Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Choose or Lose

What kind of highlighter do you prefer?

  • Pressed powder (65%, 2,282 Votes)
  • Liquid (16%, 549 Votes)
  • Cream (15%, 531 Votes)
  • Loose powder (3%, 103 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,489

Thanks to Catherine for today’s question!

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39 thoughts on “What kind of highlighter do you prefer?

  1. Angelina

    Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm is theee best!!!

  2. Clear gloss all the way! I prefer to highlight with colorless shine :)

    • Kelly B.

      Hi Dusty…I’ve never even thought of that as I continue struggling with highlighters. Any tips? Will it work on powder foundation & powder blush? I have some clear gloss from theBalm that I need to use, does it need to have any specific qualities? Sorry for so many questions…this just may solve my problem. Thanks!

  3. Ellen

    For me, it depends on the product. I love Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in candlelight, especially when it’s summer and my skin is a bit oilier, but I also love Nars Copacabana cream (especially mixed with foundation!)

  4. Jenna

    MAC’s MSF in Soft & Gentle is my all time favorite, which is odd considering I usually prefer liquid highlighters.
    It’s just so pretty. <3__<3

  5. joyce

    I prefer cream-to-powder — NARS Multiples in Luxor and Maldives are my favorites!

  6. Anne

    I had no idea liquid highlighters even existed. The things you learn…

    • Benefit High Beam/Moob Beam/Sun Beam
      Nars Illuminater

      • Kelly B.

        Josie Maran also has one but it runs a bit bronze on my vampire pale skin. A lot of people love it though.

        • Anne

          Oh- thank you for those names! :) I’m quite happy with the few highlighters I have (pressed powders and météorites), but it’s nice to know the other options!

  7. xamyx

    I don’t really have a preference, aalthough I find I reach for pressed powders most often. I think it really depends on what a specific product offers, and I won’t pass on one because it’s not the “right” form.

  8. DJ

    High Beam is probably my single favourite Benefit product.

  9. Dominique

    I love Benefit High Beam, I also love blushes/highlighter I use Archie’s girl Veronica blush as such, Lancôme la Roseraie as such too, I also have Chanel Poudre Signée and other products very useful to enhance my skin, among them M.A.C Liquid powder.

  10. Linda

    I don’t really have a preference I use and love them all (I’m on a big highlight kick right now) but I have been using pressed ones more often lately for no other reason than there the ones usually closest to hand. I really need to rotate out my makeup bags lol.

  11. I simply cannot choose :-) I have pressed powder highlighters, cream highlighters and liquid highlighters and I like them all. Oh and now that I think about, I use NYX Pearl Mania loose powder as highlighter as well, so I have them all I guess.

  12. Lex

    meteorites !!!! of course

  13. renee

    Every one of them has it’s place in my heart…. but sometimes the pressed ones are just sooooo pretty to look at. I have a hard time resisting highlighters…

  14. Tiffany

    at the moment i’m loving Dior Amber Diamond cause you just can’t go wrong with it but i’m dying to try the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder!!
    xxx breaakfastattiffanys

  15. Jen

    I prefer powders in general because I just find them easy to work with. But there are some really nice liquid ones like MUFE’s Uplight and Benefit’s various liquids. I’ve got a sample of Benefit’s Watt’s Up which is a cream in a tube (like lipstick) and I love how portable and easy it is to use. I think I might actually prefer creams if I had as many to play with.

  16. Aida

    I actually never use highlighters…

  17. Veronica

    Honestly, I love them all. I like strong, cream highlighters for a glow under foundation. I like powder for its versatility. I like subtler, liquid highlighters for their ease of applications. At any given point, I probably have more on hand than I need. 😀

    (If I highlight, the glow will come!)

  18. Mariella

    I’m another fan of TheBalm’s Mary LouManizer. I like it even better than my Guerlain Cruel Gardenia. But I also have a soft spot for MAC Strobe Cream. Love that stuff.

  19. Susan Nevling

    I have all of them and use them depending on what I’m doing and whether it’s day or night. My creme highlighter is easy to mute a bit for day with a setting powder.

  20. Pressed Powder! I usually use either Lightscapade or Soft & Gentle depending on what intensity/finish I want.

  21. Usually powder for day and liquid for night. I love Benefit High Beam and used it faithfully for years, but then discovered Chantecaille Illuminating Face Powder which you reviewed here last year I believe, and it’s truly amazing; essentially Benefit High Beam in powder form.
    I also found another highlight with a more golden finish which I love, a limited edition Diorskin Nude Shimmer 001 which I picked up last month from Neiman’s. It’s more warming to the skin so I like to layer touches of it over the Chantecaille when I want a more glowy nude look.

