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Profile photo of Nancy T

Oh goodness, after everything I’ve put my brows through, I’m just glad that I actually have something there! I’ve done those skinny brows twice during my lifetime, perhaps three times? Have them grown in fairly decently at this point. I just tweeze a bit and trim the length a little for maintenance. I have a natural arch, not high, nor non-existent. I’m happy with them. No more going skinny, though!

Profile photo of Helene

Same here, Nancy. I think I had really, really skinny brows three times over the years.
These days I make do with what is there, I don’t really alter their natural form much.

I usually follow the shape of my brows, which have an arch, and the arch helps lift the eyes too, for a more youthful, awake look. If I’m wearing a bold, colorful eye look during the day, I usually go with softer brows, so it doesn’t look too OTT. But if I do a bold lip, I usually do a bold brow to balance it.

Profile photo of Áine

I haven’t really tried out different brow styles to be honest, and I don’t really plan to. I like my natural brow shape well enough on me, which is a bit on the thicker side and comes to a slightly pointed arch. I think the pointy nature of them a nice contrast to my more round face.

Very natural and slightly darker to match my hair colour. I either tint my brows or filled them in with powder, using a brow brush. I don’t do anything dramatic, more for the definition it gives to my face.

Profile photo of Rachel R.

I keep mine in their natural shape, which is very slightly and gradually arched. I think it looks weird when I try to force too much of an arch. Mine are naturally full with long hairs, so I get the strays waxed and the really long hairs trimmed. So they’re still full, but tidy. I do fill them in most days, but I go for a more natural look. I can’t pull off perfectly sculpted “Instagram brows.”

Profile photo of Wwendy

I have naturally thinner brows with a slight arch. I prefer to gradually build them up to look a a bit thicker a la Audrey Hepburn. I’ve tried making them straighter, but it doesn’t work with my face shape (I’m a squoval) and looking angry isn’t my thang. I can only wear a slight arch. More defined arch makes me look ridiculously perma-surprised. I’m just happy to have some brows as I have carefully nursed them back from oblivion from health issues and the evil methotrexate.

Profile photo of Blue

I relate about the straight brows not working. I have a long face with a not super tapered jaw but a low hairline. The standard oblong face advice is to break up the length and create width with a straighter, fuller, elongated brow, but I don’t think it works at all with my features. I actually find it really masculinizing to the overall structure, plus if I thicken my eyebrows I’m either cutting into browbone or forehead space. I don’t want to shrink either of those features! lol. Not trying to fish or anything–I really like the way I look–but the standard eyebrow shape recommendations don’t necessarily take very much about the face into account. And I wish I could pull it off, straighter, fuller brows like Natalie Portman’s are so beautiful!

Profile photo of Wwendy

Woah.. I can relate to the ‘masculinizing’ comment so well. I’m a 5’10” glamazon and with short hair, I do not give off a super feminine vibe. So yes, the straight brows make me look positively fierce. Not good fierce.

I’ve always admired straighter fuller brows as well. Sigh. Natalie Portman is a great example. Those uniformly thick caterpillars with short tails.. Sad. Not to be ours.

Profile photo of Vanessa

I have naturally very very thick brows thankfully they don’t connect but they are extremely thick non the less. Lately I’ve been trying to do less on top and then I have the lower part taken up and slightly arched. I only have to fill in the ends that I’m currently growing out.

Profile photo of Fran

I mostly go with the brows I have, although I’ve been tweezing the hairs between them since late middle school, because they used to almost grow together, and that look hasn’t become fashionable until very recently. And, as I’ve gotten older, they’ve developed long, droopy tails, which I also tweeze, because they’re way too droopy-looking. But I try to just clean up around the main shape. Sometimes I tweeze a few hairs underneath, to try to give them a bit of an arch. I guess I would like more of an arch, but I’ve never liked skinny brows, and don’t want to be bothered with using concealer and then drawing on a new shape. It’s tempting to tweeze out the bright white ones, but I rely on tinted brow gel instead.

Natural but any strays cleaned up, which is my case is an average-width with a slight arch. Anything else looks too fakey on me. Can’t wait for the huge black stenciled Instagram brow fad to die!

Profile photo of Debbie

I stick to a natural looking brow the length of my eye with a slight curve at the center of my eye area. I mix a few pencil shades to get just a bit of extra color…mostly just a light brown, a taupe and a bit of auburn, then a bit of gel to hold everything in place.

I love straight across brows, but that’s not what mine do. On me, I go with something close to my natural shape – not thin but not thick, slightly arched, not too “done.” I use Glossier Boy Brow to add some color to my blond brows and keep them in place.

Profile photo of Nicole

I’ve manged to grow mine out pretty well over the year. I pencil them in a bit so they are more straight with the arch above the end of the white of my eye. I just go by the traditional markers for brows and pluck crazy hairs. I’m more likely to trim than pluck. That is the best way too grow brows I have found. Just put the tweezers down! 🙂 They are not Cara D brows. But, my 90’s brows are gone!

Profile photo of Meghan

big/ wide eye brows that are pretty block-ish. I over-plucked them as a teen who was self-conscious of being hairy (how many girls/ women aren’t?…). But as I got older I learned to love my eyebrows a little more full! And I actually haven’t plucked them or anything since early December. I’m trying to see if I can grow them out and if I should be shaping them differently, but I’ve been drawn to a slight arch, which is probably popular anyway.

I have fairly thick, black brows and, except for one experimental period when I was about 13-14, I’ve always worn my brows as nature intended them. They’re elongated and have a rounded arch just above the outer edge of my iris. I just clean up the straggling hairs with tweezers and fill in the occasional bald spot. Done! 🙂

Profile photo of Pearl

My natural shape – they are full and have a gradual arch. I just keep the shape tidied with waxing and trim the length. I only have one brow product (Benefit BrowZings in Medium) and just use that or some brown eye shadow if needed.

Profile photo of Blue

Mine grow moderately thin and pretty arched, and I mostly keep the shape and thickness intact except that I like to hollow out the underside of the arch a little bit and thin out the tail from the underside–basically an ever so slightly fuller version of Angelina Jolie’s brows 10 years ago, as out of touch and dated as that sounds. lol. I was really fixated on her when I was a teen in her heyday and it was a huge influence on my eyebrow aesthetic.

I like the start of the brow to be really straight as opposed to rounded, but I try to use a barely there color so that I don’t get a harsh drawn on shape then I like to use a slightly dark brow gel to define those starting hairs to get a natural looking texture. It’s really important to me to have a very natural looking start to my brow as opposed to a harsh line or visible fade/ombre. Everything else can look fake for all I care but the start has to appear natural. haha. I also have a scar cutting through my left brow where hairs don’t grow that I think is cute so sometimes I leave it blank and emphasize the line. The trend inspired me to embrace what was naturally there. 🙂

I have thick straight, slightly arched eyebrows since forever and I am pretty happy with it. Just that sometimes it looks too straight in photos! I have no intention of experimenting either as I had made a fool out of myself before! Haha!

Profile photo of Victoria

I react instinctively somewhat against extreme brows in any direction of extreme, and for myself I tend to work more or less with what I have. But I do have a very flat eyebrow shape, naturally. I worry it makes me look nonplussed! They are otherwise healthy and easy brows, not too full, not sparse, not symmetrical exactly but quite lovely. And so I do build up a bit at the arch somewhat. Mostly though it’s just filling in a bit and making the edges more even.

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