Friday, March 11th, 2011

Choose or Lose

What kind of beauty haul do you find most satisfying?

  • Medium hauls - plenty of new things but not the whole store! (38%, 1,369 Votes)
  • Small hauls - just a couple of items you really wanted! (27%, 970 Votes)
  • Huge hauls - even if you had to save all year for it! (19%, 691 Votes)
  • Drugstore hauls - gotta love getting things on the cheap! (15%, 527 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,580

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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51 thoughts on “What kind of beauty haul do you find most satisfying?

  1. I’m a big sucker for little testers or sample-sizes – I love trying new things, so more and smaller is the way to go!
    I just got from the Body Shop their little travel-sized four-pack of Seaweed facewash, toner, night cream and moisturizer. They gave me some free shampoo samples, which was a bonus.

    • Me too! I got two of the Sephora mascara sampler sets for/around Christmas and almost pee’d myself in excitement, lol. I love samples because I can try a bazillion things and don’t feel so bad if something crops up that I don’t like.

  2. Naz

    Limited edition products hauls are more satisfying to me. It doesn’t matter how it’s a big or small haul.

  3. Steph

    From the list, small hauls. As a student I don’t have a lot of money for my makeup addiction, but I am so happy when I can get a couple new things to add to my collection.
    However, I’d like to say “other” because I am most satisfied when I find things I have been wanting at a great price. Ex. when Cargo was being cleared out of Sephora I got some great things, or when I have great finds at Winners.

  4. Courtney

    Medium sized hauls are the best. I get a couple of things to play with, but I don’t feel like I’ve gone too overboard with a large haul.

  5. aaminahs mom

    etailer nail polish hauls are orgasmic!!!!!:}

  6. Rengirl

    Small haul of highly coveted items beats them all. The high lasts much longer and getting something you’ve been waiting for feels so good.

  7. CeeBee

    I like to get several new things at once and then try them all out! Yesterday I got a new blush, highlighter, eyepencil and lipstick, plus a purple eyeliner for a friend.
    If I buy much more then that, it doesn’t feel as exciting because there is SO much to look at I don’t tend to pay enough attention to each individual item – but that could be just me, LOL :)

  8. Lena

    I love mac hauls cause i don’t have a counter in my town and i don’t like to buy make up online :)

  9. KandyKimmy

    I love MAC hauls.

  10. Rosanna

    “Small hauls – just a couple of items you really wanted!”
    I’m more satisfied with small hauls because I aim for higher-end products. My wish list is comprised of mostly high-end, so I’m really happy when I finally get something off my wish list! Big hauls make me feel guilty for spending so much money at one time. I also feel like with small hauls, you’re able to enjoy the products you bought more fully. It’s less overwhelming. 😛

  11. While I like to buy a bunch of cheap stuff in a drugstore- especially if I can get two-for-one sales plus manufacturers coupons, I love shopping online the most and getting little boxes in the mail… full of goodies. 😀

  12. Valerie

    One of my friends used to sell Guerlain’s product at 50% off (she knew a representative) those where the best small and medium hauls ever!!! I once went to a Guerlain wharehouse sales it never felt so good to spent so much on makeup!! 😀

  13. combination! I love hauling stuff on sale. and of course, the more the better.. but definitely not the entire store!

  14. Vivian

    I love buying in drugstores. Usually not makeup, but facial treatments and the like.

    But since I live in Brazil and any imported makeup has absurd prices, I love it when I travel or my husband does and I get to buy things I’ve been searching for online (comparing swatches here and other places until I’m positive of what I want – hardly ever been disappointed by anything!). It’s sooo great! hehehe I think even more so when he does the shopping because I don’t have to feel guilty about how much I spent until I take a look at the credit card bill 😛

    • Vivian

      Oh! Just to give you an idea of how absurd is absurd, the only time I bought a MAC lipstick here I paid ~US$ 42.00. Seriously.

      I just checked and a Chanel lipstick costs US$ 72.00!

      Proihibitive, not?

      • Noga

        Prices out here are really high too (not that crazy though – it’s about 150% or so when you compare it to the US pricing). That’s why I started buying makeup on Ebay. You should try it out!

        • Vivian

          I still think 150% is too much. I’d rather get three instead of one if it’s not something I desperately need/want (more often need, it’s easier to justify it to myself, hehe).

          Sometimes I have a friend buy things (last time, OPI nail polishes) in NY and send them over. I’ll check out ebay as well, thank you! :)

  15. SatelliteDreamer

    I like “ALL” hauls!

    Big hauls feel like Christmas, but there’s a downside.. I will focus on one or two products, and the rest will get neglected.

    Small hauls are more satisfying, because it’s usually something that I’ve been really lemming.

  16. snm

    I am a high end girl,but i love drugstore hauls-recently i bought lots from NYX.when the post arrived,I felt extremely happy opening,trying all those new lippies,palettes etc.I also continued with buying 20 nail polishes at once from a local brand-so considering these,I worship drugstore hauls:)

  17. Pip

    I love the unintentional hauls. You go out to buy shampoo, but a great brand has a 3 for 2 offer on…and before you know it you have a basketful of goodies.

  18. Mariella

    I’m not really sure what is meant by a small haul vs a large one (1 item vs 20?; 5 items vs 50?) but I like what I think of as medium sized hauls because those give me the time to use and “play with” my purchases and really enjoy them, figure how to work them with stuff I already have. Too many items and it’s just overload. When my kids were little, we’d let them open one gift a night in the week leading up to Xmas because when they opened them all on Xmas morning, they didn’t really enjoy any of them all that much – it was just overload and glut. I guess I feel the same about makeup/beauty hauls.

