Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What type of beauty product do you buy the most of? Are you always adding new eyeshadows? Maybe you’re a gloss fiend?

Temptalia's AnswerRed lipsticks. I don’t know why – it takes forever to even get through a single tube of red lipstick!

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113 thoughts on “What type of beauty product do you buy the most of?

  1. It used to be lipstick but for the past year I’ve just been buying a bunch of eyeshadow, mainly palettes. So that makes it add up.

  2. BLUSH! You always only need so little at a time, and I don’t wear makeup every day, so it will take me forever to finish even one. But I still buy loads and loads of it.

  3. Emily

    I’m a lipstick addict… mainly bright colors that I will not wear often enough to justify the price but they are my obsession nonetheless :)

  4. ATM it is bronzers but I swap all the time

    I tend to buy in groups ie; all eyeshadows or all lipsticks etc

  5. blush! and nail polish 😛

  6. hot pink lipsticks & glosses! well for lip products!
    But in general Nail polish

  7. Mascaras. I really have to control myself when it comes to buying them, or else I end up with too many and barely get half way through when they get tossed out. I impose a limit of 10 at one time and rotate through my collection every day, so they get equal use. I’m currently under my limit ftw.

    • Linda

      Might be best that instead of rotating though them everyday using one up at a time, just for hygine reasons, from the minute you open them and use them once germs and bacteria get in.

  8. Lipsticks!!! I have so many! In the end my friends and family know that they can come by and usually get a new lippie!

  9. sam

    i’d say eyeshadows in general but recently it’s becoming concealer and blush!

  10. Kelly

    Brown eyeshadows and black eyeliners (all sorts- liquids, gel, pencils eyc), can’t get enough! I’m forever on the hunt for that perfect one that will love.

  11. Staci

    Nail polish…hands down!

  12. Erin Franzen

    I keep buying eye shadows. I prefer pallets just so I can get as many at once. In the end, I always fall back on purple smokey eye for every single occasion…

  13. Nora

    Lipsticks! Especially bright, hot pinks and classic reds.

  14. divinem (Melissa)

    Ugh. Not sure which tops out as #1. These are my repeated weaknesses:

    – Facial Highlighters
    – Red nail polish
    – Eyeshadow palettes

  15. Veronica

    Lipsticks in general, but especially deep reds and rubies. Enough that I’ll probably never get through all of them.

    Perhaps we need to form a support group?

  16. Haha, I totally have the same thing going on! I just love those pretty deep shades of reds and keep buying them, but when it comes down to it, I’m actually too scared to wear it :(

  17. Eyeshadows. I’m guilty. I think pretty much 80% of my makeup collection is eyeshadows, and I just rotate the same blushes and lipsticks!!

  18. Makaegan

    Eyeshadows, without a doubt. Mostly purples, greens and neutral colors. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gone shopping without getting some kind of eyeshadow. It’s sad :)

  19. Yumi

    I’m a blush and nude lippie fiend :/

  20. Kenzie

    Cheek products of any kind. Blushes, bronzers and I can never pass up a new highlighter…

  21. 1. Lipstick (They’re my obssession!)
    2. Powder Blushes (I look pale without a blush on)
    3. Mascara (It’s like a habit ever since college days..)

  22. Lizzi

    Limited edition lipsticks from MAC

  23. Kelly

    Eye shadow and lip gloss. Its funny because I have more eye shadow than I could ever use and I HATE wearing things on my lips. /shrug

  24. Emily

    Coral lipsticks!

