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If I’m priming the face, I prime first, then I work on the eyes. I like to do eyes first, so I can clean-up any fall out without worrying about foundation. After the eyes, then I apply foundation, concealer (if I use it), contour (if do it), blush, highlight, setting powder, and lips at the very end.

— Christine

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liquid foundation, concealer, light powder to set, powder blush, eyebrows, curl lashes, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, touch up any smudges/fall out, lipstick
(seems way faster when I list it like that. I wish it would go that quickly when I’m running late, lol)

If I know there won’t be any fallout from the eyeshadows, I do my foundation first but if I’m not sure, I do foundation afterwards. If I want to sport a bold lipstick, I do my cheeks last. I find it easier to gauge how much blush I actually need when I already have that bold lipstick on!

1) moisturizer
2) primer
3) foundation
4) concealer
5) blush, bronzer and or highlighter
6) powder
7) brows
8) e/s
9) tightline
10) mascara
11) lips

I always do face first, then eyes and lastly lips. On days/evenings where I am going to have e/s fallout, I do eyes first, then face and lastly lips.

I’ve never really experienced too much fall out from eyeshadows (maybe because I’ve always used a flat brush, and only blended in one direction?), so I’ve become accustomed to first laying the foundation. If I’m using liquid or creme foundation, then it’s SPF, foundation, then concealer. If I’m using a TM or powder foundation, then it’s concealer first.

Eyebrows are next, then primer/base, shadow, liner & mascara, followed by any blush, bronzer, etc. Next is powder, and finally lips. Sometimes, I’ll also apply blush, etc over the powder, if I need more intensity.

I moisturize everything first. I like to moisturize my lips ahead of time because I like the product to sink in a bit, so there is not so much slip on my lips (unless I need that extra slippage) when I’m applying other lip products. If I’m doing very little on the eyes then I will go straight into foundation/concealer/powder (base makeup), but I usually do eyes first. When doing my eyes, I apply a primer (UDPP or NARS’) and a base (which is most often times MAC Painterly) then I tightline my upper lash line. I move on to eyeshadow next, which I don’t really follow any precise order with that. I line, curl, and add mascara then I move on to the face. Oh, if I’m using a lip primer, this is where I’ll prime my lips! If I’m using a liquid or cream base then I do concealer last, but if I use powder then I do concealer first. I usually use liquid, so I do that then I apply concealer on face where I need extra coverage then I conceal under the eyes. After I do that, I set with powder. If I want bronzer and contour then I will bronze then contour. After that I add blush then finish with highlight if I want to add that. I usually finish the face by misting it with Fix+. I do lips and then finish with brows. If at the very end of all this I decide I want falsies then I will add falsies. I also do my hair after makeup, so I will do my hair then if I need to go over the falsies band with liner that’s when I’d do that.

I don’t normally do eyes or brows, so it usually goes 1) primer if I’m using it; 2) foundation, TM, BB cream, whatever I’m using that day; 3) blush; 4) highlight if I’m attempting one; 5) mascara; 6) lips; 7) powder. Sometimes I powder before I do my lips, but usually it’s the last thing. When I do attempt eyeshadow I usually do it after foundation but before blush.

(also, totally not related but could use input from folks: my esthetician is getting married in a couple weeks, and I want to give her a wedding present, but I have no idea what kind of budget is appropriate or what kind of gift. I don’t know if she’s registered anywhere; I don’t really even know her last name. But I feel like I need to give her some kind of gift.)

I’m not so sure you need to buy her a gift. When I got married, I really had no use for the random gifts I got. How about just a nice card?

Personally, I default to the vicinity of $50 for wedding gifts that aren’t close family. It’s not a large enough amount to seem excessive or off-putting, but it’s enough to exhibit appreciation for the expensive they’re putting out to invite and host you.

I would go with a gift card, between $25-50, depending on how long you’ve had a relationship. It’s a nice token of appreciation, but it’s not too personal (however, if you have an exceptionally close relationship, the amount can go to the higher end). Or, a nice picture frame might be nice, as there will likely be alot of photos taken between shower, wedding, honeymoon, etc. Dinner for 2 can be a nice option, as well, if she has a favorite restaurant, or perhaps a pair of movie tickets?

