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I was thinking before about the “rules” of makeup. Are they important, or do they just limit our creativity, or worse make us feel bad about our appearance or abilities?

Rules are just guidelines!

Good for the beginner until you find your feet, but don’t be religious about them.

1. Thoughts on shimmery white eyeshadow.

2. Favorite browbone/inner corner highlight.

3. Pencil or liquid liner?

4. Favorite brush cleaner? How often do you clean your brushes?

5. Thoughts on brown mascara.

6. Tinted moisturizers vs liquid foundation.

7. Do you rely on SPF in foundation?

8. Thoughts on face contouring/highlighting. Favorite products?

9. Thoughts on bronzers.

10. What is the first brand of makeup you remember falling in love with? Do you still love it? Have you moved on to something else?

Just a few thoughts!

I just thought of another:

Do you coordinate your makeup to what you’re wearing, or do you focus more on your coloring?

Okay, one more (I promise!):

Do you allow the political/social beliefs of a designer/collaborator to influence whether or not you buy a product?

Do you use a makeup item for other than its intended purpose?
I use mascara as eyeliner sometimes. And who hasn’t use lipstick as blush in a pinch!

How is your relationship with makeup different now than it was 5 or 10 years ago?

When you shop for makeup, how much attention do you pay to the ingredients? Why?

What was the hardest thing for you to learn how to do when you first started wearing makeup?

Are there any specific color/product combinations that you have a weakness for? For example, I am kind of obsessed with green nail polish and coral blushes.

Are there any TV shows that you think do a good job with the makeup?

If you could only save five products from your makeup collection, which ones would you keep?

Do you ever notice the makeup strangers are wearing? Do you ever guess to yourself what products they might be?

((I hope it doesn’t make me too weird, but I do that sometimes. Mostly with nail polish.))

What is your favorite eyeshadow color, cheek color, lipcolor(lipstick and lipgloss) for brands like Urban Decay, MAC, MUFE, Cover Girl, Loreal etc….popular brands with lots and lots of those products of all sorts of color mentioned above?

How do you apply your lipstick? With a brush, from the tube , with your fingers?…and then how do you perfect it? with a tissue? Do you use lipliner? Do you use a primer? Do you prep your lips with what prior to lipstick/ gloss application? THIS QUESTION IS PARTICULARLY FOR CHRISTINE WHO APPLIES ALL HER LIP COLORS REVIEWS TO PERFECTION.

How do you apply your mascara?

What is your high end brand and its product? What is your drugstore brand and its product?

Okay, I’m going to sound totally creepy stalker here, but I can answer your question for you if you want to know about Christine’s lipstick application!

Christine uses Jack Black lip balm. In her reviews, she never uses a primer, lip liner, brush or tissue, and applies straight from the tube. It really just takes practice! Hope that helps.

Has anyone come to you for makeup advice?

Are you seen as a makeup expert in real life? Do you see yourself as one?

Have you ever considered a career in cosmetics?

Has makeup affected how others see you?

How has makeup affected how you see yourself?

Maybe ask about special occasion makeup? Concerts? Wedding?

Have you ever worn a product for a special event?

Is there a particular product you save for special events only? (I remember you like to wear Parure Gold for special occasions XD)

Do others like to get into your makeup collection? Or nail polish collection? (Children, pets??)

Has your age affected what kinds of makeup looks or products you wear?

Perfect! Thanks for asking as I am always looking for feedback from other Temptalialites for input into specific use cosmetics. Here’s an example

1. Eyebrow waxes/gels – What works for stubborn brows?

2. What about hair products. I know Christine does not review, but what products do readers use for specific hair types.

Also, how about more reader tips and techniques on application. For example a Tip of the Day type post where people comment on a specific feature or product.

This is just a quick post off the top of my head. I’m sure there is more..

Tip of the Day is a great idea and I would love to read about new techniques! E.g. how to cover under-eye dark circles, achieving perfect bed-head hair, eyebrow makeup techniques, brushes/tools care and maintenance, different uses of a product (I recently found out that MAC Morange l/s is often used as a corrector before concealer, I would never have thought about it), secrets for applying press-on nails… There are so many topics 🙂

Is there product you bought on a whim/with reservations yet wound up loving it?

Do you have a makeup icon?

lip pencil : how to find the best, how to match with the lipstick you/we wear, does it really help to get perfect lips ?

Has reading this blog changed the way you look at makeup? Has it inspired new looks? Caused you to try new products you never would have otherwise? Influenced purchasing decisions?

Just some question, that came to my mind:

– What makes a hair dresser a good hairdresser?

– How did you find your currend hairdresser?

– What do you think of celebrities writing about makeup (I have Lauren Conrand and her Beauty book in mind)?

– What was the weired experience with makeup in your childhood?

– What is the cheapest product you use giving you the best result?

– Does your mothers makeup influence you?

– Does your mother wear makeup?

– How many lip products do you own and how many of them are in your handbag?

– How many products are in you shower right now?

– It is a rainy fall / autuum Sunday. You have no particular plans and want to do a home spa day. What treatments do you do?

– Imagine all your makeup disappears over night and you have a budget of 10.000 $/€ to rebuild your collection. What products are you going to buy? Stick to favorets? Try completely new products? Spend all the money or just part of it?

Hope that gives you inspiration, Christine.

favorite SETTING POWDER. i keep having misses with powders so i would love to hear what other people are using, how the apply it, and how well it works.

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