Friday, August 9th, 2013

Choose or Lose

What type of makeup remover do you use?

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Thanks to JD for today’s question!

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46 thoughts on “What type of makeup remover do you use?

  1. I use coconut oil on my eyes– just gently rub and wait up to a minute before wiping off. I swear it’s improved my eyelash growth, too!

  2. It depends a lot on what I’m wearing. If it’s long-wearing foundation and waterproof mascara, I’ll use oil based. If I’ve gone with a lighter makeup (most days), I’ll use something like Bioderma or I’ll just use my foaming cleanser and it takes off everything.

  3. Cleansing oil for the most part since I usually wear pretty heavy makeup so I need it before I follow up with my skincare regime. If there’s any residue left I go ahead and use either cleansing water or another oil-based makeup remover on a cotton pad to get the excess off. I also have different cleansing oils that work better than others, like I would use a Skinfood or MAC cleansing oil for my heaviest of makeup since they’re stronger but Silk Naturals or Sasatinnie on days when I’m just wearing light makeup.

    If I’m super lazy and am not wearing too much waterproof/budge-proof makeup, I can usually go ahead and just use cleansing water or wipes.

  4. Nekona

    I use Koh Gen Do Spa Water. I can’t stand the feeling of heavy oils on my eyes. It takes a bit of work to remove everything, but I don’t get left feeling icky either.

  5. Coconut oil is the only makeup remover or cleanser I use unless my face feels over oiled, which is rare.

  6. GraceC

    I like to use wipes on days where I’m lazy. But usually I will use my Shu Uemura cleansing oil (the pink one), after I will go back and use my clarasonic and my clinique cleanser.

  7. Sandra

    Other – all of the above! I don’t have one favorite. I typically use oil-based on my eyes and a wipe on my face, but if my eyes are irritated or I don’t want oil residue, I’ll use water-based or a cream.

  8. screamer77

    I only use oils (avocado, coconut, sweet almond etc.) They’re cheaper and more effective.
    Sometimes I’ll use them with wipes to remove my makeup faster.

  9. Usually I use a makeup-remover wipe then follow it up with a foam cleanser for my face, but I always use an oil-based remover for my eyes.

  10. Manuela

    Bioderma all the way.

  11. Maria

    I use plain old coconut oil! Sometimes EVOO or Jojoba if I’ve run out.

  12. Cindy

    Like many people, I was introduced to Nuxe by beauty bloggers who love the lip balm. Now I faithfully use Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire as my go-to. The fact that it’s micellar means that each molecule has a hydrophilic end and a lipophilic end, one that is water based and one oil. It’s really the best of both worlds, takes off everything, and is gentle enough for my sensitive, 40+ skin that’s been through 3 rounds of accutane.


  13. Smurf

    Baby wipe & Purpose face wash.

  14. Cat G

    I use different kinds depending on my makeup. For heavy duty, I use coconut oil because it takes off everything with ease. I am a huge fan of Clinique makeup removers too.

  15. I don´t need anything but my Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. It wipes away my waterproof mascara and everything else. Love it!


  16. TrishB

    Neutrogena oil-free in the blue bottle and Albolene. Loved Bioderma Sensibio until I realized it was causing my odd welts and eczema. Boo! I have no idea what I was allergic to in the Sensibio, since it only has something like 12 ingredients. Oh and yes, my skin is what I call stupidly sensitive – what works for most may not work for me and vice versa. 20 years of rosacea will do that for you. Next step, patch testing at the allergist.

  17. I use Bioderma every single day. I love it! I’m running out of it but I’m trying to somewhat save it until my trip to France.

  18. Linda

    Philosophy Purity

  19. stef b

    I love Neutrogena Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. i can put it on with my fingers and massage it in instead of using a cotton pad or wipe which would irritate my skin. i just rinse off with water then wash my face like normal.

  20. I use a makeup remover wipe for my face makeup, then cleanse. As for eye makeup, I generally stick to waterproof mascara formulations so I need an oil based exclusively for my eyes. This generally means Clinique’s Take the Day Off or MAC’s cleansing oil. Although I’ve seen MAC’s cleansing oil cut through all of my face makeup like acid, but I generally don’t like wasting it since it’s rather expensive.

  21. Mary

    I used the Body Shop’s camomile eye make up remover, the liquid (not gel) one, however I see that their packaging and price has changed recently here in Canada, so I’m unsure if the formula has as well. I like it because its non-oily and takes off waterproof mascara very gently, and also I had worked out that the price point was very advantageous. Not sure if that is still the case with the newer price point, but I usually get it during those frequent deals they have. To wash my face, I have been using First Aid Beauty’s cleanser (a very underrated line!) and some drug store acne wash for recent breakout’s. Tried the very pricey line Nude and their cleansing oil but it really left behind a considerable amount of foundation on my face. I don’t know if other cleansing oils are similar. Anyone else have any experience with the Nude line?

