Friday, January 13th, 2012

Choose or Lose

What type of eyeliner do you prefer?

  • Gel/Cream (41%, 1,734 Votes)
  • Pencil (32%, 1,319 Votes)
  • Liquid (22%, 934 Votes)
  • Powder (4%, 177 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,184

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Caroline for today’s poll!

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22 thoughts on “What type of eyeliner do you prefer?

  1. I feel like each kind of eyeliner has their use. So I equally prefer each type, when used for that specific purpose. Pencil liners: great for waterline, tightlining, and lower lash line. Powder is great for a really subtle line, liquid is great for a more defined, dramatic look. I love them all, but I’m kinda an eyeliner fiend.

    I don’t really have the hang of cream/gel liners though, but I’m practicing.

    • Lark

      It shouldn’t be that hard; it’s about the right brush. Right one for you- the slanted one that has become the Official Brush Of Fluidline I can’t use to save my life. Mine looks like a lip brush, three inches long and a fat round head. Works for me perfectly! Old School cosmetology supplier had this, as an eyeliner brush. So experimenting might help.
      Good tools make good make up; but the right tools for you make your make up good. People selling brushes never mention that part, lol.

  2. Chelsea

    This just made me realise how much I love eyeliner! It was a really tough call, as each had it’s purpose.. I chose pencil because I finish it quick and easy to apply, I’ve found some wonderful formulas that are a pleasure to use and the range of colours is fabulous..
    I do, however, find a gel/cream liner.. is a day-to-day must, long lasting and controlled application.
    I love how shiny and black liquid liners are, but unfortunately they often make my eyes sore or watery.
    And power (using eyeshadow) is just great when you want subtle definition! Actually, I think eyeliner may just be my favourite thing!

  3. Marian

    I love them all!

  4. For everyday, daytime looks, I use a brown pencil. Sometimes a lighter colored cream. For nighttime, performing, or cat-eye looks, a liquid liner.

    So I guess it just depends on what I’m needing.

  5. I’m slowly developing a real appreciation for gel eyeliners. I still like pencils for some things, but gels combine the brush application of liner with a formula that’s more like pencil (easier to work with).

    But I have to say, I’m also learning that with the right brush (and sometimes a fixative to keep it on all day), lining with eyeshadow can be gorgeous.

  6. Emily

    I use gel/ cream on my eyelid, but I set it with a power shadow to increase the lasting power. Sometimes I use a creamy pencil, also set with shadow, on my waterline.

  7. Gel in either a pencil or pot forms I find works the best for me. ^_^

  8. Em

    Gel is my favorite type of liner because I use it to tightline my upper lash line, I use it on my waterline(s), and I use it on my upper lashline and it stays put. No matter where I place it, I know that liner will be there at the end of the day. That said, pencils are sometimes faster because they don’t require a brush and can be carried in your bag if you want to add liner later on in the day. Pencils also work well as bases for eyeshadows.

  9. Pia

    cake eye liner! been using laura mercier’s for a while now.

  10. I like gel/cream for my upper lashline, and pencil for my waterline.

  11. Liz

    I have and use them all, haha – I guess I’m a bit of an eyeliner addict. I use pencil for lower lashline/tightlining, powder for more subtle daytime looks, cream liners for more dramatic winged liner, and felt-tipped liquid liners for dramatic-look-but-in-a-hurry days.

  12. Cake Eyeliner from Face Stockholm- Navy-

  13. Adelita

    Hmmm… looks like I’m a minority here. Liquid liners (the waterproof one) are by far the most long-wearing on my very oily-lids & watery-eyes, it usually outperformed gel or pencil liners which labeled as a waterproof product as well, therefore I vote for liquid!

  14. Melissa

    Although I enjoy the look of cream and liquid liner, pencil liner is better since I don’t have the steadiest hand. Plus, a good pencil liner can double as waterproof eyeshadow.

  15. Lark

    I use all of these; so it’s a tough question. But having found a perfect brush for Fluidline it’s #1 as far as great look goes. MAC Pearlglide and UD pencils will do a wonderful pop of color too, which I often like with a fat stripe of liner.

    But gel with the right brush? Nothing compares!

  16. Ale

    I use Mac Carbon eyeshadow as an eyeliner by using a wet slanted brush and I love it =). It’s so easy to do, good for beginners.

  17. If I had to choose one, I would say gel/cream liners. They are amazing on my waterline and get the job done everywhere else, though I do find them the trickiest to work with.
    That being said, there’s nothing quite like the softness and forgiveness of powder.

  18. M.

    I really like to use shadow as smudgy liner. Liquid when I’m actually trying to tightline, though.

  19. Selena

    I used to use only Tarte/MAC pot liners, but recently discovered Laura Mercier’s Caviar liners. I guess you would call them cake liners. They are so easy to control, smooth, last until I remove them, and look more natural, no shine.

  20. Isabela

    I definetely prefer to use a pencil cause it’s so much faster and easier. But I think the look from creanm/gel liner is the most precise and looks prettier.