  25. Esther

    if nail polish counts, I’ll go with that. I have a problem. I have a handful of colors that I use all the time, and most of the others rarely get touched.
    I used to hoard eyeliner like no other. I’d use it all, so it was okay, but at one point, I think I had, like, 15 or 20 colors. if it was sold at a cheap price point (I was in junior high at the time), I had it. I was so proud of that collection hahah

  26. Carly

    ALWAYS buying new eyeshadows… i used to be super into bronzes and golds, but now im totally into taupes! i love having options :)

  27. Alyssa

    Red, bright pink or deep purple lipsticks. It started out because I’m not too skilled with eyeshadows so I fell back on lipsticks for makeup drama, but now it’s developed into a compulsion

  28. Red lipsticks. I hear you, Christine. I think it might be because it always looks so appealing in the packaging. >.<

  29. Hannah

    Cheek products. Blushes, MSF’s, Beauty Powders, Highlighters. The shallow tub that holds cheek products in the vanity is overflowing. I always tell myself no more cheek products but always seem to find one that I *need*. It’s a problem.

  30. Katrina King

    Never enough eyeshadows!

  31. I’m always on the hunt for nude and MLBB lipsticks. I try to justify it by saying to myself that I’ll use it, which I do, but I still have too many!

  32. stacey

    eyeshadows…whenever a new brand hits, I scout out to see the new items.

  33. Gala

    Eyeliners, I keep buying and buying! all colors and forumals – gels, pencils, liquids.

  34. Overall category, lipsticks (used to be eyeshadows so now I have a TON and rarely use most of them T_T). Definitely agree on the red lipsticks I am ADDICTED. Can’t even imagine the day I’ll use one up though! My favorites are WnW Red Velvet and Stoplight Red matte lipsticks, I bought Chanel Dragon when I found out it was DC but I still like the WnWs better because Dragon is a bit too dark for my taste. I like my reds bright and retro! :)

  35. malia

    Eyeshadow. Without a doubt. Sometimes singles but I also have a weakness for nice e/s palettes. :)

  36. Becca

    blush!! I’m a total blush whore! I also buy lots of eyeshadow palettes. Thiose are my two favourite things cosmetic wise :)

  37. renee

    i’m obsessed with buying new blushes! which is kind of unfortunate, as it takes me forever to even hit pan on them lol. but i just love the way they brighten up my face!

  38. Sara Erbez

    Hi, I’m really trying to find an inexpensive foundation that works well for my oily skin! Ive been using the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15, and while its a great foundation, the price isnt ideal! Ive heard alot of good things for the Revlon Colorstay as well as the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. Each of my friends has one and they say they’re great but in some reviews mention some cons to think about! I need something that will last me through the day without transferring as a result of my oily face! Also, I would prefer a drugstore foundation :) thanks so much!

  39. Zsuzsi

    eyeshadow… what else? :) or if it counts – lip balm

  40. Lip gloss. I am totally addicted to lip gloss! I can’t stop buying it – it always comes in a cute bottle, it’s either sparkly or a gorgeous bold color and it’s small. The plus side? My lips always look fabulous!

  41. Eyeshadows!
    It’s easier to justify purchasing powder products because they don’t expire nearly as fast as cream or liquid products. If I didn’t worry about that I’d probably purchase all-kinds of fantastic colours of lipsticks!

  42. Libby

    Eyeliner! I have so many of them it is completely ridiculous but I keep buying more because I love them and I love having a variety of colors to choose from :)

  43. CatherineM

    Brown and taupe eyeshadows, I have an embarrassing amount of them. Even if I stopped buying it would take me at least a couple of years to finish them.

  44. kasiaj85

    Ooooh same here! I have quite a lot of red lipsticks, I don’t know why, I do wear them on a daily basis, it’s just that I never have enough of them :) haha

  45. Mervelin

    I ever buy Lipsticks i love them !

  46. Ana G.

    Neutral lipsticks. Because I work in construction sites, I can t really wear any bright lip colors but I still like to wear lipstick.Just because we work around men, doesn t mean we have to become one :-)

  47. Dominique

    Lipsticks ? Blushs ? Eyeshadows ? Fragrances ? Body and face care ? All of these in fact.