  22. Chelsea

    Bioderma Crealine Cleansing water! Takes everything off in a snap, and is gentle enough for my extremely reactive skin, but gets the job done (even waterproof mascara).

  23. Tyler

    I use milk, balm or oil. All of them are emollient-based. Never use sulfate-based cleansers (usually foaming)

  24. Rocio

    Philosophy Purity made Simple for years now and I love it. I have wonder with other face cleanser and always come back to Philosophy.

  25. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I use two different products depending on what I’m doing next. I like the blue L’Oreal, non-greasy and gentle- I have many sensitivities. At the end of the day, I use Sephora Cleaning Oil (green bottle) to dissolve everything then follow with Clinique cleanser for sensitive skin or Neutrogena Naturals cleanser. I use a Clarisonic Mia with the deep poor cleanser brush about every other day.
    I never use waterproof mascara so I don;t know how this would work with that.

  26. Smidge

    I use a water and silicone suspension you shake up, so water-ish based?

  27. A mix of everything, but mainly micellar waters! I found Marcelle’s Essentials Cleansing Water a year or two ago (when it launched) & haven’t looked back since 😉

  28. water based – bioderma all the way!

  29. Kristen

    Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse. It’s an oil based makeup remover that breaks down everything. When I travel, I take wipes, but for everyday, I use that.

  30. Veronica

    I use an oil-based or similar for my eye makeup and an aqeous solution for my face. I generally avoid heavy duty, long-wear foundation, so it’s not a big issue to keep an oil based one on hand for the face. Some good scrubbing will generally getting anything heavy off.

  31. Kimberly

    Just straight up coconut oil. It’s very good for your skin.

  32. I use Sweet Almond Oil to remove heavy or waterproof makeup. For light makeup I still use oil to swipe off the eye shadow and my regular face cleanser for the rest.

  33. Jaz

    usually just a makeup remover wipe. Somedays I also use a gel based formula, like Maybelline

  34. Nicole

    Currently I use a cream-based remover, to be exactly the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. It removes my make up quick, exvoliates a little and my skin feels clean afterwards.

    Before that I used the MAC Cleansing Oil, which removes my makeup pretty well.

  35. Noxzema. I’m 29 and I’ve used it since I was 12 or 13. It’s been the only consistent product that cleans my skin and doesn’t leave it dry, plus it helps with breakouts.

  36. Lydia

    I do like cleansing oils. However, recently, for my eyes I’ve been using something called Eye-Scrub. I’ve been really enjoying the ease of it.

  37. April

    Bioderma all the way baby! Best stuff out there!!!

  38. Khalilah

    Oil based +/- regular bha cleanser with my clarisonic. I love Clinique Take The Day Off Balm:)))

  39. michelle

    Koh Gen Doh is a miracle worker to me! I got it in my Glossybox over a year ago, and it literally removes everything for me. Even better, when my eyes are irritated, it calms them.

  40. Tatiana

    I use Maybelline’s oil-based Expert Eyes 2 in 1 make up remover to remove waterproof make up from my eyes and Yves Rocher’s Derma-soothing cleansing milk to take off make up from my face. It works pretty well.

  41. Meiya

    I use Ponds Cucumber Cleanser (so, cold cream) to remove all makeup, using damp tissues to wipe it off, and a warm washcloth. I then follow that up with a moisturizing cleanser to wash the face – lately Zinn Beauty Facial Cleansing Milk.

  42. I really love the Paula’s Choice eye makeup remover. It’s a dual phase and it doesn’t irritate my eyes or my contacts.

  43. Anne

    I’ve used grapeseed oil from Trader Joe’s, and it’s as effective and efficient as any makeup remover I’ve ever tried. I have oily skin, and I read somewhere that oils are actually good for it. I don’t know whether that’s true, but it certainly hasn’t made me break out or become oilier.

    On hot summer days, I like the luxury of wipes–they’re so cooling. I’m using Clean & Clear right now.

  44. Amanda Erp

    I use Skin Food’s Milk Shake Point Make up Remover 😀 It smells amazing and fresh. I love using it. :) I also use some non-oil based Mary Kay remover.

  45. Robin Cali

    I have combo skin that is more oily during the summer and more dry during the winter, and I find Citrus Clear’s Sensitive Wash works great for me year round. The Citrus Clear Sensitive works well to dissolve my makeup and clean my skin. I use it in conjunction with their moisturizer since its light. With those two products, my skin has never been better!