Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What tips do you have for preventing eyeshadow fall out? What works for you?

Temptalia's AnswerStickier bases (think creamier for longer) can help, using a makeup sealing or adhesive product (like MAC Mixing Medium), as well as patting and packing the product on, rather than sweeping–then use a separate brush to blend.

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18 thoughts on “What tips do you have for preventing eyeshadow fall out?

  1. Two words: Pixie Epoxy.

    • Agree. Nothing does it better. Actually Pixy Epoxy works better with the Sugar Pill products than Fyrinnae’s own, but I like them both.

  2. I would definitely recommend using either a primer (Too faced eye shadown insurance) or something such as concealer. This tends to keep it in place and prevents it from creasing and coming off!

    And always do your eye make up first!

  3. heidi

    Use a base that’s sticky, use the product wet, apply with your fingers rather than a brush, if you do use a brush use a flat stiff one like a concealer brush, do your foundation after, use tape to remove what has fallen or catch on a tissue.

  4. Dust a generous amount of loose powder on the top of your cheeks or hold a tissue below your eyes to catch fallout. Afterwards, dust the loose powder off before doing your foundation. When you know you’re dealing with eyeshadows that are prone to fallout, always keep the rest of your face at the end. Another unorthodox trick is using scotch tape to remove the fallout. It actually works pretty well too!

  5. Xero

    I think I must have miracle eyes, since I rarely ever have problems with creasing, fading or fall-out, even with drugstore brands. The only eyeshadows that I’ve had fall out issues with are the Revlon Perle eyeshadows. One thing I do though, is that if I know an eyeshadow is really glittery, I’ll use my Wet n Wild stick concealer instead of my ELF primer, since it’s stickier. (It’s rubbish as a concealer, but it’s a decent primer.)

    Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy makes eyeshadow application completely painless even with horrible glitter bombs, but I haven’t had it long enough to test how it wears throughout the day. I’m sure more than enough people have already raved about it, though!

  6. Leah

    Not saturating my brush with too much color and putting powder under my eyes helps if fall out does happen.

  7. Mariella

    2 things – a special glitter applicator that Sephora makes (but, for some reason, you can’t see on their website) and POST IT NOTES!!! Really and truly! I learned about Post-its from a youtube video – cut a bit of a curve in the adhesive side so it will fit under your eye but leave enough adhesive so it will stick (you can dab it on the back of your hand a few times if the adhesive pulls too much for your liking). As for keeping the glitter in place while wearing shadows (Maui Wowie comes to mind), Too Faced’s Glitter Glue isn’t bad though it can make it a bit difficult to blend shadows so I only put it where I’ll be putting the glittery shadow. Tapping off excess also helps.

  8. M.

    Not loading the brush up too much – it’s better to have to go over it twice than to have to blot little pigment particles off my face. I also do my eye makeup first so that I don’t have to touch up or redo concealer/blush/whatever if there is fallout.

  9. I love using Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy whenever I wear shimmery/glittery shades or colorful shades. It is a great slightly tacky base that prevents fall out and makes the color more true. I definitely agree with patting colors on and blending as little as possible. Also tapping the brush before applying helps reduce fallout

  10. Serena

    I always apply my eye makeup before I do the rest of my face so if there is fall out, it’s easier to clean up and I won’t have to destroy my already-done foundation, concealer, etc.

  11. Miss J

    I typically do eye makeup before face makeup. The only time I do eye makeup after foundation is when I won’t be wearing much on the eyes. To prevent fall out, though, I use a stickier base or a mixing medium. Also, I don’t load too much shadow on my brushes, and I make sure to press the color in the bristles or tap off the excess powder. To clean up, I just use a bit of makeup remover or I go over with a little concealer or added foundation, or I’ll grab translucent powder to brush it away.

  12. I agree with using a sticky base and patting on eye shadow rather than sweeping it around with a brush.
    However I find that a lot of the time fallout just can’t be prevented – that’s why you should be applying base and concealer after doing the eye make-up, though I struggle to blend in concealer properly if I’ve got shadow or eye liner on my bottom lash line.
    If I can’t prevent it I’ll hold a tissue under my eye with a free hand or apply some translucent loose powder under my eyes beforehand, which collects all the fallout and can then be swiped away afterwards.

  13. cynthia neal

    How can any woman have ‘too’ much makeup? That would be an impossibility!
    And going ‘au natural’ for a month, that also would be an impossibility!

  14. Adelita

    Like a broken record, I repeat: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy & Post-it!!! Those 2 are great for preventing any fall-out or a reverse raccoon-eyes that might be caused by powdering under your eyes.

  15. Christy

    Eye lid primer is a must! I swear by bare Escentuals prime time! Love it keeps my shadow from fall out, creasing and it looks the same when I wash my face at night as it did when I put it on in the am. I’ve heard great things about the too faced primer but I’m pretty loyal to B.E.

  16. Pappetee

    Prepping my eyes with eye cream is the 1st step. Next I use NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base. Then I either use MAC Nubile Paint Pot if I am going to use powder shadows or MAC Mixing Medium Shine before I apply MAC pigments. I always do my eye make-up first before finishing my entire face. I also tap my eye brush so there will be minimal fallout and pat, pat, pat the e/s. I normally have 2 blending brushes (1 for blending and 1 clean). If there are fallout, I swab my Q tip with a small amount of NARS Eye Make-up Remover and clean it up gently. :-)

  17. Kristen

    First, prep your lids with a good shadow base. Then, use the right brush. For loose shadows pat shadow on with a small stiff brush, use large fluffy brushes for blending.