Friday, February 15th, 2013

Choose or Lose

What makes you happier?

  • Finding a new amazing, holy grail product (63%, 2,488 Votes)
  • Finding a crazy, amazing deal on a product (37%, 1,454 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,942

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39 thoughts on “What makes you happier?

  1. Julieta

    DEF a holy grail product, those are hard to come by

  2. xamyx

    While I *love* finding amazing deals, I’ve come to the realization I have sooo much that I bought because it was a “deal”, but I don’t wear it enough to even justify the great price. As of now, I’m only focusing on things that I know will be used regularly, regardless of cost.

    Currently, I’m lemming NARS Sin blush, and I need a good bronzer, so I’m torn between the Sin/Casino duo, which is priced better than the blush by itself & Laguna, which may be a better bronzer for me. Until I can make a confident decision, I’m holding off on picking up either.

  3. Joyce

    LOL from the tweet about this, I thought it was a general musings on life question! I was like, “oh no! What if I say pretty makeup? People will think I’m so shallow!” 😛

  4. I find that my HG products as few and fare between so scoring a sale make me feel like doing better by my money.

  5. Sara

    I just bought that new Nars powder and it makes me so happy. After I left Sephora with it on my face every time I’d see a mirror I’d check myself out lol.

  6. fabiola

    I am an animal lover, so when I take the train, I always bring food for the pigeons and ducks, some people including my husband think I am nuts, but that’s ok, they jsut bring me so much joy. I also love when I go to sephora or MAC for new products, I feel like I am in candy land.

  7. Mirian

    WHAT IF…you find a HG product aaand it’s on sale? I mean that’s just the best day ever.

  8. Yasmin

    I chose finding an amazing deal, but i get even more happier when its an amazing deal on my holy grail product, I freakin love Superdrugs, always have 3 for 2 on maybelinne matte mousse, i end up stocking up and only paying ten pounds for three pots that last me a good three months.

    • Sunny

      I love using this product as a cream contour product (couple shades darker than my skin tone, of course), a little reminiscent of the Chanel bronze universal. Maybe? :)

  9. Sabriel

    That was a hard one! I said the sale, because I love the thrill of the hunt, and it’s really the only way I can afford high end makeup.

    I also don’t really have many HG products. I have products I love, but I’m always open to trying new things.

    The only HG product I can think of that I have is the nail polish color Edyta by Zoya. It’s a complex silvery blackened green that seems to have come straight from my very soul.

    If I want to feel like my absolute self, Edyta will help do that for me.

  10. blueraccoon

    A crazy amazing deal isn’t worth much if the product is terrible! So I went with finding a new HG product…I’d rather have one awesome thing than a cheap awful thing.

  11. Alley Cat

    For me, it’s finding a crazy amazing deal, because I don’t have a lot of money to spend. I always try to go for quality instead of quantity, though, so even if something is relatively more expensive, I’ll go for it if it means it’ll work better for me or last longer.

  12. Finding a HG, definitely! I always hope that a new product will be it :-)

  13. Janelle

    Maybe because I am having a bout of good luck I went with finding a great deal. I recently found at one of the Makeup Outlets (Cosmetic Company Store) my favorite MAC Pigment ever Shimmertime! I was amazed and so incredibly happy it was only $10 too I agree with Blue Raccoon that a product isn’t worth it if it is a cheap awful product. You have to be careful at TJ Maxx as they often have OLD product.

  14. Leila

    Amazing HG product. I realized that while a deal is great, it’s only for an instant and I soon forget about the price after a while. However, when the product’s great, it will make me happy as long as I have it. The happiness is lasting.

  15. Absolutely the HG product – I have more “stuff” than I have room, to be honest…I’m still trying to figure out a storage solution that gives me better accessibility so I’m not just continually using the things on top. But when you find something AMAZING – something that, every time you wear it, you get a compliment and you want to look at yourself in the mirror? Yeah – that’s the rush. I think that’s why some of us keep buying…because we’re still searching for the Grail.

