Monday, December 6th, 2010

What is your favorite brush brand? What brand seems to have all you need?

Temptalia's AnswerI like MAC brushes the best – I think the quality, range, and overall cut/shapes work really well for me.

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81 thoughts on “What is your favorite brush brand?

  1. chips

    I love their brushes, and it makes doing makeup a easy and fun thing, but the price is really expensive.

  2. San

    I love MAC brushes too…the 182 is my everyday brush ….:).i also like Sephora’s brushes…unfortunately we dont have many other high end compare with..would love to try Sigma if they ever opened up here :)

  3. i love, love, love my Sigma brushes! Would love to be able to try Louis Young ones!

    • Kiki

      I love Louise Young brushes, you should try them.
      It’s just really a bummer that with ordering online you don’t see the size of them.

  4. Brenda

    Defenitely MACè

  5. I have elf brushes that I got when they had that $1 everything sale about a year and a half ago. I love them. And they were practically a steal.

  6. Sophie

    I like MAC brushes. I did buy the KVD brush set a while back and I really like all but one of them as well.

    • Andrea

      Is the brush you dislike the stiff flat eyeliner brush? I hated it too until I started using it with gel liner and wiggling it between my lashes to cover the skin showing in between them, especially when I’m doing a smokey eye look.

  7. JessTeong

    I like Eco tools for synthetic brush, CVS for natural animal brush
    MAC, Bobbi are a bit too pricy for me

  8. Yumi

    I just stick to MAC. I’ve learned that shelling out for good quality brushes beats risking it with cheaper ones for sure. That and we don’t have Sonia Kashuk here or I would try hers out!

  9. cristalle

    My favorite brush brand is mac brushes too ! LOVE* I find their quality is seriously the best. I like the fact that they are all inquistive hand made and not mass machine produce. They are really expensive in my country, but i dont mind for the quality, workmanship that i receive.

  10. I absolutely looooove 4 of the 5 MAC brushes that I own. I don’t really like lipstick so I never get to use my MAC lip brush. I also love ELF brushes. Can’t beat the $1 shader brush and the $1 blending brush. The bamboo brushes from ELF are nice too. I also like the Essence of Beauty crease brush.

  11. Danielle

    I have to agree with mac,so many ppl compare mac to sigma but I dont see it. Sigma has nice brushes but to me theyre in their own category

  12. I agree, the quality of MAC brushes are amazing. But it takes a while to collect them since they’re a bit pricey :)

  13. Marinella

    Mac brushes are the best ones I have!

  14. livnzoe

    i love sigma and mac brushes!!

  15. Elizabeth

    Definitely MAC, but I do think most Sigma brushes work just as well :)

    • Ani_BEE


      I love their Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki – F80 though and make me want to rest of their Synthetic Kabuki bnrushes.

  16. I also have to agree that MAC has the best overall range of brushes.

  17. christinnnna

    MAC hands down, but i have a few other favorites from stila and other brands

  18. Wendy

    Definately MAC – without a doubt the best quality brushes with the best selection in the industry.

    I only discovered MAC brushes in the last year – I used Estee & Lancome brushes for years and thought they were the best. Once I tried a MAC brush, I replaced all my brushes with MAC brushes and what a difference it’s made in my makeup application.

  19. L

    EcoTools are my favourites by far! They are affordable, cruelty-free and high-quality. Almost all my makeup brushes are EcoToools.

  20. Dawn

    NARS, but only the matte ones!

  21. Annie

    MAC for sure. Very good quality. And sephora too!

  22. Jessica

    Shu Uemura. The quality of their brushes is better than the MAC ones.

  23. Mires

    I’d say MAC for their quality and affordability; if there is another brand like this out there I would sure give it a try as well.

  24. ChristineD

    I love MAC even though my wallet cries every time I buy one :) I have a mix of brushes….lots of Quo from my earlier days, some Sephora and some MAC..I am planning on slowly replacing all the Quo ones with MAC but its a process due to the cost……

  25. lazeny

    For me it would be Shu Uemura. Japonesque comes in close second.

  26. Ani_BEE

    Lumiere Cosmetics and Silk Natural Synthetic line of brush, Ecotools, Royal Langnickel S.I.L.K and Crown Brushes has a few good ones.

    Other than my 2 duo fiber brushes (187 from MAC and the one from Silk Naturals for blush) I use all Synthetic brushes.

    Not just because there maybe cruelty issue but most natural hair brushes have second cut hairs which is why they become scratchy.

    MAC brushes uses first cut hairs which are tapered at the tips from first growth. The rest of the brush companies get second blunt cut hairs that start to split at the tips over time. The older the hair structure they more likely it with degrade as well.

    The new synthetic brush fibers mimic that first cut structure and is part of the reason they are so insanely soft.

    Also Sable hair is more expensive due to the fact it come from a certain patch of hair on the body. In particular where the animal is moist on it underside. These are the hairs used in watercolour brushes … when I learned this in my art class during High School it put me off buying them. >_<
    I have 2 hand me down sable brushes from my uncle when he was in school though.

  27. leah

    Mac brushes are my fave and the majority of my collection. I’ve had many for about 5 years and they’re still in great condition.

