Monday, March 21st, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What product(s) have the best packaging? What makes it so fantastic?

Temptalia's AnswerRecently, I was very much drawn to the aesthetic of Benefit’s new skin care range – there was something about it that was cute without being silly, spa-like without being pretentious.  I love the look of Burberry and Guerlain’s lines overall but hate how they gather fingerprints so they’re just not perfect.

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s question!

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51 thoughts on “What product(s) have the best packaging?

  1. Ryou

    Anna Sui for sure! <3

  2. Definitely asian cosmetics! Lioele and Majolica Majorca are my absolute favs in packaging!!! Check out my makeup blog for more pics :)

  3. J12003

    I am totally a sucker for anything with cute packaging. For instance I LOVE TokiDoki, solely for the packaging. Another brand that I think knocks it out is Harajuku Lovers (even though its not makeup, but its perfume so its beauty-ish?). Kat Von D I think makes awesome packaging and I also LOVE Anna Sui, I wish Sephora still had her makeup line!

  4. heidi

    I really love the packaging of the new Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. Its cute and sturdy but color cooridinated so its easy to know which one you’re looking for and it comes with mirror. Ihate when compacts don’t!

  5. I LOVE the Nfu-Oh nailpolish bottles, the packaging is so cute without looking over the top. And i gotta give the E.L.F Studio blushes a heads up, theyre so sleek and minimalistic without feeling cheap.

  6. Rae

    Haha, I’ve been considering wearing cloth gloves to pick up my Clarins recently – love the gorgeous gold finish; hate the fingerprints! 😛

  7. Brian

    Mac. Its functional, sleek, and professional. You never are paying for fancy packaging. Just simple packaging with flawless product inside.

  8. Sari

    Any products where you can tell that someone put effort & creativity into the packaging to make it unique , the best example is Urban Decay !

  9. If we’re talking makeup packaging I’d have to go with MAC. I love how simple it is and it doesn’t look cheap either.

  10. lily

    I really like chanel as it looks and feels expensive, its really classic and sleek. :)

  11. Rosanna

    Most brands (high-end, indie and drugstore) seem to do Lipstick packaging quite well. Higher-end companies definitely do it better.
    My favourite is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipsticks. The case is the most beautifully designed I’ve seen. It’s not too plain but not too complicated; luxe. I love how the colour is on the case as well.

  12. Sugar Pill Cosmetics. I keep all the boxes. The containers are like a design. Amy took the time to design and made it so special…and unique.

  13. Jill

    I love Dior packaging. It’s elegant and weighty, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. I don’t necessarily like the look of some of their limited edition pallettes, but many of their lipsticks and lip glosses as well as the 5-shade eyeshadow packages are really nice.

  14. Anitha

    Chanel ofcourse

  15. Luna

    Paul & Joe Cosmetics has the prettiest packaging in my opinion. It’s so beautiful and feminine.

  16. I love the NARS packaging. AMAZING! Personaly, I onlt own two of their products, since they don’t sell NARS in Norway, but I fell amidietly in love with the once I own.

  17. ann

    bobbi brown skincare line

  18. I really liked the look of Clickr. <3

  19. I like Rock & Republic’s packaging, though I can be little bulky.

  20. Jenny

    I like MAC (the regular black simple ones) and Chanel.

  21. emily p

    Bath and Body Works aroma therapy line.

  22. Vicky

    I like Bourjois packaging, it looks really girly! Also i think Illamasqua has really classy and professionally-looking packaging!

  23. alexis

    Urban Decay

  24. rosa

    For me it is Chanel <3

  25. Laura

    Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks, super cute :-)

  26. Dorna

    NARS for sure. I love the matte finish… and they’re so study! I dropped a shadow duo in a POOL and the inside didn’t get wet. Amazing!

  27. Shasa

    Dior Smoothing Lip Lacquer Gloss packaging is GORGEOUS! It is so luxurious and beautiful. I feel so cool whenever I pull it out of my makeup bag to apply! I am also fond of NARS packaging, specifically the eyeshadow duos.