  48. Blushes and eyeshadow

  49. Dinitchka

    Primers! Face and eye. I have yet to find the ONE :(

  50. Yazmin

    lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushers. there are products that i have yet to use despite buying them nearly a year ago

  51. Diana

    If a perfume can be considered a beauty product…)) Loove my collection)

  52. heidi

    Blushes. In general but also specifically matte cooltoned pink. Blushes are my weakness and I think the truth is that I have never finished one. But I think I’m on the constant search for the perfect matte pink. The market is saturated with shimmery peachypinks but a matte pink blush I am forever on the hunt for.

  53. Warm-toned neutral eyeshadows and purple nail polishes! I just don’t feel I can ever have enough of them!

  54. Nicole

    Definately powder eyeshadows. I probebly on about 100 different ones.

  55. Sydney

    Bright pink lipstick. I can only wear one shade at a time, so how many minute variations do I really need?

    Also, matte eyeshadow.

  56. Mariella

    For me, it’s definitely eye shadows. I am such a sucker for a new shadow or shadow palette. Lipsticks give me a lift, and a new, flattering blush is fun but you’re so limited with the colour ranges for both of those products. But eye shadows – the possibilities are almost limitless (even though 90% of my purchases are neutrals!).

  57. PJ

    Looking at my current makeup assortment, I would have to say eyeliners. (when did I get all of these??) Whenever I see a unique color or formula or set of them, I just MUST snap it up! I used to hoard more shadows and lipsticks, but have become more choosy in the past year– and more obsessed with skincare.

  58. Raylena

    I am constantly adding bright pink and nude lipsticks to my makeup collection! I am practical with everything else, but lipsticks I tend to hoard lol. I have over 60 mac ones alone and they are all alike and dupes! I need to quit but I can’t stop, I just love em:)

  59. Kristie

    Unhealthy addiction to blush! Just got Hervana yesterday :)

  60. Hilary♥

    Probably concealer because I have dark circles and can’t go out without having them all nicely covered up.

  61. bxboricua

    eyeliner, pencil and gel

  62. TygerKitty

    eye shadow by a long shot!

  63. Foundation definitely. I spend my life trying to find the perfect colour and cover!

  64. cecy

    haha…same with you, lipstick and lipgloss

  65. Joanna

    For me, it’s eyeshadows.

    My weakness is Guerlain eyeshadow quads. I have all of the old design ones, including the limited editions, and I’m working on getting all of the new ones that were released in fall 2011.

  66. Nail polish! I have so man. I feel like I can justify the cost because it doesn’t go bad. If it gets goopy, just add some Seche Restore and it’s like new!

  67. Ale

    Eyeshadows!! There always seems to be a color I don’t have no matter how many I buy hahaha.

  68. Helen

    Lipsticks – I always gravitate towards similar if not the same color I have from each brand!

  69. joyce

    Sheer lipsticks and tinted lip balms, especially in plummy/berry/red shades. It’s so hard for me to resist buying them, even when I know they’re dupes for colors I already own!

  70. Natalia

    A tie for both Concealer and Foundation. They are my favorite makeup items to purchase because they make such a huge difference in your look.

  71. Corliss


  72. L

    Blue nail polish :-)

  73. Eyeshadow! We can never have enough colors in our life, can we? =D

  74. Amy

    For me, I’m most tempted by eyeshadows and lipglosses. For a long time I had like one blush and only a tiny handful of lipsticks (all left over from my brief foray as a Mary Kay lady a long time ago) – but many glosses and shadows. Recently I’ve bought several blushes and lipsticks to add some variety, but still it’s very difficult to pass up fun eyeshadows and shimmery glosses!

  75. Im a huge eye shadow fan so eye shadows are the things I always buy the most of :)

  76. Mimi

    Lately, any product that will make the skin flawless. Highlighters, bronzers, foundation…etc…

    does skincare count as beauty products? because i swear because of makeup looks flawless!!!!

  77. Ela

    1. Nailpolish – I have over 150 nailpolishes. I do switch colors every four days, though, so most of them have been used. I probably have ten that I’ve yet to open. Reds, purples and pinks are the ones I gravitate towards the most.

