Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Choose or Lose

What kind of eyeliner do you prefer?

  • Gel (35%, 1,371 Votes)
  • Pencil (31%, 1,202 Votes)
  • Liquid (21%, 824 Votes)
  • Cream (7%, 291 Votes)
  • Eyeshadow (5%, 176 Votes)
  • Other (1%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,899

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57 thoughts on “What kind of eyeliner do you prefer?

  1. First and foremost pencil, although I’ve come to like the combo of eye shadow + pencil, and am still in love with liquid.

  2. Elice

    I prefer liquid eyeliner b/c it’s the only thing that doesn’t smudge! I use L’oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liner in Black Mica.

  3. AnGeLwInGz

    Liquid for the upper lashline, pencil for the lower and waterline.

  4. Holly

    tarte has a gel pencil out that is very nice! it’s my new favorite. makes a cleaner line than ud 24/7 yet you don’t need a brush to apply. i love it! ulta carries it.

  5. Tawny

    Pencil liners never stay on my super duper oily lids and applying liquid liners is a pain in the but; plus it looks too harsh on me. I always use Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner ( it’s the sh1t) then set with eyeshadows.

  6. Brandi

    I like liquid for the upper lash line and pencil for my waterline.

  7. Amal

    What’s the difference between cream & gel?
    I did not vote. I find my preferences change all the time between pencil, gel, and e/s.

  8. LU

    Ah! Its so hard to choose between liquid and pencil. I use to hate liquid until I found how easily it glides on and a good brush! But I love pencil because I’ve used it all my life and its the only one that works great on both the upper and lower lash line!

  9. I’m so terrible with liquid liners, and not very good with pencils either. I’ve practiced for years, and seem to do so much better with an eyeshadow and an angle brush!

  10. Some of the new waterproof gels are great! I’m loving the Maybelline studio liners. But I use my mineral eyeshadow as liner all the time too. I wet my brush with visine to make it last longer 😉

    • Mamavalveeta03

      So you find that the Maybelline has lasting power? I have wanted to try it, but just haven’t.

      • Ru

        My experience has been it stays on the upper lash line, but not the waterline.

      • Trianna

        I find it lasts really well!! We don’t have AC at work and it still says on my gross sweaty eyes all shift! Once in a while it will smudge into my crease (like if I forget my sunglasses and squint while I’m driving) but it’s super easy to remove when smudged : )

  11. Ashley D.

    Liquid, cream, and gel creates more of a bold/striking look on my eye. Pencil will always be the best to me, since I can smoke it out.

  12. sabrina

    I love the way Gel applies to the upper lash line but i love my pencil liner on my waterline/lower lash line.

  13. I prefer liquid eyeliners atm, but I have to say that I don’t have much experience with eyeliners. I only use it for the line on/above my upper lashline.. I do prefer pencils for the line on my waterline and lower lashline though.

  14. ter

    I never have any luck voting or seeing results in the polls:( Must be because I use a cellphone for my internet access( I’m disabled & it’s easier for me).

  15. Maisie

    i love liquid liner because it doesn’t smudge and it gives you a really bold, dramatic line! i think i would also like gel, but i haven’t tried any yet. i’m thinking about going to get some mac fluidlines with my birthday money just to see how i like it.

  16. CJ

    I love the look of pencil (smudged and smokey) and I like the versetility of using eyeshadow as liner but my all-time favorite has to be gel. I love Stila’s Black Cat and LBD smudge pots. My biggest problem with eyeliner is that it always smudges and for me, those two don’t.

  17. Jess

    I usually use a liquid on the top lid, and either a gel or pencil on the waterline, depending on how lazy i am (pencil if I’m lazy). Then I put black shadow all over all of the liners to set it.

  18. Sheena F

    I used to love liquid liner until I discovered gel liner. I also love pencil liners (UD woot woot!)

  19. Jazz

    pencil , creme , or gel

  20. marlou mcalees

    Love to win, thanks for chance :)

  21. Shalunya

    I have weepy eyes (they are very moist.) So most liners never stay on and I always end up with a bald spot in the outer corners. I have finally found that MAC’s Liquidlast Eyeliner. But I use the felt tip from the L’oreal Lineur. I tried the L’oreal and it didn’t stay in the corner but I love the applicator felt tip. So I cleaned it very well and use it for my MAC Liquidlast.

  22. HovercatMittens

    The felt tip ones! Like a pencil/liquid in one, not runny but easy to use <3!

  23. megan

    I prefer pencil and gel!

  24. I used to like having eye shadow as liner but I bought Stila Kohl pencil eyeliner and love it!

  25. mcoward04

    I am a fan of pencil! I am the only one who can’t get eyeliner to stay on my waterline? Tips??

  26. Liquid and gel are the best formulas, according to my experience.

  27. FATMA

    i prefer gel from BOBBI BRAWN and pincel mac and mekeup for ever

  28. Definitely liquid liner. I wear winged out liner constantly so I just find liquid the easiest to use. At the moment I’m using L’Oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss, but I sometimes use MAC’s Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack for when I want a more controlled thinner line as it has such a small tip :)

  29. Mamavalveeta03

    I used to use pencil, then eyeshadow powder over it (greasy lids!). Then I discovered Bobbi Brown Long-Wear gel eyeliner. And now, that’s pretty much all I wear (but I do cheat on her once in awhile with Mally and MUF).