  28. Anna Sui cosmetics are gorgeous!

  29. I am really digging Tarte’s packaging lately. It simple and elegant. I especially like the packaging on the Achiote Cheek Tint from QVC and the Amazonian Clay Blush. The mascara’s packaging is really cute too but it can keep you from screwing on the cap tight if you’re not careful.

  30. NARS is my favorite. Sleek, professional, good packaging. I’ve never had anything NARS break or open in my purse.

  31. My vote goes to anyone thoughtful enough to put foundation in a glass pump bottle. You guys are true heroes. *salute*

  32. Marisa

    I love MAC and NARS for their simple yet classic designs. Love UD products but not a fan of the packaging. I actually really dislike Chanel and YSL packaging due to the gold factor.

  33. slick

    Another vote for black, sleek, and simple here! MAC, Smashbox, NYX, Inglot, etc. I am boring, lol. To spice things up I also like sleek black packaging with design accents like Too Faced (eyeshadow pots are adorable!) and Kat Von D (not a fan of the actual products, however).

  34. Skyyy C

    Giorgio Armani! Simple yet elegant. :)

  35. Carrie Ann

    I think Too Faced products have really cute packaging. I like the simple black packaging of NARS and MAC, but I’ve noticed that dust particles really cling to the NARS packaging. Dior products also look really classy.

  36. Jilliterate

    Like a lot of people, I’m a big fan of the simple matte blacks, so MAC and GOSH are favourites of mine. Of particular note, however, was the Minerals Matter Eye Quad by the Canadian company, Quo. I ended up hating the shadow (poor pigmentation and no staying power), but definitely the greatest packaging I’ve ever encountered — a heavy, solid compact made of a pinky-grey metal, with bisected lids and a mirror on each side. I haven’t encountered another product that tops it for packaging yet, and it’s a shame that the makeup itself is so bad — I rarely take it out to use it, so I don’t get to admire the great packaging.

  37. CeeBee

    I love the elegance and simplicity of Chanel, especially the lipsticks. Guerlain and Dior are nice too, but seem to hold fingerprints more, so while they’re nice to look at, they’re not so great for everyday use unless you want to spend several minutes buffing them!
    I also love the Gothic romance of Anna Sui, the old style rose lidded lipsticks are so beautiful!

    I also particularly like the pump mechanism on Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation – it is small but effective, has a neat little swiveling head that locks shut and a nifty little plastic cover that pops on and off easily but won’t slide off accidentally.

    I also quite like theBalm packaging, it’s cardboard but it’s sturdy and not bulky, light and easy to flip open and closed. Good magnets and eco – friendly. Cute too!

  38. Chuli

    Edward Bless. Simple, smart and elegant. Perfect if it was matte.

  39. Ashley D.

    Definitely Anna Sui and Estee Lauder.

  40. Ariel

    I like classic, quality packaging like Chanel and NARS. Companies like Benefit and UD can be fun but after awhile I get tired of them and find them tacky, whereas the more classic companies are always in style.

  41. Belinda

    Margot Elena’s cosmetics brands – Tokyo Milk, Love & Toast, etc. Their packaging is actually probably their best attribute.

  42. My favorite is actually Cargo’s round metal tins. I love the “simple utility” look. Paul & Joe is another favorite, but if all my makeup could just come packaged in simple metal like Cargo, I’d love that…

  43. Jen

    I really like Chanel because it just looks so sleek. I just don’t like the glass jars because it’s not travel friendly.

  44. Pawsha

    Chanel, Hourglass and Guerlain.

  45. Mec

    Chanel, Givenchy, Mac…black & classic!

  46. Tarina Tarantino…LOVE the pink and rhinestones!!

  47. Mel

    I love MAC because it’s so sleek and elegant. Also Kat Von D has awesome packaging it’s so cool and punk rock which I love.