  19. Leenie

    I like to buy medium size hauls from high end products and also when ever I go into a Walmart or Target I have to pick up at least one or two things from there as well

  20. Amanda

    Other-I love when I get to buy the fun stuff! It doesn’t matter how much or little. I work part time as a circus performer, and I love buying cool stuff for work. A wild set of eyelashes from a brand like MUFE, new glitter products, bold shades of lipstick, and all the innovative products that make it last on your face no matter what the conditions! For me, that kind of haul is most satisfying because it completes my look and really sets off my costumes. By the way Christine, thanks for the Illamasqua/MUFE reviews you did recently. I know none of it was for ‘everyday looks’ but those types of reviews are right up my alley and I appreciate it =)

    • beautyaddict

      ditto on lovin those! illamasqua lipsticks & glosses and the MUFE lipsticks and other items (esp reds/plums/berries/burgundies/deep warm pinks)

      (I think a lot of people would like MUFE HD 11 which is sort of a vamped up version of Korres natural)

  21. Lizzi

    When I finally score something that is sold out or hard to find. Like getting Pink Cult yesterday was very satisfying…

  22. marcela

    i frequent mini-hauls… something new each week or 2!

  23. Su

    I’m a student so I don’t do too many non-drugstore hauls.. except during F&F sales! So those are definitely my favorites :)

  24. I love buying a lot of smaller items or a little bit of everything: some eye/lip/face/nail products. It give me a chance to try a whole new look!

  25. Nora

    The feeling of going through the store and knowing you can get stuff that you don’t really need or that you haven’t had on your list for months is, I admit, pretty awesome. It’s rare for me to do that, maybe once a year, so that’s my favorite kind of shop because it’s so special. I get really excited about good drugstore finds too, though!

  26. Chris

    Sale hauls! It makes me so happy to get high end products on sale (i.e. Sephora’s sales).

  27. Lisa G

    I love all types of hauls. Now, I have to purchase most of my makeup online because I live in a very small and very isolated desert town miles from anything.
    I get excited when I just get a few things that I have been really wanting. But, I get excited when I have a huge haul from Cherry Culture or Nonpareils Boutique (although these are often “drugstore items”). I get really happy when I go out of town and get to do real shopping and haul stuff from department stores or Sephora. Lastly, I get super excited when I find bargains especially at CCO! That’s probably my biggest thrill.

  28. Marie

    Friends & Family hauls :) Love saving 10-20%!

  29. OH, I’m all “Go big or go home!” I love a big ol’ haul.

  30. Penny

    LUXURY HAULS!!!! To stop at the Chanel counter and leave with a new blush, quad, lipstick and nail polish. Or YSL. It feels decadent.

  31. Paige

    ‘Small hauls’ is the most satisfying because I appreciate the products I bought better. Doing big hauls only ends up making me feel very guilty afterward.

  32. Debbie

    I prefer huge halls when I can buy all the limited edition MAC collection and MUFE items. I can’t afford to do this kind of haul 1-2 times a month. So now I have to do medium hauls and even small hauls. I even go on Ebay if there is a limited edition item that I have to have and will buy one whenever I have the money and the price is right

  33. beautyaddict

    small or medium bits of fun to keep me interested, I LOVE deals so I can ignore guilt over having so much. so drugstore finds, mini sizes, GWPs, trades, it’s always about getting to try something that’s too good a deal to resist

    cuz it helps with the delusions that the stash isn’t fast tracked for an all makeup version of Hoarders :-(

  34. I usually only buy one item at a time. But that item is researched extensively on MakeupAlley, cross-referenced with the reviews on the Sephora site, and also a quick check on Temptalia. Makes me really excited to get that one thing!

  35. Kelley

    All hauls!!!!

  36. ashleigh

    I love when I get a lot of products on sale and like samples and stuff. I also like when I don’t have to purchase necessities cause that’s boring

  37. Jaime

    I find small mini-hauls most satisfying, just because even when I’ve saved up and prepared enough to get everything in a collection (MAC Venomous Villains or what-have-you), it’s hard for me to actually USE everything. I mean, I bring it all home and I’m all excited and I swatch it all, but because there’s SO MUCH stuff, I just can’t decide what to use first and I wind up just…. kind of forgetting about it. Does that even make sense?

    So smaller hauls are the way to go for me, I’ve decided. :)

  38. Ariel

    The new Chanel seasonal collections are my favorite for hauls. I like to get a lip product, a nail polish, an eye palette or single shadow, and a blush/bronzer. I never buy more than I will actually use though. Then I save up for the next season.

  39. Jenn

    Luxury hauls are most satisfying, imo. I’ve become very Chanel-obsessed at the moment, haha.

  40. Milly

    I find MAC hauls the most satisfying – particularly from limited edition collections. It’s just so much more exciting to me!
    I love a big LUSH haul, too.

  41. I clicked small haul, could have clicked drug store because when I leave Shoppers Drug Mart with a bunch of stuff I am genuinely excited about, but then when I thought about it, the most satisfying haul is when the Avon lady brings my stuff, especialy if I get a bunch of the one-dollar Glimmer Stick lip glosses with whatever I ordered! The Avon lady brought me a new foundation brush and primer yesterday, AND A BUNCH OF TINY GLIMMER STICKS! XD I am hysterically excited to try them out (think I’m going to not wear makeup this weekend though, I feel like my face could use a break…).

  42. Donna

    Nothing better than a haul at clearance prices no matter wheere its from!

  43. A couple of nicely priced items that I can fawn over. More than that and I get overwhelmed, like I can’t give proper attention to my new babies!

  44. Dana

    My favorite hauls are from CCO’s and the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales. When I pay full price I usually just buy a few items at a time, but at these places I buy quite a bit each time at a fraction of their regular prices.