  30. Amy

    My only real ‘Makeup Angst”. Like Tawny said, my eyelids are ridiculous. Nothings stays, and runs before its gone. Liquid is just a disaster. (insert Big Huff Here) But my favorite-and with decent results continues to be Smashbox Shadow/Liner duo in ‘SLATE’…I believe its a cream. Tends to give me best results w/staying power.

  31. Leenie

    My favorites are creams, but I also use liquid liners as well.

  32. viva

    I go back and forth between pencils and Fluidline. I’m trying to pare down my morning routine and I will ALWAYS mess up gel liner (or liquid for that matter) if I’m rushing, so lately it’s just all about MAC Feline or UD Zero.

  33. I love Pen eyeliners!! Like the Kat Von D Tattoo liner, I am in love with that!! I usually pencil on the lower lash line though :)

  34. Cheyenne

    I really love pencil liner because I grew up with it and I have the most experience with it. :) Secondly would be gel and eyeshadow. I feel more control with those two and I believe I can make a ‘barely’ there look with it better.

    Now now…liquid liner I am SO horrible with. I’ve had horrible experience with it too. If I ever do use it I always mess up the make up I’ve already put on. :( I know practice makes perfect but it’s really frustrating…I do wanna try the feline one though, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    Lastly cream…can anyone give me an example of a cream liner?? O_o I’m not sure I know what that is.

  35. Inky

    I actually prefer cake eyeliner (currently Illmasqua) with their sealing gel. I have a MAC cake eyeliner that is terribly old but I have also used it with Illamasqua’s sealing gel. I feel i get more control with my trusty 1960’s eyeliner brush (that belonged to my mom) and the cake liner.

  36. Catherine

    I used to prefer cream or gel eyeliner but since i discovered the shiseido liquid eyeliner I am in love! The color is intense, opaque and the application is sooo easy

  37. violet

    Hi Christine! 😀 Sorry for the unrelated comment but I was wondering if you’ve noticed how Zoya’s Julieanne and Orly’s Out of this World are complete duplicates of each other? Just pointing it out since you’ve noticed a couple other duplicates! :)

  38. Kimmie

    Christine, what is the difference between cream and gel liner? Could you give me an example? I love MAC Fluidlines, Stila Smudge Pots, and the Maybelline Eye Studio liner and believe these are all gel… am I correct? And what are some well known gels?


  39. Sami

    I am super, super obsessed with eyeliner right now! I love doing a think line, cat eyeliner, winged, EVERYTHING! it was very hard for me to decide but pencil..definitely.

  40. muffingrl

    i stick to my fluidline for everyday use because it does not budge on my oily lids. for travel/quick-fixes i use loreal’s lineur intense, just so i don’t have to carry a pot and a brush.

  41. t_zwiggy

    I prefer cake liner. Don’t know what I would do without my Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner in Black Ebony. Love that you can just dip whatever brush you want to use (flat, angled, pointed) into water or any other suitable liquid and then pick up the amount of color you need from the pan. Works the same way as using eyeshadow wet, but you’ll get a liquid liner type consistency on the brush.

  42. Hend

    Gel eyeliner ,
    it never smudges and super easy to apply

  43. Mayra

    my favorire is gel or cream, i currently use HIP cream liner, but ive used a lot of different kinds before and my eyeliner always smudges on the outer corner of my eye because i have a problem with oilyness there and when i wing it out it starts smuging after a couple hours so i can never keep my wing :( , does anyone know which eyeliner will work best for my problem?

  44. Ru

    I prefer gel so I can bang out upper and lower (including waterline) in one shot. However recently, all the gel liners I’ve tried don’t stay on the waterline- that’s Tarte, Maybelline, and Bobby Brown. Smashbox does stay when the pot is fresh, but the product dries out very fast. MAC Fluidline is next to try. I gave up on pencil years ago, but UD 24/7 has brought me back!

    How are ya’ll getting pencil liner to stick around on your waterline?!?

  45. Valerie

    I love MAC pencil eyeliner in Feline, it goes on very smoothly. Currently, I have purchased the new liquid liner from the Fabulous Felines collection from MAC. At first, I was a little apprensive about trying it, but I really love the new wand that it has because it gives you more control with the stokes of color and I was able to line my upper lash with just one stroke and it didnt dry sticky on my eyelid at all. I haven’t tried lining my lower lash line yet, but I can say it works very well lining the upper lash line.

  46. Jesse

    I actually don’t wear eyeliner. Every time I try to put it on, I feel like it looks terrible on me. I’ve tried pencil, gel and liquid and I failed at all of them. I think I just don’t know how to do it correctly so it doesn’t look like a smudged up mess.

  47. Iliana

    I love using liquid and gel liners for their crisp line. Somehow I find smoked out lines “dirty looking” on me though I love it on others. Recently though I have been experimenting with using eyeshadows as liners (layered over other types of e/l or with mixing medium) since that is the only way I can use my brightly colored eyeshadows. :)

  48. What’s the difference between cream liner and gel liner?

  49. Alison

    I use Sana’s Extra Heavy Eyeliner which is a liquid eyeliner brush pen with a small brush. Its easy to apply and doesn’t smudge.

  50. Kailey

    i prefer pencil on a day to day basis, i like gel/ cream for more dramatic looks, but im not very good with liquid, if i make a mistake, its so hard to correct.

  51. emmaline

    pencil all the way. ud 24/7 and mufe aqua eyes stay best on my waterline. When I use another kind of pencil on my waterline I run a qtip over my waterline first, apply pencil, and then put a matching e/s with a pencil brush over the pencil. Lasts much longer. Hope that helps.