  28. I guess Mac, most of my blushes are from them, I love the colour range and pigmentation. Also I’m a sucker for mineralize blushes and skinfinishes, so Mac has me every time they release mineralize products!

  29. Dini

    My favorite blush brand is NARS. I love MAC too, but I seem to reach for some of the more flashy NARS colors daily.

  30. Leenie

    MAC definitely

  31. Sarah

    MAC. High quality with the best selection.

  32. Sara

    NARS! I do love MAC’s blushes as well. But my vote is deinitely for NARS :)

  33. Lady Di.

    Hi Christine,
    I like MAC brushes the most but thats cause those are the only ones I own. I a thinking of ordering some Sigma brushes but wonder how good they really are. I know earlier in the year you were going to review some Sigma brushes you received but you never did, did I miss that post? What did you think of the brushes?

  34. Mac & sigma.
    Christine have u ever tried sigma ?

  35. Leidy

    MAC most definitely!

  36. Nina

    I love my MAC brushes but I also have a couple of brushes from Monsoon that´s realy good quality.

    Sigma is good quality too and the prices are ok.

  37. Tiffany T

    HOURGLASS! Hands down! They’re a little pricey but so worth it! Christine, you should review them! 😉

  38. Heather

    I used to love mac, until I discovered bobbi brown. the brushes are far better quality imo then mac

  39. Rachel

    Chanel brushes. They’re not the softest out there, but still my favorite :).

  40. Alyx

    I love MAC brushes but I own a lot of EcoTools brushes. Its hit and miss with them but its way cheaper to replace if it breaks. If I could I would own all Mac or MUD brushes. =)

  41. shelly

    (Seems like some of the commenters misread that as blush, not brush. Heh.)

    Anyhoo, I would have to say Sigma, with the e.l.f. Studio brushes in second. I do have my eyes on a couple of MAC ones as well (239 and 263).

  42. Erica

    MAC and Sephora.

  43. Laura

    Studio Gear! LOV the amazing quality and the LIFETIME guarantee!! 2nd best are my MAC’s :)

  44. Gabi Arc

    I like sigma brushes and yves saint laurent the blush brush is amazing

  45. Eren

    I love the Everyday Minerals ones! They’re vegan, eco-friendly, priced great and amazing quality!

  46. I like MAC’s 266 angled eyeliner and 190 foundation, but stick to Sephora and Loew-Cornell Maxine’s Mop paintbrushes for eyes :)

  47. Amelia

    I like mac for quality but not affordability. I’ve got my essentials, 242, 217, 149. I also have a 222 but i wouldn’t have ever bought it if have had the 217 first. I can’t recommend the 217 highly enough, it can do everything.
    I’ve tried some other very inexpensive brands and paint brush dupes but none of them are comparable in long term quality. I normally throw them away after a few months.

  48. Mackenzie

    Sigma! Definitely the best as far as bang for your buck. The F80 Flat Top Kabuki is THE brush to apply liquid foundation with.

  49. Jeanne

    Even though they don’t have a wide variety, my faves are from The Body Shop. I’m a bit of an animal lover and I like that their brushes are completely synthetic. The eyeshadow brushes are my absolute favourite, I use them everyday. The other brushes I that I use are from MAC, Smashbox, and Sephora.

  50. Tiffany S.

    MAC all the way!

  51. ELF Studio, Sonia Kashuk, and Eco Tools

  52. Hazel

    I just started building my MAC brush collection, and I’ve never been happier! they’re my hands-down favorites, as I’ve owned a couple of cheaper brushes before when I was just starting out with makeup.

  53. NikiD40

    Smashbox, I have 3 and counting… My second favorite is Stila.

    • NikiD40

      Oh I forgot, I LOVE the Revlon Professional Line’s All Over Shadow Brushes and the Contour Shadow Brushes.

  54. TheMiaomi

    Sonia kashuk. They look pretty, do the job and reasonably priced. Eco Tool’s bronzer brush is the reason why i still havent bought MAC 182. Retractable Kabuki brush from the same brand is also my fave for minerals. I think MAC brushes are great, but honestly overrated. Sephora”s giant powder brush is a must have for everyone I think.

  55. Haha yes mac for me too bigggg range and last a lifetime. I do hhave loads tho of e.l.f brushes which some arent great but their studio brushes r brilliant

  56. Jazz

    I like Sonia Kashuk brushes. Affordable, easy to find, and they work – whats not to love. I like being able to go to Target and feel the brushes. Speaking of which , must get more brushes

  57. jeremy

    I love the mac selection they are nice but nars has some amazing artisan brushes and smashbox has the best angled precision eye liner brush and MUfE has a square shaped lip brush that’s simply amazing and a must have.

  58. MARGO

    mac…..then sephora

  59. Natalie

    MAC & Sephora for “specialty” store brushes, Sonia Kashuk for drugstore. But all three are amazing! In fact, I think some of my Sonia brushes are better than any of the expensive ones I’ve tried! The fluffy powder brush is amazing.

    I do have to agree with Christine though, that MAC definitely has a great range & selection of shapes for what I want/need and my face.

  60. La Femme blushes are by far the best I’ve used. Far better than MAC or any other brand (aside from maybe Ben Nye). Much more pigmented, and MUCH cheaper.

  61. Addy

    Hakuhodo brushes hands down!

  62. Susan Young