Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

What is your favorite nail polish for fall? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI’m really loving Chanel’s Rouge Fatal right now!

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85 thoughts on “What is your favorite nail polish for fall?

  1. OPI Ski Teal We Drop or Chanel Paradoxal!

  2. livnzoe

    i love chanel’s bleu satin!!

  3. Sara Taylor

    OPI You don’t know Jaques! or OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

  4. Nina K.

    Good Morning Christine,

    my fav np is at the moment chanel rouge fatal, followed by rose confidentiele and paradoxal ☺

  5. Alexis

    I am particularly drawn to dark red,grey,and green creme polishes and glittery purples and blues. I am not one to restrict myself to certain colors depending on the season, but wearing these colors makes me feel…right. haha.

  6. LauraG

    Right now I’m in *loooove* with MACs “Concubine”

  7. Mariela

    OPI over the taupe, China Glaze evening seduction, and OPI my private jet

  8. Meagan

    I’m really liking OPI’s from a to zurich.
    But I can’t wait for October so I can wear my awakenings set from China Glaze 😀

  9. jess

    essie sew psyched !

  10. Callen

    OPI’s Yoga Ta Get This Blue! Such a gorgeous colour. I can’t stop looking at my nails when I’m wearing it!

  11. Amy

    Essie’s Merino Cool is definitely one of my favourites this fall. I’m also loving Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Anne and Jane.

  12. Hez

    I am loving Dry Martini by MAC.

  13. Jessi

    Orly Galaxy Girl, MAC Jade Dragon and Earthly Harmony.

    Special Mention to Orly It’s Not Rocket Science and Retro Red, which have been my Indian Summer colors.

  14. Rita

    So far I have bought only 4 Orly Cosmic FX polishes for this fall. Glitter’s back after all those countless cremes! Next week I’m going to get the Bad Fairy. Christine, are the rest of the VV polishes really 100% Orly dupes?

  15. j e n

    OPI Red My Fortune Cookie <3 <3 <3

  16. Janet

    I’m still searching for the perfect shade – any ideas? I’m open to anything!

    • Bree

      Sinful Nail Polishes Are Excellent…In My Opinion…They Come In So Many Colors+++ They Are Only 1.99 & Are Sold @ Walgreens/Rite Aid!!!

  17. I like MAC Blissed Out for something soft and work friendly, but for something edgy I would wear MAC Ming Blue or MAC Formidable.

  18. MAC Earthly Harmony or Essie Chinchilly

  19. Georgina

    Chanel Paradoxal followed closely by OPI Ski Teal We Drop. I can’t stop looking at my nails when I have either of those two on!

  20. amelia

    i dont own it yet but im planning to wear Chanel’s Khaki vert all fall! im not really into the military trend so buying a military-esque nail polish is like my way of working it into my fall wardrobe :)

  21. Kathy

    My #1 favorite polish to wear in the Fall is, without a doubt, China Glaze’s Awakening. It’s a very unique polish that is perfect for this time of the year, in my opinion.

    Other than that, I like to wear deep red, burgundy, plum, or taupe polishes during the Fall.

  22. Marian

    I’m smitten with Orly Space Cadet at the moment.

  23. Ula

    We’ll Always Have Paris by OPI! :)

  24. Sugarfree

    Sephora by Opi I’m with Brad, matte’d.

  25. ledonatella

    It’s not a new color, but I’m really loving Zoya Divincia for fall

  26. Erica

    Anne or Catherine from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

  27. lovethescents

    Do love Chanel’s Particuliere and Paradoxal, but I’m afraid Chanel’s quality is shamefully poor. My mani should last more than 2 days, after all, no matter how busy I am! So that’s why I stick to the glorious Essie. Lasts nearly a week (not affiliated by the way).

    So now I’m wearing Chinchilly . Am also loving Sew Psyched and Chocolate Kisses.

  28. Deborah shaver

    “William Tell Me About OPI” by OPI from their Swiss collection. Loooves

  29. vickie

    China Glaze stella! Love this color. In the past month and a half I’ve worn it 3 times!

  30. Gina

    Currently wearing China Glaze’s “Bogie” from the Vintage Vixens Collection. “Hey Doll” is next 😉

  31. Sara

    OPI’s Parlez-Vous OPI or OPI’s Siberian Nights!

  32. Vanessa

    Chanel Paradoxal and Gondola are my favs right now. I might have to check out rouge fatal though.

  33. Tiffany C.

    i’m loving Orly Galaxy Girl!!

  34. China Glaze Emerald Fitzgeral and Rimmel Steel Grey (dupe for Sephora by OPI Metro Chic)

  35. Debbie

    Chanel Paradoxal!

  36. Laura

    Since I pre-ordered all the new fall Rescue Beauty Lounge colors and got them all on Monday (yippee!!), I put on “Catherine” as a pedicure this morning and I love it! It’s a dusty deep purple shimmer. Holy stunning!

  37. Abril

    I like Chanel’s Particuliere, Blue Satin & Rouge Fatal!

