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Profile photo of Daniel

Art. I know makeup brands have made art-inspired collections, but there will never be enough of them. Maybe something more out of the ordinary, like Rothko’s color for eyes, or Damien Hirst for packaging, it would be awesome. Something further away from the woman in art, and more about art itself.

I would love to see an art deco / art nouveau collection, maybe featuring some work by Alphonse Mucha <3

Hi. Space is a fantastic idea, really like it, since one of my passions is Astronomy.
Another theme is: Burlesque, i like it a lot, i think there is more room for great products and colors, not only red lipstick and fake lashes.

both great ideas! actually every idea posted is creative-cosmetic companies should be taking notes-they would be getting free and marketable advice

Wasn’t MAC’s heavenly creatures a space based collection? The names were exciting, but the products, not so much. However, a collection around flowers in a meadow would be nice, assuming that the products have the expected quality.

Profile photo of Gina

Goddesses. It could be fun…. Isis, Tara, Pele, Aphrodite, Bronwyn, Freya, Guanyin, Lakshmi, Amaterasu, Uelanuhi, Erzulie, Obatala, Kupala. There are so many images of the elements that you could come up with some pretty rich palattes. Lots of lines have introduced some goddess names for individual products, but a line focused on goddess looks would be fun.

Profile photo of WARPAINTandUnicorns

That would be so fun. Especially with the Greek/(stolen)Roman goddesses with the stronger disposition to just one thing.

I would probably freak out if Bronwen/Branwyn (Welsh goddess of Love and Beauty) was a palette. My first name is Bronwen.

I didn’t realize there was a Welsh goddess named Bronwyn, I was always told the princess stories about her instead.
I feel infinitely cooler now.
Also, yay for other Bronwyn(wen)’s in this world!

Aw! I already had an awesome fictional character idea πŸ™ , Oh well I will have to go with something else πŸ˜› my first choice would be history fashion, as in there could be an eye shadow pallet, blush, lipsticks and nail polish featuring Rococo, another one with Renaissance, another one with Victorian, Elizabethan, ancient Greece, Medieval etc. lol that would be a huge collection with so many possibilities and colors, textures and styles and if done correctly amazing packaging πŸ˜€ . My second choice would be a country themed collection with perfumes, pallets, lipsticks and polishes representing France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Sweden, England, Scotland, USA, Peru, Mexico, India, Japan, Russia etc. I realize this would also be a huge collection and may have to be compressed somehow in continents, for example you could have a European pallet with each shadow named after a country, and some lipsticks named either after a country or areas like Scandinavia or Mediterranean, an American pallet with lipstick named after South America North America etc. an Asian pallet with lipsticks representing the continent and the color range and textures would be HUGE with so many possibilities. My last choice would be a deep turquoise ocean theme lol :P.

For the first two I can only see Mac pulling of such huge collections, for the last one I want a brand like Chanel to do it.

Christine I love your Space idea πŸ˜€ .

I was recently thinking how nice it would be to have some sort of “Women of the World” collection! However, it would be broken down more into “regions”, just as to not get too big, and since there are shades that would cross over.

The primary focus would be “face” products, such as foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, etc.; not only would this allow for a broad range of colors, as well as specific under/over-tones, but it would leave alot of the “guesswork” out of shopping. It’s not to say anyone would be restricted to certain ranges, but there would be a set of “basics” to start with, that would be customized, and ultimately built upon.

Eye & lip shades would not only be complientary to specific colorings, but would also be representative of the geographic regions, much in the way NARS names colors.

Having everyone covered under one brand would be ideal, as noone would feel left out, and quality would be consistent across the board, for all to enjoy. I realize this is alot to wish for, but with the right PR, it could be done.

I love that idea. If someone put together a collection for Mediterranean coloring I would buy the whole thing.

Decades. Starting with the beginning of the 20th century and going up through the 80’s. I really wouldn’t be interested in any decade beyond the 80’s since it wasn’t long enough ago. I would love to see palettes tailored to reflect what was in fashion for each decade. The packaging should also replicate what was used at that specific time. They could be released similar to how Sephora is doing with the Disney Princess collections which by the way is brilliant. Honestly I don’t know which decade I would be most excited about.

Great idea Christine! A Greek gods and goddesses palette or collection would be very interesting to see put together. If one hasnt already been made. The names would be quite easy too, haha. And I must say Christine, you are a gorgeous woman! With and without makeup.

Profile photo of Precious

I’d like to see a collection that’s based on the national costumes of different countries around the world. It’s pretty huge, but just imagine how colorful that would be! I’d also like the packaging to be as creative. πŸ™‚

Profile photo of Ryou

Music! I’ve done a series of franken eyeshadows based on songs before, it was SO fun to translate one media (audio) into another (colors/visual). I call the process “abstraction”, I love it. πŸ™‚

Dance – movement. They could subcategorize by style. Latin could be hot and spicy. The Flapper speak-easy dances of the 20s would be primarily pale foundation, rosy cheeks and kohl eyeshadow. The east coast swing look would be the pale foundation, red lips, mascara and little else. Nightclub dances could be wilder, more dramatic. The artwork on the boxes would be very cool for all.

After seeing what Chanel did with that spectacular Byzantine collection a few years ago, I’d love to see a collection based on ancient Egypt–think of all the fun to be had with elaborate kohl and gold Eye-of-Horus-style eyeliner! Eyeshadow in soft flax, palest eau-de-Nil green and deepest lapis lazuli blue. A shimmery bronzer, of course. A shiny neutral lip lacquer. Inky midnight blue nail polish finished with gleaming gold tips. Oh, it could be so beautiful!

Could “Audrey Hepburn” be a theme? Boring, I know, but I love neutrals with a hit of colour, classic looks and all that so I’m thinking “person” when I read “theme” – Audrey or Grace Kelly. Or else a “Working Woman” sort of palette – great neutrals and natural colour blushes and lipsticks that really enhance rather than making a “fashion forward” statement (again, boring, but that’s my taste in things). I love “work FOTD” videos and such and so yet ANOTHER neutral and wearable palette (still with some colour) would just delight me. Or a “WINTER” collection – not “holiday” but WINTER – rosy colours for cheeks and lips, that sort of thing…

Space was the inspiration of Heavenly Creature I think :^^ great collection but without a primer, sometimes difficult. Well, everything could be a source of inspiration, maybe the 4 elements : earth, air, water, fire ?

The jungle/rainforest. Leopard print, parrot feather colors, beautiful golds and bronzes, jewel tones. I imagine neutral lipsticks.

I would like to see more high end takes on a “futuristic” theme. Something inspired by technology, robots, sprawling metropolises, and pollution. The only companies I think of that have done anything like that are MAC and OOC (though I think for OOC it was only a collection of lip tars?).

OMG YES SPACE! Anything space is my favorite subject! Galaxies, maybe even naming a pallet after quantum particles! (up, down, strange, charm,…)

Profile photo of Megan

I’d like an international theme that depicts festival all over the world, art or flowers. A tropical mix with pretty pastels too.

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