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My skin is for the most part pretty alright however since I have such pale skin (MAC NC15), my dark circles stick out even more. I’ve been struggling with these dark circles for a long time. Makeup covers them up for a while, but usually not fully. 🙁

Acne for me, too!  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll probably never fully resolve because I just produce oil constantly.  I can extract blackheads on my nose and in a few hours they’ll be back.  I am grateful thought that I have gotten inflammatory breakouts under cotnrol.  Retin-A is the key.  I also have a clarisonic although that alone hasn’t affected my acne.  I incorporate salicylic and lactic acid into my skincare and sometimes use benzoyl peroxide, sulfur masks and tea tree oil.  Recently i started using the AcneFree sensitive skin regimen and I highly recommend it.  It has proven, non-irritating ingredients that have really started to clear my pores.

Fortunately, I’ve never had more than the occasional pimple, nor have I ever had to contend with either severely oily or dry skin, but I’ve always had larger pores. I just use a very lightweight foundation which doesn’t necessarily minimize my pores, but it also doesn’t accentuate them. On special occasions, or if I feel like going “all-out” with my makeup, I will use a primer. I also avoid shimmer or glitter on my face on a day-to-day basis, limiting it only to my eyes. I have found since using Jojoba oil in lieu of moisturizer has reduced the appearance of my pores, and the texture of my skin is alot smoother. I also suffer from minor bouts of psoriasis primarily on my elbows & knees, but a sulfur or tar cream usually clear those up. I do have a patch on my knee that I’ve had for several years now that constantly flares up, and hasn’t fully gone away. I’ve tried pretty much *everything*, but if anyone else has any other ideas, please let me know.

THE FLAKIES!!!! I just want them to go the fuck away!
My skin will look like it has no flakes then I will put on foundation, and ack, flakes are there.

[email protected]@Miss I haven’t. Thank you for the suggestion! I am currently using an oil based primer serum, though, which I believe includes jojoba. It helps with the makeup application to add additional moisture and smooth any remaining flakes. So far, so good with it!

Holy I see the F word! That’s surprising on Temptalia haha! Use a mild glycolic acid treatment once a day at nighttime, or every other night. That stuff will drastically reduce the amount of dry, flaky skin. I did a 4-part series on hydroxy acids on FutureDerm, so see if that can help you. I include product recs in part 4. 🙂

[email protected] 3D 😛 Thanks for the suggestion. I will check that info out!

I’m not sure what to call it, but I have these small bumps on my cheek that aren’t going away regardless of what I do to them. They’re flesh-colored, or slightly pink, and they’re not pimples, and if I touch them I can’t really feel them. But I have these small spots and I can’t figure out what to do with them. I’m using a prescription anti-acne gel, and maybe it just hasn’t kicked in yet? It’s just frustrating, because *I* notice it all the time and I want clear skin!

[email protected] bumps you describe sound like milia. They are tiny little cysts in the skin that develop with keratin is trapped under the top layer of skin. Milia will often go away on their own, but it really takes a long time. Don’t try to pop or remove them at home–they will leave a scar for sure. You should see your doctor or dermatologist who will recommend one or more of the following treatments:
-Piercing and removal of the cysts with a comedone extractor.
-Topical retinoid cream
-Acid peels or microdermabrasion sessions.
Hope that helps!

[email protected] for the info! The anti-acne gel I’m using at the moment isn’t a retinoid but I do have one of those, so maybe I’ll switch creams for a bit and see if I notice a change. I think I’m due to see my dermatologist anyway so I’ll talk to him about it, too.

Shine. (Does anybody know a good product…?) 
I’ve already resolved my severe acne through my skin care routine of Clarisonic 2x a day + Precleanse, Dermalogica Toner, Vanishing Cream Moisturiser. and Daily Microfoliant once per day. I LOVE my skin care routine. I don’t break out any more if I stick to it, and my skin feels comfortable and soft.
I know a lot of people scream “No! Using the Clarisonic every day is too much!”, but I haven’t had a single averse reaction or increase in any of my problems since I started. I really have only seen substantial improvements. I didn’t “purge” or suffer any irritation (And my skin is EXTREMELY prone to getting irritated by overcleansing) and my skin doesn’t feel dried out or overworked in the slightest. In fact, if I use it less, it feels less soothed and less comfortable because I start breaking out again!
That said, I don’t necessarily believe its the same for everyone – if it does feel too much for you I’d understand that! 