  38. Christina

    I have 3:
    China Glaze – Recycle
    Maybelline – Plum Intense
    Orly – It’s Not Rocket Science

  39. Taj

    MAC Ming Blue, I am wearing it right now !

  40. Naz

    OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and OPI for Sephora – Just a Little Dangerous.

  41. I’m wearing Ruby Pumps from China Glaze. Such a pretty red!

  42. So far it’s Essie’s Velvet Voyeur (fall collection, deep blackened plum) and Orly Galaxy Girl (fall Cosmic FX collection)! Oh, and my go to for fall and winter, OPI’s My Private Jet!

  43. Becca

    I know my favorite is gonna be “Ski Teal We Drop” by OPI (even though I don’t have it yet!)

  44. Sandra

    Essie – Angora Cardi

  45. Emily

    MAC’s Earthly Harmony and Concubine! (so far!)

  46. Dini

    I’m liking wearing China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald right now.

  47. Vanesa

    OPI Jade is the New Black

  48. Leenie

    I been wearing a lot of forest greens and purples no particular brands.

  49. OPI Diva of Geneva, a dark shimmery plum with gold undertones

  50. Samantha T.

    China Glaze – Fortune Teller; dark brown/black base with tons of orange glitter…SO “Halloween”. Lasts forever without chipping, but takes a million cotton balls to remove! haha

  51. maryelle

    chanel khaki vert. a girl in my friend’s pharmacology class was wearing it as well!

  52. Lors

    Butter London’s “All Hail McQueen”

  53. marielouise

    OPI From A to Z-urich

  54. Anne

    Right now I am loving Wool You Marry Me, by Barielle, a gorgeous brownish plum. But I change my polish all the time, yes, I’m addicted to the stuff!

  55. Ashley D.

    Sally Hansen’s Ring My Shell + Hidden Treasure. Even my boyfriend likes the colour, Haha.

  56. Pamela

    MAC spicemix

  57. Hannah

    Chanel Jade Rose, or Roug eFatal (thankyou SO muc for itnroducing me to this amazing shade, waiting for it to come to Angleterre!) or maybe jsut a cherry red (there are too many to list).

  58. Charlene

    Burgundys, plums, And deep purples are my fave for the fall
    Wearing Revlon LE purple right now

  59. Elizabeth

    Sephora by OPI “Metro Chic” ORRR OPI “Linkin Park After Dark” :)

  60. Leigh

    Fall is my favorite season for makeup. I love MAC Baby Goth Girl, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swamp Thing, OPI You Don’t Know Jaque Suede.

  61. viva

    Black! Especially once it gets more into proper witchy-autumn atmosphere and not 90 degrees. :)

  62. Marina

    I love vamps and blues, this fall my favourites are Zoya Ibiza and Casey.

  63. Proenza

    Chanel Khaki Vert on Fingers
    Chanel Rouge Fatal on Toes

  64. yvette

    I’m happy to say that I found OPI for Sephora’s Personal Shopper is a great dupe for Rouge Fatal!!

  65. Vanessa Marie

    Essie Footloose an oldie but a goodie :-) and a newbie Essie Velvet Voyeur

  66. ilmy

    I might say Opi tickle my franceey and Metro chic (Opi by Sephora)

  67. Lynn

    Right now I am loving OPI’s Diva of Geneva and Chanel’s Paradoxal and Particuliere!

  68. Eileen

    OPI sanguine …. love the colour and the name. (Sang is French for blood) I like to get in the Halloween spirit early, it’ll always be my favourite holiday!

  69. Haven’t decided yet but I’m about to go through Essie’s, OPI’s and CG’s fall collections. Mummy May I looks promising, as do Sew Psyched, Riveter Rouge and Just a Little Rösti At This. No definite winner yet.

  70. ak

    I like any black red/burgundy, black, or grey/brownish/taupe-y colors like the ones by OPI such as You don’t know Jacques. But I’d love to look at the Khaki de Chanel ones because they are the most different looking polishes that Chanel has ever done after the Jade one from last year; the Khaki ones are all murky and beautiful.

    But Nars nail polishes always have some of the best colors I’ve ever seen and some of their colors somehow look so different from other brands out there. I like the Nars MASH and Zulu polishes that I saw recently and I also love Orgasm, Bohemia, and Arabesque (?). But MASH is a lovely metallic olive/khaki green that looks unique in the bottle for some reason, and the color looks army-ish so hence the name I guess.

  71. Ondreya

    Every year when Fall rolls around I go back to my OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. This is my absolute favorite dark polish!

  72. Shannon

    Lippmann Collection Maneater – so rich and gorgeous, it’s the epitome of autumn

    Lippmann Collection No More Drama – a neutral shade that you definitely wouldn’t think would look perfect on your nails

  73. Bree

    I’m loving sinful colors in: San Francisco & Dream On

  74. Victoria

    Khaki Vert by Chanel! I also love OPI ‘Ski Teal we Drop’. I ordered RBL Anne, Jane and No More War yesterday so I may have some new favs =)

  75. Lurique

    1 Paradoxal
    2 Khaki Vert
    3 Rose Confidentiel

  76. Caitlin

    Anything dark. But I do like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s close to being black without actually being black.