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LOL! I caught a couple of episodes last night, actually, and caught this exchange:

“What’s wrong with her face?”
“She’s not wearing makeup.”
“Oooh… Is that a new thing?”

Once Upon A Time for sure! Lots of different characters and styles to use, and there could be some really cool sets based on the fairytale/Storybrooke alternatives.

Yes! they could do snow and the evil queen and a lot of the female characters looks it would be great!

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Either My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Star Trek Voyager, or Sailor Moon.
MLP has obvious color palettes they could do, Voyager or any Trek could have some fun colors and I’d adore seeing some Borg-inspired Metallics. Sailor Moon could have pretty and fun girly looks!

If you haven’t, check out Cora’s (Vintage or Tacky) series on Sailor Moon. I loved them, + I’m too old to have even heard of SM before. Seriously, a great series.

RuPaul’s Drag Race; can you just imagine the quality/pigmentation of the products, and the fact every contestant is so diverse, there would be something for *everyone*!

The Five; Dana Perrino for cheek/face products, Andrea Tantaros for eyes, & Kimberly Guilfoyle for lips.

Degrassi: The Next Generation; this would just be a killer money-maker…

Real Housewives/New Jersey; each of the women have such definitive styles, and there could be a full collection for each one. I would imagine this could actually be done for all the “Housewives” series, which would add even more diversity/variety.

Mob Wives; for the same reasons as “Housewives”.

Can you tell I watch entirely way too much reality TV?

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I’d LOVE a Buffy collection; it’s my favourite show ever. That said, I can think of other shows that really lend themselves well to make-up collections … I can picture a really vibrant Pushing Daisies collection, for instance.

Game of Thrones!!! All the different lands and kingdoms could have different makeup themes and I think it would be really cool!

Walking dead, Game of thrones or Archer. I would have also loved Urban Decay to do a True Blood collection since I wasn’t too keen on the Tarte one.

Mad Men. That makeup…back to the ’60s. Any ’60 TV show.
Charlies Angels….loved that hair! And that makeup was so ’70s….all fluff.
That Girl. Rhoda. Mary Tyler Moore Show. Brady Bunch….”Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”
The Munsters and The Addams Family. Ann Sothern Show. I love Lucy.
Yep…they are all better than these Reality Shows …innovative makeup….no fake boobs.
Yep…they are all grandma shows but far so entertaining and everyone wanted to look like either Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor (the tasteful version Kim Kardashian).

I agree those shows were *all* better than what we have now (although reality shows are a bit of a “guilty pleasure”, LOL), but I wonder how they would sell in a mass market. My initial thoughts for this question were Addams Family & The Munsters, but then I decided to answer with a show that was “relevant” to today’s market.

The Addams Family is definitely relevant to todays market, I´m not sure if little children know about it but I´m 23 and I love it and all my classmates know about this show, and I´m not even from the USA so that one could be relevant, many of the others I have never heard about though…

You can type the names of those shows and find them under “Wikipedia”. This was around woman’s liberation era. They were the “It Girls” during that time. Short mini skirts. Dark eye makeup. Bangs. Sexy, but not everything hanging out……well, in any case…not Charlies Angels…they all went braless running to catch a thief…but they had the glossy mane and glossy lips and profound blush. I was less than 10 years old when I watched them and wish I carried their charisma.

I somehow missed that you were a BtVS fan! YAY! Right now I’d love to see a collection based off of Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries. (so predictable, I know!)

Sex and the City!!! A set of items for Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte! I would buy everything!

Carrie: maybe neutrals with lots of highlighting products. Creamy products and bronzers.

Samantha: orange lipsticks, smokey eyes, and bold colors!

Miranda: red red red! I would love to see different shades of red and neutral browns on the eyes. Maybe peach tone blushes.

Charlotte: dainty pinks and pastels. Pink blushes with pinky nail polishes.

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The Walking Dead? Just kidding. 🙂

Game of Thrones. Danerys Targaryen (The Dragon Palette), Cersei Lannister (The Regal Palette), Arya Stark (The Strong Palette), Sansa Stark (The Soft Palette)… So many women with so many possible color themes (I’m probably missing a few, but it’s 4am and my brain isn’t fully engaged yet).

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Spooks/MI-5! Not really a show where makeup was in the forefront but I loved how Hermione Norris (Ros) looked in quite a few episodes and was always trying to figure out what eye shadow(s) she was wearing! I’m not a “bronzer” person but there was one particular episode where she looked like a bronzed goddess. My best friend, who is also a fan of the show, would laugh when I would say “Gee, I’d like to be like Ros and do THAT to anyone who was bothering me” (usually after she’d floored some goon who was following her and warned him “not to do that again or I won’t be so nice the next time”)

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