  16. I’d have to say, finding a holy grail. Finding a deal is great unless the product is terrible. If the products stinks, than I’m definitely not going to be reaching for it. Therefore, it’ll just be a waste of money and stilling in my drawers. I find that I reach for my holy-grails the most over my moderately loved products. That is of course unless the holy-grail is for special occasions only! :-)

  17. Jen

    Definitely a holy grail product, because it’ll be worth almost whatever the cost without a deal because I’ll use it completely up.

  18. Joyce

    I actually found a new HG item today! I have horribly chapped lips the best thing that worked so far was a pharmacy lipbalm but it still didn’t really do the trick. I live in Belgium so i don’t have access to other brands i’ve heard amazing stuff about but i did come across the new nivea lip butter. OMG that stuff is amazing, my lips are instantly pretty and smooth. I love it!

  19. Moonchime

    I’ve recently discovered a “Holy Grail” blush, and I couldn’t be happier! I have dry, mature skin and adore cream blushes. But, they don’t seem to last an entire day on me. I finally decided to order Make Up For Ever’s HD blush in the color #2 “Caught in the Act.” It’s a bright raspberry shade which looks intimidating in the bottle. Half a pump on the back of my hand is enough to give both cheekbones a gorgeous, natural looking flush of color. I’m tickled to pieces to have discovered this blush. My search for the perfect blush is now over! For reference in MAC’s coloring system, I am NW25.

  20. Sara

    They’re pretty close. It depends on how good of a deal vs. how holy.

  21. Carrie

    Holy Grail, for sure.

    A deal isn’t really a deal if you don’t end up liking the product or using it rarely.

  22. An

    I really enjoy getting crazy sales on items, but finding a new HG product makes me happier for sure.

    I don’t have many HG products at the moment. Still experimenting.
    I’m looking for more skincare products that will work for me and become HG. :)

    Then in the future, I’ll always remember my HGs, and not really the big sale items.

  23. Susan Nevling

    For me, it’s all about the search for something new and wonderful. Bad habit!

  24. catarina

    ohh… this is a hard question 😐

  25. Alison

    Sales can be a bit of a trap and a bottomless pit, but finding something truly effective, effortless and flattering is forever!

  26. Sales are great because you can experiment with things that you’ve been eyeing… but they can total enable you to become a makeup hoarder! I would much rather have a HG product, than 20 so-so or never used ones.

  27. Xero

    This is a difficult choice, because I absolutely LOVE deals. I’m a poor college student that has to ration her money, and I have to wait for sales to even be able to afford drugstore makeup. Most of my (sizeable) makeup collection has been bought on sale, and finding deals is exhilarating and rewarding. Just the other day, I nabbed ~$31 worth of nail polish for $6 at Sally’s, including 3 of the limited edition Finger Paints flakies and some ORLY polishes. It feels great to have a lot and pay much less for it.

    However, I’m going to have to say that finding an HG product makes me happier. Since I (almost) only buy drugstore, I can’t swatch anything on myself, so while I have a lot of cheap things, a lot of them are so-so and I don’t wear them that often. I’m always searching for the next best thing. But recently, I found an HG red and an almost-HG nude, and while they weren’t on sale, it felt much more satisfying and still makes me happier than getting an amazing deal on so-so items.

    Though finding an HG item on sale is truly the greatest, as long as it’s not on sale because it’s being discontinued, lol!

  28. Mimi

    I agree with Joyce, pretty makeup makes me happy too although I don’t see it as being shallow. It makes me feel more confident so I can be friendlier to people. It makes me feel cheerful to look in the mirror and see an improved version of myself. I wear a natural look and mostly just try to improve what I have instead of change what I look like. I cover up redness, brighten the eye area and give a fresh flush of color to lips and cheeks. It’s an “upper” and a positive thing to do so that I can go out into the world and be a better me with more confidence. It really has nothing to do with being vain or thinking I’m pretty or even trying to attract the opposite sex as I’ve been happily married for almost 29 years! By the way, Holy Grail gets my vote.

  29. So obsessed with finding that amazing deal!

  30. Deals are great, but usually a one-off. HG is a great find that keeps on giving.