If I’m doing eye makeup that is especially likely to fall down on the cheeks, I’ll do the face makeup after the eyes. Most of the time, though:
Eye primer (and face primer, if I’m using any)
Eye shadow
Eye liner
Lips (if lips are bold, I may do cheeks last)

moisturizer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, brows, lip pencil, lipstick

I moisturize and prime first. I will try to fill in my brow (my eyebrows are pretty thick. There’s just a small gap that I fill in in one brow) afterward if I remember. I at least try to fill in my brow before I apply foundation so the clear mascara I use to set it with has time to dry before I powder (if it’s still wet when I powder, it will dry cakey around where I put it). It depends on what I do next, sometimes I will apply foundation after that or sometimes I will do my eyes. It just depends on the eye look or the mood I’m in. Anyway, if I do my eyes first I will prime, apply the shadow(s), eyeliner, then mascara. For my face I will put on foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlight. Usually when I am done with the eyes, I will apply lip balm, then apply my face products (everything after the foundation). I do this so the lip balm can soak into the skin for a little bit before I apply lip color. I will apply lip color either before or after I apply my makeup setting spray, then I’m done.

Oops, forgot to say that I will use concealer after my foundation. I hardely use concealer anymore so that’s why I forgot! But if I do use it, then that’s when I would.

I completely do my eyes first, then I apply a cheek stain (slightly heavy because it’s under my medium coverage foundation)then I do my foundation and finally lipstick.

– moisturize (moisturizer and lip balm)
– prime (face and eyes)
– eyes (shadow and liner only)
– foundation
– powder
– curl + mascara [I do it after so I don’t get powder on the tops my lashes]
– blush
– luminizer / highlighter
– lipstick or lipgloss

I basically work from top to bottom and always do the eyes first. I can use more moisturizer to clean up the fallout and then I put on foundation.

I have a setting spray, but I don’t use it.

I’m new to eye makeup and I’ve come to the realization that eye makeup definitely has to be done before face makeup.

I apply SPF moisturiser (Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF30), right down my neck and on top of my ears. I also apply a proper sunscreen on my shoulders and chest if I’m going to be exposing that skin at all (Invisible Zinc). I wait about 10 minutes, then I start on my makeup.

Then primer(NYX Studio Perfect), with a MAC190 style brush (though mine is a Kryolan dupe).

Foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid) with MAC 187, sometimes I apply it damp, depends how I feel!

Eye primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) on my under eye area, and eyelid. This is quite light reflecting on my dark circles.

Concealer (MAC Select Moisturecover) on my undereyes and dotted as needed around the face. I blend with my fingers mostly for this step.

Then I set with powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural) with a large powder brush, by pressing into the skin. If I dust instead I find my foundation doesn’t last as well as when I press.

Now I do whichever feature I want to focus on. If that’s eyes, I do eyes, if it’s lips, I do lips, and sometimes it’s cheeks, so I do cheeks!

I always do my eyebrows AFTER my eye makeup, I should try doing them before.

If I’m doing my makeup for a night out, I usually do a heavier eye, so I do my eyes first, then my face. It bothers me doing it like this though, haha!

I tilt my head when applying my eyeshadow so I usually don’t get fall out. If I do, it can be easily wiped away with a brush! But otherwise, my order:
Moisturizer, Primers, Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Contour, Highlight, Nose contour, Eye primer, Eyebrows, Cheeks, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lips, Setting Spray, Mascara and then lashes at the end.

If I do know ahead of time that my eye makeup will involve a lot of glitter though, I’ll do eyes first before anything.

Pretty much the same order Christine has described. If I’m wearing mineral powder foundation, though, my concealer goes on first rather than after.

I think I have a weird way of doing my makeup.

Moisturize face
Apply eyshadow primer
Conceal eyelid (with mac painterly)
Apply eyeshadow to upper part of eye
Apply eyeliner
Curl lashes
Clean up under eye
Apply under eye concealer
Set under eye concealer (benefit powderflage <3)
Apply eyeshadow along lower lashline
Apply mascara
Apply foundation
Fill in brows
Contour cheekbones
Apply blush
Highlight cheekbones
Conceal blemishes (if I have any)
Apply lip product

A lot of the time I will take a break between doing my eyes and putting on foundation to blow dry my hair, lol.

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