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Haha same here! I didn’t go to prom either. Back then I had really, REALLY bad acne, so I doubt anything would have covered that up even if I had gone.

I went for a bold red lip since my dress was red. I did a soft, brown smokey eye with winged eyeliner, and a little bit of contouring and highlighting. It was almost a year ago, and my makeup skills have gotten a lot better, but it was still nice. It was also my first time using falsies!

I remember that for my Junior Prom, I wore Loreal nail polish & lipstick in Mica to go with my royal blue dress. I still really love that color & should buy the lipstick and I’ll just have to hope Loreal comes out with a Mica polish some time in the future.

For my Senior Ball, I remember that I wore a dark rose shade of powdered lipstick (a compact had the colored powder, a clear top coat, and tiny brush to put it all on) that I think was new from Maybelline at the time (May 1991), to go with my black lace dress.

Yes, Covergirl!! I had two of those compacts, in a rosy pink and a coral-pink. I would use the powder over a matching lipstick to “set” the color and it would last the entire night, which back then meant hours of dancing & drinking & sweating!! I thought they were the most ingenious products I ever saw!!!

My prom was just last year, so I completely remember.
I wore the Wet ‘n Wild trio in Silent Treatment on my eyes, Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara, and a thin black eyeliner look (no wing or anything too dramatic).
My blush for the night was the Wet ‘n Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink.
And on my lips was the Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Pink Sugar.
I wanted to keep the look overall subtle and stick to pinks and taupes because my dress was black lace so I wanted a delicate look.

I can’t believe I even remember this!

Face: Prescriptives Flawless Skin Foundation (the only foundation I owned in high school!)
Cheeks: Prescriptives Matte Cheek Color (a peach colored blush, maybe Pompeii?)
Eyes: Bourjois Paris single eyeshadow in the brown color (applied wet all over lid), mascara would have been either Benefit Bad Gal mascara or Prescriptives Lash Envy mascara (those were the only two I had and used back then!)
Lips: I think I just wore chapstick (so I could kiss my bf haha)

That was 22 years ago, so I’m not 100% sure about *everything*… My lips were definitely a deep red, as that was part of my “signature” look back then, as was a defined contour, so I probably went with a Maybelline trio which included blush, contour, and highlighter, which was likely in a plum/wine range. My mascara was likely Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, but my liner was definitely L’Oreal Lineur Intense liquid in black, and the pencil was L’Oreal Le Grand Kohl in Onyx. I did a sort of smoky eye, and the only shade I can recall specifically was Max Factor Black Velvet (I wore that one *alot*), and I may have used a Maybelline trio that consisted of shimmery wines. Foundation & powder really could have been anything, as I had pretty good skin back then, and I wasn’t all that particular, and I was always rotating. It sounds like a really heavy look, but it actually came together quite nicely, and it was my “usual” look, just slightly amped-up.

That was 24 years ago! LOL. From pics, it looks like I had on dark raspberry lipstick and 4 variants of purple eye makeup. I do remember matte nails – I think it was a Revlon polish.

You’re definitely winning back those years when you weren’t allowed to sport makeup, lol! I love it! My mom did my makeup for prom – it was nice and soft, with brown shadows and pink blush. She loaned me a lipstick because I didn’t have any, all I remember was that it was by Clinique because it had that great metal packaging. πŸ™‚

trick question: I didn’t go. Wanted to, but I didn’t have a date, and at my HS prom was a huge formal affair that you HAD to have a date for, and…yeah, anyway *g* I think I wore makeup to my homecoming dance, but heck if I can remember what it was.

I find it so stupid that they should have such a rule! Did it apply to same sex couples too (whether romantic or friends)? In France there are no prom (neither is there any homecoming thingie. I’m not sure what the difference is though).

It was never an official rule, it was one of those unofficial things, lol πŸ™‚ We even had teachers who would try to find you a date if you couldn’t find one yourself. At least I don’t think it was an official rule, but it was a while ago.

That seems sad, really! My friends were really having the best makeup artists they know. Well, I had one too, but it was a simple one. What I wanted to highlight on my makeup was the bluish effects around my eyelid, and I believe it was really one of the best features of my makeup that night.

MAC full coverage foundation (acne, man)
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi (which my date lost later -___-)
NARS Exhibit A
And I don’t exactly remember the eyes, but it involved the NYX dupe for Stars n’ Rockets and some silver.
All done subtly.

Ah prom. That was forever ago. I remember wearing a lilac pink eyeshadow from Mac but I forgot the name. Definitely Asphyxia eyeshadow by Urban Decay. Most likely I wore Mac Studio Fix on my face, but no primer or concealer due to not knowing any better.

If you’re willing to ignore the face, this: http://i.imgur.com/2LnRvKq.jpg

The most I remember is that I wore a defined neutral eye with winged liner (possibly with false lashes?), Lancome’s Mandarin Sky blush, and some combination of MAC’s Creme d’Nude and ELF’s Studio Matte in Coral.

We don’t have proms where I am from. Even if I had, I would have been quite clueless about makeup at that age (since we weren’t allowed to wear makeup to school). I did remember having an Urban Decay darkish purple lipstick which I wore blotted on my lips to a stain at a semi-formal school annual dinner when I was 16 or 17. It was circa 1997…

Wow that is testing my memory…. over *coughs* years ago.

From the UK were until recently most schools didn’t have Proms (we have imported them) But my school did have the very English named ‘Leavers Ball’ instead

Best guess:
no foundation I didn’t use it till later, a little transparent powder
Cant remember a blush but I think probably a Bourjois bronzer to add some colour and contours.
Matte Ivory eye-shadow over the whole lid as a base, with a dark gray eye-shadow used wet as eye liner and dry as a definer on the outer corner, almost certainly both No 7 from Boots and Mascara, Eyebrows were probably only tweezed.
Lipstick: again probably a No 7, I had a favourite deep plummy pink with a shimmer.

I actually have no idea what I wore lol. I graduated in 2004 so it was a while ago, but, if I can remember my makeup style correctly it was probably a shimmery, cream eye shadow & some lip gloss. I hardly wore makeup until college.

Your parents sure were strict. I didn’t go to my prom either, but if I had, my makeup would have been 80s, over-the-top!

My last prom was in 1999, mind you!!!! I did my own makeup that came fresh from the drugstore. I attended prom twice. Both times I wore a smokey eye of sorts. Although my skill was limited, I’d say I did a pretty good job. Buuuut then again my date did ask what happened with my eye. He thought I got punched. Lol.

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