographic nail polish again!

    I’ve recently started to get interested in a bit more advanced contouring.

  42. Brooke

    I’ve been obsessed with false lashes lately! I learned a new trick that makes applying a full strip much easier so I’ve been wearing them a lot more than usual! My favorite lashes are the Ardell lashes in the Demi Whispie style! Christine, which finely milled highlighters are your current favorites???!!! I’m in the market for a new one (:

  43. Nelia

    MAC Pink lipsticks and blushes

  44. haleii

    bronzeyy eye shadow bases with light champsgne eye shadow ontop and matte browns in the crease sounds weird but looks so good
    MAC vintage selection with stila kitten ontop then MAC era in the crease

  45. georgina

    BLUSH!!!! I can’t get enough

  46. Leticia

    This year I became obsessed with Lancome’s Rouge in Love Lipsticks and with getting the largest number of permanent MAC neutral eyeshadows I could before the prices go up again in January!

  47. Erin

    Nail polish of all shades and finishes. I never had much of a collection before this year. I especially like the unique shades from Rescue Beauty Lounge…I Google swatches all the time! Luckily my husband gave me a gift certificate for Christmas.

  48. Geneva

    Nail polish and nail art. I just purchased stamping plates from Bundle Monster and Konad. Can’t wait for them to show up so that I can start wearing the designs. I blame Pinterst.

  49. Alba

    Mac nude lipsticks, I just can’t get enough!

  50. Kara

    Eyebrow comb and gel. I had my brows plucked for the first time this year and have had it done a few times. I just love having shaped brows now. My sister told me it gets ‘addictive’ and she’s right in a way because when they grow back bushy, I cannot stand it. But she recently got me gel which keeps them in place which I know is going to be a staple product for me now.

  51. Faye

    Ditto for finely-milled luminizers…I want to be glowy but not sparkly. I bought the Chantecaille luminizer/highlighter and it is so pretty, even for normal work days (I just do a light c shape around my cheeks and eyes). I’d love to get a superfine sheen…like from a super-fine aerosol mist!