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That wear most people start…with eyeshadow or lipstick only. Every stage of my makeup years was because of that time period……and that time period was what style/texture of makeup being sold…like the Nakeds in the 80’s, the punk rock period, the contour of heavy blush, the natural look, the matte lips, etc. The only thing I regret is having someone plucked my brows. I wish my brows were as thick as Brooke Shields or back to my natural growth. My brows are not thin, but dont look right and adding brow color only makes me look older. Certainly, no brows like Lourdes.

Profile photo of Theresa

When I first started getting into makeup, I would apply thick black eyeliner all the way around my eyes. I’d do it no matter the time of day, where I was going, or what other makeup I was wearing. One day I was in church and I as I turned around I saw a girl about my age wearing the same style of eyeliner and I realized…. I totally hate the way that looks. Haven’t done it since.

Profile photo of Leah

Oh my god I was the same! I was obsessed with the smokey eye look so I would put dark or black shadow all over my lids and then the thick black eyeliner. All the time. Whether it was appropriate or not.

I had a thing for body glitter when I wore tank tops in the summer when I was about 17-18. That’s probably about the worst thing I ever wore. I don’t know if that trend was local or not. I don’t remember changing my habits much when I went off to college 500 miles away from where I grew up.

(I’m not too judgmental about much of what I wore/used when I was younger, except I think I will hate shoulder pads and stirrup leggings for the rest of my life after being a child in the late 80s/early 90s. But the grunge/skater stuff from when I was a little older, still doesn’t bother me thinking about it. I had adorable beige work boots, for example! XD)

When I first started wearing makeup, I would do tons of eyeliner… And then I would apply lots of blush. I don’t have naturally rosy cheeks, for some reason they always look pale, so I thought the more I do, the better. So wrong. I would also apply too much eyeshadow without blending. I guess these are not trends, only mistakes lol

I used to just line my bottom water line. No idea what I was thinking. Nowadays I never line my bottom water line, probably scared of it now πŸ˜€ I dont think that was ever a trend though.. haha

Profile photo of Basak

i was doing exactly the same! and it made my small-ish eyes look smaller πŸ™‚ i do not line my bottom water line unless i do a heavy smokey look.

Despite having fooled around with makeup since I was a toddler (seriously, there are pictures of me at age 2 covered in lipstick and caked on blush), I can’t think of a single serious makeup regret. I think I always had a good sense of what looks awful on me and so I managed to dodge the bullet of ugly makeup trends of decades past. My tastes in lipstick shades have shifted some over the years, but I never indulged in something horrible like the nasty pale lip/dark lipliner of the 90s or the overly tweezed brow.

Profile photo of Mariella

I’m much older than most here and when I was quite young, Mary Quant cosmetics were available. I have always had and still have a very round face (now, it’s what makes me look much younger than my age) but, of course, I wanted “cheekbones” like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy (see, giving my age away here!) so I bought this duo from Mary Quant that included a very frosty white highlighter and a matte brown contour. I slapped that brown contour on like nobody’s business – it was the only way to get it to show. It’s a problem I still have with contour powders….they just don’t look natural on me or do what I hope they would do. But at 14, I didn’t care and just sucked in my cheeks and brushed on the brown powder! But the mention of Twiggy reminds me that I also used to “paint on” (with cake liner mixed with water) those under eye lashes just like Twiggy used to wear! Oh lord, to think of it now!

Oh my – I remember those! And many wore that white Mary Quant on the brow with the blue eyeshadow I posted. LOL – what a memory.

OOO I DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING! I used to have a complex about my eyes, so when I got into makeup naturally eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara were the biggest things for me. I totally just let the rest be (maybe a very lightly-tinted gloss or something which I never loved). I think it also took a long time for me to be happy with my brows. When I look at my photos from the past I always think my brows look too brown, too thin, or just not the right shape!

Profile photo of Megan

I was obsessed with lipgloss with a blue pearl shimmer. It was white in the tube and it went on kinda purple. I’d usually wear it with purple eyeshadow with green-teal eyeliner. Just too much!

I also remember thinking that if I put tinted moisturiser or foundation on first thing in the morning I’d need to reapply it a couple of hours later, then a couple of hours after that (not removing the previous layer). I once went out totally orange, I’d topped it up so often! Cringe.

No mascara. though I used to wear somewhat dark shades of l/s so maybe it wasnt so awful but I would never do it now. also, wrond shades of foundation (sometimes i still feel like im struggling, just because of the different tone of my neck/face.)

Thick black eyeliner on the bottom lid only, nothing else. That’s how I started with makeup, when I was about 13. I wore it every day for several years, and now I look back on it, it’s excrutiating.

Profile photo of Jade

On non-school days, at about 14/15, I used to wear a sheer pinky lipgloss, and black kohl, but only on my lower waterline, nowhere else because I couldn’t figure out how to apply it! I wanted to do Avril Lavigne style liner but had NO IDEA how. And of course I didn’t have proper makeup remover to take it off so it would end up mostly still there the next day when I was at school, and I’d get heaps of comments (most of them not nice!). Looking back, I could have done MUCH WORSE – I was too timid to do anything truly out there.

panda eyeliner. nothing else. just black eyeliner all the way around, and really dark eyeshadows. it was extremely unflattering particularly on me, but now I realize that I don’t like that look on anybody.

Luckily it was a trend that spread like wildfire amongst the preteen girls in my area, so I’m not the only one to be embarrassed by this. lol!

Profile photo of Christine

I was wearing bold, bright, and dramatic looks with nary a thing else – which, to me, looks very incomplete now! I don’t have much natural coloring in my cheeks/lips, which I’m sure is why it doesn’t work for me but great on you πŸ™‚

That’s fair πŸ™‚ Everyone has different looks they prefer. I never wear foundation because every type I have tried covers my freckles too much.

Two things:
1. Thin eyebrows
2. Winged eyeliner. Only because overtime it kept getting longer and longer…

Pretty much the same as you. Instead, I wore just blue frosted eyeshadow when I was about 13. That was not a good look at all! Plus, in high school, my mom let me go at my eyebrows and I gave myself pencil thin, nearly tadpole brows. Looking back it looks so bad, but at least I realized by the time I was 16 to just step away and let them grow back and then go to a professional.

Haha, Christine – I also did that with my eye shadow. Although later on I added in some lipgloss. I don’t think this was a trend, but back in middle school I used to wear light blue eye shadow and I had roll-on glitter that I would put all over my eyelids over the shadow. That was my everyday look lol.

I don’t think I regret anything I did with makeup (life’s too short!), but when I was at the age where I started experimenting with makeup, glitter was the big trend. I had sooooooo much glitter on me at all times, including really chunky glitter lip gloss, glitter in my hair, glitter eyeshadow, glitter randomly on my face…it looks silly to see it now, but it was totally the thing to do at the time.

I used to be really devoted to putting super heavy highlighter on my browbone, every day, no matter what style of eyeshadow I was wearing. Now, I don’t think it looks bad necessarily, but sometimes it’s just not appropriate! Also I’ve fairly recently grown my eyebrows in and I usually just prefer to leave the area free of eyeshadow; it just looks good!
Also I used to be super into lipstick/gloss in light pink with a purply undertone, and I’ve gone off that colour completely in the last few years. I think maybe it just seems too young, in a bad way.

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