    2. Eyeshadow – I have way too many neutrals and should focus more on wearing bolder eyeshadow colors. This collection is not as huge as my nailpolish one but I usually wear eyeshadow everyday.

    3. Lipstick – It’s not a huge collection but I have way too many! Specially taking in consideration that I hardly wear something on my lips besides lip balm. I also have way too many red lipsticks if you take in consideration that I never had the courage to leave the house with one on.

  78. Isabel

    Concealers, powder bases or facial powders and blushes. I’m a face-makeup addict and always looking for the perfect concealer.

  79. Friederike

    For me its eyeshadow, I have way too many taupe eyeshadows, however, whenever I see a new one I just have to have it :)

  80. Cathee T.

    I never used to wear lipstick, but lately I’ve been obsessed. Right now I also have 12 lip balms in rotation… I’m a lip balm addict.

  81. Jen

    Nail polish. I’m a total addict. Closely followed by pink lipgloss.

  82. Def. eyeshadows! Particularly purples, greens and blues. Though I’m pretty bad for all categories!

  83. Leenie

    Eyeshadows hands down, but my lip products are a close runner up

  84. Joan

    I need help. I’m obsessed with it all…..lipstick, especially reds & nudes, eyeshadow (8 full MAC 15-shadow palettes), MSFs, blush, nail polish. I JUST LOVE IT ALLLLLLLLLLL

  85. Eyeshadows, singles and palettes!

  86. Debbie

    pinky-nude lipsticks and foundation.. omg my weakness.. i just raided the mac naturally collection for more lipsticks when most are dupes of what I already have ><… addiction!!!

  87. artemis


  88. Danielle

    Nail polish for sure! Huuuuuge polish addiction!

  89. MAChostage

    Eyeshadows, hands down!

  90. Sally

    Eyeshadow! I have like 75 MAC eyeshadows at last count plus the Naked Palette, TheBalm Shady Lady Vol. 1, 2 MAC palettes, and numerous other loose shadows/pigments. Its a problem, I know this, haha!

  91. Quinctia

    Purple nail polishes, glitter nail polishes, Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, teal eyeliner (I don’t even know how that got started, I gravitate towards it), and sparkly lipgloss when I don’t even wear lipgloss that often.

  92. Maria Januária

    Mascara!! I looooove them. I just can’t get enough…

  93. Anna

    I go through phases… Now I’m buying a lot of eye shadows (mainly palettes). Before- blush phase, lipstick and the last I can remember was nail polish phase :)

  94. Joanna Shen

    I think it would be eyeshadow and skincare and haircare products.

  95. Vic

    Lipstick, Blushes, and Highlighters!!! This blog doesn’t make it any easier to quell my obsession. If it looks good on Christine, or if she recommends it, I at least have to swatch it the counter. Sadly, most things I end up actually purchasing. I would have to say, I am partial to red-orange lipsticks and cant pass on a good one (even did research to find out what color Kourtney Kardashian wears all the time)

  96. Jenny

    Black eyeliner in any form – gel, liquid, or pencil. It’s a good thing I wear black eyeliner everyday otherwise I’ll never use it all up :)

  97. Xero

    I have a bunch of eyeshadows, more than I can use. Eyeshadows are my favorite. I’ve slowed down on buying them though, because I feel like I have every shade I could possibly want and I try to avoid buying dupes. Lately I’ve been buying more lipsticks, and for some reason even blush (which is strange because I rarely ever wear any, it makes me feel like a clown). I guess I just can’t cut down on my makeup spending…even if I feel like I have everything I could ever need, I would just buy things I don’t need. =/

  98. Safyre

    Eyeshadow and gloss are my worst offenders. Though last year I’ve kind of dwindled my buying, for the most part, to colors that are really unique or I’d use all the time. I think it’s time for me to go on a project pan before my collection gets REALLY out of hand though 😛

  99. Ruth

    Coral lipsticks & glosses.