  22. Cat G

    I like pressed powder and liquid but I’ve never tried cream!

  23. CeeBee

    I prefer cream overall but I admit, powder is easier to use and probably has a better effect.
    My current fave is Sleek Glo in Peach Shimmer (because with a slim brush you can totally use only two or three strips or swirl all together for different effects) but the ones I love the most are Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Afterglow (SOOO expensive, but soooo pretty) or the eyebrow highlighter cream in La BellaDonna Brunette eyebrown palette).

    I find liquids too finicky to use by themselves, I usually just mix them with foundation or something, instead of applying them by themselves.

  24. Molly

    MAC Mineralized Skinfinish!

  25. Azaza

    I don’t have a favorite kind of highlighter. Right now I change between loose powder, pressed powder and liquid

  26. I’m a highlighter maniac, although my HG highlighter is the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt <3 Mary-Lou Manizer and NARS Albatross comes in close behind. Liquid highlighter-wise, Josie Maran's is very good. I like putting it in misting sprays to give a little bit of a shimmer to the skin :)

    • Kelly B.

      Hi…if you check back to this post PLEASE help me understand by what you mean about Josie Maran’s liquid highlighter. I am very pale and have tried everything I know to try: alone under & over foundation; mixed with foundation & other products; almost imperceptible dot, etc. and I always look like a bronze statue face. It will be expiring in a few months and I would LOVE to get some use out of it.

      I don’t have any misting sprays and I guess I don’t understand what you mean. I’m going to buy a bottle to mist H20 on top of powder foundation as recently recommended…but can’t imagine the argon oil in the highlighter working with H20. Sorry to be so clueless :)

      • Whenever I use it on the face I only take a very small amount of it and apply it with my fingers, but I think applying with a brush might be better if you’re the type that can be clumsy with highlighter.

        Regarding putting it in the misting spray, I put a good amount inside of the bottle with the spray. The argan oil does make it separate, so you really have to give it some good shakes before you use it. I usually get a very subtle but healthy glow when I use it this way. Hope that helps you!

        • Kelly B.

          THANKS! I’m pretty clumsy in general so that applies to highlighter. When applying this alone I put a tiny amount on back of hand (this pump is wasteful in my opinion) and dip a finger into it then wipe 99% off of that finger before lightly dabbing on cheeck highlight areas then blend, tone down with powder or something, etc. and I still look ridiculous.

          I’ll try the mist but still have NO clue if you mean just water in a spray bottle or a special product by Mac or UD or something. Since you put a “good amount in the bottle” I’m wondering if you leave it in with other ??? in spray bottle for future use or if it should be used right away and wash out the bottle. Unless you check back & correct me…I’ll get an extra little spray bottle for this with water alone and test it, cleaning the bottle out after each use. At a minimum I should be able to use it on the “clavicle” as Josie Maran always says and on front of shins if summer ever arrives – it’s 25 degrees & snowing today with a low of ZERO tonight before wind chill factored in. Burrrr. Maybe I’ll figure this out before our week of summer.

          Sorry for follow up, there are several products that I just can’t seem to get the hang of or never owned (like “misting spray”) so I’m trying to learn. Thank you so much!!!

          • Misting spray would be something like a MAC Fix+, UD, or Evian type thing, but you could just use water :) I tried it out with a cheap Japanese misting spray and it works well for me. I just keep it in the bottle and shake it up for each use. I don’t clean it out after each time since I think it would be tedious!

            • Kelly B.

              Yeah…I couldn’t imagine having to clean a spray bottle each time! I’ll experiment with water & if it works but seems like the ingredients need adjusting, I’ll add one of the misting sprays I to my wish list. I REALLY appreciate your multiple replies patiently teaching me!!!

  27. Pressed Powder for sure, because it’s easy for subtle highlighting and can build up to more!

  28. Terri

    I think I have a bit of an addiction going on with highlighters lately. All right, I know I do. I love Meteorites and I have some chanel pressed powders that are gorgeous and some MAC ones as well.
    I really love a sample I got from RBL that I save for special occasions and I have a liquid one from Bare Minerals that is pretty good. Then there are the benefit ones…..See, it’s a problem!!!
    I literally want every one I see.

  29. Lauriel

    my favorite highlighters are the mineralize skin finishes by mac, i have yet to find a product that beats soft and gentle! but i also love gold deposit and red head