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I clip my nails, and occasionally file them with a glass nail file. I subject my nails to a LOT of acetone, so I use a moisturizing treatment on them every night (Trind Nail Basalm).

I use Trind Nail Balsam too! Any time acetone touches my nails, it is always followed by Trind Nail Balsam or Trind Cuticle Balsam (which differs by just one ingredient and the results are exactly the same – I wouldn’t have bought both if I knew this beforehand). Other than that, glass nail file every other manicure session and Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter a few times throughout the day, everyday. During the winter, my nails get really dry and peely so I treat with Trind Nail Repair. When my cuticles get out of control, I use Nfu-Oh Cuticle Remover and an orange stick (the metal kind and the plastic kind never work well for me).

i bite them to the nub until they bleed & are painful & get acrylics to make myself look somewhat normal & presentable.


I clip them when they get too long and file them with a metal file to shape them. I sometimes rub salve into my cuticles to keep them soft, and I use a clear nail protector because I work with my hands a lot.

No matter what polish, I use Orly’s Won’t Chip top coat and it keeps my nails looking nice for about 10 to 15 days 🙂

I wish I could have it as uncomplicated.

I have very fast growing and very, very sensitive cuticles and since a couple of years dry and brittle nails. :-/

To remove nailpolish I use acetone remover, as acetonefree remover makes my nails even drier. I use a mineral file to shorten them.

full Manicure:
– Nfu.Oh cuticle remover (holy grail, my cuticles are so sensitive that I can not cut them or use any harsh stuff on them)
– treat with oil
– polish with polish/buffer powder worked in with suede leather file (holy grail: Tana Manoa-Cristal; seals the nails and makes them shiny without removing nailtissue like the regular polishing files)
– base coat with calcium before applying nail polish
– afterwards and every day cuticles get treated with either Lush Lemony Flutter or nipple cream (yup, that stuff for breastfeeding mommies, it contains a lot of lanolin and is way cheaper than Lush, it’s also good for the lips)

Im hooked on gelish nails.Its hard and anti chip like acrylic but doesnt damage the nail and its not thick and ….best of all you can do it at home!!I can finally grow my nails!

Once every 3 weeks I clip and file my nails (glass nailfile from KOH, it’s amazing!). Once or twice a week I paint my nails, every time I use the Trind nailcaresystem as a base and everyday I use cuticlecream (L’occitane, Lush or Burts Bees). My nails grow really fast and are superstrong (they always were, but thanks to the Trind-system they don’t split or break anymore).

I paint my nails around twice a week, my nails are always polished. I clip my nails and then file them with a cheap file… I use a very good nail polish remover that doesn’t dry out my nails or my cuticles. Sometimes I use nail harderner for two weeks. Then they’re strong enough to hold it for two months.

I file my nails when they need to be filed with a glass file. I use a cuticle remover once a week. I moisturize them at night when I remember.

Change nail color like every three days. I file when I see a chip or a snag and I wear a treatment on my nails since it is super fragile at this point.

Gel refill every two weeks either permanent french or a neutral/nude color–and they last with zero chips for the full 2 weeks. Ahava hand cream with special attention to my cuticles.

I obsess way more over my nails, because I quit biting them a few months ago. 12 years of a bad habit conquered! YES! 😀 They are really thin and fragile though and the cuticle is dry. I use SolarOil to moisturize and a few layers of nailpolish at all times because then I won’t bite them.

clip, file square, buff, sanlly hansen maximum growth, burts bees cuticle creme> repeat when they start breaking lol

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I just got mine from a beauty supply store, so I don’t remember the brand! I heard they were better for your nails and last longer, so that’s why I use one.

I file my nails (or clip if it’s too long or I just can’t get it even). I then do a four-step buffing routine, followed by a nail strengthener, white under-nail pencil from Sephora, and Sephora for OPI cuticle oil!

I absolutely swear by Barielle Nail Strengthening Cream and Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment. If I don’t use them every night, it shows the next day. They’re essential for me because my nails and cuticles get very dry (lots of hand washing and, until recently, lots of polish application and removal!)

As for a routine, I mainly just file them any time there’s a rough edge to smooth it out. I love Revlon’s emery boards, especially the ones for weak nails & their ‘saw’ metal file. Then at night I use the creams and apply moisture gloves. That’s about all I do.

I also swear by Barielle Nail Strengthening cream. it’s amazing and worth buying it in the pot for $17 vs small tube. I always have liked Barielle’s Intensive Nail Oil as well but never used the 2 products today – UNTIL I read on the Barielle web site that is just what you should do and what a difference it’s made. I always thought if I used the oil over the cream it would dissolve the cream, like on product usually does with another. But these 2 are really compatible. Every night aftering doing my feet with my Footfil (Sally’s and in the RED one, not the green one – lasts for more than 7 years – amazing) and I put on Barielle Total Foot Care Cream, I then wait a few mins for that to absorb into my hand skin. Next is the Barielle Strengthening Cream – a little bit of it goes a long way. Then I over lay after about 30 seconds of the cream sitting on my nails, the Barielle Intensive oil and lay there in bed calm and getting into sleep mode – no books, puters – just relax. Let the oil do it’s thing. Takes about 10 mins for the oil to absorb into the finger skin and nail area before I can turn and put my hands on my pillows or anywhere. You need to allow this time for the product to absorb. It has kept my always pealing, thin nails from being like that for years now. If I don’t use it, in a week my nails are a mess again. They grow, my cuticles are healthy, next to no hangnails ever. And I am one who has MAJOR live long pealing, thin nails. This has made me have beautiful natural nails. I also ONLY use glass nail files. I get mine at Walgreens – not sure of the brand. I like them to come in a plastic storage case. Wash them now and again and they freshen up. Don’t like the one you bought, buy another until you find one that has a really good surface. There are a lot of icky glass files out there. Glass is far better than ceramic files – emery boards tear your nails as do the metal (usually sapphire imbedded) files. A glass one lives in my purse and one by the bedside table, one in the drawer next to the couch so they are all over like is my Jack Black lip balm! More on my nail routine later, but I wanted to really give a cheer when I saw another reader who swears by Barielle Strengthening cream…just add the Intensive Nail oil to the routine. You can use the oil in mid day as well if you have time. I am the queen of having tried a ton of oils, creams, gels etc.

I file them square, buff them smooth, and use Deborah Lippman Cuticle Remover (HG!!!)…Then if I am polishing, I use Zoya Anchor Base coat, Polish of my choice, and Zoya Armor top coat….once they dry I use some CND Solar oil…I gotta try a glass file…

I use a glass file to shape my nails, and if they get too long, I just clip them. I use the OPI cuticle remover product thing (lol, how good am I to name products) and then some cuticle oil… that is when I remember to use them lol otherwise, just use an acetone free nail polish remover and then always use a base coat to avoid extreme staining of my nails. Nothing special I think

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