[email protected] Cole I use my clarisonic everyday too!! 2 times a day sometimes. 🙂

[email protected] Cole The only solution to my melting face of shine is to just blot all day. I found that carrying brown napkins (coffee shops) seems to tame the issue. Other than that, no primers, creams or rice powder helps in the long term.

Oilyness… it’s one of the hardest things to resolve for me, since where I live it’s really hot and dry I sweat lime crazy and the horrible oil appears 🙁 my make up doesn’t last much… Haven’t found anything that doesn’t melt or control my oil quite well

I struggled with acne growing up and recently (a few months ago) it came back out of the blue. I started using Epiduo and it cleared my face up in less than week. My face is much, much better now. Love this stuff! Plus, the adapalene in it will help prevent wrinkles

Hey I found a seller on eBay by the name ravens2011 that is using your pictures on the Mac Heavenly Creature Collections

I still deal with inherently uneven exfoliation and very sticky sebum, which of course both contribute to clogged pores and dry, flaky skin. Retinol and hydroxy acids products have helped immensely. Still, I wish I could try a prescription retinoid like tretinoin or adalapene. My skin is quite tolerant of retinoids (I began with 1.5% retinol and had no negative reaction), so I’m wondering how much better prescription-strength ones can improve my skin.

Hyperpigmentation! I’ve tried lightening creams, laser treatment, chem peels, all the works but nothing can get rid of them. Concealer will be my best friend forever.

i agree about acne…….:( i’m gonna try BHA and i’m afraid birth control to control the sebum too(even tho some said it will be even worse when i stop…guess i never will :/ it’s sad)..been having problems since 11, maybe a few blackheads even since 10. i just turned 18 and had enough. the worst part is that it’s not only on my face 🙁 i have a lot of marks too cause i just can’t leave them alone.
and also this peeling skin thing, idk what it is for sure tho i suspect seborrheic dermatitis, even tho there are lil tiny skin peels, not exactly those described for it…and no yellow stuff or anything. i’ll go to the derm very soon but i don’t even trust derms that much anymore, most of them just tell you to use whatever cleanser and cream(‘dermatocosmetic’=lies…vichy being the worst…there’s alcohol in their normateint foundation, lol).
even if i got all the papers to go for free, i still am ‘supposed’ to BRIBE THEM or else they do nothing……. I hate Romania

@artemis It sounds like it may also be psoriasis. You can start with a topical ointment that contains sulfur or coal tar to see if it helps. It won’t worsen the affected area, and it’ll save you a trip to the dermatologist. There are also alot of “homemade” remedies that are chemical free, if you want to try some of those. Just do a search on psoriasis & homemade recipes. HTH

also, i saw you have been reviewing some creams…. be very careful because a lot of creams that are for normal to dry skin got pore clogging ingredients. like that ole one..it has soybean oil :/ a LOT of people react from that

Oily skin. I haven’t found anything effective yet  🙁
I tried milk of magnesia, primers … nothing works for me for over half an hour.

Redness problems due to a medical treatment. I dont’ try to conceal it much, I have a Clinique BB cream which I use sometimes, I avoid blue based blushes or if I do use them I am careful ( light makeup on the cheeks ). I also use Bio floral waters to soothe my skin and I use a moisturizing mask once a week. I never go sunbathing !

I had severe acne for ten years, so definitely that. I’m in control of it now after doing a round of Accutane and totally changing my diet, but dang. Did a number on my self-esteem 🙁

It’s acne for me too. I have used (and still use) some products that work great at fighting acne and helping heal the breakouts faster, but I can never seem to be 100% acne free.

I started to get acne for the first time about a year ago (well into adulthood).  It did take a while to get under control.  I use Differen in the evening and DUAC gel in the morning.  It seems to be working, my acne has cleared up and I rarely get breakouts.  Kristine, ask your doctor about Duac.  

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