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Pop Cosmetics.
The colours and the packaging are so much fun, and they have some really innovative products that I just loved to play with.

MAC. Other than Clinique freebies I’d get here and there, MAC was the first real “luxury” makeup brand I got to try. I’ll never not love their stuff (even if the exclusive collections don’t always have the best contents).

Like many others, MAC was my gateway drug. Now that I have a little more experience under my belt I realize that while they’re still good, they aren’t the end all be all of make-up.

I don’t have any one brand I claim to especially love because I think different companies do different things especially well. If I were pressed to make a choice I’d probably go with Urban Decay – they really do make a fantastic eyeshadow and eyeliner and since I generally concentrate on my eyes, that’s important to me.

Lancome – it was/is my mother’s favorite makeup brand and what they had back in the “old country” (Belarus) when she was in her youth. I remembered she would talk about them all the time when I mentioned that I was interested in makeup and she did finally buy me their dual finish powder which kind of led me into falling in love with them.

That said, I feel your pain with MAC – it’s not that MAC made me fall in love with makeup, it’s that MAC – at the time (which was back in ’08) had so many mediums that others brands I was using didn’t. No one else had shadesticks or fluidlines or dazzleglasses or paint pots or anything like that. MAC let me play around, MAC kind of let me see that there was more to makeup than just neutrals and looking “pretty” that you could experiment with color and express yourself. *sigh* I’m in the same place, MAC still definitely has some gems in its collection but it isn’t my end-all be-all.

The first beauty brand I fell in love with was Dior. My aunt went on a trip to France and she bought me a red Dior lipstick. I thought it was such a sophisticated and glamorous beauty item. I didn’t even used the lipstick though. My mom took it from me and said only “sluts” and “tramps” wear such bright reds. I didn’t wear lipstick for a long time.

When I first got into makeup, I was really cheap and didn’t want to spend money on higher end cosmetics. I was like I will NEVER spend that much on makeup, so I was using mostly ELF products. I fell in love with MAC first on the high end scale and didn’t really use anything else for a while until I got my UD Naked palettes. After that I started using more UD products and now I love UD more than MAC! My favorite brands though, I’d say are WnW, NYX, MAC, UD, Milani, and Black Radiance. I don’t have much outside of those brands. I do want to give honorable mention to ELF though since that brand allowed me to experiment without breaking the bank. I do have some stuff still from ELF, but not nearly as much as I use to. Since it’s so cheap, I tossed a lot of what I had without giving a hoot, but I also gave away what I could.

Omg we’re exactly alike! I was about to write my answer, then I realize you took it away from me <3 From our first experiences with elf, to our love of urban decay, to our favorite brands, were identical!1 awesome

For me it probably was Bare Escentuals. I started using makeup fairly recently, in my early 30s and I was already using natural skin care, so I wanted to stick with cosmetics that didn’t use really bad chemicals in their makeup. Ever since they started their READY line, Bare Escentuals has become my second favorite brand, my first being Burberry Beauty (the only exception to my self-imposed rule for makeup). I certainly own a lot more Bare Escentuals products, but Burberry Beauty is my one true love :). That being said, Bare Escentuals products are amazing and I wish more people recognized what a gem this brand is.

It was MAC for me, too. I love many MAC products, and my collection is still largely MAC, but I don’t love the brand anymore. I honestly can’t say there is any brand I love. I like and use many. I feel like MAC got lazy…and cocky as f***. IDK. I just got totally turned off and stopped buying for a really long time. I want to love them again, definitely.

Aveda was the first brand I feel in love with (when I just wore makeup myself and didn’t do much on anyone else except friends for school dances, etc.). MAC was the brand that REALLY allowed me to fulfill all the creative ideas I had in my brain though.

It was pretty much MAC for me, too. Although I’ve liked makeup for as long as I can remember, it was around 2007-2008 that I really fell down into the makeup community rabbit hole! I still wish I had Femme-fi in Neo Sci Fi packaging, and the whole Alexander McQueen collection…bucket list material right there.

In terms of color cosmetics, I would have to say L’Oreal; they always seemed one step ahead when it came to eye products. To this day, I keep going back to Lineur Intense & Voluminous mascara. While I’ve gone on to try several other brands, I keep coming back to these, as well as pencil liners. There’s also something about the scent & taste of their lipstick, as well, that I really love.

As for foundation, it was always Max Factor. Every formulation I ever tried I fell in love with. Again, I tried others, but I kept coming back. A few years back, they were DC’d in the US, so unless I order from overseas or something, I’ll have to find something else (I’m still looking, though…).

HE was Lancome, but as of now, I’m not such a fan. The shadows just don’t seem as rich & pigmented as they did in the past. Now, I’m addicted to NARS & UD.

I would have to say Bobbi Brown–I started with her oil-free cream foundation and fell in love and then started experimenting with the other foundations, concealers, and finally eyeshadows, glosses, and blush. It still remains one of my favorite brands–Bobbi knows how to make timeless, wearable shades


The first makeup item I ever got (after doing loads of research!) was their Hypnose Drama mascara. Ahhh, I remember trying to decide between that one or YSL’s Faux Cils Volume Effet, and in the end, I chose Lancome’s! And I’m glad I did. It’s still my HG mascara to this day… after what, two years? 😀

MAC.I remember it was the Barbie Loves MAC collection. Then I got tired of the constant LE collections, purged my collection and moved on to other brands.

Urban Decay! They made me love makeup and want to learn more about it. Now that I own a lot of makeup I’m more selective about what I purchase but their eyeshadows are still my favorite.

For face products, I’ve recently gotten into Guerlain. I have the Cruel Gardenia meteorites from earlier this year as well as the Lingerie de Peau foundation. Both are awesome and make me want to try more of their products

Probably NARS or Illamasqua. I really really do love MAC though. They are a great brand. I ignore most of the limited edition products (I have only bought one limited edition product ever). I feel they take away from the brand instead of complement it (off topic, lol).

The first brand I fell in love with was MAC. It wasn’t the first brand I used, but MAC was the cause for my massive makeup collection. It started with their foundation,eyeshadow, and so on. I still love it, but I currently moved on. I don’t have a particular brand I’m sold to, but I do have a favorite product from each brand for different things such as face,eyes,etc.

Foundation:Lancome and MUFE
Eye shadow: Urban Decay
so on..lol

At the age of 16 I moved from drugstore to high end. My first love was Estee Lauder 😀 , and my first product from them was a lipstick from the crystal line, Crystal Pink 😛 I loved it and I loved the brand. Then I also started to use Lancome and then abandoned both and went to Dior, Guerlain and Chanel. My number one now is Chanel, followed by Guerlain and Dior. When I don´t have money I buy Mac instead lol. It´s been years since I don´t look at the Estee Lauder counter with interest, maybe I should go again I may find something nice…fond memories, awesome question.

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